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By: Stephen Millar

Sun, 05 Feb 2006 05:30:49 +0000

1) Get our mp3 listed on a site? On our own site. What do you know about this? Are there services such as podcast alley where you can come up with a web page that lists or organizes your podcasts? Do you know anything about getting the podcasts listed in the traffic lanes of the podcast community. 2) Also I have found a site which looks technical and I wondered if you could figure it out. Or if you may already know something about this. This is shoutcast/setnine I think this will allow us to broadcast live whereby we can allow up to 75 simoultantious listenors as one time to listen at pretty good quality of sound. I can see where this would be great for live broadcasting when we want to go live. But for regular podcast downloading. Is there a better option? How does this compare to feedburner?