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Updated: 2015-10-07T14:48:32.721+08:00


Crystal Report: Image did not reflected in report


There's this incident where a report is developed which retrieve the image from oracle database. The code are all looks fine but the image just did not get refreshed, in other words, not grabbing the latest image from database. Playing around with crystal reports function which leads us to the setting of "save data with report". Once we uncheck the setting and the image was fetching from database.

Dynamic page number


Found this code snippet which is quite useful if you're allowing dynamic configurable page length:intOldPageLength = GetPageLengthValue()' if there is a new page length valueIf intOldPageLength <> m_intPageLength Then ' adjust the page number to compensate intItemCount = ((m_intPage - 1) * intOldPageLength) + 1 m_intPage = intItemCount \ m_intPageLength If intItemCount - (m_intPage *

Generate Crystal Report Error: 0x800003E5 Failed to open report


This happened when there is an attempt to generate the crystal report. It occurs during the loading of crreportdocument.load. It didn't include any further leads but only the function that triggers the error. This makes me wonder what causes the above stated problem.I searched around in the usual engine, Google. Few possibilities, and funny thing is, one indicated that the memory has problem (

Mafia wars and Texas Holdem Poker hacks or cracks


I always wonder, does all game have their crack? Unlike those days, those games that I played have cracks circulated around the net. To name a few, the Grand theft auto and starcraft or age of empire. Those are I believe more of like the infamous "easter eggs" where the hacks itself is coded in the game for the gamer to find out. I believe it makes the game more interesting. How bout those games

Receiving Gmails or 3rd Party email on your hotmail account


Most of us, who surfs internet, have few different emails account. I am, proudly, one of them. I have few emails account to separate its' usage on different purposes. One of account is being used to communicate with friends, while others for different matters.Thumbs up to Microsoft Live Mail's team. Another great move. Hotmail now allows other emails account to be setup for retrieving and sending and other related email domains registration


Have you got your email? I failed to get mine and it was too late to get mine. But I just manage to get Live.IT domain for myself. The .IT domain extension is meant for the people residing in Italy but I thought it would be cool to have one. If you are in vein to get one for yourself, be it .com or .IT or .BE, but failed deliberately, then you may want to hop over to Helmers Blog. He

Windows XP activation key: activate by phone


Been trying to install a copy of windows xp onto my virtual machine to do some testing. However, upon starting my freshly installed windows xp that resides on the virtual machine, it appears that the windows requires key activation (which is a norm). Then without hesitation, I went and followed the steps in Easy Way to Activate Windows Home Server (Crack and Bypass Activation). Apparently, the

Crystal Report License Implementation On Visual Studio


I have been doing some reports for my employer to be implemented in client place. There have been some debate on the licensing issue. Without curiousity, I did a check on google for more details on the license to avoid any rights infridgement.Developers can use Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET or for Visual Studio 2005 to do the following: Design unlimited reports for use in Visual Studio .

Oracle Char vs VarChar vs Varchar2 datatype


I was kinda confused earlier on the differences but get a better explaination after hunting around. Below details each of their characteristics:Char: Declare and used. If the size declared is 5 and assigned value is only length 2, the leftover will be stored with spaces. Some claimed this would be much faster, but some doesn't find any differences in performance comparison to varchar.VarChar:

Windows 2003: Terminate User session remotely


I tried to remote desktop login one of the windows 2003 server but was prompted "The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections.". As this would prolly some sort of CSI required before I could login the server, I was wondering if there is any tool to quickly terminate one of the user session (since there wasn't anyone admit loggin into the server. Browsing through

Enable remote connection to SQL 2005


1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, point to Configuration Tools, and then click SQL Server Surface Area Configuration.2. On the SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration page, click Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections.3. On the Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections page, expand Database Engine, click Remote Connections,

Crystal Report: Server page unavailable


I have been doing crystal reports development for sometime. There are few errors encountered and worth mentioning it here:1. Crystal reports tool icon does not show when the reports is loaded.2. Image in the crystal report is not showing but working fine in the development machine and not the production server.3. "Load report failed" error prompted when trying to load the crystal report.4.

Checking MS SQL and Analysis version


Found this article explains how to do it. Steps varies depending on the product itself.*Latest SQL patches for 2000 can be downloaded at Microsoft website.

ASP.NET: Export PDF/Excel/Word file corrupted


An encounter with an error while trying to export the Crystal report to the abovementioned document format has resulted "file damaged" or "file corrupted". It was then later found I out that the response.write function requires an end at the end of sending the file content like below;Response.End

Free html/web/blog templates


Have been browsing through the web and manage to discover a new portal that shares a decent number of templates available for downloads. The site located at It's surely a good thing to have a quick start in creating the WWW identity.

Ungroup Microsoft Excel on Windows Taskbar


A typical user called up and enquire about the above encountering. It seems that, his PC's Excel is behaving rather abnormal as all the excel files which were executed, loaded into an Excel program instance. Below is the settings to dismantle the mysterious encounter;Tools -> Options -> (Tick) Windows in TaskbackThat will load each and every excel file on a new Excel instance.

Auto Logon Windows XP


Below are the steps to enable auto logon in Windows XP;Click Start, and then click Run.In the Open box, type control userpasswords2, and then click OK.Note When users try to display help information in the User Accounts window in Windows XP Home Edition, the help information is not displayed. Additionally, users receive the following error message:Cannot find the Drive:\Windows\System32\users.hlp

Oracle ORA-00911: invalid character


This was the error that bug me for few hours. I wasn't sure what was the exact reason. I google'd it and doesn't seems helpful. Then I tried to trim down my SQL queries, in which by luck, the mystery reveiled. It was a simple SQL query, selecting all records in the table. I include the semicolon ";" which not supposed to be. After removing it, the error gone and the result were what I want.

Oracle: SQLState=IM004 Driver's SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_ENV failed


If coincident you got the above error, what I did was to perform the below;If you navigate Oracle home you will find that the directory has different permissions then the root of the tree. In the case of 10G the path is C:Oracleproduct10.1.0Client_1. Open the properties for the Client_X directory, and you will see that "Authenticated Users" should have Read and Execute, List Folder Contents, and

Drop or Remove oracle schema(database)


In order to remove the existent schema in oracle, execute the sqlplus and execute the below command;drop user user_database cascade;The once the above command gets executed, the database created by user_database will be removed.Should you have better suggestion, kindly leave a comment..;)

AVG removed User32.dll, Windows critical file


This might not be a fresh news now. It appears that an update released by AVG on 9th of November 2008 has caused the user32.dll file been removed. AVG has reported this as false positive on the suspected malicious file user32.dll at issue #1574 on clearly shows that the criticality of software-dependent application installed on individuals PC as some mishap would

Remove C Drive network sharing


There are few methods available I suppose, and below are what I found;1. Delete the sharing for the specific session only. Will re-share once reboot.Start --> Run --> cmdthen type following command. net share c$ delete2. Permanently remove sharing.Proceed to registry file by typing Start -> Run -> "registry". Look for below registry entry and amend accordingly.Hive: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEKey: SYSTEM\

IIS start: Unexpected error 0x8ffe2740 occurred


If you got the above error when trying to start the IIS services, then the most probable reason is, there is another application which is utilising the port that conflict with IIS on port 80. One way to resolve this is by changing their port, either one.This error striked my PC and the application that uses the conflicting port was skype. Upon after quiting the program and triggering the start on

FoodMart 2005 Error: Dimension was not found in cube when string is parsed


If you happened to face the above error while trying to install the FoodMart sample Microsoft 2005 Analysis cube, then you may probably have the same problem as I had.Go to FoodMart 2005's H/R Cube, go to Calculations, change to Script View, then comment of starting from below line/* CREATE MEMBER CURRENTCUBE.[MEASURES].cellsecurity.....end scope; */This will then skip the error.

Clean uninstall Oracle database


Execute the Universal installer located at:Start > Programs > Oracle Installation Products > Universal Installer1. On the first screen click on "Deinstall Products..." 2. Expand the tree view (just so that the second level is visible) and make sure you 3. select everything that is selectable. 4. Click on "Remove..." 5. On the confirmation screen click "Yes" 6. When it has finished click "Close"