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My writings, my thoughts, my opinions, my life... my HisStory

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Rihanna on Chris


So a several day news blitz has finally come to an end tonight (hopefully) on 20/20 with the Dianne Sawyer interviewing Rihanna about the now legendary abuse that happened so many months ago. My question is why now? Why are you coming to tell this story so many months later? Did it have to do with the push back she admitted receiving in the interview from her corporate endorsers? Is it perfect

So You Think You Can Dance... season 6 begins


I thought this past summer's series was mediocre at best... and so far this season of So You Think You Can Dance is not grabbing my attention. But as a fan of dance I will watch faithfully each week.I have always been a fan of dance, even before my years working at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, where I was exposed to many different dance styles. But Tap has never been a

just 4 laughs: Top 60 Ghetto Names...




One thing that annoys the shit out of me is stupidity. Because stupidty can be prevented by listening and educating yourself on the subject at hand.Yesterday the DC Council held an open forum for citizens to speak about the upcoming vote on the Same Sex Marriage Bill before the council. Below you have a prime case of stupidity.I wish people would understand two things: (1) The United States of

My New Toy... HTC Hero


Just as I was considering abandoning Sprint after an 8 year run. They finally released the best phone they have offered on their service in some time.I am on week 2 of Sprint's version of the HTC Hero and I must say so far i am quite pleased. There are so many things I like about the phone. The new Android platform allows for a new cell phone experience on this service. One of my favorite

Push, a novel by Sapphire


I had never heard of this book before Oprah and Tyler Perry started talking about their part in bringing it to the big screen earlier this year. It wasn't until I started seeing the trailers of Lee Daniel's upcoming film called Precious which is based on this novel that I wanted to read the novel.With the pending rainy weekend, I walked the one block to Barnes and Noble to get a copy, only to be

A long pause...


I guess I should have posted this sooner... but I have just been uninspired which is why I haven't written anything. Which is odd because there is a lot going on or not going on.Two years ago I left the association event planning world to go into the private sector and started working in the hospitality industry which I had been planning to do for years prior. Well with the fall out of the

Farewell... Ted Kennedy


I had the opportunity to meet Edward Kennedy in 2002 while working at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. From our brief conversation as I walked him to the Presidential Box of the Opera House, I was quickly drawn into the charismatic appeal that the every Kennedy has seemed to possess. I felt honored at that time to meet a man who had become such an icon and force in the US

The Nine Lives of Marion Barry...


Before watching HBO's documentary, The Nine Lives of Marion Barry, I never quite understood why DC's Ward 8, the blackest and poorest ward, kept electing 'this crack head' into office.The film chronicles DC's former mayor's 2004 City Council campaign by looking back at Barry's long love affair and political career with Washington. Barry served second elected mayor of Washington DC from 1979 to

Random Thoughts this Monday Morning...


1. Clash for Clunkers... Health reform... Supreme Court Justices... one thing I miss about not being in DC is the ability to tune all of this shit out sometimes. It is like virtually impossible to do so in DC. 2. I think people just need something to complain about... on Facebook a few months ago everyone was complaining that it was too cold and would summer ever arrive... now that it is summer

No Words


The Almost Real Housewives of Atlanta... are back...


The ladies are back with a New Attitude, in the Same ATL... and last night's episode was full of plenty laughs... from the beginning to the very well scripted end. But for me the humor came from things I am sure the producer's weren't planning... or were they?! The new season started off with NeNe showing off her yet again rented house with no furniture but bragging about some multi thousand

Farewell... E. Lynn Harris


For me E. Lynn came into my life at a time when I needed him most. I remember the time quite vividly... I was in the midst of finals during the end of my freshman year. I was finally coming into accepting myself when a good friend asked me if I had ever read, Invisible Life. I had never heard of the book or even the woman, so I thought, who had wrote it. The next day i stopped by our library and

Halo by David Sides


Me in New York... A possibility


I have spent a lot of time over the years visiting New York... but after this past 4 day weekend, I finally saw myself as possibly being able to live in this city.Granted this trip was a little different from any of my previous trips. I had a suite on the 38th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel... I spent most of my time in the midtown areas versus my usual stops in the Village and SoHo... and I

My DC: Acadiana


Nine times out of ten on a Friday afternoon/ early evening... I am starting off my happy hour and weekend at Acadiana.Acadiana located at 9th and New York Avenue across from the DC Museum... that overpriced parking lot... and the convention center... bills itself as capturing the true spirit of Louisiana. As someone who has spent quite a lot of his life in New Orleans... I will say they do a good

The MJ/Pepsi Commercial... ouch


Music is back... Thanks Maxwell


It has been 8 years but this past Tuesday, Maxwell finally released "BLACKsummers' Night," the first part of a trilogy he plans to deliver over the next few years. I first mentioned his return in February 2007... and it took a full 2 and a half years for it to come to fruition.Worth the wait... I am unsure but I will say I have thoroughly enjoyed the CD this past week. Maxwell's approach to this

Shit Your Momma Should Have Taught You #8: Everybody wasn't raised the way you were raised.


I am amazed that I can still remember the first time my mother gave me this little jewel. It was a Saturday and like every Saturday, my mother, her sister, and her cousin and my four cousins would spend the Saturday at the mall and running errands. At some point during the day we were separated from my mother and aunt... and my mother's cousin bought her 2 kids icecream or something but not me

No Words...


.... will be calling Barack as soooooon as he gets back from Africa... this heffa has to be destroyed look what she is doing to the nation. its just not healthy.



Jennifer Hudson performs for Mike


8 month preggers and still perfoming!

And the Weekend Continues...


Last night was fun. Hanging out with close friends and the grown crowd at Helix was cool. As I get older I have loss the desire to hang out at clubs and bars where everyone looks as if they should be at home studying for a math quiz. Helix definitely offered the 25 and up crowd a different place to mix and mingle.We left there and went to my neighborhood strip bar Secrets... after a drink or two

And the weekend begins...


So the 4th of July weekend has officially started... and while I am looking forward to a weekend full of events... I keep reminding myself to keep my summer financial budget in the forefront of my thoughts.I have totally been slacking the past two weeks when it comes to adhering to this budget but I have vowed to do better. I am still aiming to be out of credit card debt this fall, while paying