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Some kind of memoir by an American-Israeli

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Ursula's Beach Mitzvah August 5, 2016


Ursula’s Beach Mitzvah Background The event would take place in the presence of Ursula’s immediate family at the end of a 12-day visit to Savta in Israel. Ursula had arrived first, taking her first solo transatlantic trip. Her parents followed her after a week  Ursula (12) had no preparatory study, and very little exposure to institutional Judaism. Her closest family on her father's

Pauline Caplan’s immigration to the US


The year is c. 1899. Pauline Caplan is widowed in Bucharest with five living children. Her sixth child, William, died in infancy just last year. Her beloved husband Heinrich has died suddenly of appendicitis. He was a chartered accountant, and leaves her with a life insurance policy. Pauline decides to move her family to Antwerp. She has a brother, Carl, in business there. She speaks

My post-college job offer letter -1957


It's from The Service Bureau Corporation, a subsidiary of IBM, dated April, 1957, received while I was still a senior at Cornell. I accepted the offer and worked at 635 Madison Avenue, for the princely salary of $400/month. There I was trained as a computer programmer using an optimized assembly language called SOAP, written for the IBM 650 by Stan Poley, a former jazz musician.

Slowing down time


It could be read as slowing-down time, musings on reaching the age of wisdom and retirement from the hustle of daily obligations to a client, a boss, a teacher, a student. But I want time to slow down, because I see how rapidly my granddaughters are slipping away from their childish dependencies and becoming separate people in the scary big world, and I want to spread a cloak of love and security



Hand Delivery to Claude Lanzmann Three weeks ago my best friend from NYC came to visit me for a week. When she was getting ready to leave, she gave me the book she had read on the plane coming to Israel, and asked if I had a book for her to read on the flight going back. I knew what I wanted her to read, but I had read a borrowed copy, so I went down to my local Steimatzky book store and bought

The Amazing Purim Superhero Cake


The Amazing Purim Superhero Cake, a photo by Keshet: GLBT inclusion in the Jewish Community on Flickr.My daughter wrote a prize-winning book. It's called "the Amazing Purim Superhero." It was just published by Kar-Ben. Some people in Miami decided to have a party to celebrate the publication of my daughter's book. They had a cake depicting the book's cover. I am overwhelmed.

A voice from the past ... and the future


I can't believe over six months have passed since my last post. I guess facebook has replaced blogger as my habitual journal tool, but sometimes it's nice to stretch out and write some more rambling thoughts. Littlest granddaughter ("The Doodle") is now 13 months old and has stolen my heart. My time in Florida this year (well, actually last year, but let's not quibble) has been spent doing lots

Grandma Sophie Gold


Movie clip was recorded by my father in 1938, of his mother pushing me in my carriage, on Palm Street in Lindenhurst, Long Island. Dad's camera was 16mm. I transcribed the film to VHS cassette several years ago and then to DVD last year. Finally, yesterday, I got it into iMovie. Subtitles and music to come...stay tuned.

Landlady Savta


Owning two homes is not an indicator of wealth: it's an indicator of having beloved family in North America and having a life in Tel Aviv. To finance this dilemma, I plan to rent out whichever home I'm not in. So far, the plan is to be based in Israel for seven months, Florida for the remaining five. The Florida home is in a resort town, and the "high season" starts in January, so that's when

More Jaffa


I love going to evening art class so I can see this scene each week at twilight. My art teacher's studio is just beyond the archway, and is so rich with Old City atmosphere that I immediately go into a different place in my head when I enter. All stress, strife, conflict, tension, and worries evaporate. Aaaaah.

Mission Accomplished


Back home in Tel Aviv, having established my Florida base and played an appropriate grandmotherly role in the birth of my third granddaughter. The stay was neatly divided into two parts: Part 1 - furnishing the condo (thank you Beverly S., Anne L., Lois & Harold R., Goodwill, Craig's List, Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Sur La Table). Part 2 - babysitting and cooking. There were also a Part

New Granddaughter!!!


Born Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 11:40AM Mother, daughter, father, big sister, and grandparents all doing well.It doesn't get better than this!



The long-awaited family reunion is now over. It was everything I wanted: centrally-located temporary home, mild weather, plenty of sights to see, both granddaughters and their parents in the same place at the same time. My heart is full :-)

A Matter of Life and Death


A very important and serious read, on the most important subject ever.Hospice medical care for dying patients:

Gone Fishing


Here it is, three months later, and not a word from me! How did you manage, dear reader (in this case, I fear the singular is literal)? For now, no news is indeed good news: I've been mostly lazy, sometimes dreamy, and sometimes euphoric over the expectation of another grandchild who kindly agreed to arrive in Florida during my stay there this Fall.Art worksClick on the picture to see what else



I have bought an apartment in Florida very near my son and his family.My granddaughters made me do it, although they don't know it. Not having had a grandparent as I grew up, I had no idea what grandparenting - or should I say grandchilding? - involved, but living in the intensely familial atmosphere of Israel for 22 years has demonstrated its many benefits at one remove. These little girls are

Y'All Come Down Real Soon


Two whole months without posting? To readers who don't communicate with me in any other way, no I'm not dead! I've just been pretty much preoccupied with the impending purchase of a small second home base, in FLORIDA (West Coast)! I don't want to publish details until the deal is done, which, if things go according to schedule, will be one month from today. What you need to know now is: there

Provincial? Choose your province.


Hello everyone! (all 12 of you)I returned last night from week in Florida, visiting Little Bear and her parents. The inconvenience and expense of air travel should not be undertaken lightly - one needs strong motivation, especially when it is not a business trip. I think I went through 9 or 10 security checks altogether, and one pat-down (at London's Heathrow airport), and many weather delays.



Savlanut means "patience" in hebrew. It is one of the first words I learned, and also one of the first words I taught Mermaid Girl.When you grow up in a young country like the USA (compared to those of Europe, which were my only other frame of reference for the first half of my life), you don't learn much about patience. The time horizon of four years (based on the Presidential election cycle) is

December already? *Updated **Updated again!


The whole month of November flew by without a post by me, while other bloggers were posting away, sometimes daily. Why was I so negligent, you ask? (Assuming there are any of you still out there.) Well here's what was going on:1. My fifth blogaversary. If that does not explain why I didn't post during November, you just don't know my logic. If you do know my logic, please explain it to me.**2.

Hurray for Air France!


I didn't mention in my post about Iceland, but my Facebook friends know that I missed my original flight there from Tel Aviv via Paris, booked through Expedia. The story was so upsetting that I didn't want to revisit it en blogge for posterity, but it involved my oversleeping and forgetting some essential medicine in the fridge and having to return for it. Although we (Pippi Bluestocking, Little

More Painting in Oil


...continued from version 1.0...The colors don't show up accurately in the photo, but even if they did, I think they're too muddy. However I enjoyed immensely playing with various brush strokes, and managed to channel a little Van Gogh in at least one part. Can you spot it?Next week I'll see what I can do to brighten up the colors. Slathering paint with a palette knife is really a kick.

Painting in Oil


While I was in New York, I took a photo of some interesting buildings over on the West Side in the 50's. Now that I'm home, I'm getting back into my regular routine, which includes a once-a-week studio art class. My wonderful teacher encouraged me to start using oil paint, which I last used in 1953. But this time I'm learning about layering the paint, so what I've accomplished so far is just the

After Twenty-One Years in Israel


How strange that I spent my 21st anniversary of making aliyah in the very place I left on August 28, 1988: New York City. This trip, which I called my Farewell Tour until good friend renamed it First Farewell Tour, was accentuated by a couple of excursions to my childhood home (Forest Hills) and my children's childhood home (Teaneck, NJ). For some reason I had expected to see both places in worse

L'Shanah Tova


Thanks to Tzvi Fabian of the Isramac group on Yahoo for this excellent New Year's greeting. Tzvi warned, "Don't try this at home."