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The Shenzhou-X spacecraft will be launched at 5:38 pm on Tuesday, sending two men and a woman into space on a mission that will lay the foundation for building a space station, said a spokeswoman for China's manned space program. The Long March 2F c



Former NBA star and current Bobcats owner Michael Jordan filed suit in a Chinese court against Qiaodan Sports Company Limited, a sportswear and footwear manufacturer, for unauthorized use of his name。 前NBA篮球巨星星、夏洛特山猫队现任老板迈克尔乔丹

横线思维与纵向思维英语怎么说?lateral thinking and vertical thinking


lateral thinking Idea generation and problem solving technique in which new concepts are created by looking at things in novel ways. Whereas the logical ('vertical') thinking carries a chosen idea forward, the sideways ('lateral') thinking provokes



多大年龄算是成年,各国法律有不同规定。英国一项最新调查总结出50个成年标志,其中既包括每月规划收支、关注利率、有自己的政治观点等智商情商方面的成熟表现,也不乏自己洗衣服、换灯泡、熨烫衣服等生活技能。 Key signs of adulthood are no longer relying on mum



How many times have you thought, This job is going to kill me? The truth is, you may have been right. For better or worse, a person's job plays a critical role in his or her mental and physical health. The good news is that there are some things abo



If you venture into a coffee shop in the coming months and see someone with a pair of futuristic glasses that look like a prop from Star Trek, dont worry. Its probably just a Google employee testing the companys new augmented-reality glasses。 On We



Vitamin(维生素/维他命)是英文Vital(至关重要的) 和amines(胺化合物)的合成词 维生素是对我们健康至关重要的化合物。他们首先被认为是氨基酸,即蛋白质的组成成分。今天,我们知道,有13种维生素对人体健康是必不可少的。通常你可以通过均衡的饮食得到你所需要的所



The iPhone Economy Manufacturing Decline Leads to Loss of Other Jobs 视频分析现在的产业结构如何导致美国就业问题难以解决






How to Create a Christmas Family Newsletter in Microsoft Word By Catherine Johnson , eHow Contributor A Christmas newsletter is a great way to share your family's news. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to send out a family newsletter to friends

飓风安全提示Hurricane Safety Tips


Hurricane Safety Tips By Antonia James, eHow Contributor Hurricane damage in Sebastian, Florida 2004 Thanks to technology, meteorologists have the tools to inform the public when a hurricane is coming. Proper disaster preparation will prevent damage



A report describes the danger of dehydration as a 'myth' andsays there is no evidence behind claims that water preventsmultiple health problems It is said to help us prevent kidneydamage, lose weight and increase concentration levels. Butexperts now

如何自制枕头 How to Create My Own Pillows


How to Create My Own Pillows By Chasity Goddard, eHow Contributor Update your furniture with custom pillows.istock.comChange the look of your upholstery or bedding with custom throw and accent pillows. Sew pillows of any size or shape in the same ba

如何提高下载速度How to Increase Download Speed


How to Increase Download Speed By an eHow Contributor I want to do this! What's This? The Internet is the fastest and easiest way to get all types of information and multimedia, but if you are stuck with slow download speeds, you are not getting the

什么是防晒系数 SPF-Sun protection factor


Definition of Sun protection factor (SPF) Sun protection factor (SPF): A number on a scale for rating the degree of protection provided by sunscreens. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF numbers on a package can range from as low as 2 to as hi




记得拨快一小时- 美国开始09年夏令时


Did you remember to set the clock ahead an hour? WASHINGTON (AP) -- Get ready for more outdoor fun. For most Americans, daylight saving time has returned, shifting an hour of light to the evenings. But there is a downside. Assuming you're not working

人类历史上首次卫星相撞事故 Debris Spews Into Space in Collision of Satellites


For decades, space experts have warned of orbits around the planet growing so crowded that two satellites might one day slam into one another, producing swarms of treacherous debris. It happened Tuesday. And the whirling fragments could pose a threa



Welcome to the 21st Century. Where practicing law requires us to don the garb of computers and the Internet. And where litigation is as costly as ever. Lawyer bills running $10,000 a month are not unusual in a hotly contested breach of contract laws



1. Your Money or Your Life, by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robins. 关于理财的书籍,重点推荐这一本,你应该读一下。它了解大多数人的理财观念,并用简单有效的新方法改造你的生活。 我的理财经就是从这本书习得的。 2. Slowing Down to the Speed of Life, by Richard



Laugh and the World Laughs With You: How Happiness Spreads Ever wonder whether happy people have something you don't, something that keeps them cheerful, chipper and able to see the good in everything? It turns out they do they have happy friends. T

移动术语词汇表 Glossary of Mobile Terms


The mobile and wireless market is moving faster every day. In the high-tech industry known for introducing a new technology just about every day, it's hard enough to keep up with all the new acronyms, let alone the basic terms. Use this tool to help



Sending text messages from your mobile phone while driving is more dangerous than climbing behind the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs, a study by Britain's Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) has found. The reaction times of people texti

法新社:Chinese astronaut completes nation's first space walk


Chinese astronaut completes nation's first space walk BEIJING (AFP) A Chinese astronaut Saturday became the first in his country's history to complete a space walk, a feat President Hu Jintao hailed as a major breakthrough for the emerging space pow

China confirms third space mission will launch late today


China confirms third space mission will launch late today Agence France-Presse China's third manned space mission, which will include the first space walk by a Chinese astronaut, will blast off late today, a senior official confirmed. The Shenzhou V

Large Hadron Collider 大型强子对撞机试验


You might have never heard of the CERN laboratory, but this is all about to change. On 10th September 2008 the most powerful scientific experiment ever attempted will take place at this quiet research centre near Geneva on the border of France and S

Feature: Beijing Games close, but Olympic spirit here to stay


By Sportswriter Zhou Yan BEIJING, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Beijing Olympic flame went out atop the futuristic Bird's Nest in northern Beijing Sunday night, marking the conclusion of what International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge describ

中国网民数居世界首位 China has world's largest number of netizens


(Xinhua) BEIJING - The number of Chinese netizens reached 253 million by the end of June, up 56.2 percent from 162 million in 2007, the most in the world, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) said in a report on Thursday. The report



Monday July 21,2008 By Gabriel Milland Political Correspondent THE acre is set to be banned after the EU announced that Labour has agreed to the abolition of yet another part of the British way of life. The traditional unit of land size will go the w

奥运还有百万门票可得 1 million Olympic tickets still available


Organizers of the Beijing Olympics said on Wednesday that about 6 million tickets for the Aug 8-24 Games have been purchased, accounting for 86 percent of the total tickets available for sale. Zhu Yan, head of the Beijing Olympics Ticketing Center,

美元的起源 The origin of dollar


美元的起源 The origin of dollar The origin of the almighty dollar is in what is now the Czech Republic. In 1519, a silver mine near the town of Joachimstal (literally Joachim's valley, from the German Tal, meaning valley) began minting a silver coin

Leap year - February 29th 闰年的二月二十九


2008 Leap Year 2008 谈闰年 29th February only happens once every four years The year 2008 has one extra day in it February 29th. This is because it's what we call 'a leap year'. Every four years, the year has 366 days in it instead of 365 but why

微软买雅虎 Microsoft finds inside resistance


Some Microsoft Corp shareholders say the software maker's 44.6 billion U.S. dollars bid for Yahoo! Inc may backfire and reduce its ability to compete with Google Inc in Internet consumer services and advertising. This is a stupid deal, and I'm not ha

Beijing to extend smoking ban ahead of Olympics


BEIJING (AFP) Beijing is about to extend a ban on smoking in public places ahead of the Olympic Games despite the Chinese capital's image as a paradise for smokers who have faced few restrictions on where they can light up. According to a draft bill

再没有免费塑料袋 From June, shops can't give free plastic bags


A nationwide campaign against plastic bags has been launched, with the government banning production of ultra-thin bags and forbidding supermarkets and shops from handing out free carriers from June 1. People use too many of the bags and fail to dis

隔音空中隧道-Sound insulating tunnel' soars around zoo


隔音空中隧道-Sound insulating tunnel' soars around zoo

中国多了3700万男性China has 37 million more males than females


中国多了3700万男性China has 37 million more males than females




100美金一台的笔记本电脑买一送一 Give a Laptop and Get One


100美金一台的笔记本电脑买一送一 Give a Laptop and Get One

公斤原型神秘变轻了Kilo prototype mysteriously loses weight


By JAMEY KEATEN, Associated Press Writer PARIS - A kilogram just isn't what it used to be. The 118-year-old cylinder that is the international prototype for the metric mass, kept tightly under lock and key outside Paris, is mysteriously losing weigh

兵马俑西征 Terracotta Warriors March West


China's terracotta warriors are about to pay their visit abroad. They will be heavily guarded throughout their trip and received at a swank venue in London when they arrive on Monday. The 15 figures of different ranks, together with their carts and

联合国教科文组织抨击新七大奇迹评选UNESCO slams new seven wonders list


UNESCO slams new seven wonders list From correspondents in Lisbon July 09, 2007 THE UN body for culture overnight blasted a private initiative that drew nearly 100 million Internet and telephone voters to choose seven new wonders of the world. This



Global vote picks Seven Wonders The Great Wall of China is among the modern-day Seven Wonders A non-profit foundation has named the Seven New Wonders of the World at a ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal. The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu in Peru, Braz

战胜过敏的20种方法 20 Ways to Combat Allergies


20 Ways to Combat Allergies Stop being sneezy with these simple strategies Annoying Allergies If the drip, sniff, sneeze, and itch of allergies have you thinking of buying stock in the company that makes Kleenex, dry your eyes and prepare to take ac

提高视力的简单方法 Improve Your Vision


Easy Ways to Improve Your Vision Learn how to keep your eyes in tiptop shape A Marvelous Sense Weekly Regimen 8. Walk at least four times a week. Some evidence suggests that regular exercise can reduce the intraocular pressure, or IOP, in people wit

A Kiss Is Just a... Pain


America is a culture that cannot agree on how to end an evening. Some people are huggers. Some peck, some shake. Ed and I were at a dinner party last week that was particularly treacherous, in that it combined old friends and total strangers, each re



Easy Ways to Catch More ZZZs Desperate for a good night's sleep? Check out our tips and you could be sleeping better by tonight! If you've had one or two bad nights lately, you can probably solve the problem by taking some of the measures below. The

缓解工作压力的秘方 Secrets to Managing Workplace Stress


Secrets to Managing Workplace Stress The time you spend at the office may be the most stressful part of your day, but it doesn't have to be. You have a greater ability to shape your office environment than you may realize. Take breaks throughout the

10大健康诀窍 Top 10 Nutrition and Fitness Tips


Top 10 Nutrition and Fitness Tips Discovery Health Channel National Body Challenge medical advisor Dr. Pamela Peeke shares her top 10 tips. 1. Get real and be specific. Write down three or four realistic goals that you can stick to. For example, I w

5个让你不饿的简单规则 5 Simple Rules to Beat Hunger


Actually, one rule will do: Lower each meal's overall score on the glycemic index (GI) -- an indication of how quickly a meal drives up your blood sugar -- and you'll feel full longer. The index ranks foods against glucose, a sugar that scores 100.