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sixties and seventies french and european oddities, vinyl rip only...

Updated: 2017-11-29T02:52:24.943+01:00




(image) Ted Atking and his orchestra "Pop music for dancing" Concert Hall/Varieton, 1970

Released by the french label Concert Hall at the very beginning of the seventies, Pop music for dancing was the first of two Ted Atking LPs issued by the label (the second one was named Rythm and Blues for dancing), two singles were also released.
I'm quite sure that at the time, few cared about the fact that the man behind this pseudonym was the french composer Jack Arel and trumpet player Pierre Dutour as writing partner and arranger.
All the tracks on Pop music for dancing were taken from the various Dance and Mood Music volumes that Jack Arel recorded for the Chappell Library label and all of them have this so cool late sixties flavor that we all love so much. 12 groovy and easy gems with trumpet, Hammond organ, tight drums and even some fuzz guitar.
Curiously the Ted Atking pseudonym was also used at the end of the seventies for a couple of LPs on the Charles Talar label (a strange mix of Jazzy and electronic tracks) but i can't see no connection between this Ted Atking and the Arel/Dutour recordings.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

Ted Atking

PS : Caravelli's April Orchestra vol.16 is now available again in the original post.



(image) Jack Dieval Quartet & Paris Jazz Quartet "Chappell Dance and Mood Music vol.12" Chappell, 1972

Here is yet another release from the Chappell DMM serie. Two different sessions by veteran french Jazz pianist Jack Dieval, the first side is described as Free music, while the second is described as Music with vibes. Once again, this LP contains a track compiled in the Strut's "Music for dancefloors, the cream of the Chappell music library sessions", this track is named Green water.
The first side of this LP while not completely atonal or free from any Jazz structure does contain elements of Free Jazz and it's hard to believe that any of these tracks pleased the ears of anyone of those in charge of the music departments in radios or televisions, even if it was during the seventies. I know that this will sound like a sterile dualism but i really like the fact that
french Library musicians seems to have been obsessed with Jazz in the same way that italian Library musicians have been obsessed with abstract proto-electronic music.

One last thing, for those who would be puzzled by the fact that the given date for the previous Chappell DMM vol.18 was 1971, and that the one given for this DMM vol.12 is 1972, these are surely the dates of recordings but may not be the dates of releases.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

Jack Dieval

PS : Henri Texier's Varech has been reuploaded in the original post



(image) Les Prospection (B. Lubat, P.A. Dahan, S. Santorio, M. Camison & J. Di Donato) "Chappell Dance and Mood Music vol.18" Chappell, 1971

Behind the fictitious band name Les Prospection are hidden some of the most important french Library music session men of the 1970's. This record is far for being as homonegous as other records from the Chappell Dance and Mood Music serie but it contains at least 2 killer tracks, Lido by the french Jazz drummer/pianist/vibes player Bernard Lubat, a beautiful Jazz track with a spiritual feel, and it also contains Casing by Jacques Di Donato, an Afro flavored track wich was compiled in the Strut's "Music for dancefloors, the cream of the Chappell Music Library sessions". The second side is more Pop oriented with some good groovy tracks by Pierre-Alain Dahan and Sylvano Santorio.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

les prospection

PS : I'll try to satisfy the request i had recently about some reupload of the Henri Texier and Caravelli LP during this week end or at the very beginning of next week.



(image) Francisco Semprun & Michel Christodoulides "Espaces dynamiques" Unidisc, 197?

More abstract and ethereal sounds from Francisco Semprun and Michel Christodoulides on the Unidisc label, very similar to their Métamorphoses LP i posted here about one year and a half ago.
Just like the aforementioned LP, the music is instrospective, dark and minimalistic. The instrumentation is also very similar with percussions, piano, flutes, vibes and organ, Espaces dynamiques is maybe just a little bit more electronic oriented.

For more info about the Unidisc label and the Métamorphoses LP (reuploaded), click here to go to the original post.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

Espaces dynamiques



(image) ? "Sons, lignes, couleurs, musique pour l'expression plastique" Arman Colin Editeur 1981

Sorry for my lack of post lately but i come back with something rare and rather unusual, i was lucky enough to find a second copy of it yesterday.
Here is an electronic analog synth 45rpm that was conceived for an educational purpose by a woman named Simone Fontanel-Brassart (the translation of the title is "Sounds lines colors, music for plastic expression"). This record gives 1981 as the date of recording but it could have been recorded 6 or 7 years earlier. No indication concerning who were the musicians involved but the musical conception is credited to the "Studio Ganaro". This studio which was located in Versailles near Paris, was the playground of Roger Roger, Nino Nardini and Eddie Warner. Nearly all the Creasound LPs and most of the IM ones were recorded there. So i'm not quite sure that one of the three names above is behind this recording but i'm sure you would agree with me when i say that it sounds a lot like some of their Library records.
Sounds, lines, colors, stains, circles...and some analog synth keyboards full of bleeps and blops.

Ps : In spite of all my efforts, there is saturation in some parts of the A side

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

Sons, lignes, couleurs



Various Artists "Le boom boom ! vol.3, even more french exploitation beats from the sixties"At last, here is the third volume of Le boom boom! i bet those who were waiting for it already know what to expect, so here is a short description of what is contained within this nearly 150 Mo folder.30 instrumental or wordless vocal tracks, mostly from 1962/63 by the usual bunch of artists with americanized pseudonyms or not (James Award, Teddy Rush, Henri Renaud, L. Marischal...), there are also some newcomers like The Monks (who have nothing to do with the Garage Rock band of the same name but were lead by Jean Claude Pelletier) or the really good Rocky Twist and his Bips Bips.Accent has been put on Madison and Twist for this third one, with some personal favorites of mine, like Leo Petit's frantic version of Kili-watch or the very jazzy Starting hit by Bill Video and quite a lot more in fact.When i started this serie i wanted to make available to the whole world something that i knew would stay undocumented. These records are not rare (even if they are quite difficult to find in excellent shape) but i'm sure that to find them outside of France would be a challenge so, stuck between the Yeye and the anti Yeye movement, here is my final statement on the great lost sub Yeye genre.Don't forget to drop me a line in the comment section if you enjoy it so that i will know that this hard work has not been done in vain.01 James Award et son orchestre - Joe02 Teddy Rush et son orchestre - Corona Madison03 Bill Video et son orchestre - Starting hit04 Charlie Level - Sonia Madison05 Ensemble Jean Claudric - Une voile au large06 Henri Renaud et son orchestre - Madison 2407 Didier Boland et son orchestre - Duck step08 The Monks - Je suis fou de toi09 Orchestre L. Marischal - S'il n'en reste plus qu'un10 Ensemble Roger Bourdin - Royalty Twist11 Didier Boland et son orchestre - Looping Twist12 Orchestre James Award - Dada Twist13 James Award et son orchestre - Twist époque14 Fred Adison's New Sound - The bootie green15 Guy Lafitte - Twist, man! Twist!!16 Rocky Twist and his Bips Bips - Twist Twist17 L'Orchestre des Champs-Elysées - Twisty Twist18 Roy Texon et ses Aristocrates - Texon for two19 Orchestre L. Marischal - Blue Rock20 Claude Bolling - Hully Gulliver21 James Award et son orchestre - Panorama Twist22 James Award et son orchestre - Atout Surf23 Rocky Graziano et ses Punchers - Harlem 6224 Roland Goyard et ses Démons Verts - Brigitte's Twist25 Leo Petit ses Guitares et ses Rythmes - Kili watch26 Orchestre J. C. Pelletier - Chicken Surf27 Orchestre L. Marischal - Un deux trois28 Claude Bolling Big Piano - The Madison time pt.1 & pt.229 Orchestre Guy Christian - Mad and mad30 Orchestre James Award - TemporaleSee you soon !The zip files contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.le boomboom! 3[...]



(image) Before the end of this week your ears will go boom twice for the third time...



Due to many requests, the two volumes of "Le BoomBoom!" have been reuploaded. The new links can be found in the original posts.

le boomboom! vol.1
le boomboom! vol.2

You already know what to expect...60 tracks, 45 high resolution cover art scans, more than two hours of cheap french long lost exploitation beats from the sixties.
If you feel the need for more while waiting for the third volume, you can go to brutdegroove blog, his latest sampler is also dedicated to these long lost gems.

Ps : Link for le boomboom vol.2 fixed in the original post.



Magical Ring "Light flight/More and more" Chicago 2000, 1977

This is an old rip of mine which thanks to its inclusion in the "Music Library Book"seems to go for big money recently, well, depending if it is labelled "Library" or "Progressive music". In fact it is all of that, even more and a little bit less...I'll try to explain.
This is for sure not your common late seventies Library record, there are no brassy sport themes and no "would have been good if it were not for that awful sound and arrangements" funky tracks. It is Electronic Music with a progressive feel and two (yes 2, a rarity in the library field) vocal tracks wich open and close the record. This Lp is sometimes not far away from the Heldon LPs of the period (let's say "Interface" but don't push "Interface" out of your wishlist if you don't like this LP cause it is one hell of a good record !) but at the same time it is also not far away from the weaker Richard Pinhas side project of the same period, T.H.X.

One word about the label. Chicago 2000 was based in Paris and started its activity in 1972. It was in one way or another link to the Auvidis label and as such some titles from the catalogue were commercially available. I don't know much about the composers but one name is common to all the tracks, Jean-Pierre Decerf. Not much info about him on the net.

I think this Magical Ring LP really deserves your attention, the track "Black safari" even have all what it takes to become an electronic Library Music classic. So, enjoy and don't forget to drop me a line to give me your opinion.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scan and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

Magical Ring



Lion Warfield/The Lions "Deep throat o.s.t. 45rpm" Vogue, 1975Christophe "La route de Salina o.s.t. 45rpm" Motors, 1970Francis Lai "Le chat et la souris o.s.t. 45rpm" Wip Records, 1975First of all, happy new year to everyone, may 2007 be filled with whatever you want to. Sorry for the lack of update lately but you already know the reason why, it's all about work, personal life..blah, blah....and moreover i think i had to take some rest from my virtual web life.I have good news and bad news, the good news is that i have quite a lot of excellent records to share in the following weeks and months, the bad news is that all those wonderful out of print records will have to wait before living a digital life of their own because i need a new turntable and since this is not the kind of purchase i do everyday i want to take my time.Well, anyway, today's share is made of three french soundtrack 45pm. Let's examinate it in details.First we have the french issue of the "Deep throat" 45 rpm, ok...i hear a voice somewhere and this voice is saying "hey, this is not french". Well, definetely not, of course but only the A side is taken from the movie soundtrack ("Bubbles" by Lion Warfield, this track can be found in both the Trunk Records and the Light in the attic reissues), while the B side is an incredibly groovy Hammond organ instrumental cut more or less inspired by the movie, named "Gorgeous Linda" and credited to an enigmatic band "The Lions". This track is without a doubt the work of Jean-Pierre Sabar (credited to Sabar on the record label), the late seventies Gainsbourg favorite arranger.The second 45rpm in this package was composed by Christophe, a very curious and talented singer who became famous during the Ye-Ye period for a hit named "Aline". During the seventies Christophe made a couple of LPs wich are worth listening to and even became friend with Alan Vega of "Suicide" fame (quite incredible if you judge the man from his Ye-Ye period hits alone, believe me). The two tracks include in the package were recorded for a movie named "La route de Salina", the first side has vocals but the real gem is the second side, a morriconesque prog nugget with a wordless female vocals choir named "Sunny road to Salina". If you feel the need for more Christophe recording, try his 1978 LP "Le beau bizarre", i can't tell you exactly why but i really love this record in spite of its sometimes cheap and dated arrangements.And finally the composer of the third single in this package needs no introduction, i bet you already know who Francis Lai is. He was the composer of so many soundtracks that you will need a lifetime to trace them all if you are a completist, but not all of them were as funky as these two titles from "Le chat et la souris" o.s.t.Just wanted to point out that these two tracks are totally different versions of those which can be found on "Les étoiles du cinéma/l'heure bleue" LP, even if the titles are the same.See you soon !The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.french o.s.t. 45rpm[...]



Bernard Gérard "Tempo, musique pour l'éducation psychomotrice" Unidisc, 1977

Finally, after more than a month without any update i'm back and with yet an other Unidisc release.
"Tempo" was the first of two records that Bernard Gérard recorded in this serie for the Unidisc label (the most interesting tracks from the second one will soon be available in a forthcoming sampler) and just like most of this label releases it was recorded for a professional use, here the purpose was psychomotricity. This LP is a favorite of mine, it was the first Unidisc record i ever found and up to this day i still love its sound, deeply rooted in the mid seventies.
One word about the composer, Bernard Gérard is mostly known for the soundtrack of the Georges Lautner classic movie "Ne nous fâchons pas" and for his collaboration with guitarist Claude Ciari on the "Batucada's seven" LP, he also recorded a couple of religious records for the Unidisc and Auvidis label.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover and label scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.




Various Artists "Contemporary Group vol.1" Coloursound Library, 1982

This is a German Library LP from the Coloursound label, it is filled with Polish composers with the exception of one of them, Branislav Zivkovic who seems to be of Yugoslavian origin.
It was one of the first Library LP i ever found and all in all, it is surprisingly good if we consider that it was released during the early eighties. The Jonny Trunk "Library book" give the date of 1979 when speaking about the creation of this label.
On side one, "Calmy", "Fatum" & "Piano underlay" are cool atmospheric tracks while "Tensile" is more funky. On side two the most impressive tracks are the ones by Branislav Zivkovic, i would love to hear more from him and any information about this composer would be welcome.

I have updated the date of this recording due to some information i found on the net. It's quite incredible to think of this LP as being so late (1982 is really late, in the Library Music field at last). The quality of some of the tracks make me wonder if this was not stock music from the seventies finally released in the eighties.

I'm currently working on putting back the links wich were deleted from rapidshare, soon everything will be back to normal...well, i hope so anyway.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover and label scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

Contemporary Group vol.1



It seems that a moron (to be polite) have decided to complain to Rapidshare about nearly every LP on my blog, the result is that nearly all the files has been deleted. I'm not the only one, monone and even Jean-Claude Pierric on his wonderful blog seems to have the same problem.
I'm fed up with that kind of shit, it takes time to maintain a blog like this one and time is what i lack the, the links will be back and a new update will appear soon...yes soon...but not right now.



All Stars Orchestra/Manhattan Trio "Joie, All stars mood music selection-imp 05" Impala, 197?

Early seventies split Library LP this week. On the first side, the trumpet player Pierre Sellin and a vocal group named the Heavenly Singers and on the second side, the enigmatic Manhattan Trio, a Jazz trio with piano, drums and electric bass. The first side is particularly interesting, it is filled with delicious Pop tracks with wordless female vocals, it has a marvellous sixties flavor captured in the deepness of its groove
Not much is known about the Impala label, except that it's one of the greatest if you are into obscure french sixties and seventies music Library

If you fell the need for more Impala label records, check the excellent blog of monone for the All stars mood music selection n°4, it is named "Ambiance".
You can also visit agent double-o-soul's blog and download the All stars mood music n°3, better known as Guy Forlane "Pop musique".

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

all stars mood music selection



Olivier Gallois et son septuor "Nocturnes pour un sax" Fontana, 196?

This week's LP can be best described as "Baroque Easy Listening". There is hardly a trace of this recording or of this artist on the web. When i picked this one i nearly mistook it for the usual sax lead Easy Listening album, the likes of Fausto Papetti, Fausto Danieli...etc, except that all tracks were originals and there was no trace of any pretty girl on the cover. This was enough to arouse my interest.
What i heard when i first listened to it was without a doubt the work of a young artist much more influenced by the classical european tradition of the saxophone than the afro-american one. This record is beautiful in some parts, nearly amateurish in others (when i say "amateurish i'm not talking about the way instruments are played but about the way tracks are arranged by Olivier Gallois himself). All in all, i think that this LP is too heavy on the sax parts but i can't help but have a deep inclination for it, i'm quite sure that the wordless female chorus plays a great part in my appreciation of this record.
I would really like to have feedbacks about what you think of it so, it would be nice if you could drop a line in the comment section of this post.

Next share will be a library LP from the rare Impala label but since i'll be in Italy from next sunday up to the forthcoming saturday, the update will take place at the very end of next week.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

Nocturnes pour un sax



Sonny Lester, his orchestra & chorus "Comment faire la danse du ventre pour votre mari" Disques Vogue (Mode Serie), 196?

Finally, after nearly three weeks without an update, i'm back with a full LP.
This is the second twist in my "european only" rule, after Les Baxter's Percussions Tropicales, here is Sonny Lester's "Comment faire la danse du ventre pour votre mari". Once again, this is the french pressing on the Vogue "Mode Serie" label.
You may have heard about this one under its original title "How to bellydance for your husband". I was expecting some cheesy fake Middle East music when i picked it for cheap in a fleamarket but when i dropped the needle on it, what i heard was an excellent LP full of Jazz tunes with a hint of Exotica.

If you feel the need for more Sonny Lester's music, Ben T has posted his How to strip for your husband LP a couple of weeks ago.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

comment faire la danse du ventre



Various Artists "Le boom boom ! vol.2, more french exploitation beats from the sixties"Here is the second volume of Le boom boom ! When i put the first volume online about two weeks ago i didn't expect such an interest into these long lost french sixties artifacts, but more than 25 comments and 400 downloads later (up to this day), i must admit that this interest is real. You already know what you will find inside these folders, you'll find more Twist, more Hully Gully, one Madison/Twist and something that was taken out of the first sampler, The Surf.In addition to some really good James Award orchestra tracks (check "Transcontinental" or "Tanganyka Twist" and tell if there are not prime examples of early sixties Shake/beat at its best) and what i suspect to be James Award orchestra in disguise (Pat Field 's excellent "Cincinnati Twist"), you will find tracks by some famous names like Eddie Warner (IM Library label headmaster), Claude Bolling or Jean-Claude Pelletier.I have also decided to include in this "45rpm only" compilation, three tracks from an LP that was released in 1962 on a big label known worldwide as RCA Victor. Why ? Because we are talking about three killer tracks composed and recorded by someone whose records are gaining a growing attention, his name, Armand Migiani and his "Migiani Grand Orchestre". I hope you will like this one and as usual, high resolution cover scans of all the records i used to make this sampler are included in the folder..Here is the tracklistingLe Boom Boom vol.2More french exploitation beats from the sixties01 Leo Petit, ses guitares et ses rythmes - Aie! Madison02 Orchestre Jean Tordo - Ah! quel Surf03 James Award et son orchestre - Atlantis (aka 'Instrumental them')04 Les Royal Enfield - My Surf05 Orchestre Jean-Claude Pelletier - Surf, Surf, Surf06 Luc Pena et son orchestre - Spring à Liverpool07 Leo Petit, ses guitares et ses rythmes - Belles, belles, belles08 Migiani Grand Orchestre - Canaveral Twist09 Claude Bolling - Shufflin'10 Luc Hoffmann et son orchestre - Jelly Gully11 Orchestre Guy Christian - Cooping Twist12 Joe Doolittle & His Boys - C'est le Mashed Potatoes13 Lou Cleveland et son orchestre de danse - One more Twist14 Eddie Warner, son orchestre & les Nelson Boys - 22 v'la le Twist15 Pat Field & Les Pumas de l'Oklahoma - Cincinnati Twist16 Luc Hoffmann et son orchestre - Gag Twist17 Eddie Warner, son orchestre & les Nelson Boys - Twist à gogo18 Orchestre Guy Christian - Leihla Twist19 Henri Renaud et son orchestre - Relay Twist20 Claude Bolling - Funny Gully21 James Award et son orchestre - Transcontinental22 Migiani Grand Orchestre - Mop mop Twist23 Orchestre James Award - Tanganyka Twist24 Migiani Grand Orchestre - Swim Twist25 Roby Davis et son orchestre - Chattanooga Twist26 Luc Hoffman, son orchestre et Les Twisters - Rockin' Boogie27 Orchestre James Award - Eternel Twist28 Luc Pena et son orchestre - Jerk à St-GermainSee you soon !The zip files contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.le boomboom pt.2[...]



Various Artists "Le boom boom ! Rock, Twist, Hully Gully, Jerk from France 1963-1968"This compilation came out of frustration, the famous "i can't find anything and i feel so depressed" record collector Blues. I began collecting cheap sixties french 45rpm when in spite of my frequent visits to thrift stores and fleamarkets, i wasn't able to find anything really worth digging. First i got one with a cool instrumental cut on B side, then two...but when i finally got fifty, i knew i had found something cool, groovy and moreover, something that was still undocumented.So, let me introduce you to the cheap french exploitation cuts from the yeye period...and beyond. Nick Toshes in his famous book "Country" claims that the real raw stuff later known as Rock'nRoll died in the early fifties when middle aged producers began to manufacture it.I know what he means but i'm not the one who will deplore that what was once real became just an other piece of trash dressed in black vinyl, this is what exploitation is all about after all and i love exploitation when it comes to music.If you were over twenty during the early sixties, the whole yeye movement was a joke and in these folders you'll find the deep end of this joke as seen by thirty to forty something musicians who jumped on the occasion to cash in the sub yeye genre, Twist, Hully Gully...etc.Some of these musicians are well known, like David Whitaker who recorded a couple of 45rpm for an obscure label named Jockey while he was in Paris. The track includes here, like all the tracks in the "Ce soir après dîner" EP was composed by Loulou Gasté, Line Renaud's husband !Raymond Guiot and Roland Vincent are also well known musicans, the first thought his several seventies Telemusic releases and the second is mostly known thanks to a groovy little psychedelic gem named "LSD party" included in a couple of compilations. Here you will find Roland Vincent instrumental cover of the Gainsbourg classic "Laisse tomber les filles".The real winner of this package is quite unknown, his name is James Award, a pseudonym of course and i'm quite sure that "The Reels" and "Samy Cates" are also some of his pseudonyms. Since all the tracks he has recorded are credited to A.L. Prevost, i believe that this is his real name. I know nothing about him except that he is ever present on the cheap "Panorama" label and its divisions "Super Panorama", "Tiercé Panorama" and "GrosJean Rama".One last word, some of these tracks are product music for clothes, detergent and even cheese manufacturers, anyway you'll find every details in the tags or in the text file included. I'm sure that you will also appreciate the fact that i have included high resolution cover scans of the twenty two records i used to make this compilation.I'm currently working on a second volume ! I dedicate this one to Litlgrey, i'm glad that you are back online Carl !Here is the tracklistingLe Boom Boom !Rock, Twist, Hully Gully, Jerk from France 1963-196801 Guy Christian et son orchestre - Drug store02 Les Star Twisters - Peppermint Twist03 Teddy Rush et son orchestre - Characteristic fiesta04 James Award et son orchestre – Capricorne05 Les Star Twisters - Duck Twist06 Joe Doolittle & His Boys - Une fille comme toi07 James Award - Ne te moque plus08 Christian Garros & les ''Rock Four'' - Girl Rock09 James Award et son orchestre - If you please10 James Award et son orchestre - Dix heures trente11 Christian Garros & les ''Rock Four'' - Crazy Rock12 Orchestre James Award - Twist du frèr[...]



(image) (image)

A quick message to let you know that i'm currently working on a serie of compilations that will be filled with cheap sixties and seventies french and european groovy tracks taken from records i have collected on thrift stores or fleamarkets. Just click on the thumbnails above, the lady on the left and the three men elegantly dressed in their best green suits on the right will help you to have an idea of what you will find in the forthcoming folders.
As usual, the tracks will be encoded at 256kbps and high resolution cover scans will be included. It may take some time (but not too long don't worry), so i jump on the occasion to take some rest. I'll be back soon, be patient it will be worth the wait, believe me !



Joss Baselli "Accordéon 2000" CBS-Série Apollo, 197?Don't be misguided by the fact that the lead instrument on this record is the accordion, i know it brings back memories of thrift store crates full of dull Musette LP's and strange looking overweight men with moustache proudly posing with this infamous instrument near good looking chicks...well, Joss Baselli do wear a moustache on the back cover of this record but that's all this LP has in common with other accordion records.Joss Baselli (real name Joseph Basile) was born in 1926 in a small town not far away from where i live, he began his professional career during the forties, had some success in the United States during the fifties and has been the accordion player of the famous french singer Barbara for three years during the sixties. He died of a heart attack in september 1982."Accordéon 2000" was recorded in 1969 or 1970 using the Electronic Majorvox accordion and the fact is that this instrument sounds a lot like an organ. All the compositions on this record are originals, they are all linked to the same futuristic theme (hence the 2000 of the title) and have strange name like "Pas de Camembert sur la lune" or "La java des neutrons". I believe that the inspiration behind these titles was the Apollo 11 mission of July 1969.Too late to be classified in the Space Age Pop genre but definetely not too late to be an EXCELLENT record with some really really groovy tracks ("Missile à domicile", "Cosmos zone bleue", "Tout marche à l'ordinateur"...) that remind me sometimes of what Belgian organist André Brasseur was doing at the Hammond organ during the same period.Frankly, this is not your common LP sharity, i hope you will like it as much as i do and don't forget to drop me a line if you do and even if you don't...Comments are welcome !Here is a Space Age Pop link about Joss Baselli under his american "pseudonym", Jo Basile.If you ever feel the need for more electronic accordion records, check out Kristof Space Debris blog for Claude Thomain's "Accordéon électronique" LP on the Epervier label.See you soon !The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.Accordeon 2000[...]



Guy De Fatto & Jef Gilson "Louez Dieu n°4 45rpm" Pastorale et Musique, 197?Pax Quartet "Chantez un chant nouveau" Editions Studio SM, 1969Last post (now deleted) was more or less a parody of what was or what could be Christian Music when adressed to a younger audience. Well, this post is real Christian Music in search of a new way to praise the Lord. In one big folder, you will find two different records so, let's begin with the first one. It is entitled" Louez Dieu n°4".The "Louez Dieu (praise the lord)"serie was a long one, more than 15 titles in the 7'' format and even a "best of" in the 12'' format. All of them are filled with dull Folk songs except this very n°, what is so special about this one ? First of all, the music was conducted by Jef Gilson, a french Jazz musician who is now gaining recognition thanks to the reissue of his Malagasy sessions about two years ago. Second, if you are into french Jazz or Library music i warn you to sit down before having a look at the list of musicians on this one...ok...let's go :- Eddy Louiss, organ- Guy Pedersen, bass- Pierre Cullaz, guitar- Jean Schultheis, drums- Jacky Bamboo, bongos and tumbaand all those wonderful musicians were forced to work on the restrictive (to say the less) 2'30'' format. If someone would have asked Victor Hugo to write one of his long epic poem in the Haïku form he would surely have ended with more or less the same result.If 15 seconds solo and top Jazz musicians backing an amateur choral of young people singing their hearts out about how much they love Jesus is what you would call a cool experience, then this one is for you.The second record included in this big folder is an LP by the "Pax Quartet", it is entitled "Chantez un chant nouveau (sing a new song)"on the "Studio SM" label (strange name for a Christian label !). This enigmatic quartet began its career in the second half of the sixties as a vocal band in the french tradition of "Les compagnons de la chanson" before joining the rank of the Christian musicians. What is cool about their records is the fact that they have a vocal and an instrumental side. If you ever come to a Christian karaoke party, "Chantez un chant nouveau" is the record to have in your bag (you may even pick up a girl, if you are not afraid to be engaged for the next 25 years of course), it's light Jazz with some cool arrangements but avoid the vocal side i have only included it here for...mmm...let's say educational purpose.I have also included in both folders some bonus tracks. In the first one, one track from the "Louez Dieu n°11 45rpm" a groovy little song composed by Bernard Gerard with trumpet and Fuzz guitar and in the "Pax Quartet" folder, two really good instrumental tracks from their "Merveilles" LP (i have already recommended one of them on waxidermy).See you soon !The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.Louez Dieu & Pax Quartet[...]



Jean Yanne & Michel Magne "Tout le monde il est beau, tout le monde il est gentil o.s.t." Barclay, 1972I ripped this one a few weeks ago but i just realized that it is planned to be released on CD for the first time ever next monday in Stephane Lerouge's magnificent collection "Ecoutez le cinéma !" (alongside 2 others Michel Magne/Jean Yanne o.s.t. "Moi y'en a vouloir des sous" & "Les chinois à Paris", both on one CD) so...let's say that my rip will act as a teaser and will be permanently removed by the end of this week, don't ask for it after this date cause you'll get a negative answer.For those who don't know him, Jean Yanne was a famous french popular actor/humorist who directed a serie of 7 movies from 1972 to 1984. "Tout le monde il est beau, tout le monde il est gentil" was the first one and the most succesful. Is it neccesary to present Michel Magne ? No, i don't think so, everybody knows him through his "Tropical fantasy" LP at least."Tout le monde il est beau, tout le monde il est gentil" is a parodic view of the Media world. Jean Yanne in this movie is a reporter who works on a radio station obsessed by the idea of increasing its audience by any neccesary means even the use of a Jesus Christ imagery to appeal to a younger audience (remember that it was the early seventies, "Jesus Christ superstar" and "Godspell" were succesful musicals). Nearly every tracks on this o.s.t. are Jesus Christ related but are less a parody of Christianity than a parody of its utilization for marketing purpose. If you are fortunate enough to understand the french language, you may find this one very funny, a personal favorite of mine is Ginette Garcin's "Jesus Tango", sung with a delicious fake spanish accent.By the way, next post will be related to this one, here you have the Christian Pop parody, next time you'll get the real stuff...but enough said !See you soon !The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.Tout le monde (link removed)[...]



Guglielmo Papararo & Vittorio Montis "April Orchestra presente RCA sound vol.16" April Orchestra/RCA, 1977

This is both an experimental and atmospheric LP from the second April Orchestra serie, the RCA related one. The main instrument on this record is the acoustic guitar with brass and woodwind instruments, percussions and a really impressive chorus, not your common "la la la" wordless vocals.
Once again, this LP contains another favorite of mine (in the Library Music category at least), this time it is this little gem named "Jonosfera".

I'm quite sure that the RCA serie was entirely devoted to italian artists, the likes of Ennio Morricone (2 volumes in this serie and various contributions to some others), Bruno Nicolai or Puccio Roelens, to name a few.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

April Orchestra RCA sound vol.16



Henri Texier "Varech" Disques JMS, 1977

I've listened to this LP quite a lot for the last past months. and i'm still amazed by its musical quality. This is a Jazz LP but not your common urban swing or Jazz/Funk extravaganza, can i describe it ? Let's say modal intimate groove with a rural inclination and occasional wordless vocals.
"Varech" is the second Henri Texier solo album, and when i say solo, i mean solo. Texier is alone on this one and plays all the instruments (Double-bass, Oud, Flute, Bombard, Fender-bass and Percussions) using the rerecording technique. This second solo effort is very similar to its first one, "Amir", shared by Kristof Space Debris last january.

If you are into french Jazz, Bass oriented records or simply men with beard...This is surely one for you !
Oh yes, "Varech" was briefly available on CD about ten years ago but has been deleted and is now unavailable.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scan and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.




Dominique Laurent & Pinok et Matho "Les pays de tout en tout" Unidisc, 1978

Here is an other LP from the Unidisc label, an abstract and atmospheric electronic record that i found recently in a thrift shop.

Once again, this one was recorded with body expression in mind by a musician named Dominique Laurent upon ideas by two mimes named Pinok et Matho (Monique Bertrand & Mathilde Dumont). The two of them helped to create three LPs for the Unidisc label and quite a lot of informations can be found about them on the web when you try a search (mostly in french).
Don't expect fat electro breaks because there is no drums, only synthesizers and electronic organs, and if you're into experimental synthesizer music in the Paul Bley way you'll also be disappointed, but if what you want is seventies electronic Library sound, i think you might like this one.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

Les pays de tout en tout