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Cindy Maulkner

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I have been stuck in the office for quite a while now, since my rescue from the farm.
No one ever told me why I was there or what ever happened to the people there. My past is a fuzzy and only really appears in my dreams and then that is even weird. The office shrink thinks I am cuckoo when I tell her about the dreams, well, that is what I think she thinks. Anyhows, I have been stuck on office work, away from the intelligence sector. I haven't seen NB (SC#2) since I got back either, but then my dinky little office is in an obscure little place.
Maybe a fly will drown in my glass of water. I need some excitement. There is only so much excitement in entering meaningless data into the computer.

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Someone just pointed out that I have this diary. I have read through it and can't beleive that this is actually me. It seems so surreal, so unbeleivable.
I might as well continue with this, hopefully it will make for some interesting reading.
Where have I been?
Hmm, well I have been at home with my mum. Apparently I was hurt during the cyclone that happened a while ago and was hospitalised for a while. I don't really remember much during that time because everything was a bit fuzzy. Apparently the medication they had me on was a heavy sedative so that I didn't tear the stitches. I now have this realy ugly scar that runs down my left side, from about the middle of my ribs to the front top of my left hip. Fortunately I can cover it up, and there has been talk of cosmetic surgery to correct it.
I need to write more later as it is dinner time and I have an appointment at the hospital afterwards.

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Cindy will be on temporary leave until we get back from moving and our holiday. Back sometime in May.

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The weather has. They predict the cyclone will pass the coastline tomorrow sometimes and that there is winds of up to 280km/hr. I have managed to stock up on some supplies (bottled water, tinned food, etc) and the place I am now staying at is further inland, but not enough inland to bypass the coming weather.
Still no contact but then there is no use being contacted since I wouldn't be able to do anything anyhow.
Let's hope things will calm down soon and I get to go home. And that someone is feeding my goldfish.

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Well, you wouldn't beleive it, and I am sure you are tired of me saying that.
New Boss (NB) is non other then SC#2.
I am sure they caught my goldfish stare on camera and will have it posted around the office, or sent around by internal email. I am totally sure that my chin hit the desk when he walked in the main office.
I am now more confused then ever as to why I was placed on surveilance of him.
The past week and a bit I have been keeping an eye on him, just trying to work things out. I think it got on his nerves a little as I was sent on leave for a few days. They called it special assignment, which to me means, 'let's get her out of the way for a bit'.
I was posted up north where the weather is sweltering, there is the threat of a cyclone and the air conditioning has broken down in my hotel room. Fortunately the sea breeze is nice, but I guess that could be to do with the forcasted cyclone. They said someone would contact me up here, but so far no go.
This weather thing is starting to look scary, according to the weather man on the TV. I think I will pack up and move to a safer location.

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The New Boss (NB) is here. You would not beleive who it is. Of course I won't say anything just yet. But, oh my!
He is the last person I would have thought would be in the top notch position, let alone anywhere in this organisation.
I am speechless!

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I have been thinking on what Agent M said in his last message. Quite possibly I had been drugged and all these thoughts and cravings were just the side effects of the drugs they gave me.
I will try to understand these images I saw.
The bright colours possibly meant that I would have a bright future ahead of me.
The IV drips - hmm, well I am not sure there but then I can't even see where they would have stuck me should I have had an IV.
Bad food? Well that goes hand in hand with hospitals.
Perhaps it has something to do with my new position and the 'disappearance' of BB. There has been talk around the office that he was snatched up for reprogramming. They say the reprogramming is where you 'disappear' for a short while and they 'retrain' you in the secretive world of spying. Maybe that is what they did to me, but then I don't feel any different, much.
I did however, go to the doctor for a physical and I was in tip top condition apart for an iron defiency, but that doesn't explain the craving for seafood. I will notch that up as just not enough of it in my diet.
My new position still classifies me as a rookie spy but it is only one step away from becoming a fully fledged spy when I will be able to use all those cool gadgets, be on constant alert and all the other blood pumping fun stuff.

My thoughts on Agent RC.
Well, I never would have guessed that he was in the 'service'. He seemed a little young but then I could have been wrong. I shall keep my eye on him and watch his posts for any hidden messages. Perhaps this big brother person is trying to hinder his ways, lead him along the wrong path, or perhaps it is all just a big cover up, hiding the real truth. Hmm, I shall have to watch him closely.

Back to work.
They seem to be doing a cleanout lately and have hired Miss M to do most of the work. She seems like a bad choice but then perhaps they felt pity on her as she appears to be mute and uses sign language to express her intentions. She is a swift worker though and is currently re stocking the library. I have noticed, but not net mentioned it, but she tends to slow down when she reaches certain journals, taking her time with them. I think I shall keep tabs on her.

I have to go, they say the new boss is headed this way and he wants to inspect the work stations.

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First of all, sorry for not filling you in on the meeting with BB. I was sworn to secrecy, and that is due to end tomorrow. But.......I can't wait that long and no one at work reads this.
The meeting with BB was, well, it didn't happen. He didn't show so I guess the men in the white coats took him away for further sedation. There was a new person to take his place but he didn't show either. He still hasn't been into the office that I know of, though memos and notices have been going around the office, supposedly from him.
Yes I know that isn't really secretive stuff but the big secret was.....ta da... I have been selected for promotion. No more pidly little jobs but real stuff. They are going to give me more training starting Monday, a pay rise, paid holidays, security clearance into sensative files, etc etc. The list just goes on and on. One bad thing though, I am not doing any undercover work until I am trained up to their standards, so I have had to give notice to SC#2.
He looked upset, a little, but not much. Oh well.


Just read Agent M's last transmission. Those things had slipped my mind. Perhaps I shall look into them shortly, but right now I have a craving for squid rings.

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I had arranged to visit BB at his office tomorrow but today I received a surprise visit from BB himself. He called early this morning, just as I was getting out of bed and thinking about how I could respond to the many phone messages I had. My mother even slipped one in there amongst the many from SC#2. The meeting from BB was interesting only because it fuelled my curiousity even more. A rough transcript from this morning's visit. *Knocking heard at the front door* BB : Hello? CM : ! *More knocking* BB : Hello? Cindy are you there? *Shuffle to the door tying up bathrobe* CM : Yes? *Peeking through eye hole* CM : Oh hi BB. What are you doing here? BB : Cindy, let me in please! I have something to talk to you about. *Bleary eyed blinking as this request goes through the early morning thought process. Eventually the door is opened* CM : Why are you here? I have a meeting to see you tomorrow. And it is soo early *Yawn* BB : This couldn't wait. I think my office is bugged also. Someone is listening. *More early morning blinking from me* *BB looks at me as if waiting for a response. When none happens, he walks in and sits at the kitchen table, pulling something out of his pocket* *I am suddenly awake as the thing from his pocket looks like a small metalic handgun, the adrenalin courses through my system and I realise I am unarmed and only wearing a dressing gown and a pair of fuzzy slippers. Fuzzy slippers! Now I am embarassed and mutter something and dash off to dress* CM : What is so important? *I say as I come back dressed, having a feeling like this conversation has gone no where yet* BB : Well, we have just discovered that you have, well did, injest something. We aren't quite sure what it is yet but we know it is important, and that the 'other side' is interested in it. CM : You don't know what it is? BB : Yes, unfortunately, we don't. CM : You really don't know? How do you know I injested something, apart from food and whatever drugs they pumped into me at the hospital? *I look at BB as if he is crazy and really lost it this time. Perhaps he had a bad dream and is just reacting on it. I am now thinking about how to get him out of my place so I can get about my morning chores* BB : Well....*long pause*.... we think it is a tracer, but not something that goes into your blood stream. We think it is, umm, embedded in your stomach. *I can't help but think he has been watching too many alien movies. Next he will tell me that I am pregnant with a baby squid* BB : We also think that you are...I am not sure how to put this, but. Have you been feeling sick in the mornings? *At this stage I stand up, knowing he is crazy and why he didn't want the meeting in his office. He would be sent to the loony house. I move to the door and open it, inviting him to leave* CM : I think it is time you left. You aren't making sense. BB : Alright but you can't say I didn't warn you. They will be coming for you, just watch your back. * I think to myself about looking for a new section or perhaps a new boss as I close the door after he leaves.* I guess this means I am either pregnant with a baby squid which also doubles as a tracer, or he is crazy, or I was just dreaming, or there is a partial truth to what he said and he is only half crazy. I will find this out when I go in for the meeting tomorrow. While I have time to fill, I will work out what to say to SC#2. Perhaps I could tell him the truth? [...]

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Well, i had my holidays, sort of.
The last thing I remember was looking at my computer screen and watching it start to swim before my eyes. After that it really is a blur, what I can remember.
About a week ago I checked out of hospital, against BB's orders and headed home. I am not even sure how I got there.
Most of the early days in hospital revolved around nurses with needles and an IV drip, bad food and strange men in white gowns, purple sunglasses and bright pink hair. I am sure it was just a hallucination but even back then the walls seemed to glow luminescent green at nights. Now that I think about it, it probably was just the drugs they gave me, not some bad sci-fi movie.
Well that is all over and done with, the bruises from the IV drips are gone and I am no longer having strange dreams about bunny heads on the bodies of male models.
While I was gone my answering machine filled up with messages from SC#2 wondering where I was and when I would be back. He seemed concerned, sortof.
Everything is still confusing but I am getting there slowly. I am interested in knowing what actually happened during those few weeks I was gone.
I think a visit to BB is in order.

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Phew, what a time I have had. I have been up to my elbows in laundry since it is about the only thing there is to do in his place.
During the last time I was there, I made a significant discovery. Either his bank is refusing his deposit, some eccentric Great Uncle died and made him is sole beneficiary and wrote in the will that he must keep his money under his blankets in the linen cupboard or else he is laundering money.
BB was happy to hear this, especially since he has had a squeaky clean record since I joined his work force. BB also suggested that it may be time for me to go on vacation for the upcoming Christmas holidays. I hope he means alone because SC#2 is starting to get on my nerves. He hasn't been doing anything bad to me, just he is not around much anymore and I feel like my spot near him has dropped off. I don't get as much surveillance in anymore and the bugs I have placed in the apartment do not seem to pick up much.

Ohh, my head is starting to swim, I think I am coming down with something. The screen is starting to look blurry..................................

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Cindy is currently still working as a house cleaner for SC#2 and is currently forbidden from updating her journal.
(i.e. her creator is busy writing for NaNoWriMo)
Cindy will be back as soon as she is able.

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Well, SC#2 has a rather decent place but I am not cleaning there. Since I only have one day a week to do this on I have been placed in his penthouse in the city, overlooking the river. The view is great.
SC#2 won't be there when I am, so I don't need to be concerned about his motives, but I am still prepared. The tech guy at work has outfitted me with a watch. Yes it does tell the time, but the thing which is really cool is the fact that hidden in the watch are a lot of cool tools. I can pull out the little wind on thing and that is a really sharp piece of string, he calls it laser wire (it looks like a piece of cotton to me). I can also flip open the face of the watch and in there are some phone bugs. The wrist band can double as a, well wrist band. Apparently there was something else in it but I started to day dream at this stage and therefore I am unsure what it is exactly.
Back to the cleaning.
This place was immaculate, clean. I didn't know where to start so I familiarized myself with the place, which of course a good cleaner does. The penthouse was open plan. It was really only two rooms, one which contained the bedroom and bathroom (spa, shower, toilet behind frosted glass) and the other was the living room, dining, kitchen and well a lot of space.
Eventually I found a note that contained my set tasks for the day. On it was written, - "familiarize yourself with the place, and next week we will let you start in on the cleaning"
I hope next week is this easy.

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My date with SC#2 went alright. It was the usual dinner with wine, chatter and a kiss on the cheek. The BB didn't outfit me with anything hi-tech this time but just said to keep an ear out and try to get invited back to his place.
I did get invited back to his place, but not as a girlfriend but the chance for employment there. Apparently his housekeeper had left. He didn't say why. I am weary about why she left as stories are starting to circulate about his 'professional' behaviour. As far as I am concerned they are only rumors and I will put them at the back of my mind unless I hear it from BB or SC#2 himself.

On a side note, the guy in the tech lab retested some of the coconut fibers (at Agent M's request) and they turned out to be just coconut fibers from some island in the South Pacific.

Back to this little extra work I have picked up. I have asked for work to NOT to outfit me. I can just imagine what they would put me in. Some french maids outfit or something.
I start the new job, err, the house keeping tomorrow. This could turn out well since I will get paid by BB and by SC#2. I hope it is tax free!

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Lucky Dog, or LD as he is called, is a relatively new recruit to our department. He is quiet, he is observant and dedicated. Why am I writing about him then? Because I could not help but look at him differently since I received the note from Agent M.
What if he is the mole?
What if he isn't and I make an fool of myself trying to prove that he is?
Questions similar to this have been rambling through my head. I think I am becoming paranoid.
What if they all think I am the mole?

After we finished sorting through the crate from the ship (all suspicious things turned up negative so that was a dead end), LD asked if we could go for coffee. I instantly thought back to the time I spilt coffee over those files. The boss is still grumpy over that. I must have looked surprised or something as he asked me if I was ok. I nodded quickly and placed the completed paperwork into my out tray.
Arriving at the cafeteria we ordered our drinks and sat and chatted. Apparently he was real nervous over bungling his first on field assignment and was wondering what would happen. He was asking me because I have a reputation for bungling things! I wonder who he heard that from? Possibly the office gossip.
I assured him all would be fine and that he doesn't need to worry, especially since he didn't wear slippers on the job.
He seemed relieved but there was a hint of concern still in him. Maybe this was his first gig as a mole? At the time I just thought he was concerned for his job.
I guess we will find out in time, and in the meantime I have to get ready for a date with SC#2.

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What was in the box? Well, it had definitely belonged to the other boxes which were pilfered/rescued/distributed by the captain and first mate. There were....trinkets and toy dogs. The toy dogs were the type you stick in your car on the dashboard and it's head wobbles as you drive.
Since BB couldn't think of anything better to do, well for me to do since I was lame and told to keep off my feet until the swelling went down, he put LD and I onto sorting out and closely examining the box contents.
I think Agent M is right about BB being tense. Ever since the 'bug' inspection he has seemed a little jittery and watching the newer recruits a little more closely.
Back to the box.
Well, if you can imagine a box about the length of a bathtub, half the height of a bath-tub and the width of the bathtub, then you have the size of the box we had to sort through. There was also a lot of packing to examine also, since the BB wanted us to be double sure that it was not used for some method of information carrying. How much information could you store on something that looks like coconut husk fibers? I will check it out just to keep BB happy and off my back.
First we tested the packing to see if there was any drugs on the fibers, nope. Then we checked it for electronic messages, nope. We tested it to see what it was made up of, and it was indeed just coconut husk fibers, shredded and used as packaging. I would say the box had been at least a third filled with this stuff so you can now see why I haven't updated lately.
Onto the toy dogs.
We shook them, thought about giving them to kids to play with, tested them for electronic messages, tested for drugs and any other test they would let us do. We were also given magnifying glasses to make sure there was no script we missed out. There were at least 50 of these dogs. One did look a little suspicious so we put it aside to examine properly later. It came out with a strange reading when we scanned it for electronic messages.
The trinkets were just things like little kid necklaces, rings and bracelets. These all tested clear but I put some aside for further testing as I was becoming a little tired and may have missed something.

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Friday morning came. At 1.30am I was down at the docks nibbling jelly beans in an effort to stay awake. I looked down at my feet, thinking these were the most comfortable shoes I had worn before. I can laugh at it now that the stashes have come out. Do you know how hard it is to run in slippers? At least I remembered the rest of my gear. The boots that the 'costume' section had given me must have been still in the box at home. I think I will write myself check lists from now on before I go out on anymore stakeouts. Back to the stakeout. I was positioned on the dock, blond wig on, dark pants and dark vest, oh and the slippers, on also. I was waiting, listening the the quiet crackle of my ear piece. I pulled off the wig and released my hair from it's bun, then picked up the binoculars and settled down to watch the area. 5 minutes passed, 10 minutes passed, an hour passed and I stared to think that they had put me in the wrong place facing the wrong way. I checked in with 'Lucky Dog' (LD) and he said all was quiet on his side also. I decided to scan a little further afield, and then I found something askew, there was a container ship coming in, guided by a pair of tug boats which I knew were not from around here. How did I know this? They had 'Syd's Shipping Yard' painted on the side and the tug boats here had 'Buntings' Boats' on their side. I double checked to make sure I was looking at the right place, and yes I was sure. I called it in to LD. There was a moment of silence as he took in the information followed by a whispered "Yahhooo". I guess this was the biggest case he had ever been on. I know he is only reasonably new on the scene. We arranged a meeting spot to go and scout out the shipment arriving at 2.30am. It was at this stage that I discarded my slippers and carefully picked my way across the docks to the meeting spot. The first thing LD said when I got there was "?" as he looked at my boots. I whispered, which sounded like a yell in the quiet "I was tired" We both shrugged and got on with our job at hand. At least I remembered my utility belt. I pulled out my binoculars and turned them onto night vision. I couldn't believe the things I was seeing, it was so clear. Was I really that tired that I was making important slip ups? I guess I was. I was determined to be on the ball from now on. I focused on the boat, saw lots of sailors running around as if getting the boat ready for docking. I watched as it got closer, taking in the faces of the sailors. It was then that something occurred to me. I knew the look on those faces, it wasn't the look of someone who was about to dock, but about someone who was preparing for a crash landing. Swearing quietly under my breath I made my suspicions clear to LD. A sudden look of immense fear crossed his face and he started to shake. Grabbing him by the arm as my fear propelled me away from the incoming cargo ship, we ran like two madman. The rest of what happened was a blur, I remember hearing the sound of splintering wood, thinking that the tugs weren't trying to guide but to stop, the immense pain as a piece of the splintered wood drove itself across the side of my foot, the surprised look on the faces of our backup (since when did we have backup, I thought this was our job, and we were alone) and flying through the air to land in a box of fishing nets. What did I discover from that mission? Not a lot really, except that boots are really a lot more practical then slippers, fishing nets are better to land on then frozen tuna (that was LD's landing spot), and I am still a rookie. There was a news article the next day about the boat and how it wreck[...]

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After the date with SC#2 I took the ring back for analysis at the lab. The tech guy checked it out, downloading the stuff and sorting through it. It only connected for a short time but that short time was enough to copy enough data that the agency will keep me posted on him.
I am certain that the data was not in his ring but in the diamond tie pin that he wore. It did suit him very well though.
The Big Boss (BB) has agreed to put someone else on the SC#1 case. That guy gives me the creeps the more I think about what he was trying to do. (well what I think he was trying to do)
Back to SC#2.....
The data in the ring was to do with a large shipment coming in on Friday at 2am. It didn't say what was in the shipment but it did give us the relevant details so that we would be able to locate it. BB has mentioned something about a stakeout but I wasn't paying too much attention during that meeting. I was more interested in the window cleaner and how long he took to clean the windows. They are sparkling now.
I shall peruse the paperwork soon, after I have had a chance to eat lunch.


Lunch was good. They serve really nice food here in the cafeteria. I had a salmon salad accompanied with lemon cheesecake for dessert.


I ended up taking the paperwork home to check it out as there was a routine pest inspection happening this afternoon. I sure got a surprise when I arrived at my desk and was informed that the place was going to be checked for bugs.
On second thought, perhaps they did notice the window washer and the bugs they were searching for were not the creepy crawly type but the listening in type. Well, I got the rest of the afternoon off to look over the files at home.

Note: I really can't wait until they put me on a more important job, one where the files are so classified that I can't take them home. Perhaps one day that will come.

Note 2: Agent M has been quiet of late, I hope his young rookie side kick isn't working him too hard.

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This date was more productive and memorable then date #1.

An update on the blouse stain removal though. Apparently the wine had some sort of sedative in it which reacted with the wine, therefore changing it's colour and that is why my blouse remained tinged with pink, as they had used a dye to recolour it, and would be why it had smelt of tarseal.

SC#2 was his more charming self, but it was not hard to beat SC#1 in that department. I met SC#2 at a yum cha restaurant in town, ring on my finger and a pair of sunglasses upon my head (courtesy of the tech guy at work). I am not quite sure what they are meant to do but they looked pretty cool and it was a lunch date afterall. I also wore a pale pink silk blouse and business type skirt (since I was supposed to be at work prior to this date).
The date went well, and he charmed those around us as per normal. He started asking questions though, as to when I would be heading back home (I met him when I played tourist). My mind started racing at this point but fortunately my mouth didn't give it time to think and I just blurted out that I had found a more permanent job here in town and would be hanging around for quite some time. He seemed pleased with that response and it was then that the trolley lady brought out the first round of yum cha to be had. I chose the steamed pork balls with plum sauce and he had black pepper crab. There were various other, quite filling, dishes throughout the lunch date.
He did however wear a ring that day, similar to those I had seen elsewhere. No diamond though, that was in his tie pin.
At the end of the date he asked when he could meet with me again and I could not help but smile at his request. He grabbed my hand as he asked this, a perfect time for the ring to do it's job. I did notice a small flicker of his eyes towards the ring at this stage.
With that over, he asked me to give him a call so as to organize the next date and he pulled out a pen, writing down his private number on the back of a napkin.
With that done, he paid the bill gave me a charming smile and disappeared off into the crowds coming back from their lunch breaks.

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I still haven't managed to get the red wine out, I can still see a faint tint of pink there. It is possibly a good thing that I didn't drink it afterall.
As I promised, here is my night out.
The night started off promising as SC#1 was surprisingly quiet. I actually enjoyed myself as we strolled along the riverfront taking in the setting sun and the wonderful colours it painted the sky. SC#1 actually grabbed my hand (he was wearing a ring but it was only a plain band. I am starting to think that he is a married guy looking elsewhere for love. I am going to ask to be taken off this assignment of watching him.

The walk ended up at a small, very quiet Italian restaurant. Things were still going quietly and cleanly at this stage. We sat, chatted about current affairs (news) and a little about his work.
This guy works for a security company which is currently patrolling a pet produce plant. Needless to say, the conversation was not very riverting but I shall pass on the information to the bosses at the same time as I ask to be taken off his case, get my phone number changed and see if the tech guy at work can clean my blouse.

The spilt wine? Well, he says he ordered it specially for us and that it is all he ever drinks. Maybe I am not a wine buff, but it smelt like tarseal to me. It was spilt when he reached across the table to take my hand.

Did I get any data from his ring? No I didn't but there must have been a phone somewhere nearby which had it's infrared turned on, because now my ring is full of phone numbers to people with names like - A.T., J.P., S.C.
I will let work sort that one out.

Note: I do feel like I am missing something here though but I still want off the case.

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The ring Cindy wore.

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Phew! Why is life so busy?

I have been so busy I had forgotten to write here. It has been 10 days but it does not feel like it has been that long. Perhaps it was because of those days I sat on my bathroom floor wishing for it to cave in beneath me, or perhaps it was the mountains of work I had to do along with the dating of SC#1 and SC#2.

Re the bathroom floor, it was nothing more then a case of food poisoning. I had decided to go out with friends (first time in way too long) and we all headed down to the beach for a picnic. The day was sunny and you wouldn't think that the weather was supposed to be cool as it was quite warm. We laughed, played beach volleyball (I suck at this game), ate and drank our day away. Someone had brought seafood for us to munch on so I think that is what did it. Overall it was a fun day but I won't be touching prawns again for a while.

Now, at work, I did a little cross referencing on the rings. I checked out SC#2 along with the shadowy hand which wore the eagle ring. I also took in the greater detail of those which were in the photos. Each of the eagle rings were very similar, the silver eagle on a black onyx base and with a small diamond in the eye of the eagle. It was not until the second day of looking at them that I starting to notice a few small things. In each ring photo there was a small mark to the right hand corner of the black onyx. It was dark in colour so it wouldn't be spotted easily. What was it?
After using the techie guy to enhance the image we discovered that the mark was an infrared port. Gee they can make those things small nowadays. I suspect that there is data carried in those rings and then, instead of conversing or handing over documents, all they need to do is shake hands to transfer any information that is needed.
I told the boss about my find and then he promptly told me to go on a date with each of the suspicious characters. #2 isn't too bad but #1 I need a raincoat and umbrella for especially if we are going to eat somewhere.
I finally received my first piece of official spy gear that looks like it isn't spy gear. Long have I wondered when, and if it would ever happen. They gave me a ring to wear. It was cute and contained a small fake ruby in it, which was an infrared port itself. In my two dates I am to hold their hands and when I do that it will scan and receive any data (copy only) that is in their rings. I do not recall SC#1 ever having a ring but I guess he does.
I will write about the dates later, when I have had a chance to wash the red wine off my white blouse!

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Courtesy of Virtual Rants

It's A Wilson Thing : A sweet shop filled with wondrous treats, lemon drops, sherbert, ice cream, licorice, lollipops and much more. There are the sweets that tickle your tongue and those which you just relish. It is a pure delight to shop here.

Spy Journal : Serious yet witty, soft yet hard. This book is written for all to read. The words appear as if magic. The leather cover worn and comforting from the years of use.

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Dear __________,

I have posted a description of your blog on my site. Please read it and comment. Then please follow the steps below:

1) Describe your two favorite Blogs in terms other than literary.
2) Post the descriptions on your site, and place a link to that post as a comment to my post
( ) so that all of the comments may be accessed from one location.
Your comment/link should include your two favorite Blog site names so that readers will know what comments they are about to read. Example:

Ponderings of a Princess & Cindy Maulkner ______(LINK)_______.

3) Then e-mail your two favorite Bloggers a copy of this letter.

Happy Blogging,

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After a deep, dreamless sleep, I awoke to find myself running late, it was already 9am. I found my mind racing with the things I thought I had to do today.
Did I have to check into the office today? Why didn't the rooster crow? And wasn't I supposed to be somewhere in half an hour.
My mind went back to the previous night's calls, both of them.
Yes I had to be at brunch with SC#2 and I was going to be late.
I jumped in the shower, turned it on and was met only with cold water. It was then I remembered that today was the day they were doing work on the heating system, and I also realized I had forgotten to take off my PJ's. Now drenched, cold and shivering, I took off the wet PJ's and dressed into something a little warmer, my fav jeans and black turtle neck. My lips were still blue so I decided to colour them with a little makeup, something I do not do very often.
I checked myself twice (just to make sure) and then headed out the door. I looked at the keys in my hand then back at the house, wondering what I was missing.
I guessed it couldn't be too important so off I went.
I grabbed up my bike and peddled on over to the cafe by the river.
I was late but not by too much, and he himself was late so it wasn't a big deal.
Brunch went well, it was mostly just small talk, croisants, fruit and cheese.
Some of the things I noticed about him were :
  • his charming smile which seemed to win over all those who looked at him
  • how he looked relaxed despite dressing immaculately
  • he had manicured finger
  • he wore little jewelry except for a ring on his right
  • the ring itself was a gold band which had a flat ebony top, in which 5 small diamonds were embedded, in the shape of an M
  • his cell phone kept ringing but he never answered it, just hung up on them
  • he never lost his cool despite the constant ringing
  • he could keep your interest in a conversation even if you talked about nothing exciting
I think the ring was significant and I shall cross reference it against the other photos I have, when I get back to the office.