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Preview: Lord Jaders on the Loose

Lord Jaders on the Loose

Inside Look at an Outside Cat

Updated: 2014-10-04T19:42:05.103-07:00


Missing Cat


This will be the last post for Lord Jaders aka "Jade." She has been missing for the past two weeks and has not been located. We are hopeful that a kind person has fallen in love with her and has decided to keep her in their home...we are not ready to accept any other possible outcome at this time. Thank you for allowing us to have so many wonderful conversations with all of you across the world.(image)



Herrre is the crrreaturrre my beans brrrought back to live with me.
All it does is eat, sleep, and poop.
Bailey trrried to pull its nose out, since it was somehow smashed in.

I wasn't jealous, just borrred and currrious, so I went outside
and disappearrred forrr two nights and two days. My lady bean
rrreacted fasterrr than a bomb squad...This picturrre of me and a few
otherrrs werrre posted everrrywherrre within a squarrre mile rrradius.
Even the SPCA got copies.

(image) Missing Cat: Jade

Herrre I am safe at home! Forrrtunately, my lady bean alerrrted the entirrre neighborrrhood.
I was discoverrred crrrying on a hot tile rrroof at night by a lovely lady and herrrr Chocolate Labrrradorrr. Durrring the day, the temperrraturrre had soarrred to 114 degrrrees. I hid in a crrrevice above the rrrain gutterrrr to stay out of the heat. My lady bean thinks a rrrogue Ki Yo Tee who has been seen scavenging may have chased me up the neighborrrs olive trrree and I landed on theirrr rrroof. Thank God forrr grrreat claws!

(image) My Lady Bean and Little Sticky people rrrescued me off the rrroof and since then I have been staying much closerrr to home. Yes, I still get to go outside as often as I want, but I don't strrray verrry farrr. Besides that little slobberrry, poopy, thingy can't rrrun fast orrr jump enough to catch me, so I'm not so worrried anymorrre.
I told Yogie, I would post the Frrridge Meme next time.

Family Va-CAT-ion


Herrre I am crrrying
because ourrr beans went to see something
"Old and Faithful" in a place called Yellowstone.
We'rrre not old, but we'rrre faithful!! Waaaaa!(image)
When they came back they had picturrres,
of some new pets they're going to get.
Something, Old and Faithful.
(image) This looks old, but definitely not faithful since it
is sneaking arrround in the darrrk...

(image) This is no teddy bearrr--no I won't sharrre
my bed with it!

(image) Arrren't deerrr Vishus?

(image) BIG Vishus Deerrr!

(image) Oh, yeah, this looks Old and Faithful...
but will it fit in ourrr backyarrrd?

Lord Jaders Lounge


Aaah, while my lady bean is cleaning inside,
I will rrrelax on herrr, nice
comforrrtable chase lounge.

Oh yes, this feels good. I don't suppose it would hurrrt if I just sharrrpened one of my talons...
(image) Huh? Who me? No I, I...
No I wasn't sharrrpening my claws on yourrr lounge.
I've been laying herrre nicely like this, see?

HA! HA! Got herrr fooled! Who's the bad cat--yee-Ow!


Scrrrratch, scrrratch, scrrratch--scrrratch yourrr loungerrr...


Whuh? Uh-uh, I've been rrresting herrre the whole time.

Bailey's Got the Camerrra


Bailey, take of picturrre of this....Tttthhhhbbbbppp!(image)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm falling off the bed ...!

Shouting Contest forrr Kimo and Sabi



Back in Decemberrr


I want to show little Meme's of my life
that happened while I wasn't able to blog...

I am fishing forrr Chrrristmas Trrrout!


Something must be wrrrong with this hook...

I'm BAAAAAAAck! My Furrrends!


Although Cat Chat Girrrl is rrrapidly typing my message--I must say I don't have a picturrre to sharrre with all of you yet. We have moved and have experrrrience life like the Gypsies...
My new home is beautiful and has fences wherrrre I can strrroll into everrryones back yarrrd. So farrr, I don't know any new felines in the neighborrrrhood. Howeverrr, Miss Bebe is still with us, but the Slobberrr Woofy now has a fantastic new home. She was playing too rrruff with Miss Bebe and my lady bean was terrrified of an accident--orrr something bad happening to Miss Bebe or myself. So frrriends of the family new a fabulous family who just lost theirrr boxerrr and werrre overrrjoyed to call herrr theirrr own. We do not plan to disrrrupt ourrr purrrfect family with any morrre slobberrry additions.

I will verrry soon--purrrhaps June when we'rrre morrre settled--starrrt blogging to you all!
Purrrs to everrryone,


P.S. Is my Fuzz Factor still okay? Benjamin?


2008-12-08T18:15:28.638-08:00 why arrre all those little goblins coming to my house? (image) Hide the Nip--Quick!

Laser Beams


WHaT? Who Let the D-O-G-S in?(image)
I must hide in my dining trrree table...stealth mode rrready...Lazerrrs Ignite!

Abomidable Snowman


Some picturrres need no worrrds at all.(image) Believe it orrr not, this abomidable snowman was alrrready therrre waiting forrr some unsuspecting victim to wanderrr into its twig clutches. My little sticky bean was walking head down and came upon this monsterrr and nearrrly fell down with frrright! Cat Chat Girrrl was fast with the clicky box.

Easy Like a Sunday Morrrning


I get to sleep in today... my beans arrre back... the woofies arrre a back...(image) I wonderrr what some of my furrrends arrre doing now out in the cat blogospherrre...

Waiting Forrr My Family


Herrre I am waiting forrr my family to rrreturrrn. Miss Bebe and Kona got to go somewherrre with my beans...I wonderrr wherrre they went?
They said something about staying out at the countrrry house with Nana.
I wonderrr what Bailey is doing now?...
I bet Kona is getting herrrself into some sorrrt of trrrouble...(image)

I am cerrrtain they arrre NOT having as much fun as me!
(image) Arrren't tents supposed to be FUN?!

Goodbye Grrrandbean


Grrrandbean, you will be missed...(image) 1942-2007

Thank you to all of you cats who have exprrressed yourrr sympathies to me and my lady bean.

Those Little Thieves


Nice Pink Mousie, you got there, Jaders...(image)

Kona, wets pway...
Hey, give me back that Mousie, grrrr!...

KONA, give me the MOUSIE, NOW!!

What was that?... It's JADE!...

See Ya, KONA! It's all yours...

The Parrrcel Has Arrrived


I hearrr someone at the doorrr...A parrrcel, pourrr moi? OOooooh, loooky...MMMMmmmm smell those yummy snacks......and looky herrre inside this cute little disha MOUSIE! Oh, yeah, love the catnip (chomp, slurrp)...No WAY--therrre's MORE?Check this out, Yo Adrrrian, RRRocky Balboa is BACK!I love you, my delicious tunnel. Woo Hooo, I'm soooo happy!Coool, Cat Chat Girrrl got something too, Give me five...Poppy Q, you'rrre the best. Thank you so verrry much.Love the picturrre of you too.Jade[...]

The Trrree in Furrrby's Back Yarrrd


Furrrby, my mean Himalayan cousin has this magnificent trrree grrrowing in herrr back yarrrd. Maybe that's why she's angrrry all the time, cuz she has no claws on herrr paws to climb it.

Well Luxor, arrre you rrready to go climbing with me? See the little bean at the bottom? She is my lady bean's best furrrend frrrom high school--now she is herrr sisterr-in-law. My lady bean took that picturrre to give the full effect of the enorrrmity of this oak tree's size.


Cat Bloggerrrs Arrre the BEST


I want to thank each and everrry one of you who has sent warrrm purrrs and purrrayerrrs forrr my grrrand bean. Cat Bloggerrrs arrre the Best! (image)

Famous Place--Famous Face


This is a famous rrrock in Califorrrnia. It is called Morro Rrrock and is the rrreminents of an ancient volcano. It is in Morro Bay. This is a beautiful shot--because usually it is cold and foggy.
See the sand dunes in the forrregrrround? My lady bean actually witnessed two young cats playing herrre--with theirrr beans and no harrrnesses orrr strrrollerrrs orrr leashes! She wished she had herrr camerrra at the time, but didn't. My beans werrre visiting Grrrand bean herrre.


My lady bean met someone verrry famous. He is a STAR--(fish). She took a picturrre forrr me so I could see. Herrre is Patrick frrrom Sponge Bob Square Pants. See--he is waving to everrryone.

Thank you forrr all yourrr thoughts and purrrayerrrs forrr Grrrandbean. It was verrry kind of all of you to think of us at this time.

Sad Silver Tabby


(image) I haven't been able to post forrr awhile. My beans went to visit my grrrand bean who is battling cancerrr forrr the second time. However, this cancerrr is grrrowing rrrapidly. It has been a difficult time forrr me to keep in touch with everrryone--Cat Chat Girl-- my lady bean, is verrry prrreoccupied with family matterrrs.

I am cerrrtain that my family would apprrreciate any purrrs and prrrrayerrrs you would like to send. Grrrand bean is only 65. Young--considerrring his fatherrr and motherrr lived into theirrrr late 80's and his grrrand bean lived to be 101 yearrrrs old. That's got to be morrre than 9 lives! I don't know at this time how often I will be able to post orrr rrrespond to a comment. Thank you forrr underrrrstanding at this time. Just in case you werrre wonderrring--Kimo and Sabi's grrrandma bean was my grrrandbean's olderrr sisterrr. So yes, we arrre rrreally cousins--not just furrry furrrends.
I will talk to everrryone when I can--love and purrrs to you all... Jade

Cat-Y-EE Vacation


Benjamin Fuzz and I get along sooo well, that afterrr ourrr countrrry club excurrrsion--that was absolutely delightful--we decided to get away to Cat-Y-EE. Since Benji is frrrom Seattle, I knew he would feel rrright at home on a trrropical rrrain forrrest island. Herrre is ourrr plane waiting forrr us to boarrrd.(image)

Since we don't rrreally like to swim we just admirrred the ocean frrrom afarrr. We arrre looking down frrrom the lighthouse tourrrist spot. I am cerrrtain therrre arrre some floating trrrash can lids in the waterrr (known as sea turrrtle--but frrrom a distance they look like trrrash can lids!)
Herrre is the gorrrgeous flowerrr that Benji picked forrr me to wearrr in my silverrr furrr. It is a Hibiscus and is the state flowerrr herrre in Hawaii. Ben is such a rrromantic guy...(big smile).
Herrre is the beach wherrre we watched the palms sway in the brrreeze. We prrretended we werrre on a deserrrted Island, until this wild Gypsy cat named Gilligan meowed loudly and interrrupted our thoughts. Afterrr that he turrrned out to be somewhat a decent local and showed us the best places to get Hawaiin Moonfish (Opah) forrr dinnerrr. I did wonderrr if we would rrrun into Pumpkin, since we know Pumpkin is a Hawaiian cat too.

(image) Thank you Benji, forrr a most rrromantic get away. I do hope you can get all the sand out of yourrr furrr and floofy tail.

Proverbs 27:1


Jade was tagged by Jeeter for the Proverb Meme. Let's take a look at what happened...Proverbs 27:1 from the (New International Version) of the Bible states, Do not boast about tomorrow,for you do not know what a day may bring forth... King Solomon Bailey: "Tomorrow I am gonna sneak up on Kona and get her good! I'm so tired of herrunning me ragged." Jade: "Hey, Bebe--watch out, Kona's been looking forrr you."Bailey: "Yeah, whatever Jade, just mind your P's and Q's..." Kona: "Ssshhh, I m in dah stelwf mowde."Bailey: "Sniff, Sniff, what's that funny smell?" Bailey: "AAAAaaaaaahhhh!"Kona: "Wun, wun as fwast as yooo can --I'n dah gingawr beawrr!" Kona: "WHOOhooo! I dun finks I gots me a fooot heyar! Hyeah, Hyeah!"Jade, Bailey, and Kona tag Yao-Lin and Benjamin FuzzAll you have to do is post a proverb and illustrate it. It does not need to be a Biblical Proverbe,it can be a Chinese one too. Have fun with this one![...]

Tattle Tale Tuesday


Ppppsssst! Duya wanna no a secrit? I stowle the camerwa and tooks some verwy interwesting pikchores uv Lorwd Jaderws. She is not awll dat she's time dah troof was wevealed. Foyst, I was jus siddin mindin my own bizness, wen owd uv dah bloo she starwded makin fun uv me... (sticking out tongue) "Nyah, Nyah, yourrre a stupid woofie, Kona, you can't catch me!... Oh yeah, do the tummy dance --dut, dut, dooo dooo!" "Ooh Weally? Go on Jawde..." (She dunnot no dats I had duh camerwa...) "Sho me sum morwe..." (Dis is wen it starwded to git imbarwassin...) ..."Ice, Ice, Babeee..brrreak it dowwwnnn.." Wooo Hooo, wen did she learwn tah muv likes dat? Hyeah, Hyeah, I dun tolded you she wuz not awll she seems. ( Oh, dah lidell stickee poyson siddin wif me gots sumfin wong wif herw cuz herw teefs keeps on fallzen owt.)[...]

Polishing The Silverrr


Flowerrrs frrrom Benvolio...(image) make me feel so calm, so loved, while polishing the silverrr...
...sniff the catnip frrrom Benvolio--(sniff, sniff--ooo00--sniff, sniff)...


..oh, yeah baaaayyybeeeyyy, speed polishing, polishing the silverrr!

Parrrtay in Paris


(image) Yum, yum--I had so much fun tasting niptinis and dancing with my most handsome Mancat
Benjamin (Benvolio) Fuzz. He is yummy too! Look at my love glazed exprrression. If you went to Paris forrr Dragonheart's parrrtay then you would have seen Ben and I dancing the night away--I hope you didn't spy on us too much as we went forrr ourrr strrroll outside. Hee, hee. I must go rrrecooperrrate somewherrre away frrrom wooferrrs and little sticky people. Ah, l'amourrr! C'est Fantastique,
c'est formidable! (ah, love! It's fantastic, it's great!)