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Comments on Mirror On America: A Call To Arms

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Hell even I am eyeing getting a CHL. This is only...


Hell even I am eyeing getting a CHL. This is only going to get worse. We are 50% of the homicides in this country.... Why aren't we marching about that.

Angie,Your father sounds like my father. He was a ...



Your father sounds like my father. He was a gentle soul. He let a lot of things ride - except when it came to his family.

While I understand why some folks in the community do not like guns, I happen to be a supporter of the Second Amendment. I might not have a gun in my house right now, but my father made sure that I knew how to use one, and to respect them.

I'm not a believer in gun control, because the knuckleheads always seem to find a way to get a gun. So, I should have the right to legally get one. I don't mind registering firearms or undergoing background checks, because I have no ill intentions about the gun I would purchase. It would be for my self defense.

Black men need to recreate the Deacons of Defense in a lot of these urban areas. We need our good Brothers to stand up and help us take back our communities.

sistah rikyrah:This article made me think of my da...


sistah rikyrah:

This article made me think of my dad, who is licensed to carry a concealed handgun. My dad is one of the most peaceful brothas you will ever meet. He is so easy going and always has a smile on his face. But last month I saw a different side of him.

A fight broke out at the apartment complex, which is situated right next to Daddy's house. (Daddy lives in the hood.) Well, the fight spilled over into his yard. My daddy jumped out of the truck and demanded that those men take that fight away from his yard and away from his daughter (me) who was sitting in the truck. Miss
Rikyrah, I want you to know that my daddy told those men that he had a gun and that he would shoot their a**es if they didn't take that sh** away from his daughter. They acted like they didn't hear him. So, he threatened them again and pulled his gun out. Of course, they listened then.

I'm in general afraid of guns. But when it is time to protect your own, I think it is a necessary tool. My daddy, who I don't think would hurt a fly, was ready to do whatever it takes to make sure nothing out of line would happen to his own.

Daddy later told me that the reason why he wanted them to move the fight away from me was because he didn't know if they would start shooting or not. He stated that he didn't want a stray bullet to hit his baby.

Your girl can certainly appreciate that. My daddy used his gun to protect his daughter from the fools that I'm sure had a gun.

(Excuse the long post. Again, this article made me think about how these wanna be gangstas often place the lives of very innocent people in grave danger. We have got to start protecting our own.

Thanks for the article, my sistah.)

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