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Who Cares? Some Questions for Our Social Care Industry


I write this in the hope that the reader like me would wish to draw attention to the plight of a group of people in our community. These people are amongst the lowest paid and often the lowest regarded while at the same time carry out an essential and vital service that the most vulnerable of us depend on. I speak of social care workers who work tirelessly to ensure that the disabled, the infirm,

Apologia For Discrimination


How does one describe a prejudiced mind? To me, I have visions of a garage full of old junk piled up high to the ceiling, nothing can be moved therein nor can anything be placed in addition to. Upon opening the garage door, everything begins to flow out as the much needed exhale of breath. Prejudiced minds leave little room for outside influx and interpretations and ergo, growth is stagnant,

Has The Internet Killed Our High Streets?


In 1993 I visited County Hall in Durham with my family to take part in a science exhibition. I have always been interested in computing and remember being fascinated by an enthusiastic postgraduate student who demonstrated that he could connect his computer to a machine in Moscow and download data. How right he was. In the future, I was told, thousands if not millions of computers would be

The Cost of Victory


Has Israel accomplished its goals and objectives? The last real victory was the 1967 War and unless Israel's military echelons instill that victory "cost something" there will be continued bombing from Gaza. Israel must destroy every element of Hamas and this includes those who support them. When Israel listens to public opinions, policies of the US and Europe and makes decisions based on those

Spinning Yarns About Genetically Modified Crops


A compelling narrative often makes a good engine to pull public policy. Unfortunately, this means we are sometimes unwilling to let facts get in the way of the story we want to tell. Consider, for example, the science and pseudo-science behind the ginned-up opposition to genetically modified crops ("organisms" in the parlance of critics who want to skip past the detail that crops are useful for

America - America Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond


America, America Will You Be Heard Something is definitely going wrong in the World and the America that we once knew and cherished. Our children, and grandchildren and future generations may be growing up in an America, that no one will recognize, all in the name of "political correctness, or for fear of being labeled". Radical Islam and Sharia Law must be stopped from making any further

Why Obama Is Not A Communist


A continuing lie from the Right is that Obama is a communist or a totalitarian. I've lived under Communism, and I can tell these people right now that, if he had been any such thing, they would not be here to say what they are saying. A Communist, or a totalitarian, would have put these people away in labor camps or had them shot. Instead they are free to spread their lies, using the

What We're Fighting Against


Today was like every day of my life; there was something about it that I observe, feel and know through my experience every single day. And my life is no different to yours if you're reading this. Chances are that you're reading this because you're a caring person. You care about people, our planet, and yourself, for instance. And you see the same thing I do each day. It's part of life,

Fourth of July Links


American Flag Star Italian Charm American Flag and Statue of Liberty Italian Charm American Flag Black Laser Charm USA Flag Ribbon Italian Charm Waving American Flag America Italian Charm American Flag Peace Sign Italian Charm American Flag State American Flag with Yellow Ribbon God Bless America Italian Charm Stars and Stripes Photo Charm USA Laser Italian Charm More patriotic Fourth of

The Truth About Credit Repair...


Have you ever wondered what companies send you when they claim you can erase bad credit overnight? How about those ads that say you can get any major credit card without a deposit or a credit check? Ads abound almost everywhere these days (online and off) selling books, systems and secrets to help you fix your credit. Many of these programs have claims, which read like the covers of supermarket

Slow Economy, Slow Job Gains


Job growth will probably rebound from April's meager gain, but not by much. Employment will track the economy's tepid growth rate.April's ho-hum job figures reflect an economy in low gear as well as attempts by companies to preserve profit margins by limiting new hiring. But the less-than-expected gain of 88,000 jobs -- the lowest monthly tally in about two and a half years -- doesn't mean the

How Save Money On International Calls?


I think that if you are emigrant, tourist, hard truck driver or student, you often need to call to your family and friends. And what will you do if your home located on other continent and you have no enough money to call from hotel? Yes, right way is internet! This article will help you to find ease way to make domestic and international calls at lowest rates.So, you use search engine and find

Role of the World Bank's International Development Association


The Monterrey Consensus, in addition to framing commitments for increased ODA, “codified” the call for development effectiveness. This call was reinforced in July 2002, when donors to the Bank’s International Development Association (IDA)—the world’s primary source of confessional (near-zero-interest) finance for development in the low-income countries—made replenishment contingent on the

Civil Society


Civil society has grown exponentially over the past decades and today is recognized as an important development actor throughout the world; monitoring public policies, providing technical expertise, and partnering with governments to provide community services.The Bank has greatly increased its cooperation with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) over the past 20 years, and today it is estimated

"KINSEY" -- a smart movie on sexuality


I was pleasantly surprised by the movie Kinsey. I had expected a hagiography, but instead found a remarkable, relatively balanced portrait of the famed sex researcher, a movie which lends itself well to good conversation. And, I believe, an important movie for gay men and lesbians.WARNING--this post contains spoilers, so if you have not seen the movie and don't want to know how it turns out,

Top 7 Tips to Beat High Gas Prices


Do you cringe every time you pull up to the pumps to fuel up your car? I know that I do, and it seems like the gas prices just keep rising and rising. You may think that there isn't anything that you can do to curb those prices, but in fact there are ways for you to effectively shave money off of your gas bill by adding efficiency to the way that you burn it. Here are the top ways that you can

Fun Facts About US Legal System


Humor can come from anywhere. We have tried to gather humor from US legal system this time. Here are some of the few fun facts about US legal system. Hope you will love it.Only one case out of seven burglaries is solved in US.Thirteen percent of all US citizens have passed at least one night in jail.The shoplifting ratio of women is higher than men.Most of the cases in the US courts are

Wal-Mart - Good vs. Bad


The giant retailer store Wal-Mart has a history of over forty years of successful business. Its first store opened in 1962 in Arkansas and in 1979 it already switches to a computerized inventory system that tracked individual items. This innovation was a success at that time, when such technologies were not widely implemented. They were beginners in this sphere, putting a lot of money into

A World Of Tobaccos, Flavors And Aromas To Be Enjoyed


Fortunately, today we are blessed with improvements in transportation and communications that were simply impossible in the past. However, along the way some of the very forces that have made all of this possible have sometimes led to a level of homogeneity in which quality is sometimes secondary to the facilitation of manufacturing and distribution at the most competitive cost. This is at once a

Low Inflation in the UK


Since the Bank of England was given independence in 1997 UK inflation has been close to the government’s target of 2% +/-1. This is a remarkable improvement for the UK economy. Previously the UK economy suffered from consistently high inflation. Eg in 1979 inflation reached 25%. In 1992 inflation reached 11%. Reasons for low inflation are a matter of debate. The chancellor Gordon Brown likes to

Population Migrations: A Boon or a Bane


Canada phone cards UK phone cardsThere has always been a continuous trend of people migrating from rural dwellings to urban areas in search of an earning more money, a better education or maybe due to environmental degradation in rural areas. Even, political conflicts, wars, and income disparities among and within regions may also be a motivating factor which results in migration whether

Chinese Immigration


Motives for Chinese population to immigrate to United States have been same as for most other immigrants. Many immigrants shifted to United States to for the gold rush, while others came to seek better economic opportunities. Many others were forced to leave China as either refugees or contract workers.Chinese immigration began decades ago and was divided into three periods: 1849-1882, 1882-1965,

Is Turkey Economically Ready to Join EU?


Turkey’s candidature for the European Union is maybe the most controversial and consequently well-analyzed of any in the history of the organization. The topics of the debate are familiar: human rights abuses, overly uppermost military, and the impact of Islam on the one hand, contrary to strategic partner, valid candidate, and the advantages of including a Muslim democracy on the other. The

The Real Economy


How many times have you seen negative headlines? They are the mantra we hear from the media virtually everyday. "High gas prices are expected to spark inflation and could drive this economy to a halt." "Consumers are doubting economic future." "The sky is falling." That last one was actually from Chicken Little, or Al Gore on the environment, or something like that. Any way, the news isn't good,

Propane Gas Prices


So you thought the fuel in the white container attached to your barbecue grill is some cheap fuel? You were wrong! Propane is a versatile fuel and it does not come cheap. Today there is a rising demand for propane across many sectors, such as residential and commercial, petrochemicals, farming, transportation, and several other industries.Propane is extracted from natural gas or refinery gas