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Holy Fool

"One might well become a holy fool oneself here! It's catching!"--Raskolnikov, from Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. Witness the musings of another Holy Fool, another follower of "God's own Fool."

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Soft sheets call my name,Her impatient voice reachesright into my heart!

Memed Again!


And I will answer Julie D. soon. Stay tuned!

State of the Union


The President delivers his first to a Congress controlled by the opposition. He's "politically wounded" on Iraq, but rhetorically unbowed.And he calls for Americans to support his latest strategy.The WP has more:President Bush implored lawmakers and the nation last night to give him one more chance to win the war in Iraq and avoid the "nightmare scenario" of defeat while presenting a domestic

The Domestication of Cannibalization


Truth doesn't matter. It's manufactured. Reasonable people can decide for themselves what it is.Life has no meaning of its own. It's a lump of clay awaiting the hands of a master visionary. Reasonable people understand this.That's why the Reasonable celebrate moral catastrophes like this: The House of Representatives delivered a strong challenge to President Bush on Thursday, overwhelmingly

A Shepherd-Spine Alert


The Stomp-beats of the Boot-jacks continue. Reasonable Devotees of the One Thing that Matters 2.0 won't stop until all surrender their Foolish notions.And most Foolish of all is a Catholic Church that dares--dares!--to refuse practicing homosexuals as prospective adoptive parents.This form of unReasonableness must never be tolerated. Never mind the pleas of Archbishops: The Catholic Church

Authentic Relation


intimacy looms,gentle fingers brush one cheek;sacred communion.

Commuter's Morning


Darkness in the morn'Stars behind ebony veilPierced by dawn's first light



Imagine doing every day what you love to do and do damn well.Imagine that doing serves the needs of people desperate for what you offer.Imagine that this service offers you a peace you can't explain, but want to live for a lifetime.When we center our lives on our savior, we won't have to imagine.The exercise of the talent he's given us, joined to the needs his people have for it, becomes our way

RA stalks the workplace


Throbbing knees and wrists,Every step a stabbing painAcross the dusty hall.

Fruits of Meditation


Arise: refreshed, new;Face the day with confidence,Face the night with peace.

God's First Language


"The fruit of silence is prayer" --Mother TheresaSilence.When we choose silence, we choose to listen.When we choose to listen, we experience him.We feel every sensation we've ignored. The itching. The aching legs,the strained back and sighing neck.Our mind becomes a whirlwind home-theater of every passing thought. We forgot to walk the dog, the Cablevision bills due,



A candlelit room;shoes off, sit down, cross my legs;still in the silence

Inspiration followed


A well-deserved rest,thousand words written tonight,Smiling bard drinks deep

"A Still More Excellent Way"


Love.That's what we've forgotten.Christ reminds us every day. But we don't pay attention often enough.I'm no better. I can ride my way out of love far too easily. Just ask the poor driver that kept checking his front seat for something--as the light turned green on the Moshulu.These lapses accumulate. That's the problem. There are ten billion of us. When we're spending a preponderance of our day



Cascade of words fall,Blank word document fills up,Story touches sky

A Poohism for you


Busey Backson!

Intimate Truths


David Quinn of the Irish Catholic discusses the meaning of sex. He illuminates the precious illusions that drove the sexual revolutionaries. He compassionately demonstrates the consequences of their folly. Most important of all, he bears witness to what sex is all about.Take a closer look: What has not been discussed in any of this is the all-important, decisive topic of what sex is about. What

The Heir-Apparent Approaches


Move over, Bill Gates.Steve Jobs vies for the Evil Empire title. And he's not just settling for silicon.He's calling out consumer electronics manufacturers all across the electronic frontier.Apple Computer is dead. Long live Apple, inc:Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs on Tuesday made the company's long-awaited jump into the mobile phone business and renamed the company to just "Apple Inc.,"

In Trouble


Downcast eyes, sorrow;Slumped shoulders, words unspoken:His humbling remorse.

Never Attribute to Malice...


...What can be explained by stupidity.Thus, we see our tax dollars put to such efficient and humane use.Ah, the glories of bureacracy!Behold:Conservatives who supported President Bush's reelection have joined liberal groups in expressing outrage over his administration's broad use of anti-terrorism laws to reject asylum for thousands of people seeking refuge from religious, ethnic and political

A Fall from Grace


What we hide in the shadows others will shout from the rooftops.Let's remember that before we all pile-on. Nevertheless, what's happened in Poland breaks the heart: "When Msgr. Wielgus was nominated, we knew nothing about his collaboration with the secret police," Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, head of the Vatican's Congregation for Clergy, bluntly told the Italian newspaper Corriere della

Amniotic Stem-Cells: Calling Light Darkness


One of the characteristics of our age is the consistent tendency to confuse good news with bad. That may come from a light-starved people that celebrate shades of shadow turning gray.Consider the tone of WP reporter Rick Weiss. He covers a new variety of stem cell--developed from amniotic fluid, not the corpse of an embryonic child:A type of cell that floats freely in the amniotic fluid of

A Young One's Winter Cold


A cough in the dark;Vick's vapor rub on his chest:Pestilence persists

Beltway Business as Usual


The incoming Democrat-controlled Congress continues to live the mantra "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."They promised bi-partisanship. But in their first "100 hours" they'll sideline the Republican minority using House rules. Why?So they can pass bills that serve their party's interests without any opposition counter-measures.The WP has more:As they prepare to take control of Congress

Happy Belated New Year


May your new year bring you all the best!