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Trump and his Mars Cycle


Mars in Scorpio, along with Jupiter, is starting to square Donald Trump's natal Mars/Asc in Leo. With natal Mars Rising,Trump's Mars cycle has, unsurprisingly, proved significant during his Presidency. TRUMP - NATAL CHARTDuring the square from Taurus last year, when Mars conjoined his MC, the US dropped 'the mother of all bombs' in Afghanistan, and Trump sent an imaginary fleet to North Korea. The latest furore about something he has said - 'shithole countries' - and the betrayal by his close ally Steve Bannon are both expressive of the current transit, and in a way just the usual drama we have come to expect, that blows over. However, there is still a week to go, Mars is coming up to his IC as well as his natal Mars, and this feels like something happening to Trump, rather than him doing something, something possibly bigger and more enduring than the usual furore. A sex scandal, or a betrayal, maybe, or the Russia investigation closing in - and which, as usual, seems to be all about the cover-up.TRUMP - PROGRESSED CHARTTrump's Progressed Saturn is conjoining his progressed MC, and he recently achieved his first major legislative victory, the big tax cut. He could be on a roll for a while.It's hard to tell with Trump. The inauguration chart had an unaspected Sun. One interpretation is a President who can't get much done. Another is a wild card President, operating outside of the usual restraints. He seems to be a mixture of both. US PROGRESSED CHART at TRUMP'S INAUGURATION3 days before his inauguration, the MC of the US Progressed Chart moved into Gemini. The MC is the leadership, Trump is a Gemini. Spooky! [...]

In Brief


Jupiter in Scorpio: the Red Spot has deep roots, at least 200 miles deep. 

Mars in Scorpio, soon to square Trump's natal Mars Rising: the groper is in trouble for groping, has yet to peak. Trump's chart seems particularly sensitive to transits of Mars to his Angles. So far we have have had Mars conjoining his MC and Asc/natal Mars. Both involved sabre-rattling over North Korea. Expect more of the same.

Saturn entering Capricorn: a check on Bitcoin, maybe on the stock market itself. Saturn is moving from a sign of optimism and expansion (Sagittarius) to a sign of reality check. 

Also, the nitty gritty work on Brexit begins, as Saturn starts its sweep across the UK Sun, Moon and Angles. Theresa May will probably find herself having to satisfy many parties in the negotiations - it is the whole UK chart that is involved - rather than just one faction getting its way.

Pluto opposing the UK Moon: all of next year. The Moon is the people, we will need a Brexit that has broad popular assent. The seeds of the rebirth, what comes after the long dark tunnel of the negotiations, will become clear when Pluto starts to move forward next autumn.


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Warriors and Weeds


My friend Moira Lake, who is also an astrologer, is running  this shamanic course next year in Devon, UK. Recommend 😃Warriors and Weeds: the sacred alliance between plant spirits and humansA one-year course in which you’ll work in deep collaboration with plant and other spirits of nature, and with Earth herself. An integration of personal healing, collective healing for all beings, and sacred activism.Three modules during 2018: May 11th-13th; June 29th-July 1st; September 28th-30th with Moira Lake - shamanic worker, energy healer, plant spirit healer and astrologer for over twenty years **Early booking price before 31st December 2017: £450** Full price thereafter: £500 Contact, 01803 863185[...]



Dreams have always been an important means by which I am shown things. And one of the good things about that way, for me, is that there’s no doubt about it, I didn’t make it up: I know there’s something pressing itself at me, an offering of knowledge about my life. There are messages to be found, but the dream is not the message, the ‘meaning’. With our so-called ‘rational’ minds we can think that dreams are about their ‘meaning’, and once we have found it, then we have fulfilled the purpose of the dream. But what we are then doing is trying to contain something with the rational mind, that is bigger than that. The dream is itself, like a painting, it cannot be reduced in this way. This is why it can be good to write them down: we are honouring the spirit, the ‘dream-maker’ who has come to us, building a relationship; and it gives us a means of coming back to that spirit and staying with it, mulling it over, perhaps over many years, even decades. Last night I had a recurrent dream, and it really is recurrent, it’s been coming to me every few months for at least 35 years. It’s about being back at university and not knowing what I’m doing there. In real life, this was what happened, but I was too young to say OK, what do I need to listen to here; rather I viewed it as a problem to be struggled against. In the end I scraped through with a 3rd. -------------------- Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at)   ---------------------So in a way it’s a dream about not knowing who I am. This is an important theme amongst the Native Americans. A Native friend once told me about a white guy given a Cherokee name that meant a ball of cotton that gets blown about here and there, because that person did not know who they are. This guy has since claimed various forms of native ancestry and used this as his ‘medicine name’, apparently not realising the meaning and the humour and teaching within the name. And done some good teaching – we are such mixed creatures! So what would it mean to know who I am? It’s a big question. It can seem to have a fairly straightforward answer, and I know plenty of people who have always known what they wanted to do - life is not a problem for them. Life is, in a way, as it has been presented to them. For me, it is more complex. The university dream points to a system with a narrow and ‘aspirational’ definition of who we are. And that works for many people. It is ‘normal’. And maybe one layer of that dream is about questioning the sense of self that system engenders, that if I think in that narrow way then I will never know who I am. The dream keeps reminding me not to think in that way. It involves a way of comparing myself to other people, in which I am doomed to forever feel inadequate. For this shamanic way, this medicine path, a very different sense of self is required. A non-self. We need to step out of this never-ending need to define ourselves. And that is a lifelong quest. It is why so many Native stories are based around a trickster figure: the ego, the desire to build ourselves up, is so basic, and it creeps in everywhere. And the way the stories deal with it is through humour. That is how to deal with our self-importance: laugh at it I need to laugh at myself every time I get hung up on other people knowing the ‘right’ way of doing things and me not; of other people having a connection to spirit and me not. It is the inverse of people who suggest themselves as ‘elders’, and bang on about how much experience they have and their native connections. We are all in the same boat, unsure of who we are. It is the human condition. And, like the native peoples, we need to laugh our way out of the boat. Laugh our way out of building ourselves up and tearing ourselves down. I’ll be 60 in February. How long am I going to keep[...]

SATURN-PLUTO in CAPRICORN: 1518 and 2020


I wrote about the next big alignment, the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction, a few weeks ago, and I feel inclined to go at it again, but from a different angle. The conjunction will be in Capricorn in early 2020, and I suggested it would reflect an era of big business, when the multinationals would gradually become the biggest political force in the world, more powerful than national governments. And maybe there’s another possibility, if you consider this: the last time there was a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn was in January 1518, 2 months after Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg and began the Protestant Revolution.But firstly, the natures of Pluto and Saturn.Pluto is death. He is also power. His meanings are quite raw. He is sex. He is taboos. And he is not under our control. We can propitiate him by recognising him, and by yielding to his demands – and they may be to give up everything we have, in the interests of something that is truer about who we are. Pluto doesn’t care if things are comfortable in mere human terms. He is Necessity, that deep impulse in life to slough off the old and to renew itself. It is a process that can take years. It just seems to drag on and on sometimes. And it may not be that we are holding back, it’s that the new isn’t ready to be born, we are in the chrysalis phase. But when we are ready, it is definitely a new power to live that surges up: something that was always there, but not yet ready to be lived. -------------------- Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at)   ---------------------And if you watch your Pluto transits, or recall them, and enter your experience with that lens, you’ll start to understand astrology on your pulses, it’s real knowledge on which you can build. Learning the signs and houses etc is necessary, but it is seeing it work deeply for yourself, that is the real initiation into this esoteric knowledge. And all esoteric means is seeing how things really work, seeing through the illusion of our all-consuming sense experience to the dreaming behind it.And these transits can occur on a collective, as well as a personal, level.And then there is Saturn. Saturn is the worldly taskmaster. We often find him difficult when we are young, because he’s a planet of age: patience, discipline, practicality, responsibility, finding your place in the world. These aren’t necessarily easy things when we’re young, and they’re certainly not cool. And that’s why Saturn can seem difficult. But when we’re older, we’re often onside with all that stuff, and Saturn becomes our friend, a planet of abundance: but earned.So Saturn gives form and shape to things: you put him next to the energy of an outer planet, and things happen. Outer planets, which are not visible to the naked eye (hence their late discovery), aren’t a part of our conscious endowment. They come from somewhere else. They certainly stir the pot. But it can be a difficult process translating that, integrating that into who we are. Put Saturn into the mix, Saturn who lives in the liminal zone between the inner and outer planets – one foot in this world, one foot in the other – and bang, you have Uranus, or Neptune, or Pluto transmitting their vast energies onto this plane.Bet you hadn’t thought of Saturn as having a foot in the other world? He seems to be so much a planet of this world, in fact he often seems to deny the other world, that is his shadow. “You are what you earn”, rules Saturn.Saturn needs to be turned into the protector, instead of the denier, of the inner world. That is the task of the US, with her Sun in square to Saturn, her Protestant Saturn that gives no-one a moment’s rest. But just think about it astronomically. Not only is Saturn’s form-loving nature perfectly designed to be a bridge between the outer and inner planets. But one[...]

Saturn, Realpolitik and the Brexit Negotiations


So what happened when the South of the USA tried to secede from the Union? The American Civil War. Countries don't like losing bits of themselves. They have less power and size and influence as a result. So of course the Brexit negotiations are going to be difficult, because it involves the EU losing power and influence, and this is a visceral issue. Only last week there was a threat to push Catalonia out of the EU if it split from Spain: this is bullying, but it is also realpolitik. The EU does not want its member states fragmenting. I think there has been a lot of misplaced idealism about the EU in the UK - as well as misplaced demonisation. (Personally I think there were good reasons to stay and good reasons to leave, no-one was 'right'). The EU is a state-in-the-making, and like any other. So we need to expect the EU to make leaving very difficult for the UK, if only to warn off any others who might want to leave. As well as because they are seriously pissed with us. And that's not making the EU the 'bad guys': as I said, it's just how things work.When change happens to the UK, it tends to be big and over a short period. This is because the main points of the chart - the Sun, the Moon, the Node and the Angles - are within 12 degrees of each other in the cardinal signs. So when an outer planet hard aspects the UK Ascendant (at 7 degrees), it will go on to hard aspect all those other points in the ensuing years.UK 1801 ChartThe UK is at the end of Pluto performing this journey. He last did so from Libra in the 70s, when the UK joined the EU, an interesting symmetry around the transformations of identity that Pluto often brings about. His culminating transit is an opposition to the Moon, which will be exact during 2018. This may be a bit of a difficult and dark underworld journey for the British, but within that will also be the seeds of who we will be next. This is about Necessity, not right and wrong. Pluto takes us on a journey that we have to undergo, and I think that is what is happening to the UK. It took Boris' charisma and loose relationship with the truth, and it took Corbyn's ambivalence to make it happen, but Pluto will use whatever tools he needs. -------------------- Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at)   ---------------------Saturn will move into Capricorn in January 2018, and he will spend 2 years hard aspecting the major points of the UK Chart. So this is perfect for the Brexit negotiations. Saturn is a planet of manifestation, of working through obstacles. And this is exactly how it is going to be. Uranus is no longer transiting the UK chart, so I do not expect we will suddenly crash out of the EU. Theresa May (time unknown)And Theresa May, who has Moon square Saturn-Node, and Venus square Saturn, is the sort of character that is needed. Cometh the hour, cometh the woman. She is Saturnian, so she is not very appealing and not very imaginative, but she has a job description, which Saturn loves, and she is dogged and will see this one through to the bitter end. I wouldn't vote for her as leader, but I admire her tenacity and commitment to seeing this through, particularly with such a difficult government to lead. Pluto is also part of her Moon-Venus-Saturn-Node aspect set. And I think this gives her that superhuman Pluto quality that will survive the nuclear war, survive whatever. She is like the Black Night in Monty Python, however much you wound her, she'll keep going. Like her opposite number, Jeremy Corbyn, who has Moon-Mars square Pluto, and possibly square Saturn also. They are both very tough.So the next 2 years will be difficult, as Saturn transits the UK chart, and Pluto takes the people (the Moon) to the Underworld, from where we can be reborn. Poorer, quite probably. But also with a renewed vision for the country that will begin to hea[...]

1-to-1 Astrology


I've had this notion that I'd like to do 1-to-1 astrology tuition by skype or FB video. In my usual informal way. Do you have that thing in you about astrology that keeps coming back, and you want to see where it goes? One hour a week, £10 a session (if that's too much, we'll sort something). No knowledge necessary. Just keep your appointments and do a bit of homework/practice between sessions. I'll follow your enthusiasms. Let me know (image) You can comment below, or email me at

Saturn-Pluto 2020: the era of the Multinational Corporation


Politically, the UK is in disarray. The Prime Minister is barely hanging on at the head of a minority government. And the opposition is headed up by a charismatic leader who wants to take us back to the seventies – to socialist policies that led to the ‘winter of discontent’. There are no new ideas on the table. And a similar theme is apparent across the western world. The US is being led by a very strange man, full of sound and fury, who was elected on his promise to redress the unemployment caused by globalisation, but who is not able to get anything done. And there was a resurgence of left wing politics, in the form of Bernie Sanders, during last year’s election.Angela Merkel’s position in Germany, since the election, parallels that of Theresa May in the UK. Her party slumped in the election, and there has been a far-right resurgence (as there has been in the US; in the UK, Brexit has also legitimised elements of the far right.) I predicted at the start of the year that Merkel would go, based on her transits. That hasn’t been the case, but in any case the transits aren’t giving her more than a few years at most.Spain is in the midst of a constitutional crisis, as Catalonia moves towards declaring independence unilaterally. Greece continues in economic crisis, as it has been for years. And France in its desperation has elected an untested youngster as President (after a far-right resurgence in its election), much as Obama was elected on a huge wave of hope in 2008. At best these Redeemers, like Obama, don’t get much done. Already Macron’s popularity has reached record lows for a new President, as the position goes to his head (what would one expect?) and he adopts the trappings of royalty.Across the West, many people are feeling desperate, as the old economic certainties evaporate. This has led to a rise in political leaders promising redemption. But we are not yet desperate enough to have the dictatorships that are the usual outcome. -------------------- Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at)   ---------------------Astrologically, we are at the end of the square from Uranus to Pluto, and awaiting the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in 2020. This square has torn apart the old stability, and the root of the problem, as far as I can see, is globalisation, along with wealth moving from West to East. In the West, as a consequence, we have built up huge debts, while generations have been consigned to unemployment.Saturn-Pluto will be an affirmation of the new world order that is coming into being, while its sign of Capricorn has a particular emphasis on the powers of big corporations and government.With the lack of new ideas, and with Saturn-Pluto being just over 2 years away, it is starting to look like what we have now will be the new norm. I asked myself the other day, what is the presiding political force in the world? And I think it is the multinational corporations, in the West, at any rate. And I think this will be the principal meaning of the new Saturn-Pluto cycle: an era in which big corporations rule the world. That is why the governments have no new ideas, and why they are so ineffective: it is because they are increasingly no longer in charge. Our democracies merely give an illusion of control.The last Saturn-Pluto cycle, which began in 1982, started this process. It was the era when Margaret Thatcher ‘freed’ the markets, took away the rules that had been sensibly introduced from the 1930s onwards. And America soon followed suit. It led to these ongoing bubbles and crashes, because unrestrained greed is not a good principle on which to run an economy. And it led to the increasing power of the corporations and the financial institutions that often own them. But it’s not ‘them’. Let us not [...]

The Total Eclipse and the US Presidency


On 21 August there will be a total eclipse of the Sun at the end of Leo, that will be visible across much of the USA. Eclipses come in families. They begin as partial eclipses and over the centuries they build towards totality, then they gradually wane. So a total eclipse is  part of a process that has been growing for a long time, and that contributes to its power.This coming eclipse series began in 1639, with the Sun and Moon at 13.48 Capricorn (The Sun and Moon, are by definition, in the same place on an eclipse.) Does that degree sound familiar? It is bang opposite the Sun in the US Sibly chart, which is at 13.19 Cancer.The Sun in a country’s chart stands for its leader, as well as the goals of the country. The last 5 eclipses in this series were in 1927, 1945, 1963, 1981 and 1999.In 1927, President Coolidge announced he would not be standing for another term. In 1945, President Roosevelt died. In 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated. In 1981, there was an assassination attempt on President Reagan, in which he was shot. And in 1999 there was an attempted impeachment of President Clinton, which the Senate rejected. -------------------- Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at)   ---------------------So over the last century, there has been an absolute correlation between this eclipse series and events which bring about, or attempt to bring about, the end of a Presidency. A fortiori, with the series peaking in its power, we are likely to see a similar event, or series of events, around Trump’s Presidency. Normally I think of eclipse events as occurring within a few weeks of the actual eclipse, but in this case the evidence is that the events occur anytime during the year of the eclipse. It’s probably no surprise to anyone that the stars are suggesting that there will be some sort of attempt to remove Trump this year. It’s not my job to infer more than the evidence suggests, so for all those hoping for the demise of Trump, I’m afraid the stars are not promising that. Though they are not discounting it either.Trump and the Eclipse CLICK TO ENLARGEIf we look at the eclipse in relation to Trump’s personal chart, it is explosive, it is mega. Not only is the eclipse 1 degree off his Ascendant at 29.49 Leo, but Mars is also heavily involved. Trump’s natal Mars is at 27 Leo, and the eclipse Mars will be at 21 Leo, just 9 days away from Trump’s Mars return.Mars Rising in Leo is pretty central to understanding Trump. It is why he is so hotly combative and impulsive, and always has to see himself as a winner, in his case to a pathological degree that denies facts. Trump doesn’t tell ordinary political lies, where the politician knows he/she is lying, and we know they know, and it’s the game we have to put up with. Trump actually believes his lies (as did Tony Blair, another politician with Mars Rising), and that’s a bit disturbing in a leader. And Leo Rising (along with Jupiter aspecting his Sun and Moon) describes his grandiosity (though not everyone with this signature is grandiose!)So the movement of Mars through the heavens is one key to understanding and even predicting Trump’s actions. A few months ago we saw the first instance of this when Mars crossed Trump’s Midheaven at 24 Taurus. If you are Trump, this is a time for proving you are a tough guy on the world stage. And he obliged, sabre-rattling with North Korea, and sending a non-existent fleet their way, while dropping the ‘mother of all bombs’ on some caves in Afghanistan.So we are likely to see more Mars events this month as the planet moves towards its natal position, empowered by the total eclipse. But this time it is on his Asc, rather than on his MC. So it is more likely to involve his personal struggles as P[...]



Saturn is currently going backwards at the end of Sagittarius. When a planet is going backwards (retrograde) it’s good to be thoughtful, and get things sorted for when the planet goes forwards again. The most well-known retrograde phenomenon is Mercury, which happens 3 times a year for 3 weeks at a time. It’s when things notoriously go wrong, particularly Mercurial things like travel arrangements or vehicles or phones or paperwork. And it can create a sense that the planets work in a fated way. But I think it’s more like underlying problems get revealed, and if we pay attention to that, then we can move forward again once the planet does. And if we aren’t thoughtful in that kind of way, it will just seem like things are determined to go wrong.I think there IS a fated element that astrology reveals, in the sense that it is, say, next month not this month that it is time to address certain things. But there is also free will and neither contradicts the other, even though they seem to. It is one of those apparent contradictions that is good to live with, it makes our mind more flexible, more subtle, less inclined to need everything pinned down.On a collective level, thoughtfulness is an unusual quality. So collectively, we usually have to learn things – if we do – the hard way. And I think we are seeing this with Saturn in Sagittarius and the stock market. Sagittarius is a sign that likes to expand, but if it does so under Saturn retrograde in that sign, it points to inflation, a bubble, rather than genuine expansion, based on underlying realities. At the same time, we have also had a square between Jupiter and Pluto, and this leads to the same kind of problem.-------------------- Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at)  ---------------------A report was issued by one of the big financial bodies a few days ago, pointing out that we had not dealt with the underlying debt problems that the financial crash of 2008/9 revealed. Western countries are just as indebted now as they were at that time, and the response has been to keep interest rates very low, so that debts can be serviced, rather than corporations and individuals going bust. But it doesn’t address the underlying problem. Since then, this problem has spread to the East. China now has high levels of debt as well.DOW JONES 2012-17This problem of debt, combined with Saturn’s final days in Sagittarius, and the end of the Jupiter-Pluto square, points to a correction to the stock market, which has had a long bull run. In late August, Saturn will start to move forward into Capricorn, and there is no stronger signature for a reality check than this. Saturn, the planet of proportionality and rectitude and responsibility, in its own sign of Capricorn.It will also point to the final economic outcome of the Uranus-Pluto square, which began at the time of the 2009 crash, revealing the problems, problems which as I say we have still not dealt with, only delayed.As Saturn enters Capricorn, it will begin to move towards a conjunction with Pluto in that sign in 2½ years time. Not long. So the stock market check that is soon to begin will not be temporary, it will be ushering in a major restructuring over the next few years. In the UK, people are understandably fed up with austerity. But we have been living beyond our means ever since the last Labour government failed to control the banks, and was forced to bail them out at huge cost. Other governments also failed in their job. But that doesn’t excuse our government, and the Chancellor in the years leading up to it, Gordon Brown.So there will be a new economic order on its way as Saturn enters Capricorn and moves to conjoin Pluto. Austerity is not yet over. The stock market will go down, a[...]



If this were 150 years ago, and the UK was a wealthy patient visiting a doctor, she would probably be told she was having a nervous breakdown, and sent to Switzerland for a rest cure. As an astrologer 150 years later, I’d say that the UK is near the end of a series of Pluto transits, during which much has been revealed, but it also means she doesn’t know who she is or what she wants anymore. Hence the political paralysis. Maybe in some cases the rest cure would give the time and space for the job to complete. But in this case, I think things need to be lived and worked through. UK Chart 1801The 2 main character traits in the UK chart are Capricorn (Sun and IC) and Cancer (Moon and MC). They are opposite signs, and as such provide a healthy tension within the national psyche that pushes us towards unity.These 2 traits came out as opposites in the EU referendum: The Capricorns wanted to claim back our boundaries, to forge our own independent place in the world again. The Cancers valued the feeling of connectedness to Europe, one big tribe, and cared about all the people from mainland Europe who had made their homes here.And these 2 traits had become polarised, frequently holding each other in contempt. The Capricorns, as we know, prevailed. But in last week’s general election, it was the turn of the Cancers, those who wish for a fairer country for all. They didn’t exactly prevail – the Tories remain the largest party – but they did well enough to destroy the Tory majority in Parliament. -------------------- Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at) ---------------------So there are these 2 great themes, personified as Brexit and Corbyn. Neither can easily move forward: Brexit because there is no clear government with which to negotiate it; and the fairer society, because they don’t have enough seats.Jeremy CorbynSo we are getting a better sense of who we now are, but we aren’t ready to act on it, the alchemy is not complete. Hence the stalemate. Hence what appears like a nervous breakdown, but which is what I call a Pluto Underworld journey, during which the outer direction is usually not very clear.Pluto very nearly opposed the UK Moon this year, but won’t do so exactly until 2018. And this will be as Saturn hard aspects our Sun, Moon and Angles over the next 2 years.So I think the difficult process of Brexit will be the anvil on which we hammer ourselves into a new shape. It is Saturn, there is work to do. The Brexit we forge will reflect the type of country we want to be.And the great thing about the combination of a hung Parliament and Corbyn is that I think we will be able to work through a Brexit deal with which a clear majority are happy. Corbyn is a reasonable man. He will not oppose the Tories for its own sake. I think he is the man who will make the minority government feasible and Brexit possible. With Mercury and Venus at 15-17 Gemini, he will continue to inspire people over the next few years as Neptune squares these 2 planets.Uranus-Eris has been at work here. The sudden, shock event that changes everything. I could see from the election chart that the Tories were going to have to listen a lot more to Corbyn’s Labour party and what they stood for. Logically, that could only have meant a reduced majority, but I failed to see that.It’s been a bit of a zombie apocalypse. A year ago, Corbyn seemed like the walking dead as leader of his party. Now it is Theresa May, but it is hard to see her recovering.A week ago I wrote that Boris would get his chance to be leader in 4 or 5 years time, when the astrology favoured him. He does have a chance of another kind now, one which he would be advised not to take. Uranus is starting to oppose his natal Moon i[...]

The UK Election: it's Neptune vs Pluto


It’s a big election we have in the UK on the 8th June. It may not appear very exciting. It may appear just to be a choice between a right-wing bureaucrat (May) and an inspired but dated lefty (Corbyn).The astrology, however, says otherwise. First of all, we are coming to the end of a period where Pluto has hard-aspected the Sun, Moon and Angles of the UK chart. The last time we had these transits was 1974-80, the period during which we joined the EU and old Labour failed – Britain became ‘the sick man of Europe’ – and the outcome was a swing to the right in the form of Thatcherism.The present series of Pluto transits began in 2010/11, as the free-market capitalism of Thatcher failed, and the years of austerity began. Parliament has been either a coalition or small majorities – suggesting that the country itself does not know who it is anymore, as you’d expect as a major transit begins to kick in.UK Chart 1801We made a decisive step in terms of re-defining who we are last year when we voted to leave the EU. But even then it was a slender majority. And that re-definition is going to gather pace over the next year or two as Pluto opposes the UK Moon. It’s like we sleepwalked into the EU 40 years ago under the last Pluto transits, many of us not realising that we were committing ourselves to a political, as well as economic, union. Pluto can do that – he sneaks something in, and then you realise many years down the line that you’re not happy with it. But it wakes you up, gets you to think harder about who you are.So by transit we are in the middle of this massive re-definition of ourselves, centering around Brexit. An issue which has, strangely enough, taken a back seat during the campaigning.-------------------- Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at) --------------------- So let’s look at the chart for the election. Specifically, the charts for the opening and closing of polls on the 8th of June. Astrologers seem to use both charts nowadays, and I’m not sure there is consensus on the different meanings of the 2 charts. So for now I’ll just use both.Polls open 8 June 2017And what is striking about the chart for the opening of the polls is that Neptune and Pluto are both on Angles. This is huge. It says that this election is about much more than a contest between a robot and an unelectable socialist.During the campaign, the issues talked about have been much more around eg the Health Service, care of the elderly, education, jobs, fairness and housing than about Brexit. Brexit is there in the background, looming, but people have been much more concerned with the issues in their everyday lives.I think that Neptune and Pluto point to 2 different themes: Neptune, typically, is socialism, it wants a fairer society. This is what Corbyn stands for, and he is doing a lot better in the polls than many people thought. He has also proved a better campaigner than the faux-Presidential Theresa May.And then there is Pluto in Capricorn, opposite the Cancer Asc. This is the theme of Brexit and security and immigration controls. This is the conservatives.So both these themes are pulling strongly. And because they are outer planets, it is saying that this election is in the hands of the gods. There is some kind of destiny unfolding that is beyond people’s narrow personal desires, and people will be drawn to vote for that wider thing, without even knowing they are doing it.Brexit is saying we want control of our laws and borders (Pluto). But the popularity of Corbyn is also saying that we want a fairer society (Neptune). And there is no reason they need to be contradictory. Contrary to how it is sometimes painted, the people who voted Brex[...]



President Giscard D’Estaing is alleged to have said of Margaret Thatcher that he did not like her, because she was not a man and not a woman. And President Mitterand said that she had the "eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe."Politics is essentially a warrior culture and, if they are to succeed, it often seems to require women to de-humanise themselves. The same could be said of men, but it is more their kind of world, they seem to need to sacrifice less of who they are.Theresa May is less ideologically driven than Margaret Thatcher, but there is still the feeling that one is not dealing with a complete human being. She is well known for not being interested in becoming friends with her colleagues. She has a narrow determination and ruthlessness. And there is the lipstick and leopardskin shoes. Caligula and Monroe. Is it off limits to raise the fact that she hasn’t had children? I’ve been interested by her retrograde Mars in Pisces. On the face of it, it seems about the least effective placement for Mars. And that seems to be reflected in the election campaign she has run. She has stumbled, whereas Corbyn has shone.THERESA MAYAnd then I thought that Pisces is a bit like Virgo, it needs to be in service, it needs to be told what to do, then it becomes effective. May was Home Secretary for 6 years, she had a clearly defined job to do, and she got on with it. As Prime Minister, she has also had a clearly defined job, as she sees it, which is Brexit. She thought she could make the election campaign Presidential and all about Brexit. But she is not Presidential, and people have other concerns apart from Brexit. And Theresa May, with her Mars in Pisces, is not equal to the type of leadership that requires. She is essentially an administrator who happens to have found herself as PM. Venus, the planet of popularity, also plays a part. May has Venus in square to Saturn, which is not naturally appealing. Popularity for this placement has to be earned. So she may become more popular over time, as she takes us through Brexit.UK ChartSaturn is about to hard aspect the Sun, Moon and Angles of the UK chart, and we are in the middle of Pluto opposing our Cancer Moon. This is a difficult time, and the security of the country is an issue. We are therefore more likely to see a conservative win in the election. The British, however, don’t like the sense that they are being told what to do (Uranus Rising). That is one reason we voted Leave, because the government wanted us to vote Remain. And it could be the same with this election: it has been held so that the Tories can increase their majority, and the public may well turn round and say well we’re not giving you that.Boris Johnson was leader-in-waiting for some years under David Cameron as PM. And his star was rising. He was Mayor of London for 8 years, and became cheerleader-in-chief for the Tory party. All this as Pluto hard-aspected his Sun and Angles, propelling him into power. But those transits came to an end, and I predicted that his rise was over. Now he has Saturn hard-aspecting his Sun and, over the next couple of years, his Angles. This is Boris learning some discipline – growing up a bit, if you like. As Theresa May said pointedly at her first cabinet meeting, “Politics is not a game.”BORIS JOHNSONBut in about 5 years, when Neptune starts to hard-aspect his Sun and Angles, Boris will have another chance, if he wishes to take it. The transits will continue for a good 10 years after that. Pluto will also square his Moon, ruler of his MC. So here is my prediction: Boris will take over from Theresa May after the 2022 election, and will eventually be PM. But that is if he survives the next couple of years: Uranus is about to start [...]



Uranus and Eris are both disruptors, and they are making a conjunction, which only happens every 90 years or so. Not much is known about Eris, so this rare conjunction is a good time to start to get to know her.Eris is a goddess. The main story we know about her is that because she was a trouble-maker, she wasn’t invited to a wedding. Pissed off at being excluded, she threw in an apple that said ‘For the fairest’ on it, and this led to a competition between the goddesses that resulted in the Trojan War.So Eris is the disruption that is caused by those who feel excluded. And Uranus is the disruption caused by a new paradigm trying to break in, by creative ideas, ideas that are not simply a re-arrangement of the old but contain something entirely new – hence the disruption. But in the case of mundane astrology, these new ideas might not be ones we value.Put these 2 planets together, and you have a double disruption. The Wall St Crash, which began in October 1929, and which was followed by the great Depression then the Second World War, occurred at the very end of the last series of Uranus-Eris conjunctions.-------------------- Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at) ---------------------The 2 obvious events so far around Uranus-Eris are the Brexit vote and the election of President Trump. Both of these events have shocked the system, and the balance was tipped in both cases by people who have been at the raw end of the de-industrialisation of the last few decades, left unemployed and with no prospect of employment, their plight ignored by the politicians.Uranus and Eris will be within range of each other for another couple of years yet. Events that shock the system, reflecting something that has been building up. The internet, on which we have so quickly become globally dependent, is fragile. Last week an amateurish virus brought down a sizeable part of the health service in the UK, as well as many other institutions around the world. It was quickly cleared up, but it points to the possibility of something much more major. And who might do that? Who feels excluded, but has developed, and continues to develop, cyber-terrorist capabilities? Russia, perhaps?And there are the ongoing bombings and ‘terrorist’ attacks we are experiencing in Europe, that largely have an IS flag associated with them. (The early 70s, during the opposition of Uranus and Eris, saw the height of political violence in Northern Ireland.) Each of these events shocks us, and they are carried out in the name of an Islam which is a minority in Europe, and under the yoke of western powers in the Middle East.Economically, there are no shocks at present – rather, a bit of a stock market bubble brought about in the USA by expectations for the Trump Presidency. Astrologically, this bubble has been brought about by a combination of Saturn in Sagittarius (expansion, hope) and Jupiter square Pluto and opposite Uranus (wealth – Pluto; bubble-Jupiter; instability - Uranus).This astrology will soon change. Jupiter will move on, and Saturn will later this year move into the sharply realistic sign of Capricorn. (Remember how the stock market hit the skids as soon as Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008?) I think from August onwards, as Saturn starts to slow down and change direction, and Jupiter starts to move away from Uranus and Pluto, the stock market will begin to correct. Trump InaugurationRemember also the unaspected Sun of the Presidential inauguration chart. This could have 2 meanings: that the President, not being joined up to the rest of the chart, will be unable to get much done; or that he will be a bit of a wild c[...]



In March I wrote The Robots are Coming, a piece about Pluto in Aquarius. Here are a few more thoughts:I think the greatest danger from Artificial Intelligence is not that it will surpass us, but that we will dumb down to its level. Every time we answer a multiple choice character quiz on Facebook, or select options from a machine on the phone, we are becoming part of a world that tries to reduce what we think to simple, discrete categories of someone else's choosing. A world that has no place for thinking outside the box, or for just not having an answer. In this way AI becomes one more means of keeping the population docile.--------------------Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at)'ve got rid of our gods by proving their non-existence. And I think that's part of what this drive towards Artificial Intelligence is about: filling that gods-shaped hole with something that surpasses us. But which, in this case, we fear will also destroy us. A bit like the Old Testament God, maybe. It's like we can't help but live out the old patterns underneath our shiny new technologies.The thing about Artificial Intelligence is that it thinks in boxes. And developing AI amounts to giving it more boxes to think with. But they're still boxes, and that is why it is artificial. Humans have to make an effort to think in boxes, because our minds are more like a stream of water - that's on a good day, and like a stagnant puddle on a bad day. But it still all connects up, it's all one thing. And when we think, we're being informed by this thing called feeling, which is primary and which you can never get to the bottom of. And to some extent feeling can be modelled and predicted, particularly when it's a stagnant puddle. But when it's a stream there's this other thing that can't be predicted. People surprise us. It's the Mariana Trench connection. And that is why robots will only ever be cleverer than us in certain ways, and we'll always be able to draw in something from somewhere else that outsmarts them.[...]



This Trance Dance I've been running, I thought I'd change the name to Spirit Dance. And in so doing, present it in a way that is closer to how I see it. Because this dance is fundamentally about a deep connection to Spirit. I think 'trance' gives the wrong emphasis. The altered state, the 'trance', is a necessary part of what happens, but in ordinary parlance it also has connotations of loss of consciousness, of being hypnotised. And it's not like that. Nor does the term bring out what is essential.In a traditional setting, a spirit dance would be an invitation to the spirits to dance with us, through us – even, in some cases, to possess us. It is a ceremony. And the spirits are called in for the benefit of the whole village.The spirit world is always with us. But most of the time our minds are, by necessity, on the everyday. The spirit world – the sacred – presents itself when we step out of the normal: at night, when we sleep; in the solitude of wild places; at sunrise and sunset; when lightning strikes; indeed, anywhere or anything that jolts us out of the dream of waking existence.What I mean by the spirit world needs a broad interpretation. It is whatever appears, whatever comes through us when we step out of the ordinary. And the spirit dance is set up, like any ceremony, to invoke that non-ordinary consciousness.There is the rhythmic music, the movement, the intention to visit the spirit world, and there is the blindfold. All of these take us away from the linear, rational self and bring us to quite a different place, that is hard to put into words.But it is where we go to meet ourselves in a bigger sense, and in a closer sense. And we can bring anything we want to the dance. In a traditional setting, we’d begin with a sense of gratitude to the natural world for all the good things in our lives. And to the spirits for being present and for nourishing us and for being willing to help us. And we can bring whatever is on our minds: a desire for guidance and clarity; a wish to heal some of those troubled sides that most humans seem to have; help for a physical ailment; and help for others. Above all, perhaps, we bring a desire for a deep connection to Spirit.And we have fun. The spirit world is not a church. Things are informal, there is humour. And dancing is a good thing to do. There is no-one watching (because of the blindfolds), and no particular way of moving. If you’re moving at all. It’s wherever the music takes you.[...]

Pluto in Aquarius: the Robots are Coming


Aquarius is the sign most associated with Science. Practical, detailed Virgo is good for technology and for fixing computers. But detached, inventive, progressive Aquarius is good for dreaming these things up in the first place.And it’s that detachment that is also the curse of Aquarius. The Aquarian Age that we are entering is an age of inhumanity in the name of the evolution of humanity. An age of mental brilliance and emotional disconnect. Aquarians have strong feelings – all signs have strong feelings – but for Aquarius those feelings lag behind, or they are transpersonal: the classic Aquarian who wishes to benefit all humanity, but is absent at home.Aquarius is the water bearer, and one of their tasks is to get to know that water, to become one with it. And the other task is to incorporate the opposite sign of Leo, the sign of individuality. Aquarians are classically the misfits, and this is often the shadow of Leo, coming out in rebellious form. And they want everyone to have an equal voice, this is one of their passions, but it can also mean everyone becoming the same, the shadow of Leo again.There is another, shorter Aquarian Age we are entering in 5 years, that of Pluto in Aquarius. And there is a lot in the news about the coming age of automation, the age of the robots, the age of artificial intelligence.The stereotypical robot sums up Aquarius at its worst. Pure intelligence, without a heart. A kind of pinnacle of human ‘evolution’, where we are replaced by something more intelligent. The masses of humanity, no longer needed, confined to a scrapheap of sameness.--------------------Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at) empowers the sign that he is in. We see the best and worst of that sign. At present, Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn – the empowerment of big business and of government (hidden surveillance – Pluto), and what looks like a return to protectionism, the walls of Capricorn. And, at the start of this transit in 2008, the return of a sense of proportion and of balancing the books to the financial system.Under Pluto in Aquarius, everything is pointing to an empowerment of automation. Pluto was last in Aquarius in the late 1700s, as the Industrial Revolution was beginning. That revolution was characterised by greater productivity through the use of machines, operated by people doing repetitive work. It had an alienating effect on the workers. The coming age of Pluto in Aquarius will see that process taken a step further, with a step change in the type of work that machines can do, eg driving trucks, the most common job in the US. The service industries, to which we have retreated, will also be increasingly taken over. Insurance, for example, will be quoted for and arranged automatically. Accountants and solicitors are also under threat. In the past, new jobs have arisen as machines have taken over the old. This may no longer be the case, such is the pace of ‘progress’. The sign of Aquarius, perhaps more than any other sign, considers the question of what it is to be human. Humanity, in an age (in the West, at any rate) where people are increasingly unemployed, will have to invent new – or old – ways of making life meaningful.Some people will feel they have been consigned to the scrapheap, without useful work, and without value to society. Others may feel that society is becoming liberated from work as an end in itself. But then how do you control (Pluto) the masses (Aquarius), no longer kept docile by work? So big questions.Human workers will be nee[...]

Brexit: a Descent to the Underworld


The newspapers are saying that Brexit will probably be triggered tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th. We don’t know what time. But Uranus will be 3 days off an exact conjunction with Eris. This signature represents the fracturing of the old western system that we are seeing, whether through Trump’s Presidency in the USA, or the rise of anti-EU and anti-globalisation forces in Europe.Brexit TriggeredThe Moon will be conjunct Jupiter in Libra, a very good time for beginning negotiations. The Sun will be in late Pisces – the last mutable sign, and a good place for bringing about an ending.So there are favourable things in the chart, but also difficulties. Venus opposite the Moon, in its fall, and Moon in an applying square to Pluto. This suggests difficult negotiations, a struggle for power. But also the people (the Moon) reclaiming their power (Pluto): the fact is, many people felt disempowered by the EU, even though many didn’t.UK Chart 1801The UK is coming up to a Mars return, and Mars rules the 7th house of foreign affairs. Venus is passing through the 7th, and is soon to join the natal North Node in Aries in the 7th. So there is this combination of assertion (Mars) and diplomacy (Venus). These 2 planets are in mutual reception, they are in each others’ signs. So this makes for a great mixture: the UK achieving a favourable outcome, getting what she wants, and maintaining good relations.And then there is the Sun in an applying square to Saturn: this is also difficult, it suggests obstacles, but it also suggests determination to achieve our goals.--------------------Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at) there is a mixed picture. It is easy to see that it is going to be difficult. But there are also favourable signs.In 6 weeks, Pluto will station almost exactly opposite the UK Moon, and then go backwards. This is the descent into the Underworld, the Night Journey. And it will happen again next year around the same time.However many favourable signs there may be in the Brexit chart, this thing is going to be hard. It’s going to be hard in one way this year, in that we won’t really know who we will be dealing with until the autumn, when Germany, as well as France, will have had their elections. And the outcomes are likely to change the game, they will be another blow against the EU-as-is. The next 6 months will be a phoney Brexit, as we try to get on with the job, but there will be an element of play-acting, and plenty of posturing. This will be painful.And then next year, when Pluto turns retrograde again, the negotiations will be real, and there will be bullets to be bitten, but also the seed of something new to be grasped within that darkness. Post-Brexit Britain will start to become a reality towards the autumn of next year, the shape will become clear, as Pluto turns direct. But there will still be another year of negotiations, as Saturn completes his journey over the UK Sun, Moon and Angles.The astrology is so striking: Pluto at the end of his transits to the Sun, Moon and Angles, describing the deep and painful journey of identity that we are going through. And Saturn coming in this autumn, just as phoney Brexit ends, to describe the 2 years hard negotiation that will be needed.It will be difficult, it really is a soul journey for the country. But we are going to do it, that seems very clear. And that painful division in the country between pro- and anti-EU, which has been there for many years, and only recently came to a head, that division will start to[...]

Uranus-Eris, Pluto and the re-shaping of the UK


For the first time the Unionists do not have an overall majority in Northern Ireland. Scotland is threatening another independence referendum. And the government is about to trigger Brexit. All as Uranus-Eris conjoin, squaring the UK Moon at 19 Cancer, the sense of homeland. Events that pre-figure the radical dissolution and re-shaping of the UK.

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Pluto, of course, is opposing the UK Moon, at the end of his long journey over the UK Sun and Angles. This is the deeper transformation that Uranus and Eris are currently triggering. Pluto last hard-aspected the UK Sun, Moon and Angles 40ish years ago when the UK joined the EU. So there is a symmetry.

And Pluto reaches deep, he is changing our sense of identity, as he did 40 years ago. So that touches deep, primordial, even survival emotions. That is why Brexit has been so huge, and why it has been so painful for so many people. It's not about rights and wrongs, facts and lies and arguments. They are all secondary. It's about identity. And if some people feel they are mainly European, and others feel they are mainly British, that is just how it is.

 PS I'm going to be looking at all this on a day event I'm co-running on May 13th in Devon with Moira Lake and Kate Hubert. Please let me know if you're interested.

The Myth of Objective Existence


The myth of ‘objective existence’. The oppressive idea that what is really real is behind, and separate from, what we perceive, visible only to specialists. In this way we are kept docile. We no longer take our perceptions seriously.

‘If we believe that perceptions ARE existence, that esse est percipi, as Berkeley put it, then we will be far more likely to experience dreams and visions, and recognise them as such’ (James Audlin, The Circle of Life)

Why the Universe isn't Gradually Unravelling


I was watching a BBC programme about entropy, the idea that the universe gets more disordered over time. As one scientist put it, in non-technical language it means things are getting worse. And I thought what a strange way of looking at the world.I learned about entropy at school, but it wasn’t until more recently that I felt able to question accepted scientific theories. They are so battened down by proofs and equations and authority that it doesn’t seem like one can question them. This is probably the biggest fundamentalism of our age, every bit as rigid as the Islamists or Christians can get. And of course, if you are in it, you can’t see it.The guy who came up with entropy, Ludwig Boltzmann, suffered from depression and eventually killed himself. I wonder if there is a connection. And what kind of culture is it that thinks things can only get worse? The eventual fate of the universe, according to this kind of thinking, is ‘Heat Death’, a vast cold empty nothingness.My experience is NOT that things unravel over time. Our particular culture is making things worse, but that is particular to us. Just look at life, in its abundance and beauty and complexity. It has been there a long time. We are the babes of creation, the ones who do not know who they are and are making a mess. But our elder brothers and sisters, all the animals and plants – they don’t make things worse, they don’t make things gradually unravel, because they know how to live. They know about balance.So, here is a big question: my experience is that the world does not unravel over time. But accepted scientific theory says it does. Which should I go with, and do I even have the right to think in this sort of way? And almost as a matter of principle I say we need to go with our experience, because if we can’t do that, then what do we have? It is part of the disempowerment, the brainwashing of our complex culture, that needs people to be productive and to conform, that we have learned not to trust our own experience anymore.Another example is the Sun going around the Earth. That is something we experience every day, it is a basic part of being human to see this happening. And yet we are told it is not so, that it is the other way round, and we believe that, because we are told it. This, in my view, is degenerate, we have lost our power as humans. Humans that have that power are seen as ‘primitive’.And the other big question is what kind of culture sees things as inevitably getting worse? According to Buddhism, everything is Mind. Not mind in a narrow sense, more in the sense of the primordial imagination (in astrology, Neptune) that throws up the world around us. The world is produced by the imagination, life imagines the world into being, and it is real, but not ‘objective’ in the way that science would have us believe. Nor is it a solipsistic fantasy. It is something else, ineffable, that takes a lifetime of contemplating.So the world is a product of the imagination, and that is what keeps it buoyant and creative, it has that force of life behind it. That is why, left to its own devices, the world does not unravel.But we have become unmoored from that imaginative link to creation. We think the world is material and separate from us: that is a basic assumption behind the scientific method. So the world around us is no longer being maintained by the forces of our imagination, it has been unmoored, and that is why it is gradually falling apart over time. Hence the theory of entropy.‘Primitive[...]



I'm running a TRANCE DANCE on Sun 26th March, 2pm, Jubilee Hall, Chagford, Devon, UK.Cost: £10 Contact: Tel 01647 253241 Facebook: Dartmoor Trance DanceSince the late 90s, Trance Dance has been my strongest and most natural way of connecting to what one might call the Spirit World. And I'm mobile: if you're in the UK and you hire a hall, I can come and run a dance. And/or do some astrology readings.And this is what Trance Dance is about, at least how I see it:People have been dancing to rhythmic music for thousands of years. The dance acts as a gateway to ‘non-ordinary’ consciousness: to the Spirit world, the Otherworld, the Unconscious…. There are many ways of framing it. In this sense it is a ritual, a ceremony.We are much more than our everyday ‘rational’ selves. This understanding was basic to early peoples. It is a perspective, a way of being in the world, that has been largely lost in the modern West. And with it, a source of deep nourishment and guidance.Trance dance helps us re-establish that relationship with the larger self, which knows no boundaries, that connects us to the whole of life. At the same time, the dance journey is personal and practical: we can bring those ‘close-to’ places that trouble us, or a desire for guidance, or prayers for others. Whatever we bring, the Spirit world has a way of addressing it, of helping it move on.There is no defined form to the dance. ‘Movement’ might be a more accurate word: we go where the music, and the spirit, takes us, and that can range from a still contemplative space to something very vigorous. And it is not a performance, because no-one is watching or judging. Along with the rhythmic music, we wear a blindfold, a further prop to moving our attention inwards. (As facilitator, it is my job to keep an eye to ensure you don’t bump into anyone or anything!)Trance dance can be like a shamanic journey, or like a big dream. We are taken somewhere else, and it can have a profound effect on our daily life. Everyone’s relationship to this other world is personal to them, there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ experiences. And it takes time afterwards to reflect on and absorb what has happened. Like dreams, the implications can sometimes take years to unfold.The dance itself lasts about an hour. We are in ceremonial time, so it can seem much shorter or longer. And there is plenty of space around it: beforehand, to quietly gather ourselves and find our intentions (if any) for the dance; and afterwards, to slowly make the transition back to this reality.[...]

2017: The Year Europe Changed


Theresa May, the UK PM, has promised to initiate Brexit negotiations by the end of March. She’s not the usual sort of politician, in that she doesn’t say much, but when she does say something, she means it. We don’t have a birth time for her, but she has Saturn conjunct North Node, as well as square Moon and Venus, and sextile Mercury. She has a Saturnian personality: she is notoriously withheld, but wants to do a proper, detailed job. She has earned her position through being Home Secretary for 6 years, and popularity for her is secondary (Saturn square to Venus). So she has the right temperament for the job at hand, Brexit.But subsequent to triggering article 50, we are likely to see a phoney Brexit for most of this year. For the UK, Brexit begins in earnest once Saturn goes direct in the autumn, leaving Sagittarius for good and entering Capricorn, where it will begin to hard aspect the UK Sun, Moon and Angles, all of which are in Cardinal signs.This, of course, fits nicely with the waiting game we are likely to see until the French and German elections have been held, in the spring and autumn respectively. Until then, we will not really know who we are negotiating with, though there will continue to be posturing from both sides.Europe is likely to see further shocks this year, as we experience the outcome of the Uranus-Pluto square, energised by the conjunction of Uranus to Eris. The dark underbelly of globalisation (those left without jobs and prospects as industry moves to cheaper countries, and as jobs become automated, and the problems caused by lack of sensible border controls) that Pluto has revealed, and that brought about Trump and Brexit, has yet to bring major political change to mainland Europe. This is because unlike the US and the UK, Europe has not had elections or referendums. Except Italy, which had a referendum on the constitution in December, that became a referendum on the EU and the Euro: the anti-vote won. That seems like a clear sign of the way things are going.The Euro currency has an exact opposition between Mars and Eris (18.21 Libra/Aries), Mars ruling the 8th House of shared wealth. So Mars is a key player. Saturn at 26 Aries, at the start of the 8th, is also a major player. As Uranus completes his crossing of transiting Eris and moves on to natal Saturn this year, and as Pluto finishes with natal Mars/Eris, we are almost certain to see crises within the Eurozone, the 2 obvious contenders being Greece and Italy, both of whom have debt problems. It could easily result in one of them leaving the Eurozone.The big events, however, are the French and German elections. Both countries (using their modern charts) are in the thick of Pluto or Neptune transits to major points: France has Pluto hard-aspecting her Asc, Node and Moon; Germany has Pluto hard-aspecting her Moon, Mars, Saturn, as well as Neptune conjoining the Asc.So how can there not be major political change in these 2 countries, that reflects the anti-globalisation mood, and the EU’s part in bringing it about? The major symbol of these events, this new political mood, will be the fall of Angela Merkel in the autumn.--------------------Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at) will be seen as a great leader, and as such her trajectory is in the stars: she was elected in 2005 as Pluto crossed the German Midheaven at 23 Sag, and contin[...]

Saturn-Neptune and the post-fact era


The underlying transit that the world is experiencing is the Uranus-Pluto square. A new world is being born, whose form is not yet clear, but Trump and Brexit are indicators of where things are going. Away from globalisation, towards protectionism and border controls. And maybe an economic crisis along the way.At present there are overlays of Uranus conjunct Eris, and Saturn square to Neptune. Uranus-Eris describes the game-changing shocks to the system, the earthquakes, of which there are more to come.And Saturn-Neptune describes the ‘post-truth’ world which we are, for now, entering. A world in which politicians win elections by telling bigger whoppers than usual, which then get whirled around social media. That is what it amounts to. But it's not that simple. It is right-wing politicians who are telling the whoppers (in the cases of Trump and Brexit), and the liberals are fighting back using their own cultural weapons, promoting the concept of ‘post-truth’ to describe their political enemies.I don’t like the cold-heartedness of many right-wing politicians. But if the liberals had won by telling bigger lies, I don’t think the Republicans/Tories would be promoting a word like ‘post-truth’ and getting it put in dictionaries, as if it were a description rather than a weapon. When Tony Blair lied about WMD, we weren't told we were entering a new era in which politicians told big lies. And what he (and GWB) did was lie in a much more serious way than anything that has happened this year.While there will always be a few who believe the lies that politicians tell, I don’t think most people do. People vote for the more charismatic candidate, the one who connects best with people, for better or for worse. In the case of Brexit, we had the appeal of Boris and Nigel Farage on one side, and the relatively bland David Cameron on the other. And it was the same with Trump and Hillary. (To say that doesn't make me right-wing: I'm not.)This way of looking at things is, of course, insulting to the intelligence of the voters, but it is the way things go in elections time and again. You don’t even need astrology to predict the outcome. As Churchill said, Democracy is the worst form of government, apart from all the others. It is the ongoing Saturn (substance) vs Neptune (appearance) nature of democracy, and Neptune generally wins. It is how GW Bush and Obama each won the presidency, and how Tony Blair became the UK leader.Saturn-Neptune describes the fact that the debate has come to centre on the lies of politicians. But it’s not the real issue, because politicians have always lied. Neptune is a hall of mirrors, it reflects back on itself.And the same people who are crying foul because of the lies of the Brexit and Trump campaigns, have also been denying loudly that the Brexiteers and Trump actually won. The political lies are (correctly) being called unusually egregious, yet the simple facts of who won and who lost are being denied. --------------------Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at) lies, particularly in the case of Trump, have admittedly been exceptional. The man will say anything that suits, and exaggerate and castigate to his heart’s content. (Though I also think it is important to admit when he has a point, like when he said that Castro was a dictator; otherwise our opposition is[...]

Uranus-Eris and the Zeitgeist


Last year I predicted that in 2016-17 we would be likely to see sudden and unexpected game-changing events. This was due to the conjunction of Uranus and Eris (aka Discordia), which happens every 85 years or so.  So far we have had Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as US President. Both these events were unexpected and game-changers, though their implications have yet to be seen. There is still another conjunction to go (next March), so I expect there to be more shocks to come. In particular, I expect governments to swing to the right across Europe, more than is expected. There are several elections coming up. Marine Le Pen, for example, the far-right leader in France, could be elected President in the spring. One way or the other, I expect these shocks to lead to the  beginning of a wider unravelling of the EU in its present form, to the extent that Brexit will no longer seem such an anomaly.But Uranus-Eris game-changers do not come out of nowhere: they are the expression of deeper, underlying trends that reach tipping points. Like earthquakes. And they come as a shock because it can be hard for us limited humans to see beneath the status quo, to something we may not want to see. Change and uncertainty are difficult for us.--------------------Ad Break: I offer skype astrology readings (£60 full reading, £40 for an update). Contact: BWGoddard1(at) the deeper, underlying trend is described by the major transit the world has been experiencing for about 7 years now, the square from Uranus to Pluto. The last square was in the late 20s/early 30s, and look what that led to. Trump and the 3rd Reich: Click to EnlargeAs Ed Tamplin has pointed out, Uranus was in EXACTLY the same position when Donald Trump launched his campaign to be President in June 2015, as when Hitler was sworn in as German Chancellor. This tells us that they are the expression of similar revolutionary (Uranus) trends.The US is not in the desperate economic situation that Germany was in in 1933, and they have a very different political system. So I don’t think we need worry that the US will end up like the 3rd Reich. But there are muted parallels: a demagogue who promises a return to past glories, the loss of pre-eminence in the world as China pulls up alongside; and swathes of the population jobless and ignored. So the insight that this Uranus comparison gives us is that we need to look out for these parallels: that Trump has been elected on the back of a sense of loss and privation, and the blind prejudice and grandiose fantasies that can lead to. This is Trump’s constituency, this is the mentality he feeds off and embodies. But the US political system is so riddled with checks and balances that it is amazing any President ever gets anything done. We may not like what he does, but I think it will be limited. Saturn is prominent in Trump’s chart by transit and progression over the next year: he will find it difficult to get stuff done. And he hasn’t got the outer planet influence that could bypass that through appeals to the collective, the mania that can create, like Bush did with 9/11. Trump will want wars – he has Mars Rising and Sun conjunct the US Mars, but I think he will struggle to achieve that.And the state of the US is something that is also reflected in Europe, which is also experiencing a swing to the right. Asia is becoming richer, Europe[...]