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Preview: Life: The Ongoing Education

Life: The Ongoing Education

You learn something new every day...

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My sister gave birth to twins at the end of March and they are so freaking adorable that I forget to eat sometimes when I'm with them. If you know anything about me and how much I enjoy food, this is telling. Last weekend, Papa, my beloved grandfather, got to meet his great-grandchildren for the first time, and it was even more adorable than the twins by themselves: Okay, yes, I'm pretty

Remember When I Used to be a Blogger?


Ah, yes, I remember those days too. The good ol' days when I actually kept up a blog and told people how I felt about people and stuff happening in my life. In case you're concerned, I still do tell people those things, I just haven't been doing it via a blog. In my last post, I said, "Will I continue chronicling my life here on this blog? For now, absolutely, but there are no guarantees here at 

Six Years of Life


June 26, 2006, I published the very first post here at Life: The Ongoing Education. So, for those of you capable of doing basic math (or capable of reading the title of this post), that means this blog recently turned six years old. June 2006 In some ways, you could say that means this blog has documented six years of my life. And in some ways that would be true. I did title it "Life: The



I've been living in this apartment for about two years now. (Out of curiosity, how many of you were with me on this blog when I moved? Oh, my loyal readers, a.k.a. my friends.) Last summer, I considered doing a big redecoration, but instead, I got a cat. Oh, I suppose I should take a brief moment here to update you on my adorable Three-Legged Wonder. (No, that's not his actual name, but heaven

Indirect Flirtations


Okay, so this may surprise no one, but I have no idea how to date. So, let's acknowledge, from the start, that there's this boy. I like him. A lot. Like, a lot. And I really want to date him. I have no idea if it would actually work out, but I really want the opportunity to try, because I think a relationship with him has potential. He's gorgeous, tall, and a literary nerd just like me. He's

Writing Love on My Arms


And it's hard to dance with the Devil on your back, So shake him off.                                           - "Shake it Off," Florence and the Machine I haven't cut myself in 5 years and 7 months, but I am still a cutter at heart. There is a part of me that never goes away, and that part of me knows that cutting will provide relief from the pain, however temporary that relief might be. I

That Was a Good Episode


Anyone out there read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller? I won't go so far as to say it's a good read - don't get me started on the myriad issues that make it a terrible read - but it is definitely an interesting read, and depending on your personality, it could be a very good read for you. Still, whether you like it or not, it has some interesting points to consider. One the

Playing Barbie... in Real Life


You all already know I enjoy fashion. I enjoy putting outfits together each day, experimenting with what I can do to look stylish without repeating what's worked in the past. A new challenge, each and every day, to put together the shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, accessories, and/or shoes in such a way that will make people go, "Wow, you look so great! How do you always look so cute?" Am I vain?

Living vs. Blogging


I've had a number of posts percolating in my head for the past couple of weeks; lots of things are floating around my head that might be fun to dissect in my writing. It used to be, only a couple years ago, that having these kinds of things in mind would lead almost immediately to blogging. In fact, if I wasn't blogging, it was a sure indication that I couldn't come up with anything to say. (And

Why I Will NOT Be At BlogHer This Year


The History of Me and BlogHerI first started blogging near the end of June 2006. The BlogHer conference that year was so close to me - maybe a 20-minute drive to the convention center - and I briefly considered going. But really, I hadn't been blogging that long, and I wasn't sure that it would really be all that interesting if I wouldn't know very many people. I completely regretted that

Wish List


I recently checked a pretty big item off my ongoing wish list: Hi, I'm a tripod-cat and I'm a little nervous... Now I'm slightly less nervous, so I've come out from behind the toilet, and am now behind the futon. It got me thinking about what else is on my wish list, so I thought I would share. Because why covet alone when you can covet with friends, right? Right. Item #1:

Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty


Do you know Karen Walrond? I can't say I know her, not really, though I have met and interacted with her a bit. From that little bit of interaction, plus what I've captured from her blog, I can say, with absolute certainty, that she is super awesome amazing. So much that I couldn't pick which one of those words to use, so I used all three.She published a super awesome amazing book called The

You Should Be Buying Me Wood


It's my fifth anniversary here at Life: The Ongoing Education. No joke - FIVE YEARS. I don't know about you, but to me, that feels like a really long time. And time is something I've been thinking of a lot lately, for a few different reasons:1) I turned 29 ten days ago. I was in Africa, but the birthday came anyway, and now I have less than a year before I turn 30, which terrifies me to no

On the Road Again


I'm on my way to Africa right now. I had high hopes for updating before I left, but there was just too much to do. In a short summary, I thought grading was going to kill me, but it didn't; Dr.B. knows I like him, but he doesn't like me back; and HTG has a brother who is super hot and happened to be at the airport to see us off. Oh, and I'll be turning 29 in about 10 days. What do we think about

How Do 28-Year-Olds Flirt?


Answer: I have no idea.Okay, I don't have the time or the energy to give every single detail - and, in fact, many of you reading this know me in real life, and you've already heard every detail - but I did want to give an update for those of you who have been curious about Dr.B.Things are going well. What exactly does "well" look like? Let's look at positive recent signs:1) When I invited him

Time-Out from the Boy to Say...


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!Do you know my mom? You should, because she is AMAZING. I wish, almost every day, that we lived closer to each other, so that I could spend more time with her than I get to right now. Seeing her only a handful of times each year? It's just not enough.When I was about seven years old, apparently, I very calmly and rationally informed my mother that I had decided she was an

Why "Just Ask Him Out!" is Not an Option


How are we feeling about the vast increase in posting frequency? Let's all take a moment to thank the combination of Dr.B. (for giving me the content) and Spring Break (for giving me the time) for the more frequent updates. Unless you're sick of them and/or can't keep up, in which case, blame Dr.B. and Spring Break.So, we've looked at a couples pieces of evidence so far, and the consensus from

Additional Evidence


Okay, so hopefully by now you've had time to study Exhibit A, and you're ready for some new evidence. So, on to...Exhibit B: The Fly-Bys and Near MissLet's re-establish a timeline for a moment. I emailed Dr.B. a response to his story on Friday morning, and he and I had our failed conversation the following Wednesday morning. That Wednesday happened to fall in the middle of his week of

I Couldn't Hold Out for HTG Forever


So... there's a boy. And I kinda like him. It's all very 16-year-old-girl-ish really, what with the giggling and whispering with friends and general feelings of giddiness.Of course, there might be more giddiness if he liked me back, but that's a minor detail, don't you think?I don't explicitly know that he doesn't like me; there's currently very little evidence to examine, so it's tough to make

Classroom Conversations


Enjoy these brief peeks into my life...[In a discussion about creating rewards systems while working...]Me: So you set a goal for yourself, then give yourself some kind of reward for finishing.Student M: Exactly. Finish one page, watch a weird Japanese YouTube video.Student N: I let myself read a chapter of my book.Student D: I had a Cheezit.--------------------[Explaining a list of names on the



I got new clothes (as mentioned previously), and I also died my hair dark brown with red highlights (you can see it in the last four photos). Enjoy:Other than that, I got nothin'. Most days I think my depression is better, but when it's late and I'm alone - which is when I have time to blog - I feel like it comes back. Such is the nature of the beast, I suppose.

Some Surprises Are Nice; Others, Less So


I believe three out of the five mornings last week I encountered the exact same unpleasant surprise. It went something like this:What should I wear today? Hmmm...I know! My navy pants with a long-sleeved white shirt and a gray sweater vest. That'll be nice.*Puts on pants and tries to zip them up*They won't zip! I couldn't have gained that much weight, could I?*Puts on another pair of pants..

"Pleasant Events"


So where the hell have *I* been, right? I honestly hadn't even realized it had been over a month since I posted. To which I say, MY BAD. But hey, I'm back now and you love me for it and we all know it.Moving right along.I have started attending a CBT group through my health care provider. CBT stands for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and I think it's really great, especially for people like me

My Bathtub Story


(I just realized that the title makes this sound like a much more exciting post than it is going to be. Perverts, go elsewhere, because this is not what you're looking for.)I got a hand-me-down book called The Pocket Muse (by Monica Wood) when a fellow teacher was cleaning out her bookshelves. It's fun and interesting, and gives good ideas for writers who may be struggling with writer's block

Is It Everything You Hoped For?


My voice, I mean. Many of you may never have heard my voice, let alone seen me speaking, so enjoy this, my first video blog, or "vlog." As I say in the video, I got the prompt for this from Aly, who has a positively lovely accent. My accent, if such exists, is not nearly as lovely... Say these words:Aunt, route, wash, oil, theater, iron, salmon, caramel, fire, water, sure, data, ruin,