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Neighborhood Witch

The views and opinions of a witch who has lost all faith in religions, wicca included.

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Silver-Witch (aka Stephanie Ashcroft) is a Wiccan Crone Elder, educated in many majickal arts and psychic paths.She performs two skypecasts: "Wiccan, Pagan, Heathen Chat" and "Religious Tolerance".Silver Witch is an advocate of proper Wiccan teachings. You may also read this blog entry and the archives here.

Now this is what is stated on pagan news website and had the editors been watching instead of just leaving their computers on automatic they would have seen that I have stated that I am NO LONGER AN ADVOCATE OF WICCA or any religion. I am however an advocate for proper education even that of witchcraft and I believe that spirituality surpasses religion in leaps and bounds. I still do skypecasts upon occasion called witch-talk but I am not promoting the wiccan or pagan religions because there are too many holes in that bucket (called religion) and I am no longer willing to try and patch those holes up, as it just puts me in a bad frame of mind.

For the beginner


Not all witches are wiccans or nature based majik users as some are ceremonial metaphysicians deeply studied in the sciences of the majiks without the need for religion or the need to feel apart of a group. Many of the older crowd after experiencing the ego fights and BS stories of being in covens, refrain from this activity. Many people wander off to some other belief system very disgruntled as seen by the many people who say they were in witchcraft but now they are a what ever follower and witchcraft is evil. They are just kowtowing to the next religion that comes along or is the fad of the times. There are many what ever wannabee people in every line of education that fail. It is because they ultimately do not believe in themselves and if you cannot believe in yourself what can you believe in? This makes for a real good follower and witchcraft is not for followers but for a person to become educated and become a leader in what ever their education has proved to be affective to make good changes in there life. You could consider your boss at work to be a high priest/ess and the community of the employees to be the coven members. The steps you took in school to do your line of work can easily equate a ritual but you never hear about the temple of the janitor and calling yourself a janitor is not as ego boosting as calling yourself a witch or a high poohba of a coven. Witchcraft is not about ego but about self empowerment and there are many books in which to learn from in the library on any subject that you can think of. The word craft is not synonymous with the word religion and I would suggest that these words are looked up in a dictionary because the dictionary is the greatest of all spell books. If you are capable enough, you will learn comprehension enough from a dictionary to learn anything. Just as an exercise look up the words natural and super then the word supernatural and there you might begin to see the truth that not everything that you know from what you have heard is the truth because some words have become corrupted by religious propaganda or hear say. Knowledge is power and if that is what you want then go and get the education. If education is too hard for you it may help you to go find something else to do.

The who that I have become.



Most people find that I am a very hard person, but I have had, and am still having an extremely hard life. This is not to say that I don't care, as I do. Because I have had such a hard life I hope, and wish that no one ever has to go through the Hells I have walked into, and survived coming out of. I have many scars physical, emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual which are reminders to never get into that position again, and if I can help another person to avoid going there, I will. I know that I am a spiritual warrior, and as a warrior you get slashed once in a while. This is all apart of the war, and something I have accepted under Oath to my Gods.

I do not believe much in religious tolerance now, because religions are set up to control subjugate, and subvert peoples minds into thinking that their way is the only way to spiritual enlightenment. Because of religions, there have been so many wars, so many casualties, and atrocities committed, all in the name of the political religious egotism, and religious pride state. It sickens me, and makes me angry to see so many people become zealot puppets, who have no real actual idea of what the spiritual masters were talking about. The religious leaders replace spiritual knowledge with ceremonies and hoopla to distract people from the real goal. The goal is self empowerment, and to become like the gods, responsible for their own actions, and not likened to a child who is incapable of dealing with life as an adult can.

If I were a god I would rather meet with another god to have a conversation with, than some groveling little mortal. I might take some pity on them, but I probably wouldn't invite them over for Ambrosia, and Nectar, because they wouldn't be ready for it. The pity I would give them would be reincarnation so that they could learn to grow to a stage of godly acceptable responsibility levels.

PS. I am no loner an advocate for Wicca or any religious faction. I got this new name from pagan news and maybe I will try it

Change of heart 2


Change of heart...


I know that I have been absent for a while by not posting as several sites link to my blog, but I was in shock when I learned that my Alexandrian affiliation was false, and I went through a period of disappointment, annoyance, blatant anger, and then resolution of what to do.

I have come to a decision that if I am not a Wick-can, just a Pellar Krafter, then I may as well write a book on the majiks, and histories of were they came from, plus give it freely unlike the writers of wick-uh who are making quick bucks off of the unlearned, and unsuspecting public by rehashing G. Gardeners works. I, during my time away found out a few things about old Gardener that makes him, and the whole Wick-uh movement a farce.

All I can say is the Alexandrian Lineage should never have push me, because I may never have found the information inwhich I did, and I am going to release it in a few months. So hold on to your hats kiddies, because my storm is coming soon.

Silver Wicce the Tempest.



Common Poisons & Poisonous Plants Creosote-treated woodFertilizersGrain, fed in excessGrain, moldy or sour smelling Hay, moldy or sour smellingHerbicidesInsecticidesLead paint Medication overdosesPastures, freshly fertilizedRodent poisons & baitsPrunus spp. are trees that produce fruits with a single seed or pit (apricot, cherry and plum). These plants produce toxins in the bark and in wilted leaves, but not in fresh leaves or dried leaves.Common name Botanical name Toxicity Toxic Parts ToxinAcorns (see Red Oak) Quercus High all gallotoxinsAmaryllis Hippeastrum vittata Med. all lycorineAndromeda A. floribunda & polyfolia High all andromedotoxinApricot Prunus armeniaca High wilted leaves cyanideArrow Grass (Marsh Grass, Pod Grass, Goose Grass) Triglochin maritima High all cyanideAvocado Persea spp Low leaves Azalea Rhododendron indicum High all glycosidesBaneberry Actea rubra Med. all ranunculin glycosideBeet Beta spp . leaves .Bindweed (Wild Morning Glory) Convolvulus arvensis Low all estropane alkaloidsBitterweed (Sneezeweed) Helenium Hymenoxys richarsonii Med. all glycosides sesquiterpene lactonesBlack Henbane Hyscyamus niger High all tropane alkaloidsBlack Locust Robinia pseudoacadiaBlack Walnut Juglans nigra Med. all unknownBleeding Heart Dicentra exemia Med. all various alkaloidsBluebonnet Lupinus subcarnosus . seed .Bouncing Bet (Soapweed) Saponaria officinalis Low all saponinsBracken Fern Pteridium aquilinum Med. all thiaminaseBuckwheat Fagopyrum esculentum . all, except ripe seeds fagopyrinBuffalobur - see Kansas Thistle Solanum rostratum High all solanineBurdock Arctium spp. . trauma from spiny burs no toxin presentBurning bush Euonymus spp. Low all possible glycosideButtercup Ranunculus spp. Low all ranunculin, glycosideCaladium (Angel's Wings) Caladium spp Med. all oxalatesCalla Lily Zantedeschia spp High all oxalatesCastor Bean Ricinus communis High seeds ricinCherry (all varieties) Prunus cerasus High wilted leaves cyanideChokecherry Prunus virginiana High wilted leaves cyanideChristmas Rose Helleborus niger Low all protoanemoninClematis Clematis spp. Low all ranunculin, anemoninClover, Alsike (red) Trifolium spp . . .Cocklebur Xanthium spp. . burs 2-leaf plantlets trauma from spiny burs carboxyactractylosideCotton Seed Gossypium spp. Low seed gossypolCow Cockle Saponaria spp. all, especially seeds saponinsCowslips Caltha palustris Crocus Colchium spp High all alkaloid colchicineCrotolaria Crotolaria spectabalis High all pyrrolizidine alkaloidsDock (Sorrel) Rumex crispus Low all oxalatesDaffodil Narcissus spp Med. all .Daphne Daphne mezerium High all diterpenoid (mezerein)Death Camas (Death Onion) Zigadenus spp. High all steroidal alkaloidsDelphinium (Larkspur) Delphinium spp. High all alkaloidsDesert Baileya Baileya multiradiata all hymenoxonDieffenbachia (Dumbcane) Dieffenbachia spp Med. all oxalatesDogbane (Indian Hemp) Apocynum cannabinum High all cardiac glycosidesDog Fennel (Mayweed) Anthemis cotula Dutchman's Breeches Dicentra cucullaria Med. all numerous alkaloidsElder (Elderberry, Danewort) Sambucus High foliage cyanideElephant Ear Colocasia Med. all oxa[...]