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Comments on: President Cindy!

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By: mariah williams

Wed, 22 Aug 2007 11:50:24 +0000

Jeremy, your dream is my dream. And your words are stirring. Question: how do we get the cats to herd up? The Left has been so successfully divided the left and right hand s can't find the food and feed itself. Is there a vision as to how to unite these many groups with similar goals? Begin small with community dialogues? Begin big with national leaders of such groups (who likely hav strong investment in maintaining their own turf)? Someone suggested running Kucinich as a candidate for the Greens, the Socialists and the Democrats. Maybe Kucinich could early on say who he'd apoint to his cabinet including Cindy Sheehan, Ralph Nader, and Cynthia McKinney, Mike Gravelle, and perhaps even Ron Paul? And there are no guarantees re. valid voting or even the Electoral College/Supreme Court ratifying such a win, to say nothing of the corporte puppeteers' ruthless fight to maintain control. So, please encourage us...

By: Jeremy Wells

Sun, 19 Aug 2007 18:40:53 +0000

I would hope that Cindy Sheehan, after leaving the Democratic Party, would issue a call to form a new political party in opposition to both corporate controlled Democratic and Republican Parties. Much political babble, controlled and directed by corporte controlled mass media, is always focusing on individual personalities. Dissenters from the status quoe seek some knight in shining armor, who single-handed is going to somehow wipe-out the corrupt in power. A Cindy Sheehan, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, or any individual, no matter great their personal integrity, cannot possibly confront the organized money, political power, and mass media resources of the ruling elite. A new party must be created now to run candidates in 2008. The new party could be created out of the many groups and individuals who are already organized around their special interest "agendas" against the Bush wars and policies. There are now MILLIONS of people who have protested against the war, against corruption, for health care, etc . These individuals and groups need to unite in an umbrella organization (a political party) that would add their agendas to the planks to the platform of the new party. DUMP THE DEMOCRATS! UNITE INTO A NEW PARTY NOW! We the people, opposed to the destruction of the planet and it's peoples, now atomized and powerless in "grass roots" and "special interest" groups, must unite our efforts and resources into a new party to replace the corrupt Democratic Party! A new party that rejects corporate funding in order to end the corporate plunder of the federal government. A new party explicitly opposed to the Project for the New American Century. Opposed to unending war for profit and power. Cut the military budget by 50%, shut down the 700 military bases around the world. Re-instate taxes cut by Bush gang. A new party that commits the entire resources of the country to end global warming, end imperialist wars, implements true non-profit universal health care. promotes mass transportation, develops renewable energy, and produces the essentials for human survival. A new party that promotes an economy that works towards fulfilling the economic needs of all the people, not just to profit a tiny minority of super wealthy. No more people living on the streets! No more hospitalized people being dumped into the streets when they have no money or health insurance! (See the film SICKO) A new party to unite all of the oppressed people of this country. A new party that cuts across all the false social and cultural divisions that keep us forever powerless (racial, ethnic, age, language, etc.). A new party to unite us against the unending destruction of peoples and planet. A SOCIALIST PARTY to promote the end of gangster capitalism, run-amok capitalism, which is supported by both Democratic and Republican parties. A new party to support the labor movement and all working people. We urge the labor movement to stop supporting the Democratic Party (already besotted by corporate money), and to focus its precious resources to fund a new national radio and television network. By being on the air 24 hours a day the labor movement can provide the latest news, information, education and current affairs analysis desperately needed by all working people. This effort, combined with the formation of the new party, will be a bold step towards reviving the organized labor movement. For years we have listened to radio programs like DEMOCRACY NOW! that has discussed with numerous "grass roots" groups desperately struggling to make a positive change in society. Anti-war protest groups, civil rights groups, union struggles, affordable housing groups, teachers unions, health care access, seniors about Social Security, have involved millions of people. Now is the time to unite the energy and resources of the people into a new party. The new party provides a means of uniting the “special interest” agendas of each group into the platform of the [...]

By: Rev. José M. Tirado

Sat, 18 Aug 2007 09:13:40 +0000

HP, Your response, in its entirety said, "Or, if one could resist corruption by money and power, they would be erased as a matter of fact. This is realism. JFK, RFK, JFK jr., Paul Wellstone, *Mel Carnahan, and RON Paul, Cindy Sheehan? * Mel easily defeated the cretin Ashcroft, even while he laid dead in his grave." No reference was made to faith or church, leaving the reader to assume you were linking JFK, RFK, et al., and suggesting that "if" THEY resisted "corruption by money and power," etc. If you meant something else, it would be useful to clarify. By the way, if the "reverend" stuff bothers you, ignore it. And if you have questions for me, ask them explicitly. This impersonal medium exagerates remarks making them sound snide. Best, José

By: hp

Fri, 17 Aug 2007 20:36:52 +0000

I said "if," "reverend." As in "if" the church performed as expected, as required, (aiding the poor), then history would indeed be a lot less depressing, and messy. It's only logical. After all it would be totally illogical (according to faith) to instead pursue a money driven agenda at the expense of the needy.

By: Rev. José M. Tirado

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 20:47:08 +0000

JFK "erased" because he "resist[ed] corruption by money and power"? He WON that 1960 election because of "corruption by money and power," i. e., the buying of dead votes in Chicago by Mayor Daley. RFK "erased" because he "resist[ed] corruption by money and power"? As Attorney General of the United States he authorized murder plots in deals with the Mafia to kill the leaders of sovereign governments, and authorized his employee, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to illegally wiretap Martin Luther King, Jr.s phones in an attempt to embarrass him into committing suicide. Just two examples... No wonder the USAmerican "Left" is so weak--no historical analysis and weak logic. Sheesh...

By: Robert B. Livingston

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 19:25:53 +0000

"Why Cindy Sheehan? Her patriotism is compassionate, based on the power of motherhood and the eternity of grief for a lost child. Who doesn’t prefer this over cynical self-aggrandizement leaving a failed adventurist war hung around a gutted nation’s neck like Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s albatross, by a gang of con-men marketing facile prejudices to an inattentive public — “the sting”." Well-said! Cindy Sheehan is incorruptible. She would make an excellent write-in candidate-- as would Ralph Nader-- or Cynthia McKinney (my first choice). It is interesting to me that Garcia prefers (to the con-men "stingers"-- conspirators?) someone who claims that she cannot believe the official explanation given for 9/11. Is he aware that cutting edge research about 9/11 can actually support his deep suspicion that the twin towers were NOT brought down by normal controlled demolition? In fact-- cutting edge theory looks at a deception reminiscent of the movie "The Sting"-- which involves a strange 17 second time gap. See: 4 parts, starting with this also see: Cindy Sheehan is currently running against Nancy Pelosi for the Senate-- and I hope everyone who does not wish to vote "obediently" will help her in her quest. Ralph Nader has spelled out that our democracy is broken. Ralph Nader is a living symbol of one whose convictions cannot be broken. We would all do well to emulate him. The terrible state in which the world finds itself today will pass-- but it will be thanks to people with true and altruistic convictions coupled with energy and courage-- and I consider Garcia one of these people. Many in the Truth Movement have decried his explanation for how the twin towers came down, I too-- -- but I have never doubted Garcia's sincerity in trying to courageously uncover the truth himself. What is needed more than anything today is to see the world without illusions-- to have the ability to ask all questions-- and expect honest answers-- and justice. We do not have to be forced to believe that we lack choices-- even if our only moral choice is "Not to Obey." If all we can do is escape to some desert... so be it. In our quest for positive change, we do not need to replicate our own versions of fundamentalism however. I think that has been a very dangerous and self-defeating trend in the 9/11 Truth movement.

By: hp

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 18:34:34 +0000

Or, if one could resist corruption by money and power, they would be erased as a matter of fact. This is realism. JFK, RFK, JFK jr., Paul Wellstone, *Mel Carnahan, and RON Paul, Cindy Sheehan? * Mel easily defeated the cretin Ashcroft, even while he laid dead in his grave.

By: Eric

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 14:03:36 +0000

Although I have a lot of imagination myself, I can assure you that big money would soon buy Cindy or anyone else for that mather. Consider the textbook example of Carlos Menem in Argentina, bought and sold long ago to ruin his country with western privatization) Still, I enjoyed this truthful article, but no human can claim power and stay uncorrupted. History demonstrated it to be the flaw of any form of political ideal.