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Mouth of the Brazos

Anything could be in here.

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Happiness is a loud "shithole"


I'm glad MC did it. My wife said last night that Trump says shit that most every white politician thinks but is afraid to say out loud. I agree with her. As far as Haiti, we and many other nations have been throwing money at that shithole since 1804, when the slave nation revolted against their French masters.

The shithole must be a black hole. It can evidently never be filled. The more they are given, the less they have.

Did I happen to mention?


I'm sure I did, more than once, actually. Stephen Hawking is a fucking idiot. There are many obvious references that prove it, this is one of them. He's right, in the final, final, analyis. The earth will definitely become boiling hot, and melt, actually. But ONLY if it exists until the sun expands until earth's orbit is WITHIN the sun, in a few billion years.

This paralytic dick cannot predict the future. He is not a god, nor even a minor prophet. He has begun to believe his own bullshit. Foremost among which is his assertion that "There is no God." That's a patently obvious canard.

Merry Christmas


I don't know if it's just me, but I get out in the big box stores, Wal-Mart, Kohl's, Target, even some time spent in the fucking mall.

But the last several years, and I believe I posted on it, I would look around and every sumbitch was frowning and pissed-off looking.

This year, everywhere I went people smiling, looking happy, "Merry Christmas"ing everyone else.

I don't know if it's because of Trump, or if it's because we're finally rid of all the fucking Bushes and Bronco Bama, or people are jazzed because we don't have Hillary as president. It don't matter to me, I'm just happy to see people happy at Christmastime again, like they were so many years ago.

The Last Jedi (hopefully)


Enough, already. The last three Star Wars and all the Star Trek flics have sucked. They never should have been made. None of them are pimples on the ass of, uh, anything.

I know as long as they can make a buck they'll keep coming, but they ain't making them better, as a matter of fact, they are recycling the same characters and plots, just replacing the actors and changing the dialogue for today's bullshit political correctness. The black guy is the new hero? That diminutive chick is a badass Jedi warrior? Fucking come on, guys.

There are thousands and thousands of GREAT science fiction novels out there, any of whose plots and characters are infinitely (to use a sciency word) more interesting. But you ignorant ass Hollywood types haven't, obviously, been reading science fiction since 1955 or so.

I mean it's painfully obvious, assholes.

What it does... it reminds me of...


I responded to a Les comment on that letter I never sent to the Facts in the previous post, and I wanted to expand on it a little while I tried to remember what I really wanted to post about.

I KNOW you only get the vaguest approximation of the actuality when you read a reporter's article. I've been involved in shit that made the paper, and I can't figure where the reporters were, but they get maybe half of what happened, call it the totality, and miss or mis-interpret the other fifty percent of shit that went down. So I know to not take a reporter's article, any of them, as "factual". Fuck, I don't really know if there is such a thing as "factual".

Everybody has a different viewpoint of "reality". And viewpoint is all reality is. Quantum physics tells us that, and you and I have both seen it enough to know that it is real. Everybody has his own ideas of what other people are saying, we have different thoughts about what we see, and what we see is processed completely differently in our forever separate brains, churned up and turned around and hammered into the matrix (no pun intended) of our own belief and knowledge systems so that it fits in our mind.

Penultimate Letter to The Facts


I almost did not renew my Facts subscription. I was pushed to that near catastrophic conclusion by yet another op-ed column from Lynn Ashby. I have read Ashby's output since he ran the Houston Post, to which I subscribed in preference to the Houston Chronicle, because in those days (the seventies) I was not one of the tame Democrats who then ran the Chronicle and later became establishment Republicans. The Post didn't change its editorial stance, it was just absorbed like an amoeba consumes its dinner by the Chronicle, which gradually became more radical Democrat than the Post ever aspired to be in its employee's wildest chemically induced dreams.

The Facts has a decidedly Democrat leaning, whatever the feeble denials occasionally inserted in the op-ed pages may claim. They seem to be staking themselves to a sort of establishment Republican post, without the realization that establishment Republicans are so close to Democrats, it really doesn't matter what they claim to be. No replacement politician will make any real changes. The only hope we have is that these permanent politicians are removed and replaced by non-politicians who can make the changes we desperately need. Now, it looks like Trump has got to move even faster and try to get some changes made before the mid-terms.

Otherwise, we're fucked.



Dammit. Not gonna try and post any pics of the snow. There went my poinsettias. Pineapple. Peppers. Not to mention another year with no oranges or lemons. Last freeze, I had to massively trim the orange and lemon trees, and got no blossoms in the spring.

We'll see. I wish I had had some kind of warning so I could have saved a couple of plants, maybe.



I've been reading Joseph Conrad for most of this year. A selection in Kindle came up called "The Complete...", on sale, and I jumped on it. And they are in chronological order of his writing them, with his foreword on each effort. I can't swear that EVERYTHING he did is in there, but there is a hell of a lot. I haven't re-read all the ones I've read twice (or more) already, like Heart of Darkness, but I still burn out after a full meal or two of his stuff, and go out for some fast food. I love his work. I also love Somerset Maugham. Their stories are quite often of the same parts of the world, maybe that's it. I dunno.

I just read, also, a SF novel by Jeremy Robinson, Infinite, that I really liked. I'll have to check out his other work, see if it is equally absorbing. This one had a distinct flavor of PK Dick, with its indecision on what is real. I wager much of his other work is not, because he writes with his wife as co-author a lot. Sounds kind of spooky, to me. But hey. That's just me.

The Feebs


This latest revelation that the FBI is biased is just the latest. The early days of the Bureau were just as bad, if not worse. Only thing is that J. Edgar ran it for his own benefit, not for the Democrat party, and then it was rabidly ANTI communist.

Some of the shit they did, the murder of Bonnie and Clyde, the murders of Dillinger, Floyd, the whole bunch of criminals they outright murdered them rather than taking them to trial. I understand they were afraid of them. They were afraid the crooks would win and kill the agents, and they were afraid that they'd escape custody if they did things properly, i.e., with arrests, indictments, trials, sentences, you know, all that irrelevant bullshit the Constitution mandates.

Now, it's flipped on its head, they bend over backwards to release democrat pols, and persecute republicans. Not that quite a few republicans don't deserve persecution. It's just that I differ on this ones deserve it.

Wal-Mart Shopping


Picked up some stuff for dinner today (asparagus and tomato and parmesan with pasta, and sides). Got in the checkout line, only one guy in front of me. Kinda short, kinda fat. Gook shirt, shorts, sandals. Thin, short, white beard.

Overheard him talking to the checkist. "Gotta get Trump outta there. Saying we need to fire sumbitch players who don't stand for the anthem! What's gonna happen if you do that? All the players are gonna walk, and then what? They say he's good friends with Putin, you know."

Me: "Bull shit."

They ignored me. Kept on trash talking Trumpism. Me, louder: Horse shit. They turned and looked at me. I looked back. They said one more line, something about impeachment. Me: HORSE SHIT.

Fat boy left. Checker: "Did you find everything, sir?" "Yep."

Just a couple of things...


sparked in my thoughts by current events.

1. I'm not REALLY going partial Charlie Manson. Or Pseudo-Christian. I have a really old horizontal scar on my forehead from when I ran into a wire as a kid and cut myself pretty bad and did not bother to get stitches. Come to think of it, I did not get stitches but a couple of times, though needing them fairly often. Andyways, I had a skin cancer removed from my forehead, looks like they used a Ditchwitch. Gonna leave a hell of a scar, intersecting the old one (though the old one just looks like a wrinkle, now). I think it's gonna be a "+" sign, when it's done.

2. I have often thought about running for office, but sobered up in time. Too much shit might surface, like Judge Moore's supposed past. It's funny, though, how somebody with such obviously rampant appetite for barely pubescent female flesh could go cold turkey for forty years. Like child molesters, rapists, serial killers, don't they just keep getting more and more outre until they are caught and imprisoned or killed? Anyhow. It's obvious I can't risk being a politician at this late date because of the temptations I'd have to resist. All those chicks demanding that I feel them up, fighting to gobble down on my weenie. How fucking tiresome. I feel sorry for Conyers, Clinton, Franken, et. al.

[I guess I didn't really mean "pseudo-Christian". That was an extremely poor choice of words. A pseudo-Christian would be the type of person, one of them anyhow, that would scarify his body with a cross. But I guess I meant one of those Christians that wear their holiness and purity on their sleeves. Way too excessive in their demonstrativeness of their faith. But don't REALLY have any, and very little charity to go along with it.

Well, all righty, then!


Dick?  You listening? Time to renew that subscription, sir.

Letter to The Facts


About 1693, in Salem, Massachusetts a small group of young girls for unknown reasons decided to accuse several people of witchcraft. Their timing and acting were evidently right, because around twenty people were executed for the imaginary crime.

Now, the timing is evidently right again. All that it takes to ruin a reputation, or a political campaign, is for accusations to be made by someone of the correct sexual orientation, the correct color, the correct religious orientation, or the correct political orientation, and the clamor is taken up by everyone of the accuser’s orientation. The accusee’s reputation and aspirations are ruined.

Considerably more than half of these cause célèbres are later found to be totally or partially false. But the damage is done. It used to be that, with little or no proof, people via certain media would make accusations of communism and ruin people. It used to be that media could take up a cry of promiscuity or homosexuality or Catholicism or Protestantism or Islamism and ruin someone’s life.

Man.Those were the good old days. Now, all that it takes is for a few dubious noisemakers to scream “Sexual harassment!”, or “Racist!”, or “Russian collaborator!”, or “Islamophobe!”, or “Homophobe!”, or “Climate change denier!”, and we’re off to the races with national and local media screaming for blood, before any facts are known. The media want us to think that they have more facts than we do. They don’t.

What's a mother to do?


All these demons. Cast out. Cast out to where? Are they all out there, homeless? Living in the shadows? The ultimate illegal aliens? Wandering the streets, sleeping in doorways, under bridges? We need a charity to step up and help them.

Too late


Too late for me, anyhow. I'm done. You motherfuckers have screwed the pooch. Let's find out how much you learned in college, when you try to get a real job.

No way to know


The media have demonstrated plainly and repeatedly that they, and the democrat party and the RINOs will go to any length to disparage and defeat any challenge to their authority.

So I don't fucking believe them.

The story may be true, or it may not. There's no way to tell. But the damage has been done to Judge Moore's campaign, and that's the pity. McCain, McConnell, Cornie, Hatch, all those filthy cocksuckers have to go. McCain is no hero. Being shot down from your plane and being a POW does not make you a hero. He has played that story for all it's worth ever since the end of the war. Fuck him.

World Series Champions


At last, at last, thank God Almighty, they won it all at last!

They deserved it, too. They were better than the Dodgers at every position defensively, except pitching. And as it turned out, they were better at pitching, too. At least, better ENOUGH. The Dodgers outfield sucked, as did the Yankees, in one extremely important aspect: the arms. Astros ran at will on the Yankees, almost at will on the Dodgers. The reverse was not true.

Hitting... Hard to say. the Astros hits seemed to come in groups then subside to nary. I don't like that, but it worked. I just would have liked to see the Dodgers be beaten in four games by scores like 11-2. I can't stand the whole franchise. A leftover from when the Astros were in the NL, and the Dodgers were always beating out asses. I have similar feelings about the Cardinals (whose pitching under LaRussa routinely threw at people with the intent to injure them), and the Reds, though my Red hatred was tempered in later years by the routine beatings we gave them.

Rangers are the team Astros fans are now disposed to dislike. More than one reason.



I beg your pardon. Astros up 3-2 in WS. Kershaw beaten like a yellow dog, Kenley Jansen gives up his pussy to Astros, AGAIN.

Astros up 2-1 in WS


Dick asked where my Astros post(s) were. What's to say? The pitching and defense have been really good. The hitting has been good, not super great, but good. After all, both team's hitters are facing the teams that made it to the ultimate playoff level. They are SUPPOSED to be excellent. For the most part, they are, and have been.

I knew going into last night's game that the Astros had gotten to Darvish before, when he was a Ranger. Did not know what was going to happen. Didn't see Yuli's supposed "racist gesture" with making Oriental eyes. I do know Yuli wears contac lenses... and I know how the media is looking to find ANYTHING to try and fire up their team, the LAD.

One more observation before the next game. Their 3B player, Justin Turner. Dangerous hitter. Not much defensively. Has trouble making plays, and has thrown the ball away several times. Puig, and the rest of the LAD outfield - their arms suck. I hear Puig has a cannon. If so, he has aiming problems.

UPDATE: Just heard the flap about Yuli Gurriell making slant-eye gesture to Darvish. Yuli is Cuban. Born and raised. Did you ever think that other nations may be populated by people that are not hyper-sensitive to EVERY possible word, gesture, or phrasing for the slightest possibility that it might be construed as RACIST? I'm guessing Cuba is a hell of a lot more relaxed about making fun of people's appearance than the US media. Especially the LA media. And especially the LA media grasping desperately for some reason the Astros are kicking the Dodgers asses. It must be RACISM.

Hot diggety damn!


Good news! Another RINO bites the dust.

Prince Mc


Yeah. The Tea Party, and Bannonites nominate people that lose.

It's twice as tough to win a general election when what is supposed to be your own fucking party is stabbing you in the back all the time. Which is what the republican party hacks like you do if you don't get your little favorite lickspittle candidates nominated. Trump, for instance.

I know I'm late making this observation


But I did, truly, I did, note and comment on this last night in the Astros-Yankees game, when the Astros scored again, and when the Yankees were OUT at the plate. I've heard this commented upon other places since then, by ex-major league ballplayers, so I know I'm not alone in this estimation.

I figured this out when I was playing baseball, early on. You gotta be thinking all the time when you are playing ball, about your prospective actions in the upcoming play. On defence:  Where are the baserunners? How many outs? What do I do if the ball is hit to me slowly? Hard? What should the runner do? What is the most efficient and least costly vis-a-vis runs or most outs available. What you do determines the correct play. There may be more than one correct play, but there are many, many, INCORRECT plays.

But the most important thing, above all, is, when the ball comes to you, FIRST of all, catch it.

The Yankees catcher, Sanchez (I think his name is Gary) is a fine hitter and catcher I have no doubt at all. I've seen his hitting, and he is a batter to be reckoned with. But I don't think he caught a single ball thrown from the field in the whole ALCS. Every time the Astros sent a guy home, he dropped it, and the run thus scored. I don't know if this is something that can be remedied from practice, but Sanchez, making the money he does, should do a shitload of work in the off season learning how to CATCH THE FUCKING BALL before you do tagging runners or firing it over to another base in an attempt to nail another runner.

It's not a stupid question


It is the wrong question, though. The correct question is which one looks like a mule's pussy?

Missed it by that much.


I had enough yesterday. Cussed out the PNC Bank loss representative for all their meaningless bureaucratic bullshit requirements. They have my flood loss check, and they won't release it to me until all their shit is done exactly the way they want it done.

This is Texas, motherfuckers. We pitched in and did the demo as soon as we could get down the road to the house. We are ready, now that it's all dried out, to begin reconstruction, rehabilitation, whatever you want to call it. General contractors are not required to have licenses here in Texas. I am the general contractor. I will find a sheetrock crew, get a bid, and pay them. I will find a carpenter/cabinetmaker and pay him. I will find a licensed plumber, get a bid, and pay him.

Gimme the fucking money that's due me, yankee. The flood insurance was paid, I've collected, now gimme the check.

I went to the bar on 521 yesterday and had a few beers. Almost went by the store and got the fixins for Red Boids. Big Red sody water, MD2020, and vodka in equal proportions. Whew. Glad I didn't get that done.

Go for it


We are with you, Bannon. This is what I wanted, what I desperately hankered for when Trump and Cruz were running for President. I want motherfuckers like McCain, Corker, and McConnell GONE.