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Tags with blogger


Finally blogger has tags (or labels how they call them :-) ). Hurray !!Converted to the new beta software and it is much more interesting. I like it so far.Mihai

To Be Admired: Baby Breakdancer


Here is another one i like: Best Baby Breakdancer in the World. It seems like a 2 year old kid and he can do things i can force myself to try :-). Someone commented about how many times this kid messed things up and hurt himself until he was able to do it. But it seemed quite happy in the video so I guess it wasn't that bad.Mihai

To be admired: Guitar player


I was thinking a while ago to start a set of postings about people who deserve admiration (from my point of view). The number one criteria used to decide who will get a posting and who won't is the level of excitement created in myself while I read/hear/see/listen the guy/girl's work. This doesn't happen too often so it should be a faily slow stream of posting but I really hope to make it



Books I just finished reading:The scar by China MievilleIron Council by China MievilleBooks I'm reading:Concurrent Programming in Java(TM): Design Principles an Pattern by Doug LeaCollapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared DiamondMihai



Books I just finished reading:Voyage of the Space Beagle by A.E. Van Vogt.Accelerando by Charles StrossBooks i'm reading:Concurrent Programming in Java(TM): Design Principles an Pattern by Doug LeaCollapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared DiamondBooks in the pipeline:The scar by China MievilleIron Council by China MievilleMihai



Open, programmable humanoid robot runs Linux. I really want one.Mihai

Upside down room


Found this via A Welsh View blog. This is hillarious and very well done. It looks like the logical evolution of the classical prank in which someone's room, cubicle, etc is covered completely in tin foil, paper or various other materials (see sample here: Project Foil) :-).This one is even better: the whole room is redecorated upside down. Enjoy it here: Light Side Up Productions.Mihai

Elastic Tabs


I was just reading Joel Spolsky's column and today he gave this link. It's a nice idea for IDE's. Instead of tabs or spaces just use elastic tabs. Go check it out.Mihai

GWT from Intellij IDEA


This is nice. I don't know if a month has passed yet since Google gave the world the GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and already there is already a plugin allowing you to use it from inside Intellij IDEA. And to make things more interesting it looks like the plugin is written by their marketing guy (Alex Tkachman .. see the blog entry here). I watched the demo and it looks like a very good integration.



Usually when defining a new programming language one will have to provide two items:the syntax of the language and the semantics of the language. Now you might ask why do you need both things ? Isn't the syntax enough ?Think about this: if I came to you and I give you a paper written in Klingon would you be able to read it ? (Star Trek hardcore fans would probably get a paper written in rural

Problem: Detecting duplicated items in an array


And another problem :-).Someone asked me to give him problems so that he can train for an interview. I gave him the problems from google posted here and in turn he gave me another one: You have an array of length n. It is filled with n random numbers between 0 and n-1. The task it to find out if any of them are repeated.The trivial solution would be to sort the array and detect any repeated

Velocity compiler again


I postes a while ago about my Velocity "compiler". There is another interesting problem in it: How do you handle internal macros?. In Velocity you can define macros which are pieces of reusable code. The problem is how do you translate that into a java class ? The solution would be something like a method call obviously (this is what I use right but it might be something totally different). But

Goooogle interview questions II


This is the follow-up I promised some posts ago for the search problem.Last time I was hinting at a totally different algorithm which might solve the problem. It's quite interesting and fun but .. it doesn't work :-). It will not find the shortest fragment but a short fragment. I'll give the code later. For now here is a variation of the alg I posted which has the same complexity but it's

Spellchecking :-((


I really need to learn how to use a spellchecker or at least read the post again before posting.The trouble is .. In general I really don't have something worth of telling to other people and when i do i usually rush to tell them and i forget to follow the proper practices. The good news is i know about the issue and i'm trying to change the habit. In the meantime I'll ask the reader to bear with

Goooogle interview questions


The other day I got hooked by a friend of mine with a couple of interview questions given by google. Some of them are challenging and quite interesting. Here is one (taken from here): Question #8) Given an array A[string], an array of strings where each string represents a word in a text document. Also given 3 search terms T1, T2, and T3 and 3 corresponding sorted sequences of integers S1, S2,

Compiling velocity


So i started to write a Velocity compiler :-). It will convert a Velocity template into a java class which when compiled will produce a generator which will have the output comparable (ideally the same) with the original output of the velocity template.The main reason for doing this is to see if there is any performance improvement. Right now .. the way the templates are used is very inconvenient

Looooong developer cycle.


Looooong developer cycle.How long should the code/compile/test cycle should be for a developer? Most of the time if this is bigger than 10-20 seconds is too long. Well right now i have the pleasure of working with a codebase that has the smallest possible cycle (trivial changes usually) of around 30 seconds ...a minute. If you need to do code changes it will set you back aprox 10 minutes :-). If

Adventures with Routing and networking.


It starts simple. I needed a way to put the source code repository for a couple of projects i do live on the net.I figured i could the asked the sysadmin for the local ISP for a simple ip forwarding to my machine (it was done before so it was technically possible :-)). Wrong.. after 4 days i find out that "The network has changed so it's not really possible to do a simple ip forwarding". The

More pictures.


There are more pictures online here. Now the Seattle aquarium is there too.

Seattle Aquarium and other pictures


I will go to the Seattle Aquarium today ( maybe the museum of flight too).Here are some pictures that we took until now:



I have been in Seattle, WA for the last 2 weeks. So far is interesing to see how people are going on with their lives in here.What I like is the way the city is split in blocks (this seems to be the norm in US). It is my first experience with this kind of setup (I am actually living in an old Eeastern European city) and i can say that is very easy to get around.

Posted with Flock


I'm just testing Flock and it seems to be nice. You can blog from inside it and you can also use delicious as your shared bookmarks service.Mihai

Feeding frenzy.


Feeding frenzy.Mihai

Find the monkey


Find the monkeyMihai

Kitten in the sun.


Kitten in the sun.Mihai