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suburban gothic

suburban gothic musings on art, religion and society by the Sublime Cowgirl - a gen X gal in Brisbania

Updated: 2015-09-17T06:19:42.033+10:30


Gothic Road Safety Billboard, Hanoi Vietnam WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES


Suburban gothic of the most explicit. I took these photos in Hanoi Vietnam in January this year. I couldn't believe this billboard was just out on the street, though i guess after years ravaged by war..perhaps one comes to terms with violence and injury. We deduced that they were part of a Health and Safety campaign to reduce the incidence of street fighting and road accidents.

Kitsch heaven - Frank Ze's Young Me / Now Me


Nothing i like better than a kitsch participatory internet craze. The internet phenomenon Young Me / Now Me or Retro Photocopiers is such a groovy little idea, and sweet way to while away a Sunday afternoon in suburban Brisbane. My mum took this pic of me licking the beaters of her Sunbeam mixmaster in the orange kitchen of her beachside house in Mackay sometime in the early seventies. The

Six Feet Under Last Episode


revisiting the end of the most perfect show ever to grace the set.

never free nor ever chaste....


I've been reflecting on faith lately (which is hardly unusual for me) so was intrigued to see exerpts from Mother Theresa's personal letters today in which she admits to periods of intense personal struggle. Yet on reading her thoughts, and wrestlings with profound doubt, it only seems to make her work more remarkable, her faith more real and her life more authentically human."Jesus has a very

The Prison inside


I recently spent a couple of nights at Addington Prison in Christchurch. While some of you may not be surprised at this fact, (even having a brief glimmer of schadenfreude), i should really mention that i had to pay to get in, as it had just been converted into a boutique i guess i'm still a free woman. Unlike many others. Around 2am the night before i checked out, i saw a guest

Hot Goth Chicks


I'm back in the sunburnt country again, and will post another entry about my nz trip (including my short stay behind bars) in the next day or two. In the meantime, this post is dedicated to all you boys out there in cyberland who, according to my most recent site statistics, have been eagerly typing in the above search term and have found yourselves directed to Suburban Gothic instead.While i

Get thee behind me, Santa I've been saved by Rev Billy


Or at least hold off for a bit. The ubiquitous Mr Claus, quite possibly the only celebrity more over-exposed than Paris Hilton atm, has already begun appearing at my local Coles supermarket. Holy baby Jesus, ...its barely September. Yesterday my partner and I couldn't resist the temptation to turn the rows of chocolate grinning santas inward so their little backs faced outwards; much to the

Decontructing Irwin: culture wars on the homefront


Hold tight and watch as the death of Irwin morphs into a wider debate on patriotism, celebrity, national identity, and gender. Germaine Greer has waded in this morning with an opinion piece on her disdain for Irwin's methods. Irrespective of the merit or otherwise of Greer's comments, the poor timing of her words ensures they will be interpreted by many as a slap in the face to men who relate

Steve Irwin, Death and Children


I was just driving to pick up my son from school and heard Richard Fidler on ABC Radio talking about Steve Irwin in past tense.Past tense.I turned up the dial and focused on the story that was unfolding - Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter - has been killed just outside Cairns. By a stingray. A barb to the heart.Can stingrays kill you? I had no idea.Not quite sure why i felt saddened so much by the

When i was a girl, the internet was called a library ..a Gen X Parent's Guide to Kids Today.


My partner bought an old dial telephone at a garage sale this weekend, and my 10 year daughter was puzzled to know how it worked. My daughter and I got talking about what it was like as a Gen X kid growing up and what shows we watched on TV and i kinda explained it like this: Gen Z ............................Gen X Equivalent Smallville ..............Greatest American Hero

Capricornian gothic


Ahh Rockhampton, town of my youth. Beef Cattle Capital of Australia, my suburban gothic obsession began with you. The town where the local serial killer mistakenly confessed to the murder of a teenager who had actually just been hiding out in her boyfriends bedroom for four years. Where i actually felt safer with my friends brother who spent time in jail for attempted murder, than

If i put sex and gothic in the title do i get more hits? (Update: Yes)


Hmmm, we'll all know soon enough.I went out to a strictly invite only party last night, and i swear i'm getting too old for this scene. There were people falling all over the floor, vomiting, screaming, crying and throwing stuff. There was a cop brought in to make sure nothing got out of hand and even he didnt blink and eye at the chaos, just stood at the entrance making sure the place wasn't

(Holy) Kissing and Making up...Everybody's doing it


Methodists and Catholics have (holy) kissed and made up 500 yrs after renegade Monk Martin Luther spat the dummy at the corrupt practices florishing in Catholicism and launched one of last milleniums more spectacular success stories - Protestantism (right up there with the WWW and sliced bread). Concerned with what he saw as spiritual manipulation of the masses for political and material gain,

Nick Cave & Gothic Christianity


I've always been interested in religion, and the gothic in society. Came across this article during a recent Google journey -A facinating article about a goth icon by Stewart Lee written in 2003. YOu can read the full article at his site here Cave’s Christianity is perhaps the most shocking thing about his recent history. His lecture The Flesh Made Word enraged a vocal minority of the audience

Get thee to a Nunnery


Bet the guys embroiled in Big Brothers 'sexual assault' scandal wish they had joined the ABC's proposed new Reality program the Abbey - a 33 day stint in a Nunnery - instead of the place they find themselves now.To read what ABC online readers think of the fiasco visit: i'm sure the guys had no malicious intent with the groin

The Psychedelic Furs and the Far Northern Tropics


I am currently in Cairns. Though its winter, the sunlight is so all pervasive and warm its easy to assume everything is all sunshine and light. Scratch a little deeper though, and Cairns is one of those places where most people have a 'past' or an intriguing story at very least. Makes things more interesting than would otherwise appear.... people used to change and transition, running from,