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Published: 2009-09-16T07:38:26-04:00


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Please go to for the new and revived blog (again)!

The Medici Experience in San Jose, CA


BY THE WAY: THIS BLOG IS MOVING TO: Next week we are having The Medici Experience in San Jose, CA. It is on September 24th, and you can find the details here. I am really, really excited about this...

Volvo’s Vision for Collision Safety Based on the African Grasshopper’s Vision


Volvo has delved into a new, fascinating, and intersectional, initiative. The car company’s vision is to develop a collision safety system for automobiles based on the African grasshopper’s ability to not collide when it flies in swarms. Scientists have discovered...

Swedish “New England” Design – How the American East Coast Dream Inspires Creativity in Sweden


If I throw a few words out there such as: Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, preppy, classic, maritime, countryside, colorful fall foliage...chances are these words will evoke something within you, certain images perhaps. This holds true whether or not you’ve actually...

Introducing Sandra Ljung


Frans here. It’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front. We, at the Medici Group, have been hard at work with a number of different projects around the world. Many of them are coming online this year – very...

O efeito medici blog!


You have got to see this: The Brazilian Medici Effect Blog has been launched. Sometimes they will translate our stories into Portuguese but we will also see original efeito medici posts. Unfortunately my understanding of Portuguese is limited but it...

Fighter aircrafts and cross-country skiing


Earlier we have seen how advanced technology from NASA and several other sources were used to give Speedo’s LZR Racer swimsuit extraordinary qualities. Considering the outstanding performance of the product it is not surprising that this thinking spreads to other...

More Bionics


Well, since it is Youtube week here on The Medici Effect Blog I want to share a video with robots inspired by animals. The possibilities at this intersection of biology and technology seem limitless and I have written several posts...

Frans on TV!


When Frans was in Singapore recently he was interviewed by Channel NewsAsia. It is a good interview and for anyone who is not so familiar with The Medici Effect it is a very good eight minute introduction. Enjoy! /Kristian Ribberström

The innovative power of intersectional R&D


One of the first examples in The Medici Effect of the innovative power of intersectional teams is a ground breaking experiment that was conducted at Brown University in 2002; a team of researchers "eavesdropped” signals in a monkey’s brain so...

A truly intersectional creator


I first read about Bertrand Gondouin in a Metro article (Swedish) when he recently presented his electronic jacket at a virtual reality conference in Stockholm. His aim is to explore how computers may be used without the traditional tools –...

Motion-capture and furniture


When I saw Peter Jackson’s The Two Towers back in 2002 I was amazed, like everybody else, by the digitally animated creature Gollum. The filmmakers had achieved something extraordinary and I realized there and then that I would never again...

Many intersections behind micro-turbine skin


Check out this nano-vent skin of micro-wind turbines by Augustin Otegui. At the intersection of biology and nano-technology it transforms the energy of sun and wind. /Kristian Ribberström

Diversity and immigration will bring welfare


Like so many other European countries Sweden needs to tackle the realities of demography: The population is ageing and too few people work. Last year every working individual in the country supported 1.44 individuals who were not part of the...

Positive effects of immigration


I just want to share another example of benefits of migration: In Nigeria immigrants from Zimbabwe have brought with them new methods and new kinds of cattle that have improved agriculture in the country significantly. It is interesting that these...