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Preview: From Cairo, with love.

From Cairo, with love.

Free thoughts and reflections of an ordinary Egyptian.

Updated: 2018-03-18T17:37:03.632+02:00


Free Tarek Shams


One year later, my good friend Tarek Shams is being detained for political reasons, while the officers who killed, threw molotoves and rocks in the same events are not even questioned by the investigation judge. Its been alleged that there were instructions to renew his detention for another 30 days, till Feb 12th. Independent judiciary indeed! The military junta is controlling everything and



Their square feels like the safest place on earth right now. Ppl r flowing..These r amazing ppl#jan25 egypt jan28

The Egyptian revolution


My wife is asking me what's my analysis of the demonstrations happening in Egypt these days. I have none. This is not the time for analysis, we'll have plenty of time for that later. This is the time for action, for energy, for capturing the opportunity of changing this country. The revolution has already happened, by the mere fact that thousands of Egyptians went out to the streets. Egypt is

Feeling pregnant


It came as a total surprise, when I was least expecting it, and when I was most desiring it. A long fight lasting a few days, I was getting tired. She was very annoyed, causing her to have headaches and vomit twice! Friday morning, after we made up, I wonder, isn't it abit late? I insist on getting a home test, only to have a reason not to go to her friend's party in the middle of the desert.



To my recent kind commenter. Here's my 2 cents worth on Capitalism today with my humble knowledge about money. I don't think Capitalism will fail, because it already did.I am glad the governments are starting to intervene pumping cash and planning to nationalize banks because it seems this is the only way out of the deep mess free Capitalism got us in. But once that happened, and the government (

Thoughts on the Egyptian blogosphere


So I've been wondering everytime I hear about blogging, what happened to the Egyptian blogosphere, how far its gone, and how much it has matured. Its been almost three years since I've been actively blogging, not even reading any of the blogs anymore. I would think that things have changed dramatically during all that time. Can I affirmatively say yes? I'm guessing no. I'm guessing the number of

Women managers


are bitches with a whip!(details later)



Today he went out late on his own. Found him coming back with 10 packs of cigarettes. Was shocked. Without thinking, told him sharply no way, and took it away from him. Never did that with him before. First time that he gets cigarettes after his illness. He is so bored, waiting for his day. Sad and disappointed in us. I know he is terribly lonely. We never talk, yet I know he has so much talk



My good buddy at work has decided to leave. Didn't think I would be that much affected by having someone quit his job like I am now. I feel insecure with him leaving, and I feel so selfish by wanting him to stay. I feel he's leaving me behind, or rather I'm leaving myself behind.I spent 3 hours talking to him today, trying to understand, just trying to figure out why he doesn't see the potential



I've been really worried about us lately. A partnership I cannot stand is one where each partner is living their own separate life, only sharing what they must share. I am in a relationship because I want it to add something to me, and I want to feel that I am adding something to you.It used to be fun to make fun and be sarcastic of whom I'm with, thinking that this means that we're so close, we

Two months later


"Yes. I am selfish.""Your heavy energy is transfered to me. Its hard to breath.""We must open that wall, its dark and I need the light." "We're keeping the wall.""Yikes. That's ugly (your taste)."Facial expression of disgust."He wants this wierd table. Will you tell him that there's no such thing.""I love this stuff, this is what we should do.""I don't love him as much as I love you.""Its just

Hellish Heaven


Why would man never be satisied with Plato's Utopia? because of greed and luxury, he argues. Men are not content with a simple life; they are acquisitive, ambitious, competitive, and jealous. They soon tire of what they have, and pine for what they have not; and they seldom desire anything unless it belongs to others.Isn't Heaven as it is described to us a Utopia of the sort. A garden where

She's undead


They look great together. He looks temendously happy, calmly happy.. she looks beautiful. God, he's a very lucky man. I know she died, but that looks like it was a perfect relationship. Everything ends, but not everything lasts for so long so well, and ends by a third party in a natural way like that. He will miss her, he will be sad, but he is blessed and maybe he doesn't know it. His sadness



Yes, I had forgotten about that fairouz tape. I really can't afford to have our friendship shaken, especially after its grown so well over the last period. It is a great connection to me, and I had great times with you. Cinderella one of them, Mohandeseen cafe another, and just calling you casually and doing something. But most important is that I feel comfortable opening up and talking to you,

How to fly


I also am very possessive, I also want to be your best friend, your buddy and at the same time your lover and perfect partner. You are already my best friend and are on your way to becoming my lover. I'd like you to have all the friends in the world, best friends, close friends, but I'd like to be in a special status on a different level all together. That's not a request, that's a hope. If I'm

Becoming whole


Both our letters pronounced together form a very important and a vital word in the science of Yoga: OM."It's a tool, a phenomenon, a mystery. To many people, om is just a word chanted in meditation or as a closing prayer in yoga practice. However, translator notes that according to the ancient Indian traditions preserved in the Upanishads, all speech and thought are derived from one sound om. It

Work chatting


Manager: mohamedMohamed: yes Manager: i saw ur mail Mohamed: what do u think? Manager: i know sherif ...ya3ni keda men be3eed le be3eed Manager: the rest i don't know Mohamed: any input? Manager: he was on assignments to region (dubai ... Manager: all the feedback I hear about him is good Mohamed: gets things done? Manager: hmmm .. don't know Mohamed: 7ayban Manager: no one really told me any

Love begins


The embryo is well protected. Takes a while to conceive. You know its there but can't touch it or get close. Then you only see it on the remote screen and feel it in your tommy. Then its gender is revealed. Then its delivered and only then is it realized.Life begins



Sitting in my balcony smoking a cigarette (I hope I never develop that habit). For three days now I wake up at 6 and can't finish my sleep. Thoughts of how she is abrupts my sleep. Triggered me from the first instance, and still does, but now in a much mellow way. Love to watch her. Watching all the angles. Don't want to miss a piece.She's part of the scene, one with the surrounding, yet surely



In search of meaning. Its still not obvious. Is it replaceable with a goal? or a dream? Set a goal or have a dream and and you've created your own meaning? Shouldn't your goals and dreams be a reflection of your understanding and your definition? Then, the meaning becomes a cause. A cause for motivation, a cause for passion. What drives you? The meaning drives your passion and motivation to reach



أستمتعنا بصحبة القلوب البيضاء فى الصحراء البيضاء. السماء تشع بنور النجوم الساطعة و صحبتكم تشع بهجة و حياة. هدوء الصحراء غذاء للروح و أكلكم الشهى غذاء للبدن.تحياتى و دعواتى لكم بالسلامة فى الدنيا و ما بعدها

Getting "There"


So you're in that state in what sense?Well, in that I don't feel His presence all the time. In that I feel a big void in my life. In that I'm searching for a big meaning, which I don't completely grasp yet. In that if all the meaning is really in the Divine Himself, that's fine by me, but then I need to experience that Divine Presence. More strongly and intensly than what I am experiencing now -

Human Iceberg


Typically, around 90% of the volume of an iceberg is under water.





He had made an attempt in what he thought was a way for him to find/feel God --even if temporarily. But ofcourse that was too simplistic an approach to get rid of his detachment state. A detachment not from worldly matters, but rather from divine beings. A state that made him realize that he needed to re-establish a connection. So he realized that rather than finding God, he should work on trying