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Tales of a Farmwife

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Part 2 - Is Faith actually a form of Knowledge?


One of the ideas that has been ingrained in us is the idea that faith happens in the absence of knowledge. Alvin Plantinga quotes Mark Twain "faith is believing what you know ain't true". We talk of a 'leap of faith' and easily accept that faith is the opposite of reason. And what has been the result? A contempt from the intellectual and scientific community towards those who have faith in God

Part 1 - discussion from "Knowlege of God"


Really, there are very few systems of thought out there... but lots of variations on them. And it seems we cannot move past the question of origin in forming the basis of how we look at life. The prevailing intellectual thought in our day is that there is no God and that our origin is a chance happening - we might call this naturalism. It involves explanations like evolution to explain our

Are you up for a little philosophy?


If anyone thinks people of faith aren't thinking people, they ought to try reading someone like Alvin Plantinga. I enjoy the challenge of trying to understand his philosophical arguments. One thing is for sure: Understanding the different philosophies are important because they are what shapes whole generations of thinking. And we've got a whole generation of young people who have a hard time

My Page - Worship The Rock


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Wonky day!


Today was wonky! I couldn't get into the homeschooling mode because I started a good book when I woke up and didn't feel like putting it down. So I decided that I'd better get the blood flowing and decided to get the boys to help me put in all my bedding plants. So we spent a few hours doing that. After we worked so hard, it was time for dinner, right? But Ladger didn't make it home from

Weary of the weather...


The wind feels like it's straight from the North Pole these days. May has been horrid - cool and manytimes downright freezing, rainy, snowy, cloudy and dreary. I still have lots of garden to put in and my kitchen looks like a plant nursery because I don't dare put anything in the ground (plus who wants to work in a parka?) Oh, we have had some tiny, nice patches of weather but all too few and far

Some excitement at our place...


Our latest toy!

This winter snow has got to quit!!


Mother's Day


Saturday morning, R8 asked me to take him to town so he could get me something for Mother's Day - to be honest I didn't really feel like making the extra trip but how could I say no to that?It's become a tradition for us that when the boys want to shop for me, we go to a local gift shop - Et Cetera - because it really is easy to find so many things I like there and because they have the nicest

Got the password?


P5 taped this calculator outside his bedroom door yesterday - now we have to type in a pass code to enter the room - he whispered to me that the code was taped on the bottom of the door and there was taped a note with our phone number on it. I guess it worked 'cause he let me in :-)



I went shopping for plants today and my boys were with me. I enjoyed the reactions of people to the eagerness of the boys. They carefully went through every section and carefully chose what they wanted with much discussion between them. R8 bought his brother a watermelon plant and he bought six snapdragons for himself. They were fun. I spent entirely too much but here's how it goes - Ooh look

A trip to the shopping mall...


Here are my boys in front of their favorite race cars in display at the mall. Gotta love the bright yellow rubber boots - he wears them everywhere - I really have to watch he doesn't wear them to church - LOL Holding up the race schedule for the summer - I have a feeling we'll be heading to the races!

My desk


Here's what's on my desk - some of them just arrived today. Mostly books on songwriting or guitar! I'm planning to dive in to some serious work in these areas over the summer.And I'm pondering lots of things these days. Holiness of God, the mercy seat and atonement, and a host of other things...

To go to school or not....


I may as well write a little note as I have no idea what I'm doing this morning. Normally I'd have the boys at the table by now and well into math or something like that. But there's a part that needs replacing on the seeder and I'm waiting for a phone call to see if I need to run into town this morning for it if it's in stock. Yesterday, I realized that I missed 31 messages on Facebook on all

2009 already???!!


Okay, I've taken a long break...something like a year from actually writing anything in this blog. So now that I have no readers left :-) I guess I'll see what happens for now.Seeding started yesterday. It's been a cool spring (dismal and gray and still freezing a little at night) and not too many nice days but the sun is actually shining today! I think I may even go outside and tackle some weeds

Mad scientists...


The other day, the boys filled up a big pot with all kinds of things - I don't know what all went in there besides some dog food, water, left over spaghetti ...and I don't really want to know. They were making 'poison' (I think to kill the weeds in the garden they planted). The dog took a few licks and the boys were horrified and promptly took the pot of poison out to the play house where the

It's been a long time...


So much for keeping this blog up to date. Life has felt a little more than hectic lately and here are some of the reasons:I had students entering the music festival over three weeks in April. It was R7's first year and he did quite well - he was a funny little guy - really cute in a dress shirt and tie with jeans. The six weeks before seeding always seem a little crazy - kind of like painting

Day 5


We slept in! We had a free morning and we slept for most of it - we felt so refreshed though! I think we had been so tired with the late nights, restless sleeps and busy days. But we got up and enjoyed walking around the town of Rudesheim. I loved the shops and of course the bakery. We stopped for a pastry and coffee and admit we could get very used to that!!And then it was time to meet up with

Day 4


I was a little sad leaving Hotel Klosterpforte - we'd had such a good time there. And it meant that half of our trip was over already. But we were all looking forward to the sightseeing we would be doing over the next couple of days.We spent the morning on the bus and our first stop was a chocolate museum / factory. We didn't get into that part of it - we had half an hour and we spent it like

How could I have forgotten about our shopping trip?


On Day 2, arrangements were made to take us ladies shopping while the guys discussed ideas for improving the combines, etc. So our poor bus driver, Wolfgang, had a herd of ladies chasing him down some streets in the city to get to a department store. We walked by a bank and one lady wanted to get some cash but she used the wrong machine and it ate her card...well, not really but Wolfgang had to

Day 3


Our tour guide suggested that the ladies could have a free morning Wednesday and I knew just what I wanted to do.I'd read about bicycle rentals at our hotel online before I went and I really wanted to go exploring. Bicycling is very big in Germany and there are bike trails everywhere - what a treat! I had 2 1/2 hours before the tour bus would be picking us up. So I planned to bike for an hour

Day 3 continued


I had time to take a shower and then the bus was there to take us to a farm. This was a highlight for the guys because they got to test drive tractors and combines on a little course with hills and twists and turns. These go carts were fun for everyone.We had schnitzel and I had apfel spazie to drink (sparkling apple juice) because Pastor Keith said I had to have some for him. He spent a year in

Day 2


I really like muesli - the soft porridge kind! I had it every morning we were at Hotel Klosterpforte and I have a couple of recipes for it from the internet. I always put lots of flax and sunflower seeds on top and put a dollop of yogourt and some fruit alongside it...Mmmm! So this was the day of tours. We toured the main factory and had a great lunch there... We put on lots of miles that day as

Day 1


There was a lot to love about our trip to Germany! I thought I'd give a brief recap of each day we were there. The Claas bus picked us up at the airport and off we went. Our first stop was this restaurant where we were served a delicious meal and then it was off to our first tour at the parts distribution factory. That was really impressive - so mechanized, well-run and massive. There were