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A Good Friday Meditation from St. Athanasius, "On the Incarnation"


A very strong proof of this destruction of death and its conquest by the cross is supplied by a present fact, namely this. All the disciples of Christ despise death; they take the offensive against it and, instead of fearing it, by the sign of the cross and by faith in Christ trample on it as on something dead...Death has become like a tyrant who has been completely conquered by the legitimate monarch; bound hand and foot as he now is, the passers-by jeer at him, hitting him and abusing him, no longer afraid of his cruelty and rage because of the king who conquered him. So death has been conquered and branded for what it is by the Saviour on the cross. It is bound hand and foot, all who are in Christ, trample it as they pass and as witness to Him deride it, scoffing and saying, "O Death, where is thy victory; O Grave, where is thy sting?" (I Cor. 15:55).

St. Athanasius, On the Incarnation, Chapter 27.

Obamabots on parade in Columbus


The Obama campaign didn't want the mental patients down at the rally at the statehouse this weekend, so they sent them to stand on the corner of High St. and North Broadway to promote those critical political issues of our day - impeaching Bush and 9/11 Truth. (photos courtesy of DanM):Remember, these people get as many votes as you do!Starving Joe the Plumber to death - nice touch!!No Obama event would be complete without the 9/11 Truthers:It's always fun to see the somewhat world-famous Jihad Brothers:Aziz the Jihad Brother with Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi:Sharia law: change you can believe in!!Believe!!No, she's not part of the Jihad Brothers.[...]

Sarah Palin and Gretchen Wilson rock Columbus


(Psst - don't forget to check out my post and pictures Friday's rally with McCain, Schwarzenegger, and Hank Jr.!)(Double psst - today's Mason-Dixon Battleground poll has McCain up by 2 in OH)Gov. Sarah Palin, First Dude Todd Palin and Gretchen Wilson came to Columbus today to rally the troops just 48 hours before Election Day.How energized is the GOP base in Ohio?Well, this was the front of the line:And this was the back (going all the way to Alum Creek Drive):The little girl in her pink cowboy hat was so cute:Her Hotness, Gov. Palin, and entourage arrived ON TIME!!Alaska's First Couple:Gretchen Wilson rocked the house:HELL YEA!!More of Her Hotness:First Dude:Vets for McCain-Palin! There were two WWII vets (one man, one lady) and a Korean War vet sitting directly beside us. Thank you vets!!!!!Sarah 4 VP!!Gretchen signing autographs:Gov. Palin was proudly sporting her buckeyes:Note to political newcomers: if you want to shake the candidate's hand, don't try to push your way to the front, but look for the Black Escalades outside (or in this case, a White Tahoe)......because good things come to those who wait:More experienced than Barack Obama - smarter and better looking than Joe Biden.Hell yes Ohio's going for McCain-Palin!!! [...]

John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Hank Williams Jr. in Columbus


Senator John McCain, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Hank Williams, Jr. came to Columbus today to rally the troops in the last few days of this campaign for victory in the Buckeye State. Needless to say, the lines outside Nationwide Arena were long, stretching all the way down Nationwide Blvd.A reminder of why we were all there:Buckeyes for McCain!House Minority Leader John Boehner spoke to the crowd:As did Ohio 15th Congressional District GOP candidate Steve Stivers:Hank Williams Jr. warmed up the crowd for about 20 minutes, including his new hit, "McCain/Palin Tradition":The Straight Talk Express arrived, and Gov. Schwarzenegger gave a rip-roaring speech (note the "Joe the News Photographer" down beside the stage).Um, did I mention the McCain ladies are HOT!? Not that Lindsey would notice, of course.Here's the YouTube of Schwarzenegger's speech:Then came the main event:What a pleasure it was to be at McCain's final Ohio campaign stop before Tuesday's elections. Work to help get out the vote this weekend, and take somebody to the polls on Tuesday!Go McCain-Palin!![...]

A Free, Independent Kosova!


After nearly 20 years of Serbian oppression and occupation, the Kosova has finally declared its independence!


The Kosovars are to be congratulated that they have achieved their freedom through peaceful, democratic means in cooperation and under the supervision of NATO and the international community (note to the Palestinians). Meanwhile in Belgrade, Serbian leaders are calling for war and more violence, while trying to a lid on anti-Kosova riots. The contrast couldn't be more stark.


In many of the published pictures in the past few days leading up to this historic day the American flag is seen prominently with the Albanian flag. Through the brave and tireless service of our US military, particularly those who served in KFOR, we have won an important ally in the Balkans. It's unfortunate that the late Kosovar Prime Minister Ibrahim Rugova, a man committed to peaceful resolution of the Kosovar situation, and Rep. Tom Lantos, a devoted friend of the Kosovar people and a brave champion for their cause on Capitol Hill, didn't live long enough to see this day.

Congratulations to Kosovars everywhere!


Islam, Science and Christianity


(Note: I'm cross-posting this from WorldMagBlog)

Popular mythology holds that while Christian Europe was in the so-called "Dark Ages", where intellectual inquiry and human progress was allegedly weighted down under Christian dogma, the Islamic world was flourishing with advancement and learning. But bestselling author Robert Spencer challenges the assumptions underlying this "Golden Age of Islam" narrative, primarily constructed by 19th Century European historical revisionists, in his new book, Religion of Peace?, and in a recent blog post where he notes that virtually all of the scientific and technological achievements following the initial Islamic wars of conquest relied on the Christian and Jewish intellectual capital of the areas they subdued. Spencer concludes:
In sum, there was a time when it was indeed true that Islamic culture was more advanced than that of Europeans, but that superiority corresponds exactly to the period when Muslims were able to draw on and advance the achievements of Byzantine and other civilizations. But when the Muslim overlords had taken what they could from their subject peoples, and the Jewish and Christian communities had been stripped of their material and intellectual wealth and thoroughly subdued, Islam went into a period of intellectual decline from which it has not yet recovered.
Bestselling author Dr. Andrew Bostom also recently addressed another component of the "Golden Age of Islam" myth, that Islamic Spain was a model of religious ecumenism while Christian Europe was simultaneously wracked with inquisitions and intolerance, by examining the writings of the "Second Moses", Jewish medieval philosopher Maimonides, who fled Muslim Spain because of religious persecution there directed against Jews and Christians alike.

Both the Spencer and Bostom articles are well worth reading. I would also note my previous June 2006 post, "The 'Golden Age of Islam' Myth", which covers additional ground on this topic.

An unofficial Fred Thompson campaign ad


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Fred Thompson on the GWOT



Yes, I'm now writing for Pajamas Media (watch for my article next Monday), but I'm only posting this because it is a rare look at one of the viable presidential candidates in an extended, unedited setting. No 60 Minutes edits to twist things out of context. Nothing here but unvarnished opinion. Fred's views on the Global War on Terror. Entirely worth 15 minutes of your time.

Welcome back, Columbus Dispatch!



Well, Mike Curtin's crew is back on the prowl and digging for dirt. Someone from the Dispatch appeared this morning from a Google search looking for "Patrick Poole and Curtin". Seriously Mike, don't your people have anything better to do than to do your ego surfing for you?

Ahmadinejad's Apocalyptic Faith


In light of the present visit to the US by Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, I would direct readers to an article I wrote more than a year ago at FrontPage, "Ahmadinejad's Apocalyptic Faith". There I wrote about the Hojjatieh brand of Shi'ism that Ahmadinejad follows, which I described as follows:Most Shiites await the return of the 12th Shiite Imam, Muhammad ibn Hasan, the last direct male descendent of the Prophet Mohammed’s son-in-law Ali, who disappeared in 874AD and is believed to be in an invisible, deathless state of existence, or “occultation”, awaiting his return. Though it is discounted even by the most extremist clerics, a popular belief in Iran holds that the 12th Imam, also called the Mahdi or the sahib-e zaman (“the Ruler of Time”), lives at the bottom of a well in Jamkaran, just outside of Qom. Devotees drop written requests into the well to communicate with the Mahdi. His reappearance will usher in a new era of peace as Islam vanquishes all of its enemies. The Sunnis, who reject the successors of Ali, believe that the Mahdi has yet to be born.But rooted in the Shiite ideology of martyrdom and violence, the Hojjatieh sect adds messianic and apocalyptic elements to an already volatile theology. They believe that chaos and bloodshed must precede the return of the 12th Imam, called the Mahdi. But unlike the biblical apocalypse, where the return of Jesus is preceded by waves of divinely decreed natural disasters, the summoning of the Mahdi through chaos and violence is wholly in the realm of human action. The Hojjatieh faith puts inordinate stress on the human ability to direct divinely appointed events. By creating the apocalyptic chaos, the Hojjatiehs believe it is entirely in the power of believers to affect the Mahdi’s reappearance, the institution of Islamic government worldwide, and the destruction of all competing faiths.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has clearly indicated that he is a true believer in this faith. It has been reported that he has told confidants that he anticipates the immanent return of the Mahdi. When he previously served as Mayor of Tehran, he advocated for widening the roads to accommodate the Mahdi’s triumphal entry into the city. One of his first acts of office as President was to dedicate approximately $20 million to the restoration and improvement of the mosque at Jamkaran, where the Mahdi is claimed to dwell.This personal belief directs his official policies as President. He has publicly said, “Our revolution’s main mission is to pave the way for the reappearance of the 12th Imam, the Mahdi. We should define our economic, cultural and political policies on the policy of the Imam Mahdi’s return.”However, Ahmadinejad’s messianism doesn’t stop with the Mahdi. In fact, he has made it clear that he believes he has personally received a divine appointment to herald the imminent arrival of the Mahdi, tacitly acknowledging his own role in setting aright the problems of the world.The Hojjatieh sect is so extreme, it was banned by Ayatollah Khomeini (which is saying something). Ahmadinejad's spiritual mentor is Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi, known affectionately (or not so) by his moniker, "Professor Crocodile". Mesbah-Yazdi has been pushing to succeed Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as I noted in another article, "The War Ayatollah".Understanding the worldview of our enemies (Iranian-made IEDs and EFPs are killing dozens of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan each month) is essential for understanding their intentions. You might also want to visit my friend Timothy Furnish's website,, and read his History News Network article, "What's worse than violent jihadists?" for additional background on the virulent brand of Shi'ism practiced by Ahmadinejad.[...]

Hello Columbus Dispatch visitors!


Over the past few days we've received a number of visits from the good folks at the Columbus Dispatch, who have spent some time riffling through our past blog posts. This was true yet again today. Perhaps their doing opposition research for their good friends at the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), so Ahmad Al-Akhras doesn't have to anymore while sitting at his cushy government MORPC job?If so, they are no doubt looking for the smoking gun that will prove once and for all that I'm some crypto-bigot, because I say such unkind things about their friends at CAIR, who have assured Mike Curtin that they are peaceful and moderate and really don't support Islamic terrorism (except, of course, when they get caught red-handed speculating on the activity of the "Jewish lobby" in town or saying that Palestinian terrorists are "guerrilla groups").Or maybe it's just that the Dispatch just holds a grudge against me and they want to do another hit piece for their pain. After all, they cleared Hilliard-based terror cleric Salah Sultan in May 2006, only to have him flee the country following my series of FrontPage Magazine reports over the past year that revealed his appearances at overseas rallies praising HAMAS and doing political analysis for the Muslim Brotherhood. My FrontPage report led to Sultan's US citizenship application getting tossed. Ouch! That had to hurt, especially for Dispatch reporter Felix Hoover who "cleared" Sultan. And then there was the LA Times article back in July which disclosed that Sultan was "glorifying holy war" and stirring up Sunni-Shi'a strife in Bahrain. Double ouch! I know what Felix Hoover is thinking: "But he told me he signed a fatwa condeming terrorism?" And then to have me publish pictures of Sultan cavorting with global terror cleric Yousef Al-Qaradawi at a conference in Qatar just a few weeks ago (wait until they see the video!). You wonder how they gather the courage to go to work every morning to do Mike Curtin's bidding.So here's an open-ended question for the Dispatch: what exactly is it that you want to know? You know how to get ahold of me. Don't be afraid to ask. I won't bite. Promise.UPDATE (09/06/07): It seems the Dispatch's curiousity for yours truly is growing, as we had visitors from there again today. Do you people have anything better to do? I don't update this blog nearly enough for it to be that interesting.UPDATE #2 (09/10/07): OK, this is getting a little weird, guys. I really don't update this blog enough to warrant this much attention from the folks at the Dispatch. Haven't you all downloaded all the previous posts already? [...]

Meet my cyber-stalker: Ahmad Al-Akhras


"Stop speaking the truth to power, infidel!"

Our friend, CAIR's Ahmad Al-Akhras, has been busy at his government job at MORPC downloading dozens of our articles from this blog this morning (UPDATE: from ~10am-12n, he apparently went through at least 40 different posts):

He might be upset at my FrontPage article this morning, "Ohio State Profs go 'Truther'," discussing the hate panel he moderated with John Mueller and John Quigley not long ago, co-sponsored by Columbus 9/11 Truth, a 9/11-denial organization which claims that the World Trade Centers were not brought down by two terrorist-controlled planes, but through a secret US government conspiracy. Oh, and his fellow hate-monger and terror apologist, Abukar Arman, was also on the panel.

Or he might be seething that his organization, CAIR, had to file an amicus curiae brief in federal court yesterday complaining that they had been named unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation HAMAS terror financing trial. On page 10 of their brief, they specifically cite my FrontPage article, "CAIR Fingered by Feds", as proof of the damage caused by being named unindicted co-conspirator in the case.

Here's a tip, Ahmad: stop supporting terrorist organizations! And get back to work, slacker!

Politically correct curiosities


Isn't it a testament to the toxic social and cultural atmosphere today that at the very moment that CAIR, other Islamist extremists, and their media establishment allies are publicly attacking me for "Islamophobia" (a definition of which only they are allowed to determine and apply, much like Nazis could label someone a "Jew") and for questioning their claims to speak on behalf of the Muslim community in America, I am simultaneously hailed as one of the chief public defenders of the rights of Albanian Muslims in Kosova against the genocidal "Christian" Serbian government? That at the very same time I am denounced for supposedly being an anti-Muslim bigot, I am accused by fringe elements of the conservative movement for being in league with "jihadist murderers" because of my repeated statements in support of the Albanians? Can anyone explain this to me?

Do a quick word search for "Albania" and "Kosovo" on the CAIR website, and see how concerned they are about the pressing issue of Kosovar independence. The truth is that since Albanian Muslims are non-Arabs, CAIR and their Wahhabi masters could care less about Albania or Kosova.

Exactly who are the racists?

UPDATE #1: I guess I have really made the big time now that convicted felon, mail order "reverend", and pathological liar Jim Sutter has now attacked me. Of course, last week he was a credible source for CAIR, because he was attacking Robert Spencer of JihadWatch. No enemies in dhimmitude, CAIR must reason. Sutter even has a website exposing his serial lies.

Update #2: Sutter leaves this threat in the comments section of this post:
Be advised, Mr. Poole, that linking to the forgeries of my cyberstalker leaves you just as liable as her.

Bring it on, felon-man...

What the Columbus Dispatch doesn't want you to hear


Update #1: A review of the Abukar Arman kerfuffle and the Franklin County Commission's pseudo-investigation into his extremist statements can be found at FrontPage today: "Terrorist Sympathizer Tossed from Homeland Security Panel".

If you are looking for additional information on the Abukar Arman kerfuffle reported yesterday by the Columbus Dispatch and the Franklin County Commission's pseudo-investigation into the terror apologist sitting on the Criminal Justice Planning Board that oversees Central Ohio Homeland Security, be sure to visit the Central Ohioans Against Terrorism blog. Plenty of breaking developments there, including reports on the County Commission's stonewalling a Open Records Act request into the Abukar Arman matter while passing the same info to the Dispatch.

CAIR's Catastrophe


(image) What if CAIR launched a jihad and nobody came? That seems to be the case this month, as CAIR's finances continue to plummet. Two weeks ago at the end of June, I observed ("A Bad June for CAIR") that CAIR raised less than one-fourth of their monthly budgeted goal of $250,000 for that month.

This month, however, things appear to have gotten worse. Half-way through July, CAIR has raised less than 1/100th of what they need to make budget (0.969%), bringing in less than $2,500. If last month fundraising had come to a trickle, they have now come to a very, very slow drip. I'm sure being named unindicted co-conspirator in a terror finance trial didn't help last month. Almost makes you sorry for the poor soul responisble for their fundraising. Almost.

A Bad June for CAIR


Update #1: Welcome RoP readers!As I reported here earlier in the month, "CAIR's Finances Take Hit from Legal Woes", and in a subsequent FrontPage article, "CAIR's Financial Peril", June wasn't looking too good for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) on the financial front. The Islamist group began June with anemic fundraising, as indicated by a running tally on the main page of their website, and it just kept getting worse.Now that we are into July, we can see that CAIR had a disastrous month, in terms of both finances and public relations. With a budgetary goal of $250,000, according to CAIR's own statistics, they raised only $59,666 for the entire month - less than one-quarter (23.8%) of what they needed to make budget. In the period between June 20th and the end of the month, CAIR only raised $5,880 ($53,786 raised by 6/20) and $2,929 in the last week of the month - barely one percent (1.17%) of its monthly goal. This has been a bad time for CAIR's finances to bottom out:Earlier this month, NY Sun reporter Josh Gerstein broke the news ("Islamic Groups Names in HAMAS Funding Case", 06/04/07) that CAIR has been named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in an upcoming HAMAS terrorism financing trial in Texas. (See my follow-up article, "CAIR Fingered by Feds")Then the organization received even more bad news following the Washington Times story that CAIR membership had dropped 90% since 9/11 to a staggering membership low of 1,700 for 2006, a story I had previously reported in February ("Numbers Don't Lie") and May ("CAIR by the Numbers") at FrontPage, and in a blog post ("Honey, I've Shrunk the HAMAS Front Group!"). CAIR hasn't taken this double gut-shot lying down, however. Immediately after the Washington Times story broke, CAIR put out a press release accusing the Times of "agenda-driven reporting". Perhaps one of the most comical aspects of this story was that in addition to slamming the Times, CAIR also issued an action alert asking its supporters to become members in response to the article - thereby proving the point made by the Times!CAIR is also responding to the news of its being named as an unindicted co-conspirator, not by answering the charges, but by attacking their critics. This lash-back is taking the form of a "nationwide Islamophobia discussion", which according to another CAIR press release begins this weekend with a forum at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, FL; continues next week in Dallas, TX; leading up to an event at the National Press Club on Tuesday, July 17th in Washington DC (if I were the Press Club, I would get payment in advance). According to CAIR, at the Dallas function next weekend, "Panelists will also discuss the government's actions in the case against officials of the closed Texas-based Holy Land Foundation Muslim charity." Hopefully, that will be an event attended by a more skeptical media than CAIR is used to. They have plenty to answer for.What does all this mean? Will CAIR be able to weather they financial, legal and public relations perfect storm that they are experiencing? Will CAIR's Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood masters bail the group out once again, or will they leave them high and dry now that the Feds are finally on their trail (much as they did the American Muslim Council when it encountered similar travails)? Only time will tell, but CAIR's dismal June doesn't bode well for hopes of a bountiful July. We can only hope.[...]

Hello from Ohiostan!


I will probably need to have someone else start my car in the morning now after my FrontPage article this morning, "Hometown Jihad: The School Gym that Terror Built", about our local Islamic school, Sunrise Academy, hosting Siraj Wahhaj to keynote two separate school fundraisers. More details at the Central Ohioans Against Terrorism blog, "Sunrise Academy's Fundraising Friends", including a picture of the facility.

Also, a quick shout-out to my friends from the Nixon Center visiting today for the first time in a few weeks! Welcome back! For more information, see this prior post, "Does the Nixon Center Have Anything Better to do?" or my FrontPage article, "Nixon Center's Plumbers Unit".


Putting My Political Science Education to Good Use


As I mentioned in a recent article at The American Thinker, "Lies, Damned Lies, and CAIR's Statistics", one of the benefits (or drawbacks, depending on how you look at it) of getting a degree in Political Science at Ohio State is that as the top quantitative analysis PoliSci program in the country, all PoliSci students were required to take several polling research and data analysis classes.

Well, I put that education to good use once again in another article this morning at The American Thinker, "New Study: Political Islam Correlated to Support for Terrorism", which analyzes attitudes and opinions regarding support for terrorism in fourteen different countries in the Muslim world.

The study in question is "Correlates of Public Support for Terrorism in the Muslim World" by Ethan Bueno de Mesquita of Washington University in St. Louis. Analyzing data from the Pew Research Center, he finds that greater support for the role of Islam in politics (political Islam or Islamism) is correlated directly to the increased support for terrorism:
People who support a strong role for Islam in politics are more likely to also support terrorism. Perhaps more surprisingly, people who perceive Islam to play a large role in the politics of their home country are also more likely to support terrorism. (p. 7)
This study also puts to rest the tired line about how the lack of education, poverty, or political oppression in the Muslim world causes terrorism. Looking at the data, there is virtually no relationship at all with respect to any of these factors and support for terrorism, especially education, where no relationship exists at all.

I suppose I'm starting to see some dividends from all those polling research and political science statistics classes. I would have rather been in political theory, quite honestly.

Welcome Columbus Dispatch readers!


Welcome to everybody visiting who read my letter to the editor today in the Columbus Dispatch, "Letter writer distorted results of terrorism surveys"! The letter I'm responding to by Ahmad Al-Akhras, national vice chairman of the Council on American Islamic Relations and Columbus resident, is here. I have more fully critiqued Al-Akhras in an article earlier this week in The American Thinker, "Lies, Damned Lies, and CAIR's Statistics".

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to look around. And if you are looking for the Central Ohioans against Terrorism (COAT) blog, go here.

AP Writer Manufactures Lie in Story on Pew Muslim Study


UPDATE: Welcome JihadWatch readers. Thanks to Robert Spencer for the plug.Earlier this week I had an article published, "Lies, Damned Lies and CAIR's Statistics", in response to a letter to the editor published by Ahmad Al-Akhras, national vice chairman of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), in last Saturday's Columbus Dispatch. My article notes that Al-Akhras substantially misrepresented the findings of a December 2006 survey in order to claim that Americans generally are more prone to endorse attacks against civilians than what was found in the American Muslim population in a recent Pew Research Center study which found that 26 percent of American Muslims age 18-29 would justify suicide bombings.This evening I was reading an entry by Robert Spencer at JihadWatch responding to an article by Associated Press Religion reporter Eric Gorski, "Young U.S. Muslims Face Mistrust". Spencer notes a number of problems in Gorski's article, which I won't recount here, but the AP article mentions the same study cited by Al-Akhras. Gorski says:A December 2006 survey by the University of Maryland's Program on International Attitudes found 24 percent of Americans believe "bombings and other attacks intentionally aimed at civilians" are often or sometimes justified. The poll found no significant variance based on age.His statement on this poll is only two sentences long, but there are several misrepresentations here in addition to one outright lie.The first problem is that they December 2006 wasn't done by the "University of Maryland's Program on International Attitudes", but the Program on International Policy Attitudes (does the AP have any factcheckers?), which is not part of the U of Maryland at all, but is a joint project between the Center on Policy Attitudes (COPA) and the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland (CISSM), University of Maryland. It is an independently-funded organization with loose ties to UofM, but both Al-Akhras and Gorski have stretched PIPA's relationship with the university to try to give it more clout. The poll was not conducted by the university, however, as they claim.As I noted in my previous article, the question they refer to in the PIPA study (survey questionnaire) does not ask about intentional attacks. The specific question (found on page 17, Q-I23 of the questionnaire) was:"Do you personally feel that such attacks are often justified, sometimes justified, rarely justified, or never justified?" There is no mention of intentionality in the question itself, but both Al-Akhras and Gorski go out of their way to stress that point.But the absolutely categorical lie Gorski engages in is when he says, "The poll found no significant variance based on age." But when you look at the PIPA study, the responses are not broken down by age - Gorski conjures this fact completely out of thin air! In fact, the American respondents aren't even broken down by age anywhere in the study or the questionnaire. He has to manufacture it himself.It's nothing new, of course, for an AP writer to start "making it up", but this manufactured lie is apparently acceptable, because it's victim is the American public. If Gorski had made up some lie about the Pew Study findings on Muslims, he would be without a job today; but when he libels the public at large and that libel passes through the whole AP editorial and factchecking process without a single concern apparently raised, this should raise concerns about the credibility and reliability of the entire Associated Press organization.Like a dog [...]

CAIR's Finances Take Hit from Legal Woes


UPDATE (06/10/07): Welcome RoP readers and Lizardoids! Things are getting worse for CAIR. Today the amount received by CAIR reads $17,001. They have raised just 0.068% of their monthly goal, even though they are one-third of the way through the month.(06/11/07) CAIR reports just $100 in receipts today. Current total - $17,101. This graphic, which appears on the website of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) today, is a testament to the ongoing financial woes of the propaganda arm of radical Islam in America. One-fifth of the way through the month of June, CAIR is just 0.046% of the way towards their financial monthly goal, which is presumably their monthly budget. Earlier today that amount was just $5,837, which means they received $5,690 in today's mail. Even if CAIR collects $5,700 everyday this month (24 days left), that means they will still end up $101,673 short of their goal by month's end. There are possibly several reasons for CAIR's precipitous financial shortfall. First, the announcement this week by NY Sun reporter Josh Gerstein ("Islamic Groups Names in HAMAS Funding Case", 06/04/07) that CAIR has been named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in an upcoming HAMAS terrorism financing trial in Texas is certain to hurt the organization's fundraising efforts. CAIR supporters will now be much more reluctant to contribute to an organization that they know will be under greater law enforcement scrutiny for fear of being investigated themselves. This is a rational response (though you shouldn't be supporting a HAMAS front group to begin with). Secondly, as I've discussed in a FrontPage article just a few weeks ago ("CAIR by the Numbers") and a previous blog entry ("Honey, I've Shrunk the HAMAS Front Group!"), CAIR has been hemorrhaging members for several years. Despite the fact that they still claim to be “the largest Islamic civil rights organization in America”, I estimated based on their 2004 and 2005 IRS Form 990s (the latest information they have made public) that membership had falled from a meager 4,761 in 2004 to a startling 2,615 in 2005 - a one-year drop in membership of 45 percent. This drop in CAIR membership has been correlated in their actual annual financial receipts. In the FrontPage article I noted:Also seen in the 2004 and 2005 IRS Form 990s is that direct contributions to the organization (line 1) also saw a sharp decline, dropping from $2,166,270 in 2004 to $1,667,057 in 2005, losing almost one-quarter (23 percent) of their contributions from the previous year.This 23 percent drop in contributions to CAIR was despite the fact that they had more than doubled their fundraising expenses from $262,914 in 2004 to $535,555 in 2005 (a $272,641 increase). What's the saying about throwing good money after bad? CAIR's role as spokesman for extremist Islam is no suprise, of course, but we're glad that the Feds have finally caught up with the rest of us who already knew that. But it certainly doesn't bode well for CAIR that their own supporters have caught on as well and are abandoning them in en masse. Maybe in no short time we will be able to spot CAIR spokesman Ibrahim "Douggie" Hooper walking down K Street in Washington DC with a sign that says, "Will shill for Islamic terrorism for food"? Might be hard to fit on a sandwich board, though.[...]

Honey, I've Shrunk the HAMAS Front Group!


UPDATE: Thanks to American Thinker and LGF for the plugs today!Welcome to everybody joining us today from my article at FrontPage this morning, "CAIR by the Numbers", which also could have been titled, "The Incredible Shrinking CAIR". If you're here for the first time, be sure to check out the blog for Central Ohioans Against Terrorism (COAT).The article today has a number of tasty statistical tid-bits about our favorite Islamist organization, but here's the jist:But their new 2006 Annual Report and their recently posted 2005 IRS Form 990 shows that CAIR continues to hemorrhage members. Whereas my estimates for 2004 showed that based on their membership receipts in that period they had approximately 4,761 dues-paying members, in 2005 their membership plummeted dramatically to an estimated 2,615. This puts CAIR on the same comparative membership level as the American Indian Kaw Nation in Kansas, the Cleveland Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the Society for News Design, the University of Texas Longhorn Alumni Band, and the South Dakota chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), none of whom are consulted near as frequently by Beltway politicians or sought after for comment by the media establishment as CAIR.The steep decline in CAIR membership is directly correlated in membership receipts (line 3 of the Form 990), which dropped off from $119,029 in 2004 to $65,377 – a decrease of $53,652, or almost half (45 percent) of the previous year’s membership revenues. If this trend continues at the same pace, their 2006 Form 990 numbers will show $29,419 in membership revenues, representing only 1,177 members, roughly comparable to the membership of the Genealogical Society of Rockingham County, Virginia and the Garden Club of Tacoma, Washington – neither of which has a Washington DC lobbying office.In a previous post, "CAIR and all that", I linked to some of my previous articles on CAIR, but here's an updated list of CAIR-related pieces:CAIR’s Grievance Theater, the Flying Imams and 9/11 (04/18/07) Did a previous CAIR lawsuit indirectly aid the 9/11 terrorists?CAIR’s Blood Money (03/13/07) CAIR-OH hosts an unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 WTC Bombing as its annual fundraiser banquest keynote speaker.Numbers Don’t Lie (02/12/07) Reality doesn't quite measure up to CAIR's propaganda.CAIR Betting on Democrats (10/27/06) Islamists put their money where their ideology is.Agence France Presse Pushes CAIR's Fake Hate Crime Numbers (09/04/06)CAIR, Assault and Videotape? (08/08/06) CAIR's version of "free speech".Kafir-phobia: Americans as Violent Anti-Muslim Bigots (08/31/06) CAIR indulges in the very bigotry they attribute to others.Thanks for stopping by![...]

Going Global on the Muslim Brotherhood


Last week, my ongoing debate with Nixon Center "scholars" Robert Leiken and Steven Brooke on the Muslim Brotherhood was noticed by the Italian daily, Il Foglio, in reporter Guilio Meotti's 3-part series examining in detail Leiken and Brooke's claims of a "Moderate Muslim Brotherhood".

My translation of the Il Foglio series appears today at FrontPage, "Going Global on the Muslim Brotherhood". I am cited in the third article, where Meotti refers to my extensive critique of Leiken and Brooke's thesis, "Showdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, Part 1" [Part 2] [Part 3]:
The American analyst Patrick Poole remembers that "in 2004, when the Kuwaiti authorities attacked the radicals, the government discovered that the source of the jihadist preaching were the imams associated with the Brotherhood".

The series is well worth the read, notwithstanding my rather lumpy translation.

Albanians and Anti-Jihad Bigotry


UPDATE (05/10/07): Welcome to everyone visiting today from Our Man in Tirana blog! And thanks to Our Man for the plug. New details have emerged that at least three of the four Albanians have been in the US for 23 years (courtesy Fox News) and were not part of the refugee community that came to Fort Dix in 1999. That notwithstanding, the bigotry continues.A few weeks ago when I had my article published at The American Thinker, "Albania and the Perils of the 21st Century," one letter to the editor that AT received likened me to a Nazi sympathizer for having a kind word to say about the Albanian people. That article raised the issue of Albania's struggles with radical Islam, which you would think the anti-jihad crowd would have appreciated.But my article today, "Kosova and Anti-Jihad Bigotry", has absolutely brought out the worst. An email I just received called me "an angry apologist for jihadist murderers". This was from a well-known anti-Jihad writer, who had previously agreed with the sentiments expressed that I was a Nazi sympathizer. The jist of his position would be: "Albanian Muslims bad, Serbian Christians good; Albanians jihadist murderers, Serbians innocent victims." But as with all things in the Balkans, things just aren't that simple. If anything, at least I'm not an apologist for Serbian genocide.EXHIBIT A for the thinly-veiled racism that bubbles to the surface whenever the issue of the Albanians arises is Julia Gorin's leading article today at FrontPage Magazine (yes, a publication I regularly write for), "Balkan Muslim Gratitude". Her point is to condemn the entire Kosova Albanian refugee community for the arrest yesterday of six men, four of whom are Albanian, for plotting to kill soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey. EXHIBIT B would be the reader comments. EXHIBIT C would be Srdja Trifkovic at Chronicles, "Kosova Blowback Reaches America", where he compares Kosovar refugees to Al-Qaeda.Gorin charges that this is "Balkan blowback" for NATO having intervened in the Serbian ethnic cleansing campaign in Kosova that drove hundreds of thousands of Albanian out of their own country. Notwithstanding that we have had thousands of US troops stationed in Kosova for almost a decade, not a single combat-related fatality has been recorded. In fact, the Albanians are perhaps the most pro-US group in Europe, and Albanian troops have fought alongside US troops in Afghanistan. The NATO mission in Kosova very well may be the most successful international peacekeeping operation in modern history. Does this sound like the Albanians are all raging jihadists, bloodthirsty to kill American soldiers?Even while writing this post I have received emails that I would not dare post for their vulgarity, openly racist, and religiously bigoted sentiments. As I say in my article, if these individuals would just substitute the word "Jew" for "Albanian", I believe many of them would be ashamed at the malignant spirit that is driving them. Unfortunately, some of them still wouldn't be ashamed. It seems I have struck a wound deeply into the heart of the anti-jihad movment. Those, like me, who are concerned about the opposition to global jihad would do well to take note.[...]

Debunking Muslim Brotherhood Myths


In an article today at The American Thinker, "The US and the Muslim Brotherhood", I take aim at one of the cardinal myths invoked by the Brotherhood's Western apologists in defense of their claims of a "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood. Here's a quick summary:In the current debate on the Muslim Brotherhood, the group's Western apologists claim that the jihadist ideology of their leading thinker, Sayyid Qutb, was discarded in the late 1960s and 1970s with the publication of Hassan al-Hudaybi's "Preachers, Not Judges". But recent scholarship demonstrates Hudaybi didn't write the book, promote it, or even agree with it.That's right. The main piece of evidence used the Muslim Brotherhood's defenders (the Nixon Center, James Traub's recent piece in the New York Times Magazine, etc.) is fabricated whole-cloth.Perhaps the top scholar on this subject is Barbara Zollner, Director of Islamic Studies at Birbeck College, University of London. Not only is the book the topic of her PhD dissertation, but she has a volume on the subject, The Muslim Brotherhood: Hasan al-Hudaybi and Ideology, which is due to be published by Rutledge early next year.At a conference held at Georgetown University in March on the theme of "Islamist Politics: Contemporary Trajectories in the Arab World," Zollner delivered a brief synopsis of her extensive research on the subject, "Du'at la Qudat: Notes on the Authorship, Purpose, and Relevance of a Text Purporting a Moderate Theology". During her lecture (available in audio here) she challenged the popular myth still advanced by the Muslim Brotherhood's Western apologists:There are a number of writers who argue that Du'at la Qudat, when it was published in the 1970s, to be exact in 1977, that it is an evidence of the Muslim Brotherhood's turn away from radical thinking, and that it evidences a shift of the Muslim Brotherhood's stance towards a centrist Islamist ideology...What I want to say today are two things. Overall my argument that Preachers, Not Judges was not written by Hassan al-Hudaybi, and secondly, it is not written as a response to Sayyid Qutb.Utilizing my recent research on the topic, journalist and terrorism finance expert Doug Farah blogged yesterday on "The Amazing Deception in the Muslim Brotherhood's Charm Offensive". In the comments section of Farah's post, however, appeared Ibrahim El Houdaiby, the great-granson of Hassan al-Hudaybi, invoking family folklore to rebut the overwhelming consensus of scholars on this subject, but not providing any substantive evidence in support of his claims. The strange thing is that since the revelations first appeared in 1995 about the true origins of "Preachers, Not Judges", and the testimony of others inside and outside the Brotherhood, this new information (that Hudaybi had no role in the creation of the book) has gone unchallenged until now.This raises a lot of questions in the ongoing debate over the Muslim Brotherhood. Here's my conclusion:These evidences raise some important questions in the current debate in the West over the Muslim Brotherhood: is it the case that the journalists and Beltway wonks appealing to Preachers, Not Judges as proof of a "reformed" Brotherhood are simply ignorant of most of the scholarship over the past decade on this topic, or have they determined to bury this evidence with their silence in the hope that it will be ignored? If the former, we have cause to question their credibility [...]