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Preview: Comments on Clown Central Station: Tough Talk from Tintype Terrier

Comments on Clown Central Station: Tough Talk from Tintype Terrier

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Dear "Bea."Oh my, aren't you clever? I feel so ho...


Dear "Bea."

Oh my, aren't you clever? I feel so hoisted that I may have a wedgie. Clearly, given the honest intent to educate and engage as equals that oozes from every commenter I have addressed, even the merest hint of sarcasm on my part would suggest that good faith has been broken. I have so much to learn from you!

Hoping your lovely day hasn't involved the necessity of killing someone with your bare hands,
Some guy on the Internet who really, really takes you seriously now, no kidding

Oh yeah, one more thing:The Weimar Republic had re...


Oh yeah, one more thing:

The Weimar Republic had restrictive gun laws which the Nazis actually liberalized with the Reichswaffengesetz in 1938, although they did prohibit possession of weapons by Jews shortly thereafter, so don't just come armed with a lot of crap propaganda from the JFPO or the NRA. You'll find out real quick that it has the shelf life of a sick goldfish out of water over there. We both said "honest and intelligent" and I, at least, meant it.

Where do you people come up with this drivel?These...


Where do you people come up with this drivel?

These fatalities were always put down as "training accidents" so as not to have what was a "minor misunderstanding" blow up into a full shooting war.

Please, spare us your Tom Clancy novels. He does it much better, but it's still just well researched fiction. You have it ass-backwards. Training for war is a deadly business. It's the training accidents that are covered up, just like the actual crime rates on college campuses. Which brings us to the other issue, but first, let me say that there are things that went on during the Cold War that some people can't tell you about or they would have to kill you. Actually, much of it now OK to talk about but most of it involved war by proxy and a very dangerous game of nuclear jostling and brinkmanship involving the blue water navies of NATO and the Warsaw Pact. There have been books written about it. Blind Man's Bluff is very good, about subs used in espionage, and all true. A good film, prescient even, is the Bedford Incident.


Not true. Allow me to give you three examples of where psychotic murders HAVE been deterred by armed citizens.

I have looked at your examples of three cases. To be honest, I find problems with all three of them as justification for anything. Anyone who investigates them objectively, honestly and critically would see the problems. Full disclosure: I am an armed leftist like George Orwell (the social democrat), so I'm not keen on abridgement of the 2nd amendment.
"That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or laborer's cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there." -- George Orwell

Never have been, and Reagan, who was in favor of the Assault gun ban and the Brady Bill, was not a liberal Democrat.

Once again my quest for a liberal who can actually discuss things intelligently.....comes up empty.

You know where to find me. You can drop by Grouchy's and say hello to Ron, formerly LC Ron. You remember him, don't you? Any and all are welcome who actually wish to discuss these matters honestly and intelligently (with just enough snark so the rotties feel at home). Gun control won't prevent these crimes anymore than arming the populace will. That's just the sad fact of it.

JT Davis

Hayden Childs,Those were real thoughtful responses...


Hayden Childs,

Those were real thoughtful responses you made recently to Orion, Bert, & Kristopher - delivered quite politely. It's clear from what you wrote that now you understand their points of view; I found it admirable that they were able to educate you so easily.

You know, not many people would admit to actually being 'inferior in every way' with any greater alacrity; such honesty on your part was as rare as it was refreshing.

Wait. Was that stuff you slapped on with a trowel actually...sarcasm? OH NOES!

'treat them like the words they write actually mean what they say, and instantly - poof! - they are revealed as petty half-wits.'
- h/t, Hayden Childs

Consider yourself officially hoist.

Have a nice day. I know I will.

Dear "Orion",Thank you for your generous reading o...


Dear "Orion",

Thank you for your generous reading of my previous letters to your friends. I don't know how you deciphered my feelings on veterans, non-veterans, insults, definitions, discussion, variety, and diversity from my few and pithy comments here, but I take your thoughtful characterization to heart. I understand that your prior comments, in which you continually express disappointment in the level of discourse hereabouts, were indicative of your serious love of engagement with alternative points of view, which, as you have shown me, is best expressed by sighing about the level of discourse, making excuses for those you count as allies when they immediately start calling others "faggot", calling the proprietor of the blog - your host, as it were - DUMB in all capital letters, and impugning the intelligence of everyone who disagrees with you. You, sir, are truly a giant among men, and I am honored to be singled out for your attentions.

Godspeed, sir! May noble Liechtenstein never fall to the frothing proletariat!

Your inferior in every way,
Some guy on the Internet who would be pranking you with stereotypical behavior if today (April 27) were closer to April

Ah well.Once again my quest for a liberal who can ...


Ah well.

Once again my quest for a liberal who can actually discuss things intelligently.....comes up empty.

Thanks for providing one more data point, guys.

I found Hayden's comments to be particularly apropos. He doesn't like Vets. He doesn't like non-vets. He doesn't like insults. He doesn't like definitions. He doesn't like someone seeking discussion...Pretty plain, he just likes those just like himself. No variety allowed here, thank you! No doubt he's proud of the diversity.

*shrugs* Your blog (Leonard - I'm including Hayden in as he seems a welcome commenter), your rules, your space. Enjoy it. Personally, I enjoy discussions with those who hold a different viewpoint. It allows me to refine, and sometimes change, my own. Evidently you folks don't care too much for that concept. If this were closer to April, I'd consider this stereotypical behavior to be a prank.

Either way - I'll not pester you further.



Dear "Kristopher",Thank you for your respectful co...


Dear "Kristopher",

Thank you for your respectful comments regarding the hurling of feces. As we "leftards" (and what a delightful term to use, especially in someone else's space!) have never been properly trained in deciphering genuine attempts to engage in a civilized argument from obtuse rhetoric and mindless hostility, our natural tendency is to defecate upon ourselves and then to throw it at the nearest person. Without your keen sense of adulthood and responsibility, we would certainly continue to engage in this rude behavior, which is utterly unlike the way a civilized person behaves (which is, I assume from your example, to visit blogs of a political stripe different from my own, gently offering correction to the misguided). Without you and your cohorts, none of us on the left - we of the misguided notions of shared governance and social justice - would know that we (and here, I'm using comments directed towards Leonard as indicative of how these commenters feel about anyone who disagrees with them politically) "have some serious issues" (Dick), or that we reside "in the intellectual desert with the other lizards" (Cheapshot911), or that we totally look like morons (paraphrased from Moriarty), or that I am "not a person of any standing in an adult world (Bert)", or that we disappoint Mr. Orion who only wants "some sort of debate or discussion", or that we are "full of yourself and mentally weak" (Dick again! Thanks, Dick!), or that I have no idea what "diatribe" means (Thanks, Bert!). And now you arrive to tell us that all of our responses are fecal because you have extrapolated an anti-war stance from Leonard's post about a guy talking tough about the shooting at Virginia Tech and you seem to believe that anyone who is opposed to the war should never, ever contradict someone who is pro-war, if I am reading you correctly.

In short, thank you again for showing us the error of our ways.

Yours truly,
A clown who is not a person of any standing in an adult world

Well ... this is fairly typical.Talk about the war...


Well ... this is fairly typical.

Talk about the war, and the leftards scream "chickenhawk", as if not being in the military automatically makes one incapable of discussing military policy.

But once an actual veteran shows up and and dares to disagree with them over military policy or any other matter, they get all pissy, forget all about their precious "chickenhawk" meme, and start hurling feces.

Attempting any kind of debate with these people is just not worth the effort ... they are simply not capable of behaving like adults.

Hi, Bert!Thanks for protecting me and my fellow Am...


Hi, Bert!

Thanks for protecting me and my fellow Americans and Danes against the savage hordes of communist nukes. I would have helped, but I was only 20 when the Cold War ended, and also I was busy not taking it very seriously. But still, I totally appreciate it! Without your assistance, I might have to still be scared of the Reds now, instead of the Islamofascists or whatever we're calling them.

Also, I am not an editor for a news organization, but thanks, it was a good try. If it makes you feel any better, I edit, among other things, entertainment writing and school textbooks, so feel free to make fun of me for being part of the vast liberal conspiracy to degrade our culture and brainwash our children.

Pere, I was ONE of those people and so was Misha. ...


Pere, I was ONE of those people and so was Misha. Just because there wasn't a declared hot war in the area, there was a covert war going on and yes, Virginia, people WERE shot and killed in it, on both sides. These fatalities were always put down as "training accidents" so as not to have what was a "minor misunderstanding" blow up into a full shooting war.

Um, okay, so now we've gone from "facing down the barrel of the Commie gun on the wall" to "sure, we were miles away, but people still got shot, and the only reason you don't know it is the Liberal MSM hid the fact so's not to cause WW3".

Only, WW3 didn't happen over REAL international incidents, so I don't know why it would have over a sniping in Denmark.

Oh, and you were correct about "oceans not being able to protect you"; it was men such as Misha and I that did, because we were willing to face down the threat head on, with our very lives if necessary. You're Welcome.

I assume you guys would have leaped in front of the nuclear missles and bombers coming over the poles and blocked them with your bodies? THAT's what I meant, Sunshine.

And remember the Soviets in Nicaragua, just three days drive from Texas? Way to keep them out of our hemisphere, guys. Good job there, Roscoe.

Dear "Bert":Thank you for your continuing concern ...


Dear "Bert":

Thank you for your continuing concern for me and my name. Before you came along, I thought all denizens of right-wing blogs, especially those who flock to any left-wing blog that dare speak of their blog in less than reverential tones, were nothing but obnoxious, humorless, paper-tigerish, self-congratulatory trolls with the reading comprehension of a 2nd grader and the reasoning skills of a potato. But then you came along to show me exactly how wrong I was. Your personal warmth, generosity of spirit, and superior moral turpitude have made a better man of me. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways, and thank you for being a true friend, "Bert." I hope our charming tete-a-tete continues until every communist loses an eye staring down the barrel of a gun. Oh, and thanks for keeping Belgium free of the pinkos. Until your next delightful missive, consider me your faithful servant waiting breathlessly to learn more at your proverbial knee.

Your pal,
some guy on the Internet

"And this guy referred to my five sentences...."Ha...


"And this guy referred to my five sentences...."

Hayden, I've got one word for you: DICTIONARY

Had you referred to one, you would have noticed that your definition of "diatribe" is the archaic one.

See you aren't above making fun of names either....

Leonard, I see you state that you are an editor, now I know why Misha makes fun of the "myriad levels of fact-checking editors of the MSM". You are a prime example of why he has such disdain for same.

"Um, okay, if you really want to demean the risk people who were, you know, getting shot at, or at least were potentially going to be shot at, went through."

Pere, I was ONE of those people and so was Misha. Just because there wasn't a declared hot war in the area, there was a covert war going on and yes, Virginia, people WERE shot and killed in it, on both sides. These fatalities were always put down as "training accidents" so as not to have what was a "minor misunderstanding" blow up into a full shooting war.

Oh, and you were correct about "oceans not being able to protect you"; it was men such as Misha and I that did, because we were willing to face down the threat head on, with our very lives if necessary. You're Welcome.

Remember, Leonard: When outlaws are gunned, only g...


Remember, Leonard: When outlaws are gunned, only guns will have outlaws.

In the missing-the-point department, you guys have...


In the missing-the-point department, you guys have been real champs, for which I thank you. I've particularly enjoyed how so many of you enjoy calling me a crazy liberal gun control nut, when in fact I am a multiple gun owner, and an advocate of gun ownership. At no point in my post did I ever advocate gun control; I merely pointed out that the sort of casual ignorance of their ability or not to prevent violence is symptomatic of why America is so flooded with handgun deaths.* Well, that paragraph has nothing to do with my post, so I'll ignore the straw man and just comment on your last sentence: Exactly what is 'flooded'? The numbers just aren't that high. Check out this online pamphlet, called 'Gun Facts' - You may find it interesting, particularly as a firearm advocate.The thrust of my criticism had nothing to do with gun control, and everything to do with phony tough talk, which is exactly what I smell when someone starts yapping about OH HO YES I COULD KILL YOU SO EASILY WITHOUT A GUN! Maybe you can't see the bogus tough-guy swagger coming off the post I cited, but I can. If you don't agree, well, there we are, but don't presume to lecture me about real tough guys. There's plenty of them in my family, and they don't spend all their time sitting around blogging about how deliciously deadly they are and calling anyone who disagrees with them a faggot.* Perhaps since I've been reading the Rott for several years, I don't see 'yapping' about his mad killin' skillz. I didn't even interpret that post as having anything to do with that particular topic. Misha pointed out that ANYONE - himself included - could come up with a variety of ways to kill. He's a trained soldier, a trained marksman, and a few other things as well. These DO give him the knowledge of how to kill without much difficulty - more so than the average untrained citizen. So that's hardly 'bogus tough-guy swagger'. Where did I lecture you about real tough guys? I'm glad you have plenty in your family. I would imagine every family has it's share - which speaks eloquently to Misha's point, no? And again, I don't see where you're finding him spending all (or even a majority) of his time sitting around talking about how deliciously deadly he is, nor calling anyone who disagrees with him a faggot. I've seen an awful LOT of posts and discussions over there where there wasn't even a hint of name calling, and there are precious few posts where he talks about his mad killin' skillz.The post that so offends you is short and to the point. He mentions that he knows how to kill exactly three times. 1: I don't need a gun to kill. (NO one does). 2: Same point reinforced. 3: Mentions that he knows a lot about how to kill - normal for a soldier and marksman. So, exactly which of these is yapping about being a tough-guy?Besides - as a friend of mine once put it, if you can do it, it 'aint braggin.As I'm sure you're aware, every blog has it's 'flavor'. The AIR is a rough-n-tumble vicious festival that specializes in over-the-top hyperbole. IMAO is a bizarre collection of off-the-wall humor. Your blog points out the clowns you see to the left of you and to the right - As you imply to so many of the other folks commenting, If you don't like it, don't visit there.Anyway, to your questions:First, you seem to have misinterpreted who the clowns are in the name of my blog, but E for Effort on the cheap joke.You mean like yours at the expense of The Rott? Hmm. Give it time, it'll come to you.Second, of course, I am always content to make pathetic snarky comments. That's exactly what this blog is for. I have no illusions that I am a deeply profound political thinker, which is what se[...]

I had rascism once. It took weeks to get that cle...


I had rascism once. It took weeks to get that cleared up.

Hey, an anonymous Internet tough guy made fun of m...


Hey, an anonymous Internet tough guy made fun of my name! Everyone know there ain't no talk tougher than "your name sounds like something weaker" which is why most John Wayne movies are full of The Duke name-calling his enemies. I guess you have to be a tough guy if you're a manly man who goes by "Bert".

And this guy referred to my five sentences (and one interjection) as a "diatribe." Five sentences, two paragraphs, 120 words: diatribe.

I forget, why don't we take these guys seriously, again?

"I've read several of your posts.It sucks."Maybe h...


"I've read several of your posts.
It sucks."

Maybe he didn't get past Mrs. Mortimer Week.





Okay, dude, I read through most of these comments ...


Okay, dude, I read through most of these comments without collapsing into a helpless pile of giggles - score one for me, seriously - but whenever one of these dude who wandered over from Mr. Rottweiler's comment thread accuses you of not being able to write, it cracks my shit up. Coming from a group of people whose members have coined such immortal phrases as "Rather than illuminate them to smarmy snarkism... you missed every single point Misha made, dragged your diatribe into the weeds of adolencent emotional reactonism, forfeiting whatever points you foist" - THAT'S SOME FUNNIES RIGHT THERE.

Maybe A-IR-head's plan to kill you is to send over...


Maybe A-IR-head's plan to kill you is to send over so many of his little posturing friends that their comments make you laugh to death.

Hey, "Dick"! Thanks for continuing to stop by eve...


Hey, "Dick"! Thanks for continuing to stop by even though you think my writing sucks.

I may be a hack, but I am, in fact, an employed writer. I am an editor, in fact, and a professional freelance writer. I get paid to post nonsense on the internet! How great is that? You, on the other hand, do it for nothing, which is fine, because I have much respect for dedicated amateurism.

I am sorry you think my website (which one? I have several) is pitiful for crap, and placing my regular readership at two or three is probably overstating the case. But hey, with you on board, that's one more, right? Pointing out "looky what I wrote" in childish glee is pretty much why everyone writes, of course, but this doesn't obligate anyone to read it.

I didn't, in fact, attack Misha for no reason: I attacked him for the good reason that he posted nonsensical phony tough talk for all to see, and that irritates me. If you'd like to see baseless attacks for no reason, may I suggest checking out the comments thread of his post about me? Count how many responses it takes for someone to call me a faggot. (Hint: two.)

I'd really like to know where I promoted myself as a tough guy, or where I slandered his service; I don't think I'm a tough guy, and I didn't even know he was in the service. Can you provide citations?

Also, I appreciate that you're keeping up the tradition of misreading that has such a proud history around here. I did not, in fact, call myself a deep thinker; I did exactly the opposite. Let's all read for context! It's fun.

Thanks for reading my sucky posts!

Lenny,At best, you're only a hack, an unemployed w...


At best, you're only a hack, an unemployed writer with a pitiful for crap website, life, and two or three regular readers. They only read your trash, because you point it out to them, "Looky what I wrote!" in some sort of childish glee.

You attacked Misha will no reason behind it. That's sorry. You promote yourself as a tough guy and slander his service.
You don't know dick about tough guys kiddo.

To call yourself a "deep thinker" pretty much tells me everything else I need to know about you.
You're full of yourself and mentally weak.

By the way, last point.
Your writing? I've read several of your posts.
It sucks.

Pere Ubu: Hey, man, the Danes may have been hundr...


Pere Ubu:

Hey, man, the Danes may have been hundreds of miles from Moscow, but they shared a border with the evil communists of East Germany!

Oh, no, wait, they didn't. BUT STILL! They were the front lines of the Cold War, and while I don't recall there being any fatalities in the Great Soviet-Danish War, that's just because guys like Misha were just so darn brave and determined that no one dared fire a shot for fear of learning all the ways he knows to kill a man.