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Published: 2007-08-17T09:13:50-06:00


iPhone benchmarks suggest JavaScript performance deficits


Iconfactory's Craig Hockenberry has benchmarked the performance of JavaScript on the iPhone against JavaScriot on an iMac, and then again against the native UIKit. The results definitely show the need for native iPhone apps. read more | digg story

Battlestar Galactica to Shorten Season


Just received the following email from iTunes. Not sure what it means. Thank you for purchasing the Season Pass for Battlestar Galactica - Season 3. Due to a change in the number of episodes the network plans to air, the...

Computer Games Can Save Your Brain


If you're one of the many people who while away hours playing FreeCell, that heinously addictive and complicated version of Solitaire, you may be interested to hear that some researchers think your performance in this computerized card game might reveal...

Food Crop Biofuels Given Thumbs Down By National Academy of Sciences Study


Producing biofuels such as ethanol from food crops isn't worth the effort a new and painstaking study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers should instead concentrate either on producing ethanol from indigestible plant...

China Ages Causing a Shortage of Cheap Labor


The New York Times describes Shanghai where workers are aging as a result of China's one-child policy in 1976. "Twenty percent of this city's people are at least 60, the common retirement age for men in China, and retirees are...

Episcopal Fudge


Yesterday, the episcopal church passed a resolution that supposedly was a compromise between its beliefs concerning the rights of gays and lesbians and the concerns of the greater Anglican Communion for fidelity to Scripture and Apostolic tradition. You would think...

Autistic or Just Geek?


I have a son who is autistic and a number of my engineering friends are autistic. is commenting on a Wired article that encourages techies to take an autism test. My comments on digg follow. While it is true...



The Supreme court has ruled that parents carry burden of proof in school cases. WASHINGTON, Nov. 14 - The Supreme Court ruled in a closely watched education case on Monday that parents who disagree with a school system's special-education plan...

The French Connection


The source of the Niger yellowcake documents has now been officially identified in a story by the New York Times. ROME, Nov. 3 - Italy's spymaster identified an Italian occasional spy named Rocco Martino on Thursday as the disseminator of...