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In Dwelling

Roz's happenings, thoughts, and miscellany. Same great product, new snazzy package.

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It was a lovely Christmas, but . . .


It was truly a good holiday. Christmas Eve Mass was wonderful, there were great times and conversations with kids and friends, everyone gave thoughtful and welcome gifts, and which were joyfully received. However, it offered a new opportunity to me to Learn Something the Hard Way. I like to cook, but I haven't done much in the way of baking since my bread-baking days gave way to "got a lot of

Mr. President, please get a coach


I generally refrain from writing about political matters. This isn't due to a lack of observations or opinion, but because he tendency of political conversation these days is to ignore nuance and leap directly for the jugular. I don't enjoy firefights and do my best to avoid them (though I sometimes yield to the temptation to make a comment that I think wittily insightful but others may think

Taking your house from disaster to guest-ready in 10 minutes


Caveat: these are not original with me. The original post is here. Clean off the floor, picking up anything that weighs less than 50 lbs and moving it to the floor of the nearest closet. Artfully cover the pile in the closet with fabric. Vacuum only the visible areas. Grab a few empty boxes from the laundry room where you keep them for just such an occasion, and sweep all flat surface clutter

A glimpse into my family


One of the things I enjoy about my kids is the somewhat unusual sense of humor we all share. I'm going to let you have a peek, but first some backstory.  Last summer my son's family joined us at our cottage for several days. Son-meister brought his bike and did some riding -- at least until he encountered a bear cub with its mother. Although a mild-mannered minister, he realized that it was very

Another reason I appreciate Facebook


If it weren't for conversations on Facebook, I wouldn't have these witty and refreshing exchanges with my children.



My father-in-law died suddenly during the early morning hours of January 21 of this year. In preparation for his memorial service, his children gathered some memories of him, and I was inspired to write down some of my own. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ My first impression of him was "upright and courtly". He was warmly courteous as we first got acquainted and always made me feel welcome. His pleasure at our

Things you missed if you're not on Facebook


Elizabeth: "Emergency Bulletin: Even on the internet, 'yr' does not mean 'your' or 'you're' in English. Thank you." Theresa: "I totally agree with yr Emergency Bulletin. It's true "Yr" means neither something that belongs to You, or implying something about You as a person or what You as a person is about to do. Yr means 'yer.' "Frinstance: 'Yer being a short-sighted prescriptivist, oh Lizzie'

Things I wish I hadn't learned through experience


Before you put the cat out, check to see whether you've got the one whose front claws are intact. Don't wait until your carpets and upholstery are irretrievably soiled before getting them cleaned. Roll your windows up, no matter how hot it is. Those shoes you're sure are broken in -- aren't. If you set the timer for something in the oven, stay within earshot of the timer. Time passes far more

I can't resist a good joke


Virus Warning You have just received the Amish virus. Because we don’t have any computers or programming experience, this virus works on the honor system. Please manually forward this virus to everyone on your mailing list and then delete all the files from your hard drive. Thank you for your cooperation. The Amish Computer Department Thank you very much, Julie

Mom's relationship tips for internet addicts


Yes, it certainly is easier to strike up a conversation with someone in virtual space, especially if you've got yourself a hot-shot avatar. However, in the real world, chances are you may need to equip yourself with more than wit and like-a-flash typing speed to successfully begin to get to know that interesting person. From the imaginative Indexed you keep hearing about from me.

Wish I'd thought of that


From FailBlog. Caution: most of site deserves a Vulgarity Alert.

If you look like this, you probably have swine flu


Found on My[confined]Space

I wish someone would send me an invitation like this


More remarkable graphics at Share Some Candy.

I firmly believe there should be whiteboards in every room


You Are a WhiteboardYou are a dreamer, a visionary, and a straight up idea person. You are very creative.Even if the things you think up are a bit wacky, they often are brilliant.You are an adept problem solver. You are always tossing around dozens of ideas.You would make a good artist, designer, or architect. You do best when work feels like play.What Office Supply Are You?

Are you sure that's where you want to start?


You'll notice a new blog, Coffee Klatch, in the sidebar. It makes me smile. Here's a sampling.Dear Abby,I am facing a very serious problem. You see, I am a Vietnam-era deserter from the U. S. Marines, and I have a cousin who works for Microsoft. My mother peddles Nazi literature to Girl Scouts and my father (a former dentist) is in jail for 30 years for molesting most of his patients while they

"Ask a stupid question" department


I tend to dislike the "reaction-on-the-street" interviews that follow hard on the heels of momentous (or not so momentous) current events. I don't care, frankly, what passers-by feel about the passing of Michael Jackson or the fact that it was a cooler-than-usual summer. (Okay, lay it on me, is this a personal failing? Honestly, how do you feel about it?)The Onion, as usual, puts a whole new

A picture with no comment


Tweeted from the 9/12 Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C. by Brian.

Ssshhh. Finally, the ultimate secret of unleashed productivity


Step 1. Buy a productivity book. Any productivity book will do. (The one I use is Geting Things Done.) If that book doesn't particularly appeal to you, don't worry. Find one that you've heard people speak well of.Step 2. Look carefully at the productivity book. Speak firmly to yourself, saying, “If I don’t get X done, I’m going to have to read that productivity book.” ...Thanks to Julie who

Mama Roz explains some more


Here are some things worth knowing when you have your own place:If you have an old fashioned refrigerator that needs to be defrosted, allow a good deal more than an hour for the job, and do not do it on a 95-degree day or you'll lose your food in the process. Pans of boiling water in the freezer make the crud thaw faster. Of course, you'll clean the fridge while you're at it. Then, when you're

Let me 'splain something to you


Over the years, I've learned some things. Some, I've learned the hard way. Some, fortunately, I've picked up because someone showed me, told me how to do it, or gave me good advice. I now have grown children, children-in-law and the beginnings of a clan of grandchildren. Any of you in a similar position know the risk of being too pushy with advice and counsel. I definitely do not want

And a little toy will light their way


One of the morning drivetime radio shows (back when I commuted 45 minutes rain/shine/gloom of early morning) had a call-in game called "The Right Answer is Always 'C'". Well, our version today is: "Got a problem? Use a Lego!"Click here to see Lego lights including my favorite, the little pocket-guy in the photo who can also clip onto a headband (included) for a pseudo-60s look. What more could

Looking for the mother of all lawyer jokes?


Look no further than Lowering the Bar, an irony-laden blog with news of the ridiculousness that is life in the legal lane. Recent posts include:Big Firm Rocked by Tax Divider Scam which raises the question, "Did he think no one would notice that a million dollars worth of tab dividers were ordered that never arrived?" Next time, buddy, mix it up and make that half a mil in fancy ballpoint

The two sides of my child


My son is so amusing. My daughter and her husband are looking for a townhouse -- their first home purchase. She updated her Facebook status thus: "Now we have two favorites. What to do . . . "Her brother responded thus:First comment"what to do.". Obviously YOU have never bought a house before. The answer is like so totally obvious, at least to anyone with a strong base of Southern California real

Well, it's one way to leave for a business trip


Note to kids:Note to dear husband:From the whimsically-named but "don't-try-this-at-home" Whiskey in my Sippy Cup.

Just call his name, and he'll be there