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Bayou Quilts, Craft, & Mail Art

A little of this, a little of that. Embroidery, dolls, mail art, and more.

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Last Minute Details


A cat pillow to accompany Cat.Coffee dyed and grunged the fabric with cinnamon and vanilla,pieced the strips, added batting, and some straight line quilting,then made the awkward cat and appliqued him to the block.On the back, a little quote I saw on a tee shirt.Cat and pillowwere stuffed into a bag for a late birthday present.I found the cat fabric in my stash.Not sure why I bought it in the first place,but several years later,it made the perfect bag for Cat stuff.And finally,the third snowman.Yesterday, I whipped up two more fabric bags for giftsbecausein a Christmas message from Naomi Bulger, she listssome distressing facts about wrapping paper:The making of paper involves the harvesting of trees, the processing of wood fibers into pulp, and the disposal of the productAccording to Greenpeace, every kilogram of wrapping paper made emits 3.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide during productionMost wrapping papers have very little in them that is recyclable or reusable: they are made with synthetic ink, plastic film, bleach, chlorine, and metal-based foil and glitter Many rolls of wrapping paper also come wrapped in their own film of plastic, while others are made out of (non recyclable) foilLaid end-to-end, the wrapping paper thrown away each year from the UK alone would stretch around the equator nine timesIn the USA, the combination of wrapping paper and gift cards at Christmas time contribute to more than 100,000 trees being cut down Another USA statistic I read was that every year, four million tons of wrapping paper and holiday shopping bags go into landfill If you think you can at least put all that wrapping paper to a merry use by burning it in the fireplace, please hold back: decorative paper has been found to contain lead, synthetic inks, plastic film, chlorine, and metal-based foils, all of which release toxic and carcinogenic compounds into the air when burned   Whoa!  Had no idea!I had already made the bag for Cat, and used two fabric gift bags from Michael's,(wish I'd bought more since they were on sale).After reading the above information, I decided to make more reusable fabric gift bags for the final two gifts.My contribution is small this year,but from now on, I plan to make fabric bags for most gifts.I've been in a rush these last few days,but the bags were a quick job.Simple and easy--and if they are reused, a benefit to the environment.Today, relaxing and visiting with Suzie who is up from New Orleans.I'm afraid the last project won't get finished,but my creative energy has about run out.I'm taking the day off... :)The high today is supposed to be 28 degrees lower than yesterday![...]

Counting Down...


A friend found this card and sent it to me because the name of my book blogis A Garden Carried in the Pocket from the Chinese proverb.I LOVE it!...because the illustration is so beautiful,and because of the quote,and because Teresa saw it and thought of me!Thank you, Teresa!The days are drawing close, the time is getting short,and I still have projects in the works...which may not be finished in time.I wanted to add something else to Cat,so I made a pouch and a mouse to go in it.I used Ann Wood's pattern for a felt mousebecause my mouse pattern was too fat for the pouch.Also, :), I learned something from Ann's patternand intend to redo my mouse pattern for more dimension.This is one of the mice I made a couple of years ago.I used the some of the same fabric on Cat! She resides on the mantle in the bird house all year long...because I forget about her. I made another one in greythat comes out for Halloweenand holds a banner that says, "Cheese, Please!"But I really love the simplicity and cuteness of Ann Wood's mice.And, of course, since I don't follow directions well,I made a couple of mistakes--and want to make another one.  Or two.  Or more.Actually, following the directions.---A little outgoing mail--I am really behind, but things have been so busy lately.I get sidetracked quite easily.Claudia loves Christmas, too.[...]



When I had the idea for Cat, another gift for someone, I put the third snowman aside and worked only on Cat.  I'm hoping the person for whom the nameless cat is intended will love him/her as much as I do, and I know she will think of the perfect name.   As much fun as the snowmen have been, Cat is my favorite.  I wish I had gotten into the spirit earlier because I've had so much fun playing with dolls this December.  Having gone so long without any inclination to create any eccentric creatures has only added to the pleasure of sewing and stuffing.  I still have a few details left on the third snowman and should finish him up today.Fee carved Santas from our Christmas trees when our girls were little.  Patiently cutting up the trunks and carving a few each year.  The girls have some of them that were either given or deceptively hijacked when I wasn't looking.  Fee's Santas are my most treasured Christmas decorations, and I love getting them out each year to take pride of place.I've already gained a few pounds from Christmas goodies (the Cane River cinnamon-sugared and chocolate-covered pecans are my absolute favorite each year).  I have a love/hate relationship with edible gifts-- I am weak and succumb to temptation.How are you managing the Christmas goodies?  Do you have more self-control?  Do you have all of your gifts bought and wrapped?  I have a few things left to take care of and Fee's birthday is only a few days away, but I refuse to let the typical Christmas stress get to me this year.  [...]

Geminid Showers and Mail Art


On Wednesday, December 13, Fee and I went down to the cabin to see the geminid meteor shower.  The stars always put on a fantastic show away from all of the city lights, and we looked forward to the meteors. The night was cold, and although there were some thin layers of clouds, the large clear areas provided an amazing view of the constellations, especially of Orion's Belt and the Bid Dipper, which I can easily recognize. forays outside (alternating between wine in front of the fireplace) to view the heavens began as soon as it got dark.  We cut out the porch lights and waited for the geminid shower to begin.  The stars were gorgeous, but the shower didn't prove to be what was expected.  Eventually, we gave up and went to bed.  At 11:45, I woke up, put on my coat and went back outside.  I lay down on the flagstone and looked up for a little more than 20 minutes and saw three shooting stars before I got too cold to stay!  So bright and so brief!  Each time, an involuntary "ooh!" marked the passage of the fleeting bright line across the sky.  Back inside to a warm bed with a smile on my face.Even though the geminid shower wasn't as showy as I had hoped, the evening was wonderful--in front of the fire or out under the open sky in the cold, clear night.  I'm sure some areas saw more, but I was more than satisfied.  :)A few more hurried outgoing postcards:Incoming:This was a Thanksgiving card I didn't share earlier--from our old friend and professional photographer Marc.Can you guess what it is?I had to ask Fee.A turkey breast!That's the beard in the top left-hand corner.from Jacqueand mail art from Carly in Cambodia!I've delayed finishing the third snowman while working on another project.  The snowman was almost finished, when another idea hit me, and I put him aside to work on the new idea.  Of course, creating a new head and body, new arms and legs to match, and new clothing to fit,  slows everything down.  For some reason, I have to keep experimenting--instead of using a pattern I've already worked out, but maybe it just keeps me from getting bored with a project.SO TRUE:[...]

A Snowlady and More Mail


Second version, a snowlady, with a slightly different head, and different body.   The third one is almost finished. I've enjoyed making these snow folk and discovering what I have in my stash that might work for clothing and embellishments.  A lot of time is spent making up my mind and searching for stuff and making mistakes and misjudging sizes, but I've gotten a few things figured out.  A couple of heads that I made by altering my original pattern will work for pumpkins next fall--so all is not lost.As usual, I am behind schedule on just about everything, especially Mail.Erin never received this post card (which is continued on the back with stamps and address).  Don't know why, but she said there have been problems in Baton Rouge with mail delivery: here is an article about people in B.R. who have not been receiving their mail.  And another one about mail that had been dumped!The next postcard is from Hannah  :)We've actually had a little sweater weather,but yesterday was 76 degrees.Our temperatures have been up and downby 20 degrees or more lately.Today's high is 55.I'm including the following letter which was addressed to Kim,but had my address.Too cute--wish it had been for me,but no problem, I have Kim's address and forwarded it on to Kim.I had intended to get some Christmas mail out, early but with 3 December birthday (and one more to go) and my various sewing projects, etc., I've delayed and delayed--then today started trying to get a bunch out in a hurry. Made this one last year and found it with Christmas stamps,so I sent it on its way.This is the stamp on the address side.Love Charlie Brown and all of the Peanuts stamps from last year!Although the Christmas cards that come in are usually in plain envelopes, I love the stamps and adore the cards with photographs, especially those with the children.  Watching kids grow from year to year is fun!  Back to the stitching and stamping routine--time is growing short![...]



I decided I wanted a snowman, and looked up patterns for fabric balls, but my printer wouldn't work.  Did some measurements and made my own pattern.  I thought my pattern would make a four piece ball, but when I put it together, I had to add another piece, which worked just fine.  This is the first time I've felt like making eccentric characters in over a year, but suddenly, I'm in the mood to stuff fabric and make clothes for snowmen, and I'm going to try another 4 piece ball with a little adjustment to my pattern. Dressing him was fun!Then...just as I finished  my snowman, Erin called!It snowed in Baton Rouge--enough to make real snowmen!Wow, when was the last time Baton Rouge got snow???Max and Mila had a blast!I'm jealous.Snow is a novelty in Louisiana,and we never have a chance to get tired of it--unlike many areas of the country.   [...]

Stitching and Snail Mail


Although I've stitched short phrases, after reading about Rosalind Wyatt (in this post), I wanted to try again and maybe stitch something longer.  Stitching on the studio shirt wasn't very successful, so I decided to try on muslin, and...I'm still practicing stitching words,experimenting with different threads and sizes of text.  Small and cursive is harder, but if doing an entire poem,  instead of just a few lines, small and cursive might be what is called for.  More practice needed--it doesn't have to be perfect, but I want it legible. Using muslin might be OK if I used batting underneath, but a tighter weave would be better as well.  Since I actually enjoy the practice, and at this point have no idea about a real project, I will keep experimenting with the cursive.  I can always add my practice pieces as patches to the studio shirts or ...well, I don't know yet, they may end up with a lot of other things that "seemed like a good idea at the time."  :)Incoming Mail Artfrom Kim, a vintage Life Magazine ad --Deviled Tongue is a new one for me--I love the ad, but would not care for the products! from ConnieTonight, I think I will take a walk through the neighborhood to see the lights that have been going up for several days.  Things are so different at night with Christmas lights and decorations on display; the neighborhood loses its mundane, everyday appearance and becomes magical.Are you ready for the count-down?  Have all the gifts bought?  Wrapped?  Are you finished or just getting started?  [...]

Stitching Words and Mail Art


I started working on one of my studio shirts again about a week ago, but after reading about Rosalind Wyatt's beautiful text in stitch, I was inspired again to try writing with a needle.I made these little brooches (?) about 6 months ago, and enjoyed my efforts with stitched words.I don't take my studio shirts too seriously, no one else really sees them, and they are great place to experiment or just for peaceful moodling.   The brown check one has been in progress for at least three years (when I'm not wearing it), and is now getting a little stitch writing.   "You can borrow a book, but you get to keep the ideas."  Looks like I forgot to cross a "t" and left off quotation marks.  More practice in order--Maybe I should embroider the text on muslin and then add patches.Yep, the stitching is not too legible on the checks.Need to experiment with two strands of floss and with Perl cotton.Older sections, that have been washed over and overfor several years.Still have space to fill in when I feel like it.  Maybe with stitch writing...Outgoing Mail (last week)this one is to an old friend who is ill-- Yep, still having fun with the cartoons...Since this one is going to Singapore and will take about 3 weeksto arrive, I should have made it a Christmas or a Winter card.(#7 in cartoons on black cardstock series) Anna's letter is on its way to England,I learned from my mistake and made a wintery envelope,even though it won't take quite as long to reach its destination. Usually, I'm more a "one holiday at a time" kind of person, and Thanksgiving is almost here.  Then the Christmas Season will be on be upon us.  Does everything seem to be moving too fast?  Is it just me?  [...]

Mail Art and Needle Art


These postcards all relate the episode of Edgar vs Ugly Yellow Catand are continued on the backWriting with a needle...    The Postal Museum and Rosalind WyattThe Postal MuseumAnd more  Source:  The GuardianI was working on one of my studio shirts when I found the first article by The Postal Museum and later found the Guardian article as I continued looking for more of Rosalind Wyatt's work.  Looking for mail art inspiration and found stitching inspiration.What have you been up to lately? [...]

Cellos and Cartoon Postcards


I've been enamored with these guys since I first heard them. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">OutgoingI like being able to write on the front and the back of the postcards--these two went out a couple of days ago.It is actually watercolor on old sketch book paper,not on watercolor paper--I needed something thinner.I've been busy painting and wrinkling paper, drawing more cartoons,and cutting them out.This has been my favorite activity in a while!I definitely need to check labels more closely...these crack me up![...]

More Mail


IncomingAnother one of the Royal Mail's wonderful stamps!From Anna, a nice fat letter :)Here's a larger version of the stamp And here is an article about the last Royal Mail Coach--"... the coach really made its mark during a little-known but extraordinary incident involving a runaway lion in the English countryside in 1816."We had a coach stamp, too, a wild west stage coach,and things were a little less formal.and from Penne, a Janis Joplin stamp!"We don't forgive people because they deserve it.We forgive them because they need it--because we need it.We all need it."  --Janis JoplinOutgoingThe metallic ink doesn't show up on the photo,but was so much fun to play with!to Max and MilaAnd below, a Thank You postcard to my handsome son-in-lawwho gave me a signed copy of Dick Cole's War by Dennis R. Okerstrom.Dick Cole was Jimmy Doolittle's co-pilot on the famous Tokyo Raid in 1942.Cole, 102 and the last surviving Doolittle Raider,  was at Barksdale Air Force Base in October. I'm almost finished with Dick Cole's War,and it has been both interesting and informative!Have a great weekend![...]

This and That


Outgoing Mailoutgoing postcardsI think this is the last postcard based on Jacki Long's collaged faces I made a while back.  They were such fun, and I should make some more.About a month ago, I sewed (not very neatly) some stamps onto cardstock cut to 4 x 6 postcard size. At the time, I intended to do more with the above postcard, but out of sight, out of mind.  On Saturday, I wanted to post a note to someone and pulled it out, wrote the note, addressed and stamped it in a hurry to get it in the mail before the mailman came. looks so plain.  But it is a great stamp, isn't it?  I love cool postage stamps and look at various sites for past issues, canceled or not, sometimes just to see the creative take other countries have on stamps.  The Sylvester & Tweety Looney Tunes stamp above was originally issued in 1998.Last week, I read a novel that mentioned a four-year-old in Gruffalo pajamas, and then a few days later while looking for whimsical postage stamps, I found that two of the stamps I loved were by Axel Scheffler, who illustrated The Gruffalo.   Serendipity occurred and I wrote a post on my  book blog about the connections.          Two of the 2012 Royal Mail Christmas Stamps designed by Scheffler.ReadingI enjoyed 3 recent books from NetGalley.The books are scheduled for release in early 2018,and I will schedule reviews on my book blog soon.I Know My Name by C. J. Cooke--An intriguing psychological novel!  "The only way to get                                                               off this island is to remember."Paper Ghosts by Julia Heaberlin--Does Carl have dementia..or not?  Did he kill several                                                                           young women...or not?Sinthetic by J.T. Nicholas--Synths are not human; they are property and disposable.  But                                                                       what does it mean to be human?So were off into November and I wonder what happened to October...[...]

Funny Pumpkins and Snail Mail


Every year, Ta Molly's Mexican Restaurant hosts a pumpkin contest, and employees carve or decorate their pumpkinsand then diners vote on their favorites.My husband took some pics last week...These were our favorites.Which would you vote for?Last of the outgoing Halloween mail--I got lazy and didn't make anymore.IncomingConnie found this Nick Bantock stationery, and I love it!from Jacquepostcard from HannahAnd tonight's the night![...]

Halloween Mail and Cartoons


Outgoing mail last weekI have some incoming mail to take pics of and letters to answer.Since I love making Halloween envelopes and postcards,I need to get busy...I don't have much time left to get them in the mail before the 31st This is how I've felt lately.[...]

Rainy Sunday


People Matching Art Works -- "The photographer enjoys visiting different museums mostly in Paris, Vienna and Berlin where he waits for visitors to suddenly match with a piece of art in a funny way."Carol (Beads & Birds) is doing some slow stitching, and after reading her "Do You Slow Stitch?" post this rainy morning (Yay!  Finally, rain!)--I know what I'm going to do in a little while.   I do love slow stitch, as much for the process as any other reason.My studio shirts have had no new patches or stitches since last March, and after reading about Carol's project to cover a jacket she bought on sale with patches and slow stitching, I felt the impulse to work on one of my studio shirts.  Perfect activity for a rainy day.Which one?  The blue with loads of patches or the brown one with just bright embroidery?  I've been working on these two for several years, off and on, whenever I feel like it.  Thanks to Carol, I feel like working on one of the two as soon as I find a good show to watch on Netflix or Amazon.  :)[...]

Looking for Fall


We took a short trip up into the Ouachita mountains in Arkansas hoping for some beautiful fall color; unfortunately, the area has been enduring a drought and the color was drastically limited.  On the way up, we noticed how dry everything was, then we started to see all of the "Burn Ban" signs.  We stayed at the Mt. Magazine Lodge which offered an amazing view, friendly staff, and excellent food.   We did a lot of walking on paved paths and hiked several of the mountain trails on offer.  Mornings and evenings were cold and windy, but during the days, the weather was that perfect fall crispness that we look forward to after our hot and humid Louisiana summers.Mt. Magazine is the highest peak in Arkansas, and we hiked up Signal Hill to reach the highest point on the mountain.  It wasn't that much higher than the lodge, but the trail spiraled up (thankfully--the spiral kept the incline just steep enough to be challenging and that was plenty for me).   When I checked my Fitbit after an afternoon of hiking a couple of trails, I was surprised to see we had "climbed" 47 flights of stairs.We met a young woman at the lodge whose goal is to climb the highest peak in each state.  I thought that was an intriguing goal, so when we got home I did a little research.  Here is a link to the highest elevation in each state--and boy, is there a lot of variation!  Mt. Deanli in Alaska is 20, 320 ft. high and Britton Hill in Florida is only 345 ft. high.  You can see mountains in every direction from the lodge.Shortly after sunrise, the valley is covered in fog and the lake in billowy clouds.Another nice thing was getting away from the daily influx of bad news.  We watched the local news from Fayetteville at 5:00 AM, but turned off the national news.  We rarely checked our phones.  Change of scene, change of habit.   The effort that goes into preserving the flora and fauna of the area is impressive, and even this late in the year, there were butterflies visiting the pollinator gardens even though most of the plants were long past their summer glory.  I want to visit again in the spring or early summer to see the plants in bloom and the diverse population of butterflies the Mount Magazine State Park is known for.  [...]

Outgoing Mail


Outgoing Halloween Mail 

Laughter Is the Best Medicine


Events in the 6-8 weeks have been depressing, and like many others, I have been unsettled and feeling a combination of sadness and anxiety.  Looking for things that make me laugh has become important.   allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">This funny twitter battle between staff at the Science and Natural History Museums in London was clever and funny.On a weekend trip to Natchez, Mississippi, this sign made me feel better about my meal.  And among the beautiful old buildings downtown and the lovely Victorian homes and cottages, the sight of this house...  :)What else raises my spirits?Incoming Mail:from Penny B.  :) from Jacque from Connie from Penne M.from Suziwith her handmade paper on the card :)Outgoing: first Halloween mailMost of my Halloween Eccentrics are out.  Finding a place to put them is the problem. I didn't make any more this year.  I'm not sure why because I still love the whimsy of Halloween characters, but my creative energy has been way down this year.  These are some pics from last year.I've been making some Halloween mail art though, which is fun, and I have a few letters to answer.   BooksI read like some people eat chocolate or potato chips.  One book right after another; it is an addiction.  September only saw one book that genuinely rose above the pack:  Bluebird, Bluebird by Attica Locke.  It is not a comfortable book in many ways, but it resonated with me on several levels.  I loved the protagonist, recognized the location (generally), was intrigued with the plot, and loved the writing.What have you been reading lately?  [...]

Mail and Stuff


Catching up on some snail mail from the end of August.IncomingAnnie's lovely envelopes from calendars and children's books always make me smile.From another Annie (Freezeframe), this wonderfulpostcard featuring an old library card!How many times did I read Little Women when I was a kid?From Melody in Singapore,my bookish partner in crime.  Outgoing----------I have followed Steve McCurry's blog for several years.His photographs are always inspiring and topically themed.Recent themes:  Wanderlust, The Power of Solitude, The Art of Conversation, Courage, Friendship, etc.To conclude August, the theme was The Power of Play,and his images (as always) are powerful.Steve McCurry's BlogHe includes appropriate quotes, and when I saw one by Diane Ackerman,one of my favorite authors--I especially love her nature essays--I decided to include it here:"Play is our brain's favorite way of learning." --Diane Ackerman.One way I play is with needle and thread.Ugh, the color in these two.I play in other ways as well, sometimes physically active like with yoga or walking or gardening, and sometimes in less active, messy ways--like making paper or playing with paints.  Is reading play?  It is certainly entertaining and often educational. Play can be challenging or soothing or both.  :)What are your favorite ways to play?  What childhood play do you miss?[...]

Curious Wildlife


Wildlife Photographers unexpected encounters.

I'm susceptible to wildlife photos, and these make me smile.  The last one is my favorite because the snowy woods and the fox look as if they were drawn from a fairy tale, but each one is delightful in its own way.  Sometimes we all need a little positive reinforcement, and these photos make me happy.  

Now to transfer the laundry to the dryer...

Waiting for the Eclipse


Along with everyone else, I'm waiting for the eclipse.  "This is the First Total Solar Eclipse in USA Since 1979. This is the first total eclipse of the Sun visible from the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) since February 26, 1979. The last time a total eclipse was visible from coast to coast was on June 8, 1918."Certainly a rare event and worthy of the attention it has been receiving.  I can imagine how frightening it must have been to ancient peoples who, without any forewarning, saw the sun being blacked out.  Even today with all of our scientific knowledge and the anticipation of knowing the times for viewing locally, this is an impressive natural phenomenon.The California Academy of Sciences has asked for help in recording the way animals and plants (that surprised me) react to the eclipse.  You can find out how here.   Outgoing MailTo paraphrase a popular saying:What comes around, goes around.Connie sent me the stickers of ice cream conesthat decorate this envelope to Melody.Jacque sent me some cool used stamps that I used along with the new Andrew Wyeth stamp for a letter to Connie.I love the monochromatic look of the stamps Jacque sent andthe little bursts of color on Copernicus and the Louisiana stamp.Of course, I had to get the Wyeth stamp crooked![...]

Going Postal


Incoming MailI still have some of the above to respond to, and I'm working on it.OutgoingI made this postcard months ago, but recently Erin bought a new car,and it was time for it to find a home.I was in a rush to get things in the mailand forgot to take a pic of the one I sent to Bryce Eleanor.But at least I remembered to take pics of the postcardsto Mila and Max.  One more inspired by Jackie Long. :) Yep, these are such fun!Yep, this postcard is over-stamped,but I love the dinosaurs. :)More Whatevers.I still have lots of scrappy felt pieces to play with.Of course, I also have quite a fewfull sheets of wool felt,but right now the small scraps are more fun.[...]

Postcards and Thread Play


Jackie Long makes the most wonderful postcards, a mixture of watercolor and junk mail collage.  I've had fun in the last month making a few postcards inspired by her work!  I love the labels on Haute Goat's wonderful, creamy goat cheesesand save them for applying to envelopes.Stitched three tiny scraps of wool felt together (left over from the motto pillow)and continued thread play and experimenting.This little "whatever" is about 2 x 2"And another one...I need groceries,but that would mean I'd have to fix dinner...[...]

Dwindling Summer


I finally finished this "motto pillow" inspired by Laura Kemshall.  It kept my hands experimenting and busy while watching my shows.  I made a smaller version earlier for a friend and enjoyed it so much I wanted to play with the idea again.  This one is for another friend.  The sentiment is for her, but it works for me as well. I loved embroidering on the felt, but couldn't write on it for the quote, so I had to add regular fabric for that portion.   The only thing left to do is add a ring to hang it on the back.  Does anyone have a good way to mark on felt?  I'd like to do one of these for Halloween and put the quote directly on the felt.  While all the rest is impromptu and unscripted, I need a guide for embroidering a quote.  I usually use pencil or fabric markers--which don't work directly on felt.  No luck with a chalk marker either.In the meantime, I'm playing with some of the left over scraps of felt. I have mail art to share, letters to answer, envelopes and postcards to make, book reviews to write for my other blog...but mustering the energy or enthusiasm has been pretty haphazard lately.  It is as if I have an attention deficit for anything that requires actual thought.  My response is a typical displacement activity-- needle and thread and a few beads.  Because it is soothing to watch mindless episodes of dramas and keep my hands active.   Lowers anxiety when the weather starts messing with my aura.  :)[...]

July Moments


 Amelia, Chris, and B.E. had already left before I took these pics on July 4. We had a nice weekend in the country. Mila, Erin, Brandon, MaxSnail Mail: Incoming and OutgoingMy latest record for daily yoga was 22 days consecutively.  Then...of course, I missed a couple of days.  Since I've been walking every day for nearly two weeks, I don't feel as compelled to get my yoga sadhana in EVERY day.   Erin has been so pleased with her FitBit, which gives both reminders and congratulations for successful achievements.  All of a sudden I wanted one, too, and my good husband surprised me with my own FitBit!  My enthusiasm for walking rose substantially.The last few days, however, have been miserable with heat and humidity.  Yesterday's  high was 103 degrees (heat index 116), and although I walked early, I was not a happy walker. Then a front moved through yesterday afternoon and this morning was much better. Looks like we may have low 90's for another week or so!  :)  I can happily live with that.As July advances and August moves in--my walks may be shorter and less frequent, but I'm going to keep at it until the temperatures discourage me.  Yoga may move to every other day, and I'm good with that.  I caught a sale on my favorite fine perl cotton from Stef Francis!  Maybe these pretty variegated twists will inspire me to make something.  Anything!  I finished reading The Secret Life of the Mind.  Still have not written the book review on my book blog, but will get to it soon.   If you are interested in some of the ways the brain works, you might enjoy this one.  The studies are fascinating, and cognitive neuroscientist  Mariano Sigman has a warm and accessible style.Enjoy your weekend![...]