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Dear Noah

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Your belated 19th birthday party at Clara's in Richmond, Indiana, along with a few other trips


 Well we finally were able to get over to Clara's for a small belated get together for your 19th birthday. You had really wanted to go there for your birthday for pizza but the weather had not cooperated for everyone and then the next time we planned it a few were sick. So 2 of your aunties came and we had a good time just the 4 of us. The pizza and cake were good too. We went to Warm Glow Candle after that and Centerville Antique Mall and had a great outing. We take your photo every year we can at Warm Glow Candle with their giant Santa sculpture out front. You are now up to his shoulder! I only come up to Santa's elbow!  On another extreme...the antique mall had a giant chair which you looked tiny compared to it lol.I love you lots  Noah. You are registered for your spring college courses now and we went and picked up your textbooks this week. You got straight A's on your last semester courses. You are doing very well working towards your degree in business management!Happy 19th Birthday and I hope and pray you have many, many more to come!Love you always,MomXOXOXO [...]

Happy 19th Birthday Noah!


I have no idea where the time has gone! Seems like only yesterday we were in Colorado getting ready to take you home from the hospital! Now look at you! You are in college!! FULL GROWN!

I love you more than you will ever possibly know or little man. I am so proud of all your challenges you have overcome in your lifetime so far! You are doing fantastic!


Dear Noah.......I got a birthday card from you this year....


which was extremely special for me. I believe it was the first official card you ever bought for me...and what made this even more special was the fact that you bought it clear back last December when we separated at a store to do our individual stocking stuffer shopping for each other. I guess you figured you would not be out shopping away from me again before my birthday so you bought that card 7 months ahead of time.  You then hid it from me until I woke up on my  birthday to get ready for work and there was the envelope on my desk.

What a way to start my day. You went to so much effort to do this!




Dear have officially graduated high school!!


Like when did that happen?? SO hard to believe that you are old enough to be driving and finished with high school AND have 10 college credit hours already completed towards your associates degree in business management!We had a nice small family get together at CiCi's Pizza to celebrate you graduating......per your request as you LOVE CiCi's Pizza. I think you ate almost an entire pizza by yourself!You have qualified for grants to go to college so you are already registered for fall and winter courses. You will be going to school full time. You are also considering getting a job.........and I am very proud of  you and all your accomplishments in life so far. You have certainly come a long way!Here are a couple pics from your graduation party.I love you Noah!MomXOXOYou got a nice leather journal and pen/pencil set as part of your gift from Uncle Chris and Aunt Rita who could not make it up for your graduation. [...]

Dear Noah........


well...the days are moving by quickly and you are getting A's and B's in your college you will  need to decide what you want to do next..lots of decisions to make and possibilities to think about!

I have to wonder most every day where the time has gone....and how you could possibly have gone from that cute little boy to a nice looking young man.

I love you very much Noah!


Dear are now 18 years old...........when did that happen?


Wow..cannot believe it has been like over a month since I posted any updates. I know things are going pretty well when I don't post that much OR things are going too rough and personal and I don't share. Let's just say a lot has been happening in the past couple of months. You have finished your first semester of college courses and got an A in the Customer Service/marketing class and a B in the Business Management did VERY well and I am very proud of you and I believe this has boosted your confidence level which you definitely needed! You will start your next 2 classes next week.......English composition (to prepare you for Business Communications) and a marketing class..forget now off the top of my head what it is called. I think you will do well......but time will tell. You have dealt with some personal issues which I will not go into they are personal.....and you have not always made the best choices or handled them the best but you are learning. I do try to always understand you and help you through trying times but it seems I was not even aware of some of your trying times because you did not let me know. When I found out you held a knife to your throat and wanted to die during this personal time I was so devastated.......but so thankful it was mostly just a threat to someone and not something you really would want to do. However, your more immature responses to times of personal crises reminds me of the fact that while young....and young people can be super dramatic at are still more emotionally behind than your peers at the same age as you. I do not have a problem with that as I know from the past you will catch up......but I know it makes it harder for you to be ready to take those first steps out into the real world. I am trying all I can to prepare you....but it takes time and you move at a slower pace in this regard than others your age. NOT all...just some. In a way that is kind of normal probably for kids your age. We did have a small birthday celebration at your grandma and grandpa's house after Christmas since everyone was there..or just about we always do to make it convenient for everyone not to have to get together again over the holiday rush.....but you have always wanted to have a party at CiCi's Pizza ....and with the holidays and some not feeling well and work schedule conflicts I figured once again we would not be able to do this....but your aunt Angela arranged a SURPRISE birthday party for you at ...yes...CiCi's Pizza!When I got you over there you had no idea and when you walked in and saw everyone and realized your wish of over 2 years was finally coming teared up.....but you were so happy. I DID cry the semi-ugly cry lol..but tried to keep it together. We had a great time there and good food and playing arcade games. Big shout out thank you again to my sister Angela and everyone else who came along to celebrate Noah's 18th birthday! I still can't believe you are now 18 years old. While there are a lot of "firsts" in your life and my life with you recently...there are also some "lasts" and things coming to an homeschooling. I have loved every minute of that and really never wanted to relinquish my duties in that regard even as you had to become more independent with your studies. I had a very hard time with that and still have kept most of my old school stuff I used to teach you with. I did donate a large box of items to Goodwill....which about tore me up.....but I did it. I have to remember sometimes it is okay to let go of the material thing as I still have the memories and photos. In another month or so you will get your permanent driver's license. Another big first was the fact that we had to register you for the selective service/draft. Life goes on and there will always be changes coming our way........and I am so thankful you were born and have sha[...]

Dear Noah........


Wow I can tell since I have started homeschooling you and now you are a senior and actually doing college courses this year.....that the stress and problems you used to face have definitely improved or totally resolved. Homeschooling was one of the very BEST decisions I have ever made for you and would do it all over again in a heartbeat! I can tell things are much better just from the drop in postings I have made here on Blogger. However, I should also report in I guess on all the progress and GOOD things over the years. Your life is so much better and your world is so much easier to cope and live in. I am so thankful for all.

As you are also older I do choose to keep a lot of things more private now.......for obvious reasons.

You are doing very well so far with the college courses...making the transition slowly but surely. I cannot believe October is already half over.

We have adjusted to living in an apartment instead of a house...and continue to slowly get more settled now that we have decided for sure we will be staying put. We are excited about the upcoming holidays in our new place and decorating and enjoying it this year. We moved in last year the week of Christmas which I would never advise anyone to ever do if you can possibly avoid it!

Otherwise, all is well with you and us and home. Love you so much Noah and I am very proud of all you have accomplished so far in your life. I only wish the best for you always.

Love you!

(Memories from your past)

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Dear begin college courses on Monday, August 29......


and I find myself sitting here wondering where soon to be 18 years have gone. Has it really been almost 18 YEARS? Does not seem possible. I look back at photos of you when you were very young.....and then a little older....and see you every day as you are now. Hard to believe that little boy is still in there and part of you now.

I love you and hope and pray you do very well and succeed at all you dream of!


Dear have taken over the wheel.........


and for the life of me I cannot remember the last time I drove my own car! You are doing really well though and I love you and am proud of you....but I will have to drive occasionally so I can make sure I do not forget any of my skills! haha

Now I can certainly see more and look around more with you driving and of course even take this one of the clouds that were ahead of us with an approaching storm! We ended up driving right through it all....and you had said you wanted practice driving in the rain...well you certainly got to experience that now a few times.

College courses start soon...and I am still wondering where all these years went??

I love you!


Dear will be starting college courses soon........


And I still cannot believe it.

I love you my little man.


Dear Noah.........your college courses are scheduled.......


Still hard to believe you are ready to begin could have graduated this year from high school but we decided to do another year and have you do mostly college courses during your senior year...along with some other courses to help you get ready to be independent and a math review so you can be more college ready for math. You qualify now......but I want you to be even better prepared.

Nothing much else are driving very well.....we are slowly settling into the apartment....we wanted to wait till summer at least to make sure we were staying.....I believe we will so now we get to start deciding what else we want to bring over from the locker to here and put things away.

Otherwise....summer is arriving. Humidity is almost 100% today and it is to be in the 80s I believe.

I love you and am proud of the young man you are becoming!


King Noah and King Opie


Dear still sleep in strange positions sometimes


I have gone in a few times to check on you and still find you in strange sleeping on your back with your legs crossed and up over your chest....or like this....sitting and leaning over also still usually completely cover up including your head with your afghan.

You must be comfortable as you were sleeping really well...I would think it would cut your circulation off.

You still rarely sleep under the covers on a bed. I am the same way. We sleep on top and cover up with an afghan.

Love you Noah the moon and back again...and again and again and again and again...forever and ever and ever.......


Dear Noah.........


As I sit here today on a misty Monday morning I am thinking back on your life and our time so far together and how incredible it has been. How challenging it all started out and while there are still some challenges, it is nothing like it all began. You have made huge progress in your personal life and also with school and I am grateful for that and so happy for you. I feel more assured you will be "just fine" as you get ready to be out on your own one day. This does ease my mind to a great degree.

I also have noticed such a huge difference when we started to home school you compared to when you were still attending public school. So much LESS stress all the way around and you have actually thrived. I would highly recommend homeschooling to anyone to consider.

I am proud of you Noah and know you will accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

I love you!


Dear Noah........ACT scores are in...........


Got Noah's ACT test scores and he scored VERY well and is ready for college according to those scores as well - In fact, I always worried a bit about reading, even though he does well (due to his comprehension needing a lot of work over the years) and English (because he had a huge speech language delay starting out) but he always loved books and reading and was very good with grammar and context and vocabulary. I have to say he scored in the top 10% in the NATION on that. We were both a little stunned but also happy and thankful to know he is indeed learning a lot being homeschooled and has retained it! Anyway...he had been afraid to look at his scores so I looked first...and then called him in later to look and he left with a big smile on his face.
Towards the end of each school year, about now, I always start to as myself, "Have we done enough?" or I wonder if he has learned anything ...etc. Then I get his portfolio together of his assignments and work he completed throughout the year, his test scores, etc. and I am always so surprised to see how MUCH he completed in each year. That affirmation is HUGE and keeps us going. I am NOT a big supporter of test taking and placing kids with certain numbers here or there on some graph or scale or there are so many more important things in the mix to vary those results.......but I do admit that Noah's test scores have built up his confidence level and make him feel good about himself and makes me realize I am teaching him apparently well enough that he is where he needs to be in life at this moment at least. He has come a LONG way for sure! With each step he takes we are getting him closer to his goals. That is a good thing!

Dear Noah........driving.......and college admission testing......


I cannot believe how well you are doing and how fast you are becoming a young adult man. Does not seem possible to me. Since you decided you wanted to go to college we began that process. Next year for your senior year you will actually be doing college courses for college credit that you can one day transfer towards a degree you have tentatively picked out. Since a photo ID is required...and  you decided to start driving now after all instead of waiting till later...we decided you may as well go take your written test and get your temps so you can have a photo ID and start driving.

You did very well on the test...and now have your temps.

Next up was the Compass test for our local/state community college admissions requirement. You took that on Thursday afternoon and finished in like half the time it normally takes and you passed it very well.

Even though you would not have to take the ACT test..or at least not now...we had scheduled you for it anyway so you took that today. You feel you did very well on it...but we don't have those scores yet. Time will tell.

However, with each success your confidence is building. You become more comfortable with yourself and growing up...with driving...with realizing you are learning and retaining things here with homeschool......and it is wonderful to see all this come to pass right before my eyes.

Looking back I often wondered what things might be like when you got older. I am becoming much more confident too that you will accomplish anything you set your mind to.....and you will be just fine.

You certainly have lots of plans.....and while our lives are changing and maybe even our roles to some degree....I am so thankful I have you in my life and have been able to share it with you and be able to teach you here at home. I really have loved that. We don't spend nearly the time together now as we did in the past...and I do miss that...and yet I know it is inevitable and something I need to just accept and go with that it prepares to take you down the waters of your life one day.

SO my little man........I wish you only the very best life has to offer.

I love you more than ever.


Dear got your temps today!


and I cannot believe you will be 18 by the end of the year and will get your license shortly after that. Where has the time gone? Whether I or you are ready for this or are almost grown and ready to be on your own!

I love you Noah and only wish the very best life has to offer you....I hope all your dreams come to pass as you have them planned and you will be happy and be loved always.

(I will love  you to the moon and back, again and again, forever and ever and ever ........)

Dear prep? oh my


Not even finished with your junior year and we are already talking about college prep classes next year at our local college starting in the fall.

I cannot even begin to process all the upcoming events and changes. Life is a bit of a whirlwind right now.

Hanging on tight for this ride!

love you my little will always be my little man to me


Dear Noah.....high school and getting ready for college


I still cannot believe you are a junior in high school and now you have changed your mind and DO want to go to college...and not just like a local community college, but you would like to go "away" to college, like Ohio State University's MEGA bucks college. "Away from home." Key words for me...AWAY from home.

My job as your MOM has been to continue to homeschool you but also teach you life skills to get you ready to be on your own one day, which would probably be difficult enough with your high-functioning autism, but now we add into the mix getting you ready to attend college, and possibly "away" from home one day. We have a lot to do and we are busy preparing you now to begin college next year locally as part of the College Credit Plus program. We are hoping you can complete 2 years of local college here and then you can transfer if you still want to and have financing arranged, to OSU one day. This will allow you to bypass some of the more traditional university requirements, and hopefully be a slightly easier transition. I still have a lot of anxiety not only about the living away from home, as there are many things you still flat our refuse to do for yourself, but also some of the more stringent requirements any college will place in your lap.

So, we are moving ahead, getting a little more anxious sometimes as time passes but trying to hang in there. This year you will also probably begin to learn to drive, trying to time that just right for many reasons, including insurance, financial, etc.

Taking a big, deep breath here.........and let's just try to do this!

I love you!!  Always will.


Dear Noah.........getting settled in after the move.......


So we finally got moved into our new apartment. You are slowly getting your room put together the way you want it. I gave you  my bed and mattress and you even wanted my satin will be the satin sheets lol.......the top pic is before you put some of your plushies back in your room. I asked if you still wanted to put them in your room and you said the 2nd pic is after some of their arrival! Your shelves are going into your closet. Once we bring over the things from our storage locker your home design books and some other things will go inside the closet on those shelves. We got a hanging cubby for your socks and some items of want to hang most of your T-shirts you it is all working out little by litte.

I still feel like we are living in a hotel of sorts. It has taken me the last few weeks to recover from the I have not yet gone to our locker to bring over more items to put away and I have not really hung anything yet on our walls. All that will come in time.

Looking forward to this next chapter of our lives....and getting you ready to graduate and go to college...which I still partly refuse to accept or process haha.

Love you my little (young) man!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


So....I have been absent because we have been moving. It just worked out that we had to move then right between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would never advise anyone to do that. We did still manage to get a simple tree up and a couple of decorations. I have actually already unpacked everything I brought here so far, but still have some things to organize and other things to bring over from the storage locker. We did not officially even get the keys to the new place till Dec 17....and we took small loads over till the 20th when all the large stuff went. Little by little we got moved  but about stressful and it did not seem like Christmas because we had no downtime to even think about it much. I did try regardless, because I love just seemed so odd this year....and no snow but TONS of rain and high winds!

Anyway, making time to just wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and hope you have a blessed and Happy New Year!

Dear Noah - Happy Thanksgiving!


We had a great Thanksgiving this year....your aunt and uncle came up from Florida along with your cousin and his girlfriend and daughter....we had a great visit and they brought some cool gifts from Florida and Columbia....and T-shirts that said I Survived the Lincoln Family Thanksgiving 2015 ......of course there were poses of every person taken with funny turkey hats on..... all in all another good 17th birthday is quickly approaching. Where has the time gone? I love you! Mom XOXOXOX

Dear Noah....third time's the charm!


Finally got your new extra pair of glasses. Your vision has not changed in the past couple of years, which is good, but you wanted a 2nd pair of glasses to change things up from time to time. The ones you originally chose though, only lasted 2 days before cracking and the lens falling out. When we got the replacement for that pair, upon picking up the glasses at the eye doctor's office, that pair cracked before we even left. You picked a 3rd pair but chose a slightly different design from another company and those so far have held up great.

Here is your new 2nd look....

We went to the local public school last night for information on transitioning from high school to life on your own and college. It was somewhat informative and we picked up some information that we will definitely be able to investigate further. 

On our way into the building there were cheerleaders outside. You were very worried about them seeing you..or so I thought. In reality you were afraid I think of having to see them....because as we walked past them to get inside the building, you told me you were going to try to not pay any attention to them and you actually turned your head and looked away. I asked you why this would bother you so much and you said you felt like if you looked, you were betraying your girlfriend.

Wow...I think I have brought you up right! What girlfriend would not want her boyfriend to think like that and actually take steps to prevent themselves from perhaps being tempted? I did explain to you later at home it is pretty natural for men or women to "look" at the opposite sex, but the fact that you were aware of it and wanted to keep it in check and took steps to do so was pretty impressive to me. Any girl would be lucky to have you as a boyfriend!

I love you my young man who is growing up to be quite the adult.

To the moon and back, again and again, to infinity and beyond!