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All-Too-Honest Political Ads - Senate Satire


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This Hurts! John Oliver Dumps on Dr. Oz, Nutritional Supplements (and Congress)


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Fun with Fox News Hypocrisy: Colbert Nails 'Em


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Fun with Art: W's Post-Presidential Paintings


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Dallas Spostcaster Dale Hansen Gets It Right on Michael Sam's News


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Fun with (Fake) News: Swift Boaters Vindicate John Kerry


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Swift Boat Veterans For Truth Clear John Kerry After Exhaustive 9-Year Investigation

Poking Fun at Bill-O: More Nonsense from Fox



After All These Years, Still Getting It Wrong


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Worth a Listen: A Vet's Powerful Story



KTUL Video: The Ancient Forest at Keystone Lake


KTUL anchor Charles Ely recently visited the old-growth forest west of Tulsa near Keystone Lake. It's worth a visit. But if you can't get there in person, the link is here: Ancient Forest.

Kathy Taylor Dings Our 'Facebooking' Mayor


The AltTulsa gang has been lying low in recent months, holding our tongue on most Tulsa and Sooner state matters.

But we were roused from our slumber this week by a campaign mailer from mayoral candidate Kathy Taylor. According to the flyer, "crime has spiked [in Tulsa] this year" and Mayor Bartlett has been neglecting the issue.

Instead of fighting crime, Taylor's mailer claims, Bartlett has been "Facebooking."

Yes, Sooner fans, "Facebooking" is now a verb—and, in this case, not one that flatters the incumbent mayor.

According to Taylor's material, the mayor's been "Facebooking" about playing the harmonica, tailgate parties and (really!) Shark Week.

We've got nothing against the harmonica, but we do take exception to Bartlett's endorsement of Shark Week. It's silly.

Speaking of silly, we also think "Facebooking" should not be turned into a verb. Facebook is the brand name for a social media company. It's not a verb.

Epic Sports Fail in the Tulsa World: Columnist Hoover's OU Prediction Blows Up—Way, Way Up


We've been AWOL in recent months, holding our tongue on all manner of political nonsense and many other controversies and issues. (The Tea Party, anyone?)

But we can't resist a little snarkiness in the wake of sports columnist John Hoover's bold predictions about the Red River Rivalry.

Writing in Saturday's Tulsa World, Hoover was unequivocal: OU would win—no doubt, no question.

Here's the lead sentence of his column, written hours before the kickoff: "This year's Red River Rivalry is already over."

Hoover went on: "And the Sooners won. Again." 

The Sooners are better prepared, Hoover wrote. OU has a better quarterback, a better offensive line, and a better defense, he said. And this: OU "owns every mental edge and emotional advantage."

With OU a 14-point favorite, the final score should be, in Hoover's words, "a mere formality." Mac Brown's Texas Longhorns were desperate, Hoover concluded. Bob Stoops has Brown's number.

Bold words from a columnist who knows his football. Then they played the game.

In case you missed it, Texas dominated. The final score was 36-20—a Texas "blowout," as Hoover admitted in Sunday's column. Curiously, he didn't mention his bold Saturday predictions. 

How do you like your crow, Mr. Hoover? You might try it with a little Texas hot sauce. Enjoy.

Shovelling GOP Crap: Sen. Cornyn Hems and Haws


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Colbert Sounds Off on the Big Mess in DC


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Jon Stewart on the GOP House: Ouch!


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Stumbling Toward Peace: Jon Stewart Makes the Case


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Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole Gets It: Why a Government Shutdown Is a Terrible Idea


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Flashback: Bill Moyer's Tribute to the Oklahoma Troubadour, Woody Guthrie


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This Land Presents: A Blue Whale Video Story


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" mozallowfullscreen="" src="" webkitallowfullscreen="" width="500"> Imaginary Oklahoma - The Blue Whale of Catoosa from THIS LAND PRESS on Vimeo.
From the good folks at This Land, a video adaptation of a short story by Craig Morgan Teicher. 

Tulsa People Interview: Philbrook goes contemporary


In case you missed it, Tulsa's Philbrook Museum recently opened its new Brady Arts District location, another reason the downtown arts scene is thriving.

Our friends at Tulsa People produced this interview on the new space and its collection of Native American art and artifacts and its contemporary art collection.

Click here: Video: Philbrook goes contemporary

John Oliver Weighs In: The Florida Verdict


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Good Stuff: Chili Relleno at Cowgirl's in Santa Fe


Here's a photo of a deliciously encrusted chili relleno we ate recently at Cowgirl's BBQ in Santa Fe. Good stuff. Oh, and we washed it down with an IPA from the bar.

Strong Video from the Tulsa World: A Closer Look at a Troubled Apartment Complex


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="282" mozallowfullscreen="" src="" webkitallowfullscreen="" width="500"> Stories from 61st and Peoria from Tulsa World on Vimeo.

Wine Blogging: A Rich Malbec Called 'Stark Raving'


The AltTulsa gang has been lax with blog posts in recent months, but here's a return to one of our favorite subjects—wine. Yes, Sooner fans, the fruit of the vine is a passion with some folks—we plead guilty.

We can't claim great expertise in the field, but we have done some reading (and serous tasting) over the years and we have developed some favorite varietals and styles. A recent passion is the Malbec grape and the rich, red Argentinian Malbec wines increasingly popular in the U.S.
We found the bottle pictured above—called Stark Raving (a great name, by the way)—on a recent trip to New Mexico. This Malbec was rich, soft, perhaps a little inky (in a good way). The label refers to "soft notes of berries," which we could taste, but we take issue with the label's claim to "smoky bacon" in this bottle.

But no matter. Stark Raving went well with a southwestern chicken pizza on a blue corn crust, so we're not complaining.