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Eonpal News

Updated: 2015-03-15T20:24:25.255-07:00


Not sending payments to paypal anymore


As we previously announced, we're not sending payments to paypal anymore. Please make sure you changed your payment options.

Sorry, and thank you for understanding.

Webmaster server downtime


Ohh, we're really sorry.

Server configuration was messed up and tool which pings the server was miss-configured as well
(testing only if there was response rather than checking what the response was)

Bad luck.

Now is ok.
Thousand times sorry about this. While main search engine server is closely monitored, this administrative server got out of sight.

Another thing, paypal: don't rush, but try to figure out another payment solution before august.

again, sorry for webmaster site downtime, nothing serious - it was a technical problem :(

No More Paypal


PayPal blocked Epassporte and we cannot offer payments through PayPal anymore.

You can read more here

We would appreciate if you could change you payment methods.

Thanks for understanding, because there is nothing we can do about PayPal. It is how it is.

In case you have questions, contact me at ivko at

Sorry again,

Skype credits and Amazon gift certificates


If you are interested in receiving your payments as Skype credits or Amazon gift certificates, login to your eonpal account, choose "Edit profile" and select one of these.

And don't forget to have fun!

Eonpal API


You can retrieve galleries from eonpal via XML and generate HTML for yourself.

What do you need to use API

  • own web server
  • to know how to code
  • a key, please send request to (specify your eonpal username)



key(your eonpal api key)
actionsearchthere will be more options in the future
k(search query)
formattab, xml or phpIn which format you want to receive data
from(starting from result)return results from this record
num(num)max records to retreive (max 100)
catMovies,Imagesselect image or movie galleries


User eonpal, retrieving results for sybian, in XML format, 5 results starting from 10th, in movies

(to see actual XML, open "page source")

Why do I see traffic coming from


  • your site is indexed in our adult database
  • your site was visited by eonpal crawler

If you don't want these to happen, send email to and specify domain name(s) to be excluded

Why am I being indexed when I don't have adult content on my site?

Our crawlers start from purely adult sites and follow links deeper and deeper. If your site is directly or indirectly linked from this adult cloud, most likely you will be crawled by eonpal.

Why do I see referrer from if I'm (only) being crawled?

While crawling, we use referrer showing so you can easily block this bot on your web-server.

Eonpal crawler doesn't read robots.txt nor use specific user-agent because many of adult web-sites generalize all bots to be malicious and reject to give public material.

Why you shouldn't be worried in this case: Eonpal bot only thumbnails and indexes your material without copying the actual content. If user is interested into seeing it, we send him/her back to your site. By letting eonpal bot onto you site, you may later receive free traffic from our search engines.

We understand this may be a controversial issue but we plan to remain on side of porn surfers who demand automated porn search engines.

Does eonpal crawler go behind login forms?

No. Eonpal crawler doesn't activate login forms, you can be sure that paid/private content is never indexed.

Does eonpal steal my content?

No. We don't store any content on our servers. We only make thumbnails of it and index with reference to where it was found.

Exactly the same as with Google Images.

Eonpal shortly down

2007-03-13T17:44:51.315-07:00 is currently down, will be back in couple of minutes

All core functions are running normally, just the administration does not.

How to Increase Price Per User


Here are some hints how to increase price per user

* Try to target different niches
Experiment by sending users to different search queries.
For example, if forum talks about sybain ride, link directly to sybian search results.
Use Targeting Estimator from your statistics page to check current well converting keywords .

* Country origin?
traffic from 1st tier countries converts better comparing to international traffic.

* With more traffic comes better deal.

* Don't force users to come to your site. Or, if you do, expect they'll convert less and generate less revenues for you.
TGP traffic converts bad because users are mostly forced or tired of searching.
Seek for sources where users aren't already exhausted trying to get free porn.

For advanced use, here is structure of the URL:

(if you have your own virtual domain, put it instead of

Parameters are:

brd = your username
cat = category (Movies or Images)
custom = keyword (don't forget to url-encode if needed)


Now sending money via Xoom


If you live in the following countries, we can send you money near to your home via Xoom service

Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Vietnam

The cash can be sent in dollars or local currency, right near to your home. All you need is some identification, and you can pick the money. The complete transfer takes less than 24h.

As an option, it can even be delivered via courier to your door step, check fees at xoom.

How you can make money with this?

1) Open an eonpal account
2) Use the provided url and post it all around adult forums
3) We pay you for every user who clicks to that url. The content behind the url is the biggest search engine for free adult content, people like it and it's not spamming. Example

Use this short manual to get maximum price per user

Want more info?

Send questions to or ICQ: 493825925

moving servers, part #2


Ok, the administration is up but calculating earnings is still down. Will be up within next 12 hours. Thanks for the patience.

Changing data centers


Sunday, March 11th we'll be changing data centers, eonpal administration pages will be down for few hours.

Core system will be running normally, including the search. Only eonpal administration pages will be inaccessible for some time.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Search algorithm improved


We've been improving search relevancy in our search algorithm lately, you shall experience better results soon.

We're catching up


Statistics will be catching up shortly

Thanks for your patience so much needed during this BETA period

Later this week we'll be changing our hosting providers so we finally sort these problems out

And still working


give us 12hours more


Still working on the problem


We're still working on the problem, expecting to finish in 6 hours from now.

Your statistics will be complete by then.

Problems with the System


We've had problems with our system for the last 3 days.

Calculations of the earnings are running irregularly.

We'll catch up with everything in the next 48 hours.

Thanks for the patience,

if any questions, post them here or hit us with email