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Art and architecture is life in beauty and grace.

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Poems 2


High School Life

As memories passed
And now looking back
Those days where young
Simple and fragile we had been
Learning in laughter and tears

You were there my friend
Through all those years…

Remembering how we break rules
Playing hide and seek
Counting numbers by hand
Singing loves songs out of tune
Falling from old guava tree
Running around where time is ours.

You were there my friend
Through all those years…

Distance departs us
Now we are in separate ways
Found new space for my own
Including circle of friends
What used to be is part of past
Everything out to change us
Unnoticed how we have been

But here still in my heart
You are my friend
Through all these years…

Left undone

Time not runs but leaps
Not by second but in minutes
Later you’ll find moments
Gone and wasted.

Hypnotized by the fantasy
A world created in dreams
Been lost from reality
Now truth awakens in pain…

Was I there to fulfill
Or just a dejavu?
I knew I had done something
But only in the wonderland…

Too late to make a move
Or hustle over an opportunity
My body weakens out
As the sun is settling down.

If only…

Types of Workaholics


Fast phase it is- this world does not know about hours but seconds that cost hundreds or millions of dollars snap into one hit. Almost everyone is aiming for that as if to cross a traffic of net goers and hoped for a click in the page. In this, various people are caught up being workaholic and though categorize as one, still they are distinct from each other. Find out to what category you are in.

The all or nothing workaholic- this workaholic person comes in seasonal and by mood. When they see a job or project they come like a furious worker ready to keep the job. Usually they do not sleep over a work when the adrenaline rush is still in this system. But when the body clock ticks off, their brain shuts down and they will realize of disregarding the job. When they see the sun rising, when they can start at it, they just cannot stop. However when they done it not in their itinerary, they probably won’t do it at all. This type of people usually are those who artistic. Artist are inclined with their mood, their mood sets the fire to work and when that mood fails to sustain them, they end up doing nothing at all.

Persistent workaholic-this type of workaholics are the routine type, they are exceptionally leaders, workers and inevitably reliable partners who always gets the job done. When they see the project at hand, they starts and finishes. They jumps at the workplace usually with a clean record on attendance and even tardiness. They comes to work on time and ends it up on time, their enthusiasm to give ideas and participation in the workplace is at large. They could never be stop unless their boss say so. This type of workaholics are very much seen in hospitals like doctors and nurses. They must be conscious with time and execution of job in the proper procedure where detail is in great consideration.

Savoring workaholic-this type of workaholics are perfectionists and passionate. They usually makes it a point as if their work is the embodiment of their soul. They do the work that makes them enjoy every inch of their work. They know what is the best work for them that lets them get the zest in what they do. Artist, designers and entrepreneurs are the most common people seen with this trait. They make it a point that their work lingers with them wherever they go, they keep it in their legacy since what their doing is their masterpiece.

Endangered office- this type of workaholics are not just leaders but also workers. They are the people who are called all-around or multi purpose. In all aspect of jobs in the workplace is all in their head. When it comes in decision making they are always their to guide and from curricular to extra curricular activities of the jobs they usually want to get on top. Usually this type of workaholics gets awards such as “employee of the month”, “salesman of the year” and quota hit makers. They usually make things possible with their own hand that lets others to sit where they are when workaholics are around.

Brain Work-out


Our brain composes of two hemispheres the left and right brains having four lobes that serve it own functions. Among the parts of our body, usually we tend to exercise physically and those people who stay active have sharper minds. At the age 24, our brain starts to degrade every year, so just like technology we must keep it upgraded with new information to increase its mental activities. Brains that are consistently upgrading have greater capabilities to understand calculations, words or statements and have rational decisions.
Like the geniuses of our time like Albert Einstein and other great personalities in history one thing is most common to them, they never comprises their health before anything. They do physical work-outs and mental work-outs to prolong their mental activities. To maintain our brains and to avoid diseases are inclined to brain function we must follow steps in maintaining them.

1. Exercise your mind. Keep your brain in its optimum health by reading, writing, surfing and even doing calculations. Upgrade your mind through memorizing information, creating websites or studying your previous learning or adding a new learning. Watching television can dull your brain. Brains need interaction so playing new games or doing cross-word puzzle or answering quizzes and exams are the best brain exercise.

2. Exercise your body- our brain needs oxygen and water to keep information to flow through from your body to your brain. By exercising your body, it can also exercise your brain.

3. Eat a healthy diet. Eating vegetables and fruits including meats will help in providing nourishment to the brain and its activities. By giving them proper food, the nutrients will nourish the brain to send in signals.

4. Get a good night’s sleep- Sleep is the best way of achieving relaxation to your brain. Your brain needs to relax and there is the right time of keeping it relaxed and that is the nighttime or the set time where you had indicated for your brain to relax.

7 Tips to Make Your Hair Shine


Shiny Hair is healthy hair. It’s hard to keep hair shiny and healthy when you use a hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, hair color and other styling tools and techniques that rough up your hair cuticles.

It’s a roughed up cuticle that makes hair l9ok dull. A smooth hair cuticle looks like a roof under a microscope, with all the singles neatly lying flat. Smooth cuticles are shiny because l igth reflects off smooth surfaces. But dry it-and curl and color it-and before you know it, your hair is dull.

Here are ways to bring back the shine:

1. Eat right. Feed your hair lots of protein! Lean meats, fish, eggs, beans, and low-fat dairy products will help make your hair healthy, says Philip Kingsley, author of “ The Hair Bible”. He especially recommends eating foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, avocados , flax seed and almonds. “ It takes six month for you new diet to make your hair shine”.

2. Clean up! Banish the buildup of all those hair products you use-from hair spray to mousse. Kingsley recommends using a clarifying shampoo once a week, or try this homemade recipe: Add one tablespoon of baking soda to two tablespoons of your shampoo. The baking soda will remove sticky residue from your hair.

3. Use conditioner. Use a conditioning product every time you shampoo.

4. Blot it. When you get out of the shower and dry your hair, squeeze and blot it. Don’t rub it as the friction roughs up the cuticles.

5. Cool off. Before blow-drying your hair, use a heat resistant product to seal in shine and prevent damage from the dryer’s high temperature. Every occasionally use the cool setting on your dryer.

6. Sleep on satin. Satiny hair needs satiny pillowcases. Look at it this way. When you’re asleep your head is about nine pounds of deadweight. Friction from tossing and turning can create frizz. Satin pillowcases reduce the friction.

7. Brush with boar. Plastics can break your hair. Use only boar bristle brushes, which are superior for smoothing hair and disturbing natural oils.

Women’s Journal March 19, 2005

Freelance Jobs


PhilVault Inc.

Writers / Web Developers

Hi, thanks for all who have emailed me. I am still looking for talented people in the following fields.

() web development
() content writers

If you're interested, please email your short resume, detailing on your field of specialty. Also please include samples of your work if you have.

You will receive project invitations via email, so make sure you send your resume so that I can include you on my mailing list when new projects arrived.

If you have questions, you may buzz me on my yahoo messenger: philvault


Date: 22 February 2007
City/Town: Nationwide
Location: Nationwide
Wage/Salary: per project basis
Start: per project basis
Duration: -no data-
Type: Part Time, Home Based
How to apply: email, online messengers
Company: PhilVault Inc.
Contact: Manny Cabanes

Freelance Jobs


PhilVault Inc.

Writers / Web Developers

Hi, thanks for all who have emailed me. I am still looking for talented people in the following fields.

() web development
() content writers

If you're interested, please email your short resume, detailing on your field of specialty. Also please include samples of your work if you have.

You will receive project invitations via email, so make sure you send your resume so that I can include you on my mailing list when new projects arrived.

If you have questions, you may buzz me on my yahoo messenger: philvault


Date: 22 February 2007
City/Town: Nationwide
Location: Nationwide
Wage/Salary: per project basis
Start: per project basis
Duration: -no data-
Type: Part Time, Home Based
How to apply: email, online messengers
Company: PhilVault Inc.
Contact: Manny Cabanes

Affiliate program


Got happen to bump into this affiliate program.

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Poem Collections



Unbearable pain just hiding
Breathless and mute
Excruciating nerve under patience’ lining
In this inner core of self

If only I can take back, words forbidden
Hold on my arrogance
Feelings uncertain to understand
Now burning into this isolation

Clearing my throat down
Silently denying and nonchalant
Shaken in my ground

I’m Sorry

Take a moment to contemplate
Fast phase decision you make
In a paradigm of hate
Let forgiveness undertake

I didn’t meant it this way
I chose you all I can say
I broke down and pray
Beside me please stay

In you I found my pair
Hoping together till grey hair
Solemnly asking for that little care.
Without you this I couldn’t bear.


Standing at the sharp point of a needle
Either break or make
Lies under your judgment.

I encompassed my emotions of fear
Pulling every tensioned rope of patience
Not to pass out holding still.

It’s between yes or no and not maybe
Vulnerable to my heartbreak
Either joy or tear

Please reveal don’t keep me hanging
Am I still in you?
Say what is true.

Daisy Street

Minutes past midnight summer
In the midst of solitude
Journeyed across bare road
Coldness sunk into this thin bone.
Deafening silence and dangerous turn
Emptiness and despair I felt
My Honey did not walk me home.
Glance back hope He was there.
Yet still alone…so alone.
Every door shut for me.
Including his own.
Frightened in this hollow street
I walked on my own.


A mere friendliness of you
Saying hi and hello
To a girl you fondly call
Nice and cute, I understand
Having done constantly around her
Doubt rose above my head
It is not friendly at all
A flirting before my eyes
Before my very eyes…
Destroying every inch of security
Realizing that is way cross normal
Laughter I heard a mock at my back
Subjecting my position and situation
Engulfing my whole being
Limiting my moment of reaction
Is there a competition for attention?
None…just yet. B»»ŠŠ……°°’ª’

Meditation benefits into Your Body and Soul


I remember when I was entering into my yoga class way back gradeschool years, I got involved into meditation which is relaxing in many ways. It soothes your mind, heart and even soul. When you open your eyes you are so close to nature and even to yourself. What I like most about meditation is the zest of creativity it takes out from my head and I get to be ambitious in achieving your goals. This are all positive aspects of what meditation can really do unto you.

But aside from these, I found out the meditation thus really do with our health issue as it releases stress. In our hectic world, where people takes less attention in looking into their health increases many health problems such as heart attacks, obesity and changing of personality. Basically because some stress are not properly dispersed from out body and carried out the following day.

According to the study from Dr. Joan Borysenko who had made various books and writings that accounts meditation as a way to relieve stress, increases our immunity from diseases and defuses negative emotions. Which is a very positive effect of meditation. While it is so good to our body, still people doesn’t give time for this.

Here is a simple program that will lead you to just loving meditation more after you take simple steps to maintain meditation in your life.

When you wake, do not rush into the toilet as if your boss is watching over you and pushing you to work hard at the time you open you eyes. Take time at least 5 to 10 minutes to breathe in and breathe out. Do this for one week and increase the time period as you progress in meditating.

The most effective way is just by simply signing up for a meditation session. At least you will be given ideas of proper ways of meditating. But definitely meditation is just about pulling out stress from your tired day. And simple rituals such as breathing and stretching your body are ways of achieving effective meditation.

Love, Romance and application of Feng Shui


Home is just one of our sanctuary especially in creating love and romance, since it is much comfortable and less expensive venue. Feng shui suggests that making it livable and with Chinese rituals, a house or a home is best fit for making one sweet partnership for your love.

Feng shui experts says that to attract your mate is to change settings in your house as the good sense must be invited. But simply just making the house much comfortable and clean.

1. Inspirational picture and artworks- pictures that surround your house will keep your ambiance more receptive to love. Subconsciously, seeing this pictures as you wake up in the morning will make you happy and gay. Such reflects into your being and attitude.

2. Less watch television. Television must be kept in place that is not inviting to watching television but just simple gathering. Making your type of house that will encourage a spice of talking and not just passive watching of television.

3. Seating arrangements. Being relaxed to a house includes seating down. It is best to place love seats to romantic areas of the house.

4. Downscale your bed. Large bed do not encourage intimacy but a gap separation for your romantic partner. Placing colors inviting for romance such as red, pink or anything that creates sensitivity to romance.

5. Preparing for overnight treats. This best applies for single men or women, if creating a partner, do not throw away that a potential partner is just around the circle. Creating an overnight place for them to stay makes you create more time for them to spend with you.

6. Upgrade accessories around your bed or areas soothing for intimacy. If you are thinking of creating a smooth turn of events when overnight sleepover, try upgrading your pillows and blankets. This things might get out of the way when they get discouraged or mistake you for the untidy surrounding they are in.

7. Create a color motif. Arrange your house as if you are arranging for a special romantic occasion even if its just a simple gathering with old friends. You will never know that a long time friend will be your long term partner.

Kythe- Helping children to recover from illnesses



I had been to Davao Medical Center, this hospital is situated in Bajada Davao city. Along with other institutions this playroom space is initiated to help children speed up their recovery. Basically the aim of the organization is just to entertain the children as they stay in the hospital. We verily know that some children who has serious illnesses has to stay in the hospital for days, months and even a year. In this situation they are deprived from attending school, learning to read or even enjoy playing with their group of friends. Kythe provide them the venue to have their own recreation right in the hospital.

I had only visited Kythe playroom for quite sometimes when a masscom student asked us about volunteering in the hospital. I readily agreed to sign up to do volunteer work and invited a friend to join too. She (Cher Docdocil) was never too busy to give her time too.

When we got to the area, the space is small enough to cater to a lot of children who wants to play in the playroom. I believe the space is not sufficient enough to cater to them when in fact there are three wards for children in the section. I got sad to believe that not all of them will have the chance to play.

There are two attending volunteers for the Kythe in the playroom. The playroom has also schedules of when they will open which is also sad since some kids want to play before 3pm. But that is how the playroom works. They said that the playroom was initiated by a parent who lost her daughter in the fight for cancer.

This is what I had witnessed in the playroom. There are children who are experiencing cancer and other fatal illnesses. It is heartbreaking. For this I had hoped that through Kythe it will light their faces with happiness as they would enjoy playing that hopefully will speed their recovery. If not make them happy, the least that we can do.

I was also proud for my friend Cher Docdocil who had genuinely gave her service to them. I believe she has been generous for time and effort to this children. And although I seldom go to the playroom I still remember the happy faces of these children even though they are experiencing these illnesses.

As a blogger, I again appeal to every hospital institutions or any care giving institutions to make a space such as a playroom as this will light the faces of these children. I am also hoping that all hospital will have their own Kythe playroom in their hospital. Lastly, for non-government and doctors will have free expense paid surgery and medical check-ups for this special children in the ward.

Kaakbayan Rehabilitation center


This rehabilitation center is located in Bangkal, Davao city. An NGO based that caters the needs of the children and adults in their physical therapy. The institution is housed in an old residential building that welcomes autistic and those adults need assistance for their physical motor skills recovery.

I went there when a classmate of mine asked me to accompany her in her visit to the area. As we enter the institution, three things I had greatly noticed. There are no or less air-conditioned rooms for the patients however; they have electric fans to ventilate the area. I believe this is very difficult since patients must have enough space for them to breathe. Although the institution is doing the possible convenience, they could give to the patients however, they do not have enough funds to have these kinds of utilities.

The second thing I had noticed is the area of the space that is not convenient for the patients. It is nevertheless small if they prompt to accommodate more patients or help more people in that institution. Since the building used to be residential, the house has about 4 rooms, 1 kitchen and a living room turned a patient ward.

The third thing I had noticed the rehabilitation area is for children has less space for playroom. This is what my classmates are ought to do, to give an architectural design or draft as to the possible design for the playroom which will be located in front of the area.

Basically all in all the rehabilitation center initiated by the non-government organization is clearly not enough or has less utilities to effectively do their job. I am appealing to any blogger or reader who has the heart that hopefully my dream is just for any large company or organization that provide help for this institution.

Or perhaps of anyone that is linked to UNICEF or international NGO, or even Oprah’s angel network will have the chance to look over this genuine service by the Kaakbayan.

In God’s arms


Was it ever been a time that you are too tired handling your own baggage and just for a moment, you want someone else do the carrying. Well it happened to me, not only once but perhaps it will go thousands and maybe millions. Total dependence on your God, of that God has also the pleasure of taking your load.

When you are tired and restless, don’t be ashamed to unload everything and hand it over to God. Don’t be afraid, and you will be relieved. I had done this a couple of times and everyday God has given me enough strength to go on everyday.

Everytime I fail in class and my expectations. I know that faith there is, God strengthens us when we are down.

To all out there who reads this one. Don’t miss to give a comment to give a testimony of how God has able to revived you in your downest moment.

Getting Higher Income from Adsense CTR


CTR means Click time rates, it help you to create revenue from the visitors by clicking into the ads or by just checking into your blogsite. However, you are rated as to how much clicks that the google is getting from you site.

There are two ways to create higher CTR

-placement of the ads
a. Experiment where is the good position of the ads by placing it in the channel and tracking the effectively. Although this will take time in monitoring but worth it.

b. Keep the pages as content pages as possible as this will invite readers to return in reading into your account or blog.

c. There are three positions you can experiment into. The ads can be place in the upper left or upper right. This is where the ads are much visible and does not need scrolling once the user opens the page.

-and the appearance of the ads as stated by the Adsense set up
a. Before placing the Adsense code into your page element, be sure that it can however respond or effective in presentation in the preview of the template or the page.

Why do we need to alter this format and placement when in fact when the user reads and at the time got interested will click it right away. The promise is just to get their attention. Your blog cannot say to them to click the ads since it will show them to sponsored links on what you had stated in your blogpost.

This is strategic planning of presentation and marketing that sells your ads into your user just by simply looking at them before they could entirely read this small ads in your pages.

Adsense ads comes in targed adwords that corresponds your content therefore by placing labels and words that easily defined or popularly heard, ads gets right to the point. This is very effective to target both the content and the related ads.

Sometimes blogger thinks why is their ads not relevant to their posts basically because their posts are not showing or giving target words.

Defining Boundaries between Privacy and Job


In job ethics, we are paid to do entirely on what is the job and not our own personal transactions. In this world where there is a need of multi tasking with our personal necessities and work. We must keep in mind that somebody out there is looking after what we are doing and what we are reading.

A friend of mine who is tasked to do a job in an internet café was supposed to attend the customer and not being caught as if a customer. He did not know that a video is watching over them when they do unnecessary things aside from their work. In this behalf, we has caught off guard playing in an internet game while he is on duty. As policy rule, they are not meant to do playing, typing and surfing which is not according to their duty as computer attendant. Obviously, he got fired.

A private company whose position is in the purchasing department was also caught chatting using the internet while on duty was reprimanded by the superior by placing him in the different branch.

To help us get to understand all of this, we must be aware that companies has their own guards in between walls for their employees. Tracked down by the internet usage not relevant to their work. In fact, 25 percent of companies has admitted that employees were terminated due to inappropriate use of company’s email system.

However, little does employees know about policies and regulations of the company regarding this. Yet many are terminated due to lack of awareness with this policy. Management information system (MIS) experts outlines that the inappropriate use are web surfing for personal necessities like online shopping, watching pornographic materials, computer games and chatting.

To avoid being terminated, these are helpful tips to make sure you are out of trouble.

1. Companies has internet computer monitor that saves and reviews all your email activities, surfing and typing.

2. Check your policy program by reading into your code ethics again you inquiring into your Human Resources officer about this.

3. Don’t share your email account used at work, keep it exclusively for work related personnel only. Do not use your personal email at work.

4. If unnecessary, do not do anything not in line with work such as typing documents, surfing on the net and chatting.

5. If you have company provided cell phone, use it for your company’s transactions and use your own cell phone for your personal calls.

Contemporary Designs has to do with Geometric designs


This is the design of the future, geometric designs are always inclined with futuristic designs with the touch of wood, metal and concrete materials. Usually they are in earth colors.

What is so good with geometric designs is the thought of illusion designs together with style. Geometry designs takes credit to contemporary but elegant look into your home. Whether they come in strong, smooth or neon colors they come in playful cubes, angles and other metric inspired decors is just the design of the future.

To achieve contemporary designs with the applications of geometric shapes is to coordinate the colors such as black and white, brown and black, brown and white and sometimes if you are playful with colors try to make it coordinated.

There are several ways to make one house contemporary.

Mix and match shapes of circles and squares- this type of geometric shapes are simple yet elegant when they are in three basic shades of black, white and brown.

Enhance the furniture by having it as the main attraction in a room- placing it in the way that attracts the eyes is also create an ambience of contemporary.

Geometric designed frames- there are many geometric designed frames that does not make a dull wall into contemporary.

Volunteering for Gawad Kalinga


A non-government organization that help build houses for indigent Filipinos, who cannot afford to build houses became one of my exposure activity for our theology class. The Gawad Kalinga is an international organization pioneered by Filipinos that is now stretching their help to the countries of Africa and other third world countries.
What is fulfilling in this kind of volunteer work is the camaraderie and the friendship you create to your groupmates and those who are working for the good of this community. The house is quite small, a two bedroom house whose square meter can be just as large as our own bathroom. But the organization is doing the best that they could do to alleviate the lives of this people.

I was just hoping that if in case any blogger or organization who happens to read on this blog will be moved to help the organization also especially OPRAH. I almost watch her timeslot in midnight and getting inspired of what she does especially to the community. I also watch how she helped out during the tsunami and hurricane Katrina catastrophes.

I hope she could get the chance to see Gawad Kalinga at work and maybe contribute to the funding that will really help a lot of people. So please blogger, if you happened to be moved by this blog, email OPRAH for me. The more people that will email OPRAH and her angel network, the more everyone will be involved in making this world a better place.

Gawad Kalinga

Preparing for mountain climbing


Together with my new friend, he has invited me for a mountain climbing. I have been dreaming to get to the mountain apo. The tallest mountain in the Philippines in the southern Mindanao.
Align with my preparation that includes; emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual. There are many climbers who just do not climb but they prepare themselves in this aspects.

But climbing involves physical strength so together with that preparation, we started walking 5 miles every Friday since the climb to Mt. Apo takes 7 hours of walking. Ofcourse it was really tiring at first but later it became part of my routine. Let’s see how it is going to be.

Meeting a new friend


  While I am just mourning over a lost of a boyfriend…I am figuring out how to just enjoy it. Got a moment to chat in the internet with my ym id tin_noval. An internet friend came to pm me with a message “ hey, want to watch a movie”. Without any doubt, I came to see him in a casual place like the mall. All of the sudden, we just seem to click. I seldom feel comfortable around people but with him, we seem to know each other long time ago. For that, we got on a second date and another. Until we finally to finalize everything that what if we try to be together. Never did a guy is irreplaceable isn’t it.

Breaking with a Boyfriend


It is difficult to break up with a boyfriend who has been with you for four years. It took me a lot of sleepless night to recover from the heartache. He has always been with me all throughout almost everywhere I go. Now I saw his friendster having another girl around him.

It is difficult but life must go on. So to all bloggers who has difficulty in forgetting your love one. Just think in these three things.

a. Life is too short to worry the past.
b. Enjoy life and never end it even it is tough.
c. Focus on your personal life, make a new hobby.
d. Make a diary out of it.
e. Or make a shout box into this account. I will post on just how you recover everything. Email me at

Adsense Key Reminders


Adsense is the most popular site in providing revenue for newbie bloggers. Before start clicking for traffic or creating a blog with ads, never ever forget to read over the Adsense policies because as tricky you think you are is the trickier they could get. This means many errors occurring that includes termination and warning to your blog and worst is disabling you account hopefully not for that long. I had many frustrations in making my blog to drive traffic and believe me it took me a couple of try outs before I could verily establish my site. It is not easy dealing with a lot of regulations that will not excuse me if they catch me. Autosurfs and other links that provide traffic into your account will basically disable your account way before you could taste its sweet. Without further a do, these things I must share to not let another poor blogger be terminated. Basically Adsense will pay you for the blog you had made and it depends on them on how to review your account, so in this way adherence to the laws and regulations is a must to get the revenue you deserve. Do not click your own Adsense ads for whatever reason. Many questions will rose into your mind, what if I want to open and check my account and let people see my account. Believe me they will really terminate your account. So if your doing any lay-outing prevent yourself from previewing or opening by chance your blog since they will mistake it from opening your account for no reason to increase page impression. By mistake you have to click into your ads, again will terminate your account. Do not change the Adsense code. Once you had stated the adsense code into your page, you are not to change anything but the code itself must retain. Basically they will literally know it before you can think that it is wrong. The following day your amount returns to zero which is a bad joke to any blogger, right? Three adsense ads is enough that includes other adsense webmaster tools. Do not copy nor extend to the limitations of how many adsense ad you will be placing into your blog. One is enough to place into your account and just be creative and placing them. Later I will tell you which part can be very good for viewers or visitors to increase click time rates. Use google search services only on the same site, never attempt placing two search sites in one page. Basically Adsense or Google company want you to use their tools much effectively than other competitive sites. So placing other search services might disable your account. You should as a blogger should not sail on two boats. Do not reveal your personal information on the account payments. You may however reveal your total income but not the specified payment history in your google account as this will be prohibited by the Google administration. Beware to use Advertisement or sponsored links as labes for ads. It might sound unnecessary since the google places its claim over the ads however some blogger still use this labels to indicate the links of the Adsense ads.You are only given one account into your multiple sites. Adsense code does for all your sites and it mean one account only for all. Place ads that give content pages. Be sure that the ads are placed to where it should supposed to be. Adsense ads might be placed to some irrelevant ads however advertisers are buying for content ads and not irrelevant ads. Keep the ads content elements visible . Keep in mind that no matter how good the ads look into your page by deleting or hiding some elements by altering its co[...]