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Topher Tune's Times

digital photography, architectural internship, San Francisco, Montara, nature, religion, politics

Updated: 2017-09-12T09:55:49.223-07:00


Found fragment


President Ford interview at 3 ready at noon

five French chairs for reporters

coffee tables



wing back

MacArthur suite, a problem in masking white

Processing Test



Meditation on the Runes

The grass whispers in the breeze and the fog hangs low, blowing the wrong way.

The birds chatter in their social whirl, heedless of silence and happy.

The dog decides to come along, not linger and sniff so.

The messages in the grass are many, full, resplendent.

They are purple and pink, nearly waist high, each little field nearly impassable for all the abundance brought by many days of rain.

I aspire to see, but without much luck. It doesn't matter. The trees will grow and eventually all will be forested. The history of the vast field of 1943 will disappear into pine, cypress, eucalyptus and cotoneaster. What isn't forest will be chaparral, mostly Baccharis and Artemisia. The dark soil will lighten again to rocky light beige hues of granite.

The being alone in this space, the solitude, the ritual will pass.


When do you suppose a good day is for global pride march? March for pride. In all humility, pride. No money raised. No donation bucket. Just pride. You, me. Anyone at all. Lesbian, gay, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, straight allies if any of these or any other arbitrary divisions make sense, which they don't, but pride for everyone sure does. What day is it though. All I know is it's one full day, 24 hours long, march any time that day for however long to wherever with whomever.


Spring in the step, mud at the feet. Look out across the valley and where mid to dark gray green should be, see light gray, light behind the top of the range, the trees in the foreground silhouetted. Lupine out, buttercups, sun cups a few, the last of the camas lily and a giant mushroom just starting, whose surface resembles a golf ball. Grass at the peak of loveliness. Heaven for horses and dogs sniffing.


Longings I know not what. Empowerment over unknown questions whose answers are therefore unknowable. Gray skies, amazingly plain. Near rain. Things not expensive far from here. People from other countries in town, again far. Sounds of the sea. Smell of deer for the dog to pick up and on sight, lurch furiously toward. Music. Musings. Mixes. Bits and pieces. Whole rumbling mash-ups, a wall of sound. Kitsch settings. Contacts. Hopes.


Attempted a rebuild of iTunes library using an article from Apple Support, "How to re-create your iTunes library and playlists." This is because the computer where iTunes would no longer boot. Also, the new computer has some recent iTunes tracks. Removed the itl and xml file from the expected location in "My Music" as directed in the article, launched iTunes and, since I needed to keep the files were they were before, I made sure uncheck "copy to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" (in iTunes, edit -> preferences -> advanced). I did the "file -> library -> import playlist" on the original iTunes xml file retrieved from the broken machine's "My Music" folder as directed in the article, and the old iTunes library and the playlists were rebuilt (undetermined number of songs weren't found). This took a while because there were 13,000 tracks before. Then I exited iTunes and saved the xml and itl files again. Then I relaunched iTunes and did a second "file -> library -> import playlist," this time pointed on the saved recent xml file on the new computer. This was fairly quick as the recent iTunes library was only a few hundred tracks. Then I decided where I wanted the iTunes Music library should be from now on, and checked the boxes for iTunes to keep the library organized and copy the files to to iTunes Music folder when adding to library. Old and new playlists are present and any decisions about genre and so forth are present as well. This is a great success. The tracks appear in order the original iTunes library was built, and then the recent iTunes library was built, but the added date is all today, not the historically added date. This is essentially a successful re-creation of an old iTunes library and merge of recent library in chronological order.


some month and then one... mostly dark, very beautiful, chilly... last week broke two computer systems and the sound card driver on a third, but made up for it by finding a superior used machine for $200 on craigslist... romance... it is a topic, but inactive... mess... it is a topic, but not active enough in dealing with it... poetry... the book is stuck in a broken computer, but the machine to make more is still cranking... even found some old poems today during cleanup, one that sticks in my mind after years and years... music... the promise is streaming with a dj system of some kind such as vdj, not sam


there is a time of year on the coast when summer persists in the month of june... endless days, bright and beautiful through clean windows... 5-ish in the morning to 9 at night... then comes true summer... usually july 4 is not spared... socko... gray gray days... but today sun hits the screen and toph smiles


ending this and on that someone walks in all youthful seeming but handle that


this is where i get to say i am getting married


rains are light this year, particularly the ones that were supposed to come in december and january... february rains were generous, and spring was not completely lost... it is wonderful to climb the hillsides between patches of rain and look out over the ocean


gazos creek is one strange to me... it comes out small... location near former vast dunes... middle of remote stretch of coast... passionate stories of birds in jeffers tones... scanned... dark... need some art






messages of hope and good things... the days are short... attention and temper also... occasional moments of musical beauty, poetic insight, calligraphic messing...


isn't it great to have a blog and never post? sure it is like having this wonderful closet full of stuff you never play keep adding to it...everything is shiny and new and clean, ready to use, batteries charged, in perfect working of paints and large canvases...workstations...skis...boomboxes...big-screen tv...books, don't get me started...


spring to summer the grass turns and days are bright...maybe some fog but it burns off leaving brightness, coolness, freshness...yesterday a swim in the cove swells....mmmm


still here...much time in second life..shifting priorities, aspirations, other blogs, identities...xo


Christopher's Copy, Irene Poon--this is next to the Paint Pot on upper Grant Ave in North Beach mid 60s--Maggie's was a dress shop and other things, Maggie seen here :)


Raving lunatic migrates to SL and, well, raves. Gets ditched.