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On all things Groovy!

Updated: 2018-03-19T18:50:23Z


Build apps for voice, chat, web and mobile


ServerlessConf Paris is in full swing this week, and I had the chance yesterday to participate in a workshop with my colleagues Bret and Frank, to cover building apps for voice, chat, web and mobile, using Google's serverless solutions. In particular, for voice & chat, I spoke about Dialogflow and Google Assistant / Actions on Google, using Cloud Functions for my business logic, while in the afternoon we covered Firebase un more depth.

If you want to have a quick look at the deck, here are the slides that I presented:

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I'm a Java Champion!


The Java Champions recently nominated me to become a Java Champion!


There's also a post on the Java Champions' blog, and InfoQ also echoed the new nominees recently.

I'm super happy and proud of this nomination, and I'm looking forward to continuing being involved in the Java ecosystem, present at Java-friendly conferences, contribute to Open Source projects using Java and Apache Groovy, and write articles here and there using my favorite languages.

Pre-trained Machine Learning APIs presentation and video


Last month, for the first time, I visited Riga (Latvia), for the DevTernity conference. I really enjoyed my time there, and wish to come back with other topics next time. The organizers took very well care of the speakers, and the presentations were very interesting.

I had the pleasure to talk about the pre-trained machine learning APIs provided by Google Cloud Platform, and say a few words as well about TensorFlow and Cloud ML Engine.

The talk was recorded, and I wanted to share with you the video and the slides of the presentation.
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And here is the deck:

The 2018 countdown: A tip a day about Google Cloud Platform


A few weeks ago, I've started a new blog dedicated to Google Cloud Platform, to share tips'n tricks I come across while exploring the platform, getting to know new products, or gathered through experience with a particular service I've been using:

With the holidays season, I went with a "2018 countdown

Gradle vs Maven and Gradle in Kotlin or Groovy


Once in a while, when talking about Gradle with developers, at conferences or within the Groovy community (but with the wider Java community as well), I hear questions about Gradle. In particular Gradle vs Maven, or whether developers adopt the Kotlin DSL for Gradle builds.

In the past, I blogged several times about using BigQuery and the Github dataset to analyze open source projects hosted on Github, by running some SQL queries against that dataset. You might want to have a look at this past article on some Gradle analysis with BigQuery. Considering those questions popped up recently, I decided to do a quick run through those questions with some simple queries.

Gradle vs Maven?
The JDK built-in web server with Apache Groovy


In my timeline, I saw a tweet from Joe Walnes about the built-in HTTP server available in the JDK since Java 6. It's super convenient, starts super fast, easy to use, but I often forget about it. I'd probably not use it for serving planet-wide load, but it's very useful when you need to create a quick service, a little mock for testing some web or micro-service.

Here's a little hello world for the fun.

More voice control for Actions on Google


Today, there were some interesting announcements for Actions on Googlefor building your conversational interfaces for the Google AssistantAmong the great news, one item particularly caught my attention: the improved SSML support:

JavaOne — How Languages Influence Each Other: Reflections on 14 Years of Apache Groovy


Last week, I was in San Francisco for my tenth JavaOne! I had two sessions: one on the past / present / future of Java Platform-as-a-Service offerings, and one on programming language influences, and particularly how was Apache Groovy influenced, and how it also inspired other languages.

Here's the abstract:

DevFest Toulouse — Building your own chatbots with API.AI and Cloud Functions


A few weeks ago, my buddy Wassim and I had the chance to present again on the topic of chatbots, with API.AI and Cloud Functions, at the DevFest Toulouse conference.

Here's the latest update to our slide deck:
Cloud Functions et API.AI à Devoxx Belgique pour vos interfaces conversationnelles


Pour Devoxx France, j'avais développé l'embryon d'un petit chatbot pour découvrir l'agenda de la conférence. Mais c'était plus un "proof of concept" qu'un projet vraiment fini. Mais je vais pouvoir reprendre cette ébauche et l'étoffer bientôt, car j'aurai le plaisir d'approfondir le sujet pour Devoxx Belgique ! 

La vidéo (en Français) de la présentation que j'ai donnée à Devoxx France sur le sujet a été publié il y a quelque temps sur YouTube, et vous pourrez la voir ci-dessous :

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