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Preview: Thank You for visit Cologne Daily Photo

Thank You for visit Cologne Daily Photo

Updated: 2016-10-17T14:43:17.360+02:00


The Old City


(image) Cologne's old city area and in the back round is another Cathedral named St.Martin,the second one after Der Dom. This area is not far from which I've posted before and also from here. Cologne's old city is not as big as the new Cologne nowadays.Make sense,right? ;o)

The Yellow box


(image) Nowadays,very few to find this old yellow public telephone box.In the past was under management of Post Office followed post office's color but now it's pink.The color of German Telecom as now they are in charge for public communication needs but very few in the form of box.Mostly are open and this one already running under German Telecom,only they kept the yellow box.I like more this old one form.



(image) This is a UNICEF building.I chose to post about it as on Sunday,16 September was "Welt Kinder Tag" (World Children Day) in Germany.I am not sure if all over the world celebrate at the same day like us.Those sculptures created by Rosalie and I can't find information about her in Wikipedia and the explanation board written down only her name and title of the sculptures "Flossis"



(image) I took this photo from our kitchen window and this is one of a few ways to see Cologne from the air but I've never do that as I'm scare with high (I wish I could,so I can make a good photos from bird perspective) I don't have problem to get to the top of building and etc to overlooking the spectacular view of city,etc but I won't go close to the edge to look down,otherwise my legs shacking by itself. How about you out there,what are you scare of?

Cologne's KINGkong


(image) This Giant fellow,I used to see in Hohe Strasse when the Antique Shop still not move out and always thought who's going to buy him and now I coincidently found him.Aha,he is bought by a "Furniture & Art" named Schwarzer Elefant (black elephant) as read on the white board and now doing his job on this street to spread his "an eye catcher" charming. But somehow,I have a doubt whether he is still belong to this Antique Shop where I used to see him as I can't remember the shop's name and don't know as well where they move to???

The Fish Skull


(image) I saw first time this "Fish Skull" at this small cosy restaurant located in Cologne's Yacht Harbour and thought,what a nice creative idea to put it at the entrance,is it mean they serve fish as well and it is a good eye catcher too but one day I watched a gardening program on TV and found that you can put also in your garden for make a fish bushes form...INTERESTING!

Sport Shop


(image) This shop located in Schildergasse,the most visited shopping area in Cologne where the Melted Ice Cream Sculpture is (Neumarkt area) in here you can find your sport needs but I doubt if they have some Aero Sport goods too caused this half Propeller is only an attraction.

Thank you so much for visited and dropped your nice commented during Cologne Daily Photo was away on holiday. I'm happy to be back!

The Pose


(image) I am sure to get this higher position for a snapshot with this long weapon would result a perfect shot for a bird eye view or even a lot more.This statue located in Neumarkt area not too far from the melted ice cream sculpture and it is on top of an old Camera shop where you can find some oldest camera on their display.I don't think I would like to carry this BIG weapon as I'm a practice person.But somehow,I realized that this statue is very clean,usually such a statue will stand there for the customer attraction only and being forgotten,specially in this higher position.
Well,with this camera man statue,I would like to say that I will continue make a snapshot with my little pal "Sony" but it would be not in Cologne until the second Monday of September as We are off for our holiday.

Thank you very much,sweet people out there for stopping by and give your nice comment so far.I am delighted to know that you are also enjoy the way I see my city through my camera.

Have a nice weekend to you all...until then.......

PS: in case you miss Cologne,you can still see through April's eyes

Another one


(image) I hope it will help some people who coincident stumble upon my site and looking for some tourist information.Here another one again if you would like to see Cologne or further more from the river.This is one of several choices of the boats on the river bank.You can hire the boat also to held your party or there are some offers for youth meeting,a kind of discotheque.

Still for tourist


(image) This shuttle train is on the way to the chocolate museum and sport museum.You can find it always in front of Roemisch Germanisches Museum right next to the Dom (The Cathedral) or sometimes right in front of the Dom platform and the yellow car is the taxi.FYI,these both museums are next door to each other,so don't get panic when you lost control in chocolate museum as you only need less than 3 minutes walk to the sport museum to get your shape back ;o) I will show you next time the chocolate museum.



(image) I think my photo today is more attract to the tourist and not the city daily photo community but hey,who knows one day you will be come tourist in Cologne.So,I decided to choose this photo just to show a piece of plenty choices of souvenir you can find in Cologne beside the postcard. I know,perhaps this is absolutely not your taste of souvenir (not mine either) but as I said you have plenty of choices in Cologne.This is still in Hohe Strasse right next to The DOM (Cathedral) that I've posted while ago.



(image) And this plenty of sort of candies will be found also in public event in Germany.Yesterday photo and today photo were from the annual fireworks shows in Cologne which I posted last month. Sorry that I took from the side as I stayed in queued and the candies that would be a bit more than others that mixed inside my paper bag were Liquorice Candies. Well,sweet people out there which sort of candies would you mix more or do you love candy too?

Have a sweet weekend to you all!

Wurst und Co.


(image) In all public event in Germany,this kind of food will never be absent. Grill sausages and grill fresh meat and as friends to them will be "Brötchen" the unsalted bread or potatoes and French fries and not to forget,mustard or ketchup to be added.

Media Park


This is a part of Cologne expand city and the modern area as you will not find any track of ancient and old city touched.This area called "Media Park" and in here you can find all the modern touch such as plastic surgery,recording company,high tech fitness club,VIP Clinic,Restaurant,etc and as seen in this photo is a BIG Cinema where all the world premier movie will start play and even the lake is an artificial lake,for sure the water is real! ;o) The location of Media Park can be seen from a distance caused of the Koeln Turm which I have posted before in here

At Schildergasse


(image) Here is another street musician but this one,his market is only for kids.As you can see,this cute girl was his customer but his idea is to make interactive with his customer instead of only drop a coin and walk away.The song he plays attracted the adult as well caused it reminds and brings back again to their childhood or to their own kids who already fly out from the nets (adults) and of course for the grandparents of their grandchildren who may have not seen for quite some time.

Middle age wall


(image) This is one of Cologne's middle age wall.This was a Watch Tower which built between 1180 and 1215 and was used as a place to live in (kind of shelter place) after the destruction of WW II. But now is a place of Cologne's Carnival Clubs.Cologne Carnival (Annually) always begin on November 11th at 11:11 am until the highlight in around February and will be end-up with big parade of all the Carnivals Clubs to celebrate the coming of Spring and to kick-out the winter.Here some more from Wikipedia

Sorry for my absent as we were attended relative son wedding.



(image) This is where you have to buy your ticket to take tram or bus.It is touch screen service in multilingual and you can pay with coin or card.If you're in hurry to catch the tram or bus then you can still find this machine inside the tram and bus.Most of the validation box can be found inside the tram and bus as well.

August theme day


These two are the main ingredient for our breakfast.We called "Brötchen" is unsalted bread and the other is the France Croissant but made in Germany ;o) and eat together with any kind of jams,honey,butter,cheese and Chocolate Nougat Cream.The Chocolate Nougat Cream is a must in German typical breakfast as well as the Brötchen even there are plenty of bread type that German bakery produced.Of course,we eats also cereal with milk as breakfast and drink coffee or tea.Want more choice than go have your breakfast that listed below:Saint Paul (MN), USA - Bellefonte (PA), USA - Menton, France - Monte Carlo, Monaco - New York City (NY), USA - Tel Aviv, Israel - Hyde, UK - Port Angeles (WA), USA - Mainz, Germany - Stockholm, Sweden - Paderborn, Germany - Singapore, Singapore - Haninge, Sweden - Nottingham, UK - Ampang (Selangor), Malaysia - Manila, Philippines - Boston (MA), USA - Seoul, Korea - Singapore, Singapore - Joplin (MO), USA - Chandler (AZ), USA - Paris, France - Sequim (WA), USA - Greenville (SC), USA - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Boston (MA), USA - Chennai, India - Madison (WI), USA - Baton Rouge (LA), USA - Toulouse, France - Seattle (WA), USA - Mexico (DF), Mexico - La Antigua, Guatemala - Selma (AL), USA - Wassenaar (ZH), Netherlands - Albuquerque (NM), USA - Cleveland (OH), USA - San Diego (CA), USA - Lubbock (TX), USA - Jakarta, Indonesia - Sheki, Azerbaijan - Sydney, Australia - Mumbai, India - Seoul, South Korea - Cottage Grove (MN), USA - Cypress (TX), USA - Saarbrücken, Germany - Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina - New Orleans (LA), USA - Budapest, Hungary - Kyoto, Japan - Tokyo, Japan - Austin (TX), USA - Singapore, Singapore - Villigen, Switzerland - Montréal (QC), Canada - Stayton (OR), USA - Melbourne, Australia - Silver Spring (MD), USA - Moscow, Russia - Springfield (MO), USA - Inverness (IL), usa - Arlington (VA), USA - Cologne (NRW), Germany - Anderson (SC), USA - Oslo, Norway - Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation - Manila, Philippines - Kajang (Selangor), Malaysia - Maple Ridge (BC), Canada - Bandung (West Java), Indonesia - Stavanger, Norway - Bastia, France - Hong Kong, China - Wailea (HI), USA - St. Louis (MO), USA - Chicago (IL), USA - Rabaul, Papua New Guinea - Sydney, Australia - Bucaramanga (Santander), Colombia - Kansas City (MO), USA - Grenoble, France - Paris, France - Evry, France - Saigon, Vietnam - Prague, Czech Republic - Cape Town, South Africa - Brookville (OH), USA - Brussels, Belgium - San Diego (CA), USA - Wellington, New Zealand - Newcastle (NSW), Australia - Saint Louis (MO), USA - Sharon (CT), USA - Shanghai, China - Zurich, Switzerland - North Bay (ON), Canada - Lyon, France - Naples (FL), USA - Olympia (WA), USA[...]

The Art


(image) And this is the building where the bookstore is.Continue from yesterday and the day before yesterday posted.A careless giant kids just lost his ice cream,hehehe;o) This is not an ice cream advertiser or what so ever but if you wish to know the interesting story how this ice cream cone landed on top of this Shopping mall then Please,Click here

Mayersche bookstore


(image) I just wanted to show how cosy is inside and specially when you don't have umbrella with you.We have usually dry Summer,that's why hard to predict this year Summer with not so often 3-5 minutes little shower.Sorry,if I only shows the legs as I don't wanted to disturb their peaceful moment.Notice,mine is not here ;o)



(image) I felt lucky when I saw outside is raining and I was in a very cosy book store,about to leave after found and bought some interesting books but didn't have umbrella with me.We just have back our hot summer with more than 30°C but now since 2 days is raining. This is "Neumarkt" area (New Mark),cars behind the tree are our taxi in Cologne,the stairs is heading down to underground station and very left is shopping passage "Schildergasse" where I ever took this photo

Have a Sunshine weekend people!

Superman Eyes


(image) I found this advertisement from our Energy provider is interesting.The Slogan is,it always there every where for us to provide the energy and at the same time it was also a campaign for save energy. But,I found that people on that banner are only male. Are they tried to show man behavior or men behavior? ;o)



(image) This the RED thing that I supposed to post on this month theme day but It was still in my camera.This is a newspaper box as you can see it but not a newspaper for stock exchange,business,economy or any serious news to develop a knowledge.It's just a news that for some people,they will called 'rubbish' but for some others is quite entertain them to find out that an artist just has a new boyfriend and he was a Porn Star ;o) that's what it meant for the right box headline. For more info the left one is the old box edition and the right one is the new box,that's why they looks different but with same price for 50 cent ;o)

Cologne's Tram


(image) I have posted in my begun of Cologne DP the inside of an old tram and this is what it looks like from outside.



(image) Hmmm...We love Ice Cream too and can't wait for our turned on those hot days and this one was not so crowded,so we decided to stay in queue.Most of Ice Cream in Cologne are Italian one and for us they are still the best Ice cream maker and it is still hand-made Ice Cream.
Well,let's talk about Ice cream while our mouth waters.Here what I found in Wiki for "Ice Cream".
When the winter end,most of the Ice Cream cafe or like one on photo are crowded but we do consume ice cream in winter too,so,the Italian Ice cream maker is not totally close for winter.And what kind of Ice Cream that people at your place prefer the most?