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Published: Thu Nov 3 18:04:15 2005

Last Build Date: Thu Nov 3 18:04:15 2005

Copyright: copyright 2002, Tim Finin

The semantic web - A touch of intelligence for the internet?
AN article from the Guarian on the semantic web by Ben Williamson and Libby Miller.

Phone butler organises your life
BBC story on a Southhampton agent project.

McCarthy wins Benjamin Franklin Meda
John McCarthy, professor emeritus of computer

Prolog Content Language
PCL is a specification of how to use Prolog as a FIPA compliant content language.

Content Language Translation
This service, developed at ISCTE by Luis Botelho's group, translates expressions between KIF, FIPA SL and PCL (Prolog Content Language).

Bend it like Robo-Beckham
Roboticists want to field a team of automatons in the 2050 World Cup that can win it all.

Nature Via Nurture
Matt Ridley, Nature Via Nurture, HarperCollins, April 2003, ISBN 0060006781.

jfipa - Java-support for the FIPA Agent Communication Language
jfipa is a set of java-based tools that supports parsing and routing of envelopes/messages of the FIPA Agent Communication Language (ACL) encoded as XML.

Protege OWL Plugin
The goal of this plugin is to supply Protégé with full support for the Semantic Web ontology language OWL, including export and import of OWL files

Creating OWL-Enhanced Applications
Slides from Roger Costello (MITRE) on how to create robust, extensible applications using the semantic web language OWL.