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Preview: Blogs That Make Money

Blogs That Make Money

How to Make Money Blogging Blog writing tips, and how to create a successful blog.Best Free SEO Tools social media optimizationtechniques ... A Marketing Your Money Blog, Blog!

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Free RSS Directories


30 Free RSS Feed Directories Has been updated. Add your blogs RSS now!Here are 15 more free RSS directory links and all have decent PR and Alexa. All RSS directory links go directly to the RSS submit feed, RSS add or URL page. No reciprocals, no fees. :)o Links without descriptions are general RSS directories.2RSS - Directory, Software and Articles4GuysFromRolla - ASP DirectoryAspin - ASP Resource IndexFeedBoy - Brazilian RSS feed directory but easy to submit even if you don't know Portuguese. :)Feeds4all FreeFeedsDirectory - RSS directory and feed tools.Feed Shark - Submit your RSS and Podcast to multiple directories.GoldenFeedLeighRSSReadaBlog RSSxpress - UK RSS directoryRSSResSwoogleYahoo! Publisher - Add your feed to the Yahoo! feed database.Marketing Your RSS FeedSend a Tweet with your feed URL.Add an email subscription option to your feed. Some of the biggest blogs don't offer email subscriptions. Make sure you do.Add a feed aggregator to your email signatures.Go through all the websites where you have a profiles and add your RSS.Ex.: Ning and FriendFeed offer RSS add options in your profile or site.Do you have some RSS tips to share? Add them in the comments area. :)How to Make a Blogs VideoYou Tube Tips - Friday SocialWeb Optimization Update - 'blogs that make money' #1Comment Spam - Embrace It!What are You Doing Using Twitter: ReduxWhat is Twitter?Check out the new and improved Blogs that Make Money site!RSS Add: Free RSS Directories[...]

How to Make a Blogs Video - Youtube


What is a blog video? How to make blogs video segments. Very cool and easy to do.

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

Also see my post Youtube Tips for promoting and marketing your video on Youtube.

Friday Social - YouTube Tips


YouTube - What a great way to be social! Create an account and add a link to your site. Start adding videos from the network or make your own.As an example I used Tim Brownsons - How to Be Miserable video to show how you can showcase your favorite YouTube videos.To make your videos go viral there are great options from YouTube. The more activity a YouTube video gets the more popularity it gains within the network:Share - Hit the YouTube share option and you can add videos to Mixx, Myspace, Facebook, Digg, send it to all your contacts on YouTube, email to friends and even blog it!Favorites - When you favorite a video it will automatically show up on your channel. I usually copy and paste the URL and make it my main video on my channel as it's the top vid for people to see. The more it is a favorite the more buzz it will create in the YouTube network.Rate it! - See those little red stars under the main video on the left? Make sure you rate videos for maximum exposure.Commentary - Oh yes the comments area. The more comments you give and get the more activity the video generates within the network. You may see vids on YouTube home page that are popular today today known as 'Rising Videos', most talked about, etc. Comments really help your video get a boost.Thumbs Up - Use the thumbs up (or down) options for comments you find to be beneficial to the conversation.YouTube is all about the buzz so the more activity a video has the better chance it has to get more views.YouTube Tips:Views: There is speculation that YT alters their 'hit counter' for videos. Your hits are not going to show up right away and may even take a few hours for the information to populate. Be paitent and keep promoting your video.Update your channel frequently by adding videos, commenting on channels and sharing great content.Make your own videos. If you don't own a video camera you can make what is called a montage, which is a collection of images. Go to Flickr and ask members if it is okay to use their photos. I have always gotten the 'green light' when I ask. Just add their name or Flickr profile to the credits.Other forms of images can be screen shots, your own photos and manipulated images from the web. MS Paint is your friend and is good for text images. Make sure you read up on Fair Use laws as YouTube does not tolerate copyright infringement. Edit your images in Microsoft Movie Maker that came with your PC or iMovie for Mac.Have fun with YouTube as it is a great way to be social and make your content go viral!Sign up for my newsletter as the next one we'll talk about video for 2009!Tim Brownsons ChannelFollow Tim on Twitter!Web Optimization Update - 'blogs that make money' #1Comment Spam - Embrace It!What are You Doing Using Twitter: ReduxWhat is Twitter?How to Get Backlinks - My Way[...]

Web Optimization Update


Web Optimization blogs that make money' I kinda noticed that I'm in the #1 spot again! On Halloween of 07 not realizing I hit number one I started goofing with my links and what not. I removed a bunch of links and changed a some titles but also learned some new SEO tricks of the trade. At last they have all indexed and I've had a fair amount of SEO that I was tinkering with so today well you can see for yourself:The most important part of SEO is patience! I was not shooting to be on top right away I knew if continued to work what I have learned eventually it would happen. :)Also my organic search is up by 10%!What did I do:Exercised Patience - This cannot be stated enough. Just do what you are supposed to be doing and your efforts will off shoot an outcome that you had been working towards.I'll read some SEOs asking "why haven't my links indexed yet?" Well they are only a day or week old so give it some time. Instead of worrying about it either link to sites that are already indexed or sit on your new posts and eventually they will show up in the serps.Restructured Backlinks - Do you comment market? I do and I mainly blog on older blog posts that have been around for a few weeks. Not like it matters but it helps. I also rearranged my internal links and changed some of the titles to reflect the keywords I was looking to bank on.Keywords - Like I said my organic search results have gone up 10% since November and just 6% in the past three weeks. I like to pride myself on being better at keyword research than other SEO things as I use a mix of highly competitive and keywords with low competition.Followed My Own Advice - Obviously most of what I have learned I got elsewhere. I just happen to be an observant person and if people say it works you should probably be doing what works. My one piece of knowledge I would pass on is pick and choose what works for YOU! I still hear people rave about article marketing. Perhaps it works for them but I find it to be too time consuming and would rather keep my intellectual property for myself. It works, just not for me.What worked for me? Making useful lists like Blog Marketing Tools or post with specifics like How to Get Backlinks One Way or the importance of simple SEO methods like Dofollow or Nofollow? That is the Question. These posts have been shared, bookmarked and passed around. Not to tens of thousands of readers but to enough to give me some honorable backlinks and mentions.So there you have it. I no doubt think that my site will slip here and there but I've taught myself more and implemented tenfold my tactics since October 07 so I will keep you all posted. :)Tell me what you think!Comment Spam - Embrace It!What are You Doing Using Twitter: ReduxWhat is Twitter?5 Ways to Get Noticed in Social MediaHow to Get Backlinks - My Way[...]

Comment Spam - Embrace It!


Dofollow and spam are closely related otherwise there would be no such thing as the 'nofollow' attribute.

When is dofollow and comment spam a good thing?

Keywords - Depending on the keywords if they are closely related to my blog and their site checks out okay I will allow the comment. The reason for this is to get some organic traffic off of their keywords. Less work for me.

Affiliate Marketers
- First I check out the program and if it seems legit or popular again I allow it. Keywords again are in play here. People pay a lot of money to compete in PPC, and usually the keywords they leave behind is something, someone, somewhere was searching for. Less work for me again!

Twitter Spammers - Please, leave your Twitter profile link on my blog. I could use the followers! Then I can spam you back! Ha ha just kidding. Spammers are acutally too busy spamming to really use Twitter effectively so I don't mind following them as they only send out five or six Tweets a month.

Repeat Offenders - When the spammers seem to visit often I send them an email or leave a comment on their site asking for a back link. After all my blog is dofollow so it does not hurt to ask.

How to combat anchor text: If someone spamming my blog leaves useful info or is contributing I just rewrite their comment for them, and exclude the anchor text. Everyone is happy!

So see comment spam is not all that bad. You can still offer your readers some dofollow juice and keep your spam audience at bay.

Friday Social - Social Networking List


Some quickie stuff:

Social Networking List
Look out for the up coming Redux post and all the social media you should be using.

#earthquake and #seattle earthquake. I was there. It rocked!

How to gain more followers: Participate in '#' search discussions and look to see what is hot in TwitScoop. Look for cresting topics or try and create your own.

I've gained at least an average of 5 followers for every discussion I've joined. Try it. :)

Every Friday someone get the ball rolling for #followfriday where there a Twitter follow swap. Neat huh?

Just catching up again on FB and learned about the chat - instant messenger feature.
Go to the bottom right of the page to 'Online friends' and next to it are the messenger options. Because you need more stuff to do and more options on Facebook!

You know I'd use Facebook more often but it's too damn confusing, but you can still add me:

Blogs that Make Money: Scraper Site Update


Blogs that Make Money is skipping Friday Social today because I'd like to touch on another subject real quick that might be useful to you.Sites that scrape your content.You know I am flattered that someone copied parts of my blog word for word without giving me credit. They also copied Yaro Starak and Zac Johnson so they have at least been doing their research in a blogging sense.Here is how I have been handling the situation. You get the bits and pieces here first then I'll do a full post when the whole process is done.Copyscape - Gerald from Search Engine Marketing Group sent me his post Combating Online Plaigerism and I thought well I'll check Copyscape for fun. Now I'm glad I did!I found a money blog site and it copied two of my posts (as far as I know right now) Blog Marketing Tools and Blog Traffic: How to Get It! word for word with no links back to my site. Not only that, all the links that I had mentioned to my Twitter and Technorati profiles they switched to theirs!Copyscape gives you five free searches per month and what I suggest if you have a blog is to do each page individually. After that it is five cents per page to sign up for Copyscape which is totally worth it.So there you go. Copyscape to the rescue.Making Contact - Unfortunately this blogger did not have any contact info and I did not want to leave a comment because I would have to reveal my Blogger identity and I was not interested in doing that. Read on to see the next part of the story since I was unable to contact him.Google and Copyright Infringement - If you read the post Combating Online Plaigerism you will see a link to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Basically you send hard copies of proof that someone is using your intellectual property well beyond fair use to Google and they will investigate. I'm still in that process and wanted to do something I contacted...Technorati - They were using Technorati and Performancing Ads so I decided to contact these two companies and see what their policy was for members who swipe content. Performancing Ads was unable to do anything as it was not in their policy to police certain blogs in their network, which I'm totally okay with. It was worth a shot.Technorati on the other hand sent me a nice reply email that they do not tolerate copyright infringement by their users and to please send them more info. I did and what I was told a few days later was the blog in question had been removed for "lack of original content".Yippee! Sucess.So this is just the beginning. I now have Technorati to back me up a little to offer up to Google that they also found the blog in question...questionable. :)So don't let people scrape and steal your intellectual property! Do something about it today!If you really missed Friday Social which I hope you did. Here are the last few to take a look at:Friday Social - Crystal HapinessFriday - Keep in TouchWhat are You Doing Using Twitter: ReduxRandom Twitter Posts for YouWhat is Twitter?5 Ways to Get Noticed in Social MediaHow to Get Backlinks - My Way[...]

Blog Money Series: Writing Articles and Other Ways to Get Paid


Blog Money Series: Writing Articles

There are many ways that you can get paid to write articles and sorry I didn't save the best for last as this will probably be where a lot of your money comes from.

SEO Articles - I get random emails that say 'please take a look at my site. How much?' as in what could I do to improve their web page and how much is it going to cost them. The first thing I would offer any company or website is to write a bunch of SEO articles for them in their niche and place them on their site somewhere. These are articles from scratch so you can charge more for this type of written material for any type of website.

SEO Articles Lite - Go over a websites copy or their pre-existing articles and re-write them. I find a lot of offers to re-write certain types of articles because they need updated keywords mainly, better placement and believe it or not fewer word count. Keep it simple and re-write articles, posts, and make improvements in copy if you can because it will be less work for you.

Write a Review - There are a few ways you can do this. If you have slammin' traffic you can charge decent money to post a review on your site or blog. Blogs work best for this. You can also write a stockpile of reviews for a company and they will do the marketing. This comes down to copy. You can offer this to a prospect if they haven't thought of it yet. They may know all about the marketing aspects and they just need people to write for them.

Get Paid to Blog - Guest blogging. These are not things you should be doing for free. I understand that guest blogging is to swap traffic and introduce one audience to another. Too many people take advantage of this and exploit guest blogging as people should be paying for you to write for them. Did you know that one of the largest blogs that brings in the most money does not pay their bloggers? They are relying on the sole pleasure you will have blogging for them. Whatever! Don't blog for free that is not what you are here for and there are better ways to get exposure without selling yourself short.

Ebooks - If you can write and ebook for someone they will pay you handsomely for it. Some people don't want to monkey around with the writing and adding links portion because they want to make money in other ways. So learn how to deal with PDF's and incorporating the good links from your clients site and they may ask you write another ebook for them.

Press Releases - This by far is the easiest and if you do this well it can be an on going service. I'd charge monthly and decide what the maximum press releases you are willing to do for x amount of money. This is only to write the press release and not distribution. Easy stuff.

Mainly I use my blog as if it were a business card and to show examples of my work. The writing portions are different from the marketing and SEO (sometimes incorporated) and viral marketing but that is how it goes. Those are extra or upsale services. Make sure you decide what it is you want to get paid for and make that your primary focus. What else do you do well that maybe you are not in love with the idea but you offer a service that will benefit others. I want to get paid to write so that is what I do and since I know a fair amount of SEO I'm able to charge a little more.

Questions? Comments? Agree or disagree? Go for it! This is what has worked for me so I'd like to know if you benefit from it. :)

Blogs that Make Money: Blog Money Intro


Blogs that Make Money was intentionally to spotlight on what other bloggers were doing to make money. Well trying to get information out of people is next to impossible. The direction that the blog took was more of what people wanted. Ironically that was not making money but getting traffic and SEO tactics. Funny don't you think? The best part is I can tell people 'this is not a how to make money blog' ha ha and never intentionally was.

The purpose of my Blog Money Series is to fill you in on the what has worked for me in the past year. Some of the techniques you probably already know and I would love to either have a spin on those ideas or hear from my readers. What worked for you and what didn't.

The Blog Money Series will cut to the chase as I've goofed around with a lot of blogging stuff and found that there really are only a few proven methods to making money with your blog. So I've done all the leg work for you and will show you what I focus on and where not to waste your time.

Let me know how some of these techniques work out for you.

Blog Money: Writing Articles and Other Ways to Make Money

Friday Social - Crystal Happiness


(image) Crystal Happiness
Okay this is old news but what the hell was up with Twitter last week? I don't criticize the hacker I find fault in lame ass passwords.

It's 2009 here folks. Highly qualified people are scrounging for employment, and although I love Twitter and don't know 'Crystal' or the Twitter admin personally but FTW? Let's hope this did not hurt any chances they have for funding.

Yes I openly admit that is my comment on the article. Obviously!!!

Wake up lame password holders!

Mr. Tweet
What a gent he is and a hard worker too. :)

If you haven't hired Mr. Tweet yet give him a shot.

He makes suggestions who in your followers list you might want to follow back. This was highly useful for me as I also liked the suggestions of who I should follow 'outside my network'.

Although there are a few people who are big names on Twitter I refuse to follow because they suffer OTS = Over Tweet Syndrome, I have found some great new Twitter'ers to follow from Mr. Tweets advice.

Thank you Mr. Tweet!

Follow Mr. Tweet on Twitter

Twitter'er of the Week
Drum roll please...! Baddabaddabaddabba....

Alexandra aka Earthshod is Twitter'er of the week!

Ordained clergy, tea leaf reader, Twitter user! Check out her site as she is based in Washington State: - Book a Crystal Ball reading!

Photo: tHE PypEr

What are You Doing Using Twitter: Redux


In my posts What are You Doing Using Twitter? and What is Twitter? I showed you valuable ways to promote your blog using the micro-blogging service. In this post I'll give you three more ways to use Twitter to your advantage.Welcome Your Twitter Followers - One of the most important things I have learned in business is to always do a follow up with a nice big Thank You!If you're in my followers list then you have probably already gotten a 'Thank You' link with some useful Twitter blog posts.To get an idea how to make your own Twitter blog post and 'Welcome' page you can take a look at: Random Twitter Blog Posts for YouThere are no links to other pages on my site or high pressure action steps to take. No join my micro-blogging crusade. Just a simple 'Thank You'.If you're not into making a 'Welcome' what I did before was send folks my What is Twitter? post and address it as 'Twitter tips by me'.Twitter Widgets and Tools -Use the hell out of them! TweetDeck certainly made my micro-blogging world a lot simpler. That is one of the more basic Twitter widget type gadgets that will assist you in marketing. It seems like there is a Twitter widget or Apps. coming out every week and my suggestion would be to use the ones that are most efficient for you and not just the latest and greatest.Twitter ID in Signatures in Forums - Most forums allow you to have up to four links in your signature so make sure your Twitter profile is one of them.Leave your Twitter Profile in Blog Comments - If you are a big comment marketer like me then dropping your Twitter ID as either your name and URL or placing a live-link in your comment is useful. Make it easy for other users to find you.One of the best examples I have seen for using Twitter ID's in comments is at Jim's Marketing Blog and his post Building Your Twitter Network. It's a post I've brought up many times and is a meeting place for like minded Twitter users.Twitter and comments are for people who are social. I have my quiet moments but for the most part I really like to be a part of the social aspects of the Internet.Random Twitter Posts for YouWhat is Twitter?5 Ways to Get Noticed in Social MediaHow to Get Backlinks - My WayHow to Blog - 8 Steps to Better Blogging[...]

Blogs that Make Money Updates


Friday Social is not going on today but I am will be rolling out a Welcome! to my new Twitter followers and I suggest you do to. I'll explain more in What are You Doing Using Twitter: Redux when that comes out next week.If you have written about Twitter and would like to be added to my Welcome! post let me know. I'm looking to have around 10 blog posts about Twitter and I'll add a link to your Twitter profile.Right now I'm updating Blog Marketing Tools which seems to have resurfaced in the search engines and barely made it to my top 10 posts. I'm adding which of these sites are dofollow. It can be really helpful in deciding which sites you should pursue to get maximum payoff for your marketing efforts.Speaking of Blog Marketing Tools...This week on Twitter it was brought to my attention to be on the lookout for people scraping or ripping your blog content. You can read the post by @the_gman here:Combating Online Plagiarism - SEMGroup.netI used Copyscape out of curiosity and sure enough there was a money type blog that blatantly ripped Blog Marketing Tools word for word, even the little notes, not providing credit or a backlink to my site and they also ripped Blog Traffic: How to Get It! Again no mention or back tracks, or backlinks as to where the content came from or who wrote it.What I have done is taken comparison screen shots of their blog and my blog. Since the blog does not have a way for me to contact them I have no other choice but to go straight to Google in the matter. :)So I suggest you read the plagiarism article and investigate to see if other bloggers are biting your material and calling it their own.Also make sure you have a way for people to contact you for obvious reasons. Even if it is just a little mailto: script do it. Not that you are stealing content but you never know when someone needs to make contact in regards to your blog.Any how...Have a great weekend, Friday Social will be out again next week. If you are on Twitter and want to be the Twitter'er the week, be the first one to Tweet me and you will be it!If you have social media posts that you have written those can possibly be added as well.Have a great blogging day!5 Ways to Get Noticed in Social MediaFriday Social - Keep in TouchHow to Get Backlinks - My WayFriday Social - NetworkingHow to Blog - 8 Steps to Better Blogging[...]

Random Twitter Blog Posts For You :)


(image) I'm so glad you decided to follow me on Twitter!

Here is a collection of Twitter blog posts (from other Tweeple) to help you along in your Twitter journey.

So thanks again and thanks for following! :)


Twitter Blog Posts:
  • What is Twitter? - How Twitter is similar or more effective than some of the tools you are already using.
Twitter Blogs & Websites:
  • Tweet Congress - Find your favorite people in congress with Twitter accounts!
  • Twitter Stars - A wonderful Twitter blog devoted to the micro-blogging service.

Would you like to add a Twitter blog post or website that may be helpful to others? Please contact me or leave a message in the comments. ;)

What is Twitter?


Twitter Browser Tool(Pictured above)Pic: sridgwayWhat is Twitter you ask?Until someone invents nano-blogging Twitter will have to do.Twitter makes it way too easy to stay connected in the social networking crowd. As social media continues to expand so will use of the micro-blogging service.What are some of the advantages of Twitter that takes it beyond just another Internet phenomenon?Twitter is many things rolled into one.(Micro) BloggingWhen asked "What are you doing?" make sure it's interesting!Twitter Whore - is entertaining example of what is totally screwed up about micro- blogging.On the upside it's the little things that make Twitter real for most. What if you could actually get inside the heads of people like Tim O'Reilly, Andrew McAfee or Robert Scoble on a more personal level?How did we go from Lisa Nova to the other three? That is the beauty of Twitter.Getting into the minds of who you follow and who follows you is the true essence of the micro-blogging platform.Be yourself. Be a real person. Let others get inside your head.What else is Twitter?PR MachineO...M...G...! It's like freaky!Etiquette has no bounds in micro-blogging. Some of us prefer it that way.Twitter is like an instant news wire for just about anyone. Need a story? Got a story? It's covered. Depending on how many Twitter'ers you follow or who follows you, Twitter brings it all to your doorstep. On a silver platter no less.Micro-Press ReleaseTwitter has reset the standard for the PR world. You either follow or unfollow and that's it!You can Tweet out whatever you want whenever you want. Newsworthy or not. It's there in 140 characters or less. Your:New PostNew ContestNew ProductNew AlliancesNew Sign UpsNew EventsNew Web sitesEtcetera.Better than RSSTwitter is better than RSS in several ways. Twitter'ers who may not elect to subscribe to your blog or Web site can be more selective if you Tweet a new post that serves them. In my opinion its far easier than checking elsewhere.Twitter again helps you deliver awesome customer service. Twitter users with major followings give their Twitter audience the red carpet treatment that you may not find on their Web sites.Twitter can be looked at as an exclusive club to offer your readers. As its accessibility is so simple and instantaneous making it easy for readers and businesses to connect.Nano-NewsletterAgain 'What's new?' and "What are you doing?"...Today in my own little Twitterland THIS is what's going on...Keeping people up to date is so simple on Twitter it's almost sick!Create a page to link to all your newsletters and that may entice or remind your readers to sign up. All from one little micro-post.Power of the ReTweetIf you're not using Twitter and want to know what 'RT' means--it's the new '@' and 'LOL'.Going viral with your message has never been so easy. Here's a great tip:"Please RT" -- That phrase works wonders.Check out this post by Dan Zarrella because he's got the RT down to a science.What's in a ReTweet? That Data Behind Viral Messaging on TwitterIf you're not using Twitter you're missing out. Read my post What are you doing using Twitter? for more ideas on marketing and micro-blogging.5 Ways to Get Noticed in Social MediaFriday Social - Keep in TouchHow to Get Backlinks - My WayFriday Social - NetworkingHow to Blog - 8 Steps to Better Blogging[...]

5 Ways to Get Noticed in Social Media


Online Reputation Management or ORM: Do you speak it?Why not optimize yourself for the social media arena?1. Be FirstNo. I don't mean always trying to be first to comment on a big blog. There is a name for such brazen behavior and it's dammed annoying! Just be first. Not:"First!"The main reason some people don't want to be first in anything is because they want to see what everyone else is going to do first. Are you a leader or a follower? You can answer this question for yourself. Which do you want to be known as?PROS: You will always be in the forefront if you brand yourself correctly and are not out of control about being first. (See Brand Yourself.)CONS: Others may view you as having no life but who cares what they say. You're a leader so this really isn't a con. It's called passion!Unless you're one of those passionate commenter types well then you just have to live with yourself.2. Brand YourselfBe distinguishable. Make your blog well known for tools and tactics and how you use them. Make your blog known for a certain type of medium, source or style. Be the go-to guy or girl for said medium.Be a real person about it. Make sure everyone knows what you look at least. Can someone look at your Web site, blog, logo, avatar or photo and call you or your business by name? Make it so!PROS: Instant recognition and often times credibility. Consumers and readers think 'What would so-and-so do in a situation like this?' when you have taken the time to build rapport and branding.CONS: If you are known for misinformation or being difficult to work with branding will not do you any favors. Think 'passionate commenter'. Oh it's you...again...3. BragThis has to do with number #1 and being first. You like how I did that? Number one, being first? It's first on the list? Get it?Even though bragging is #3 you should be #1! Start getting used to #1.What have you done and how did you do it? Give case studies or better yet have others allow others to do the bragging for you.PROS: You are not afraid to be first and people are mesmerized when you told them how you ate the last cookie or got extra the shampoos and soaps from a nice hotel you stayed at. You may have lost the golf game but you picked up a big contract out of the deal and got tons of free booze to boot! You can probably downplay some of that but you get the gist.Proudly list your accomplishments, awards, credentials, freebies, miscellaneous what not. When done right people will watch what you do.CONS: Whack jobs brag on and on and their accomplishments offer no solutions. Leaders are diverse and have depth. Arrogance believes it is the only #1 out there. Not so. Get over it. No braggarts allowed!Sorry I got a bit heated there. It's been a long time since I've run into any crazies online but I'm sure they're out there lurking behind a keyboard somewhere. Everyone is their own little Universe and is their own #1. Remember that. Always. 4. Be a SpammerLast week the Internet witnessed a widely publicized post from a highly respected tech blog bashing a respected (not anymore) PR person out of New York. The person in question was accused of being a spammer. In their defense they replied that, that is how they do business, if the practice was considered too much, there were other PR people to deal with.I love it!What I have noticed is that it is only okay to be a spammer if you are loved and adored but if nobody knows who you are or your seen as rotten then you are a dirt and deserved to be treated as such.PROS: Spamming gets the job done if it's done right. Make sure people are in love and admiration with you before you set out to be #1 and get the word out.Just kidding. Learn to spam properly[...]

Friday Social - Keep in Touch


Twitter in Your GmailHere is one more Twitter Gadget to add to your arsenal. Bring 'em on!What do you think of social media invading your email? -Yahoo! is rolling out enhance Web 2.0 email in the next few months.-Social Networking Sites for Business Use, Employment OpportunitiesHere is a report from The Examiner which social media site to connect with if your looking work opportunities.Out of touch...Huffington Post Doesn't Pay it's Bloggers"Ken Lerer, who worked as an executive at Time-Warner before helping to launch the Huffington Post, explained to USA Today that the company has no plans to begin paying the bloggers at the Post. In his words, paying contributors is "not our financial model. We offer them visibility, promotion and distribution with a great company."Wow now that sounds like a great company. :)5 Social Media Trends to Watch Out ForGet ready to geek out when it comes to social media.Five social media trends from five social media experts.Twitter'er of the WeekTa Da! It's @GlobalPatriot follow him ASAP!Global Patriots Site: http://globalpatriot.comRecent Post: Andrew Revkin - The Story on Climate ChangePic: jmillesHow to Get Backlinks - My WayFriday Social - NetworkingHow to Blog - 8 Steps to Better BloggingFriday Social - Behold the Power of TwitterWeb Optimization - Always Be SEO'ing[...]

How to Get Backlinks - My Way


How to get backlinks is a question that comes up a lot and as a part of this blog I want to give the people what they want!This is my own little formula on how to get backlinks, and it may not work for everyone. There may be easier backlink methods but doing it manually and at a normal pace can be very gratifying, takes little time and is free.So how do I get backlinks? The simple answer is this:How to Get Others to Link to You1. Ask.The worst you will hear is no. The second best thing is a reciprocal or link exchange. LE's are okay as long as they are relevant and you don't go overboard. Other bloggers are usually okay with backlinks. Just ask.2. Have a compelling website.Is your content useful? Helpful? Solve an ongoing issue? Make sure it does and readers will bookmark you for future reference, write about you, share with others and make your stuff go viral. The more people that see your post and can use them the more possibilities for backlinks to your site.3. Know what you're talking about.It will be evident if you have done your homework or not and this goes hand in hand with having a compelling website. Know what your talking about and spare nothing for others to build off of. Be the authority. Explain in detail what you did and how you did it. Some bloggers hoard information. Don't be a hoarder. Share.How to Build Backlinks on Your Own1. Social bookmarking.Every time you post document it. Add your links to social bookmarking sites that offer you backlinks. Make it automatic. Find 5 or 10 of your favorite dofollow bookmarking sites and submit to them every time you post.Depending on the social bookmarking site, if enough readers add your bookmark it's possible to get backlinks from the page and get a flood of traffic., Mister Wong and Reddit are good for a traffic avalanche. Mister Wong and Reddit front page are both good for getting backlinks.2. Comment marketing.Two ways: Google alerts and RSS subscriptions.Google Alerts - Subscribe for the keywords you want to get backlinked for. When you find sites and blogs that allow comments (without signing in) that are dofollow subscribe to them.RSS Subscriptions - Find dofollow or no 'nofollow' blogs and subscribe. If you can find newspapers from across the country that is even better for getting backlinks. Some will allow a link without having to sign in. When you are at a loss as to what you could be doing go to your RSS or email and build backlinks.3. Posting in Forums.There are a fair amount of forums that are dofollow because they want you to contribute to their site. Offering a backlink is an incentive to keep you around. Master the art of link baiting in the signature and add useful backlinks from your site.If you have a post or site that is relevant to the discussion, add an anchor text back to your site.Other helpful tips:o Don't go nuts - Honestly I don't know how many backlinks in a short amount of time is allowed, tolerated, whatever. To me is seems 'beyond humanly possible' is backlink overload. Be consistent building backlinks, not quick.o Don't spam the comments area - if you find a blog that gives you backlinks for comments one link in the website field will do. If you are *adding* to the discussion then drop a link with anchor text or however you want to do it. Unless the link is relevant or contributes to the discussion trying to stretch for a backlink is usually not a good idea.o There is nothing wrong with 'nofollow' - Obviously you want one way backlinks that give off some PR power. Having a mix of dofollow and nofollow links is a good guideline. Sometimes the 'nofollow' links from high traffic sites have a tr[...]

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Pic: ChrisL_AKIt's all about the Twitter isn't it!Twitter GroupsDo you know about Twitter Groups? You can start your own or join many of the lists and get more followers and follow more people. Just what you needed right?Browse through it only take about five minutes to hook up with other Twitters.Win John Chows MoneyI thought this was interesting since JC has a way of pulling people in.You can win $6,000 - 5K for your favorite charity and $1000 you get to keep.Not in time for Christmas but what a way to end 2008 and kick off your 09.$6000 Contest from John Chow and XR.comFree SEO ToolsI was looking for a way to offer a space for people to congregate and build backlinks and thought of starting a Ning community. I wasn't sure if they were dofollow or not and when I did a Google search who else but but Collin Lahay was #1 for Ning and backlinking.So I took his advice which confirmed that I was on the right back to start a Ning community.How to Blog was taken so I started Free SEO Tools and will start a few others as well.Ning is a really good way to socialize and have a space of your own to keep in contact with others. Not to mention the backlinks!Free SEO ToolsA community revolving around SEO techniques and tipsand a nice way to promote your site and build ups some backlinks too!Get and Alternative MBAI've always joked that I have an MBA three times over doing what I do. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing.Seth Godin seems to think business school is bunk and wants you to work for free in his office for 6 months. My question is can you hack it? The other question is 'Would it be worth it?'...Absolutely!This is what you call old school but believe me being a protege is one of the most effective ways of getting ahead in business. At some point having an apprentice will get you even further!Find out how you can work under Seth Godin in 2009 - Deadline to apply is Dec. 14th!Don't Go to Business School! - pass it on!More Twitter...Build Your Twitter NetworkYou'll love this one. :)Head on over to Jim's Marketing Blog and leave a comment in the following post and add your Twitter user name. Follow and be followed!Build Your Twitter Network - Jim's Marketing BlogTwitter'er of the Week!Voila! It's Matt at SBOC...Follow him @matthewsbocWebsite: SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.comLatest Post: Google Friend Connect is Live Like what you see here? Subsribe to my RSS. :)How to Blog - 8 Steps to Better BloggingFriday Social - Behold the Power of TwitterWeb Optimization - Always Be SEO'ingFriday Social - BookmarkingDofollow or 'Nofollow'...That is the Question[...]

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Photo: whiskeymac (because motorcycles interest me.)How to blog seems like a redundant proposal especially if you are already blogging. No matter what your niche is if you want more readers and more cash flow you have to learn how to blog.Blogging is not just about writing. Blogging is an experience.1. Read.Don't just read about blogging. Read stories rather than how to's and business books. Magazine articles are great for quick ideas. The more you read the more you absorb and the easier writing and blogging will come to you.Everything is inter-related. Isn't a blog meant to be read? If you are not reading how can you expect others to read what you write? It is not about writing it is about blogging. Blogging is an experience. Reading is where your experiences come from.2. Self-promote.Do not be afraid. Although cyber-land has us all freaked out about spamming let go and self promote. If you piss someone off, apologize later if you see fit. You should never have to apologize for promoting yourself.3. Trial & Error.What has worked for you and what hasn't? When you encountered a problem how did you get around it? People are notoriously lazy and don't want to take the first steps they want to read about others who do. Be an innovator or pioneer because those are the folks who get paid.What were the steps you took? What happened? Was it good? How did you celebrate? Was it a disaster? How did you correct it?Trial and error. The stuffs humans are made up of.4. Read.Did I mention you should be reading? Read lots of blogs and I don't mean only in your niche. Read what interests you. I don't care what the competition is doing, if I want to find out I'll go to a convention of sorts. Mainly I subscribe and read blogs that interest me. Some of them yes are marketing because that is my interest but not because I want to know what they are up to.5. Research.Oh no more reading. Yep. Reading and research should make up at least half of your blogging efforts. How long does it take you write a blog post and hit the publish button? The more research you do the better your content. Blogging and publishing will take about 10% of your time. Know what you are blogging about before you even open your platform for a post.40 hours a wk. = 4 hours of blogging = 4 to 8 posts per week.20 hours a wk. = 2 hours of blogging = 2 to 8 posts per week. (2 or 3 principle posts and the rest are quickies.)10 hours a wk. =1 hour of blogging = 1 to 5 thought out posts because you read an awful lot and the blogging part was automatic.You get the idea.You are the expert here. Show people what you know. What did you research?6. Read some more.I'm not kidding you. You will have much better quality content if you step away from the keyboard right now and go read the newspaper or finish a book you started a few weeks ago.I reserve my weekends for play and reading. SEO, blogging and all that can wait for Monday. Ok I lied. It is Saturday at 5 p.m. and it has taken me 15 minutes to write this post so far and as it is I don't think I am going to edit it.This I will add I've been on Amazon, hit two libraries and four bookstores in the past 24 hours.7. Learn SEO Basics.You don't have to do your own SEO you can trade with someone who is better at it than you. The more you know about SEO the better because when it gets down to building your blogging business, you will know how and who to hire for the job. Learn the basics and when you get stuck or cannot comprehend anymore info or find the time to do it, call in an SEO person to do the leg work for you.8. Do the work.Read. Research. R[...]

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Image by: Robert Scoble (Yes. The Scobleizer)I needed a happy picture to offset some of the sadness in the following links.Some interesting ways that Twitter is replacing the news:Mumbai Terror: First Reports on Microblogs (Web 2.0 Bombay Blast on Flickr)Why settle for filtered second-hand information when you can hear and see it from the real source.CNN Ruins Olympics for Twitter UsersTwitter - an unfair advantage here I dare say. :)The Obama Campaign - WiredTwitter: The World's Biggest 24 NewsroomMore on Mumbi and yes Twitter gets more places than a news team probably could.Thailand: Airport Takeover and TwitterWhat Thailand Twitter'ers had to say about a coup.Friend or FollowWho are you following that is not following you back? For shame!Twitter'er of the Week!Ta-DA! It's HenchmanMike!Mikes Blog: A Lust for LifeLatest Posts: Eat Dim Sum & Do a Zine (two of my favorite pastimes)Do you have a bright idea for Friday Social? Tell me all about it!Are you following me on Twitter Yet?(Maybe you should!) Like what you see here? Subsribe to my RSS. :)Web Optimization - Always Be SEO'ingFriday Social - BookmarkingDofollow or 'Nofollow'...That is the QuestionFriday SocialBlogs that Make Money & Keyword Research[...]

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(Web Optimization Update: Mysteriously my PR is back and I stayed above the fold the whole time too. My backlinks finally caught up so we'll see what is in store for me in the next few weeks.)There is a reason, I have arrived at, why Google keeps it's PR updates a secret. If you are into SEO you can tell when the SERP's get all trippy and stuff that PR's are about to fluctuate.Why should you always be SEO'ing? Because you never know when Google will update for sure. This topic came up in a recent conversation and I mentioned that my PR went to 0 because I was blogging too much and not SEO like I should have been at the time. Some of my other blogs stayed the same, some went up a smidge, others, well.Ironically I posted how PR wasn't that important then two days later...Google: Thanks we'll be taking that..."Now the next question is, how important is PR to you. For some it's no big deal to others it is the cyber-world and everything in it! -- Dofollow or Nofollow...That is the QuesitonBack to why they keep it a secret: So people do not game the system.As it is the Internet was meant to be gamed. In fact the whole purpose and original intent for the Internet was a way to get around communication in case traditional forms of communication were down. Can you say communication hack?Why should you always be SEO'ing?Web OptimizationYou have to SEO everyday. Again why does Google keep it's PR updates so hidden? If you knew that the big G was going to update say, this Saturday or on Christmas you would be doing everything you could to game it so you would have a higher PR.That is why you should be doing it everyday.Blog TrafficThe more you SEO the more passive blog traffic you get. Had I been backlinking more than social networking I'd see more traffic and my backlinks would have been up and ready for a PR update. Indeed this is a case of you snooze you lose when you hang out too long at the cyber water cooler.The real question is does Google update PR on a regular basis? In batches? All at once?Boy Scout Motto: Always Be PreparedBloggers Motto: Always Be SEO'ing!Or, always be gaming (and hustling) without a doubt.Image by: Danard VincenteAre you following me on Twitter Yet?Please do. :) Like what you see here? Subsribe to my RSS. :)Friday Social - BookmarkingDofollow or 'Nofollow'...That is the QuestionFriday SocialBlogs that Make Money & Keyword ResearchHow to Get Backlinks to Your Blog[...]

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This is a quick post since it is the Friday after Thanksgiving. You are either in the mall mobile-Tweeting your Black Friday excursion or sitting in front of the computer and Twittering from there.Any how...Part of the issue I see online are all these fancy tools and sites and you don't know how to use them. A bigger secret than that is you have to automate.If your new or not so new to blogging behold the mysteries of social bookmarking.What is Social Bookmarking. Tell Me the Secrets!Social bookmarking is the easiest ways to get one way backlinks to your site.After every post I hit up my Shareaholic button and then go to Social Marker. Make this automatic!Social Marker is really nice since there is the option to choose only dofollow sites. I suggest posting to more than the dofollow sites but the magic lies in two areas: one way back links and front page.The most popular front page to be on is Digg of course but don't pass up other sites like and as I mentioned Mister Wong which has an amazing PR 8. You can pick up some quick traffic but more important is the more people who publically bookmark your site the better. You get backlinks from all those users including your own bookmarks.What is the other secret?Social bookmarking. Social equals friends. Make friends two ways by either doing a search on bookmarking sites for those who have similar interest or add your user profile to your posts, links on your blog or in your signiture when you are commenting on other blogs.It's pretty simple to automate these things and if you do it at least once or twice a week for a grand total of about 10 or 20 minutes you will get more traffic and links to your site.So there you go. At least one hour this week go bookmark some posts! If you need help leave me a comment and I'll walk you through it. :)Twitterer of the Week!It's Brewmeister-master Deege!Check out: Fermantarian.comLatest post: Absolut RecessionPic by: FordAre you following me on Twitter Yet?(Follow me you must...) Like what you see here? Subsribe to my RSS. :)Dofollow or 'Nofollow'...That is the QuestionFriday SocialBlogs that Make Money & Keyword ResearchHow to Get Backlinks to Your BlogFriday Social - A Weekly Deal[...]

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Pretty picture: Image EditorDofollow is there such a thing?There has been a lot of buzz recently on whatever you feel like calling it...dofollow, pick.Nofollow. An old topic making headway again!What is the best option for your site? If you do-follow there is extra incentive besides all that great content to get people to hang out at your blog.If you 'nofollow' you hoard all the link love in favor of PR.Now the next question is, how important is PR to you. For some it's no big deal to others it is the cyber-world and everything in it!On that note this blog is no 'nofollow' (or dofollow for those who like the term better.)However, a majority of internal links are 'nofollow' so that gives a balance between helping out my readers and still maintaining a bit of SEO power on my part. Comments certainly are dofollow.Over the past few weeks here are some blogs that I have found discussing dofollow/nofollow.Who is right? Everyone!A Case for DofollowInternet Marketing Experiment Update - Jim's Marketing BlogThe Nofollow vs. Dofollow Debate - Jeff Flowers.comNofollow vs. Dofollow: Backlink Study - Tushar Dhoot.comCan Nofollow Links Hurt You? - Fast Blog FinderA Case for 'Nofollow'Nofollow: Hurting Your Blog? - impNerd.comWhy You Should Nofollow Your Blog Comments - Search MarketingFive Situations Where You SHOULD Use Nofollow - Search Engine JournalHow and Where to Use Nofollow Tag On Your Blog - Semua-O-RankOne MoreIs nofollow used in these forums? - Yep. Digital Point PR 6. They get tremendous traffic but think how many backlinks they have coming in and going out. See comment #9.What is Dofollow?The better question is what is no 'nofollow'. (see below)If your still confused this by far, is the best explanation I have found about dofollow and it is a Squidoo lens:Dofollow: Increase Your Backlinks with Dofollow SitesWhat is 'nofollow'?Official from Matt Cutts in 2005:The Official Google Blog - Preventing Comment SpamAre you following me on Twitter Yet?(Well get to it!) Like what you see here? Subsribe to my RSS. :)Friday Social - Social MediaBlogs that Make Money & Keyword ResearchHow to Get Backlinks to Your BlogFriday Social - A Weekly DealWhat is John Chow Having for Lunch Today?[...]

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Pic: apennyFriday, Friday, Friday! Some of us don't have to worry about Fridays, but hey no more work until Monday for the majority! Time to get social! (For those of you getting this post a day late I'll have you know I finally changed the settings to correct it for next week.)The 2008 Social Networking Analysis Report -Geographic, Demographic and Traffic Data RevealedAs always another great post from Ignite Social Media. Do you ever wonder what the demographics are for some social media sites? We'll you should wonder, and here are some stats all laid out for you in the world of social networking.Tip' "A community for financial news, ideas and tips."If you are into the details of finance this is a great place to keep up to date, bookmark and socialize with others about money.Making Sense of Social MediaSocial media progressing at lightning speed? Great article how social networking has evolved."The critical questions for marketers are: How do we insert ourselves credibly into these networks and conversations? What's the optimal use of this two-way communication and distribution channel? The answer begins with an appreciation of how these new networks are evolving and how people are electing to participate. Social media is evolving as cable TV did, from the broad initial pioneers who prove the concept and attract mass audiences to niche channels that hyper-serve specific market segments or aggregate content into broader sub-categories like dating, health or careers. If MySpace is the pioneer, then LinkedIn is the B2B play, and the contenders for other spots along the spectrum are beginning to line up" Twitterer of the WeekGreen_Fairy is my 100th follower!I can't wait to see the movie. :)Are you following me on Twitter Yet?(Just do it!) Like what you see here? Subsribe to my RSS. :)Blogs that Make Money & Keyword ResearchHow to Get Backlinks to Your BlogFriday Social - A Weekly DealWhat is John Chow Having for Lunch Today?Web Optimization[...]

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Well looky here...To the right is a screen shot from my blog and that is an Adsense ad with the keywords 'blogs that make money'.Why am I telling you this? This is not my ad for one, and in using Adwords I have never used the term because it is not a highly regarded keyword phrase and costs a lot to use.So why did the hell did I name a blog 'Blogs that Make Money'? Because I did.It was actually the first title that came to my head at the time and suits its purpose. The phrase itself is not a huge search item but things that revolve it are. The blog can go in so many different directions to an adequate group of readers.Sooooo. I bring it up cause' I'm no expert on keywords (just a keyword geek) but in doing the research this is not such a great search term. This is more of a branding deal so maybe some day it will be highly searched with tons of buzz surrounding it. :)A good example here is Ramit Sethi's blog 'I Will Teach You to be Rich'. Never heard of the guy until a year ago I found his site doing research for a client about millionaires and rich people. I don't remember the exact search term but it was not the title of the blog. His blog is a rather bold statement made for branding.Those who are keyword fanatics will know what I'm talking about. Terms like this cost money so if you are going to use Adwords make sure you do your research.My other thought is that if I am paying for Adwords the first three spots on Google for that search term had better enhance the value of my ad. In this case the first two sites (I was #1 two weeks ago. :'( ) do not even use Adsense!There is no ill intent towards this advertiser this is merely an observation. You have to look at more than what other people are doing. You have to find out how they are thinking and that is a strong point at this moment in marketing because the market itself dictates what you market and sell. Not the other way around.I almost hope the advertiser is not a reader of this so they don't think I'm picking on them. Then again I hope they are and take this post into consideration.To be truly niche when playing with keywords it's advised to have a small following with little competition. Too small a following (very low keyword search) does not help your blog.If you are new to blogging that would be number one thing to pass on to you. Read, read, read = research and I don't mean market research. I mean read everything you can about blogging and how to promote your blog. Read as much as you can about what interests you even if there is no relation to your blog, and do it until you feel your eyes might explode.Pareto Principle for Bloggers: 80% research 20% implementation that drives it home.The marketing will fall into place.Reading a lot makes your writing flow too. Your paragraphs are seamless and it's almost as if the blog post is writing itself. I don't write everyday but I read more than I think is normal. I used to be a 'doer' and finally said "screw this" because I was making more work for myself.Research and reading makes everything automatic. You pick up what others miss. You learn what to do and what not to do from others. Let them do the work for you!When you read on a regular basis there is no such thing as writers block either and your writing is organized before it ever hits the screen.Research your keywords and readreadread. A lot.Discuss...Are you following me on Twitter Yet?(Go for it!) Like what[...]