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Preview: Musings of a Mom Trying to Find Her Way

Musings of a Mom Trying to Find Her Way

I have more fun than people! -Bugs Bunny

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My 10 motherly gems for a daughter starting her adult life


I was going to write something when my older daughter turned 18 in June, and then write something else when she went off to college, but then I thought since they are both so close I'd just kill two birds. As just about all of us adults know by now, hindsight is 20/20. You especially see it online, there is article after article, blog after blog about preparing children for college and living

Big damn road trip part 3


In foster years, I'm 26 years old. If this is new to you, you can get a bit of a catch up here. The final leg of our trip was the reason the trip was created, my cousin (foster) was getting married in Boise, ID. Once we left Yellowstone, we took the 6 hour drive through southern Idaho. I have to say there isn't much to southern Idaho. We did hit a huge rain storm, which was probably the most

Big damn road trip part 2


You know what the worst part of a National Park is? The tourists. The past week was spent exploring Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I was beyond excited to get there, a peek of the explorer in me coming to the surface. The Nation's first National Park! Old Faithful! Bison casually walking by! Plus, a week with my Massachusetts (and CA) family! We found a wonderful cabin that holds 10

Big damn road trip part 1


I haven't worn make-up since July 2nd, because it was my last day at work. I haven't put a flat iron to my hair in just about the same amount of time. It's been under a hat. I read a book, and have begun a second one. Neither are about marketing, self-improvement, or politics. I'm blogging! These are the things that make a vacation for me. Some might say, "lounging in a hammock having young,

Thoughts I had while walking 2 miles in the Phoenix heat


It's no secret I am not a fan of warm weather. Anything over 70 degrees and I get grumbly. During the summer I avoid the outdoors as much as possible. I won't even go swimming- who wants to be outside in lukewarm water when you can be inside in nice, cool air-conditioning? Creative Commons photo by Greg Burkett Today however, I didn't feel like driving to the gym for my workout, so decided to

I'm super bad now.


I had a goal. To run a marathon when I turned 40. Well, technically I did that, although I didn't finish. The story behind that is in the last post on this blog, ironically enough. It was a beautiful run, for about 14 miles. I pushed too hard, and the Lost Dutchman course was not an easy one. With the knee problems, I just couldn't take the hilly course. So I dropped out. I tried to play it off

Almost Marathon Time!


Thanks to I Love To Run on Facebook. "No one has any guarantee of being physically intact at this time tomorrow. So whining about a run is like whining about having too much money. Every drop of sweat from every run is a gift. Never complain about running." - Matt Judge  Never have I believed words more, especially over the past couple of months. I can't say that training for a marathon

Why I can't stand warm temperatures


View of the Superstitions from the edge of my neighborhood, when it was a high of 45.  I bitch about warm weather ALL THE TIME. Basically, any time the sun is out, I'm going to be unhappy. We just had a freeze here for about a week, and the highs were in the 40's. It was the best weather, and I got to listen to everyone else in the valley complain for awhile. View two days later when the

Hi, I'm Dani, and I have a parking problem.


Just a scratch. Or ten. I do many stupid things. Everyone pretty much hears about all of them, since I'm such an outspoken person online. The latest was backing out of the garage and scraping the side of my van on the side, also slightly damaging the trim of the garage. Hey- at least the door still works! Anyway, I was thinking about parking, and how many times I've had a costly issue. I

Buh-bye, 2012. You were good to us.


My Christmas Dinner Fortune Cookie: "Consume Less, Share More, Enjoy Life." Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe time merrily being merry. The last couple of years we had decided to go paperless in our yearly Christmas Holiday Letter. This year it seemed more difficult to get to. This isn't necessarily due to being lazy or even too busy. I found myself wondering why I was doing it. Then

Let the marathon training begin!


I am here in overcast, rainy New England visiting family this week for Fall Break, and having a blast! Just being in cold weather instantly cheers me. Vitamin D must not be an issue for me, as it seems to have an adverse effect. Even when it's pleasant and sunny I'm miserable, never mind 110. Anywho, in the midst of vacationing, I ran a 10k with my sister Katie yesterday in Boston. This is my

Wanting For Less


I used to look around our house and want. Want another bedroom. Want a garage that can fit one more car. Want a master bedroom with a sitting area. Want more places to put stuff. Now, we've purged a lot. We've made room to be comfortable with the space we have (and if you know where I live, you know it's plenty of space!) Sure, we can always do more purging of stuff (it's amazing how junk

Unplugged Weekend


I had a realization about this blog. I use it for me more than anyone else. Sure, I share my posts (when I make them) and love feedback, but it's not why I do it. I am documenting things for me. It's more of a public journal than a "Look at me! I'm blogging and you have to read me!!" thing. This answers my question about why I don't blog more. It's because I don't want to, but when I do have

40 To 40? I'm on the flip side now!


I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for 40 days straight. Yes, even the lazy, post-a-youtube-video ones. I haven't posted in two days now and I found myself missing it! I guess that means maybe I'll keep on blogging away. :) I had talked about how I feel emotionally about turning 40, but I didn't talk about what I actually *did* that day. Well, other than on twitter and Facebook. I all ready had

40 To 40 Day 40! On Turning Forty


Turning 30 was hard for me. I wasn't very happy then. I had two kids under the age of 5, wasn't really doing anything other than taking care of them, and had an overwhelming sense of  "is this really it?" I was still just coming off of a career as a legal assistant, and still thinking that I needed a career to be considered successful. It's a hard thing to do, change the way you think. Change

40 To 40 Day 39: On The Last Day Of My 30's


For a dollar, I will make thisface for you. Cheeks and all! I don't know how I'll feel tomorrow, but today I felt great. I had to say goodbye to Andy, so that was a little sad. He was replaced by my friend Scott, who is here to do some traveling, and is also going to take me to see American Idiot tomorrow for my birthday! (which of course, came into town JUST FOR ME.) So today it did hit me

40 To 40 Day 38: On Upcoming Awesomeness


Just got home from an awesome Yelp event- and I'm so very, very, very tired. So I leave you with a taste of what I'm doing on my birthday Saturday! No, Green Day won't be there, but I think I'll be ok. :)

40 To 40 Day 37: On Being Super Cool


Rebel Mamas. I think having company is good for me. It "forces" me to take a break. I put that in quotes because no one is keeping me from doing anything. It's a lot easier to go out to lunch, or go to a movie when you are hanging with family and friends who happen to be staying at your house. You want to spend time with them, since it's temporary. The to-do list and responsibilities will

40 To 40 Day 36: On What Every Woman Should Know


I read a really dumb thing today. Side note- is it just me, or is the Huffington Post becoming a bastion of crazy paranoid ridiculousness? Ok, this particular thing isn't crazy or paranoid, just a little stupid. "Turning 30: What Every Woman Should Have And Should Know" Well ok! I'm turning 40- so I should have all this down, right? So I clicked. Oy. Why did I click on this nonsense? Here's a

40 To 40 Day 35: On The Beatles


Last night at the party Bret had a bunch of songs on the iPod for the DJ to play. Poor kid, he couldn't have even been 20... probably didn't know half the songs. Going back further, in my late teens I really became a huge Beatles fan. It all started when I saw Paul McCartney in concert for the first time, in 1990. In Orchestra we were able to earn money for tours by working concessions at Sun

40 To 40 Day 34: On Being Grateful


Tonight as I blew out candles on the amazing birthday cake my sister Jenn made for my birthday, the very young Skateland DJ kept yelling at me to make a wish. I looked at the group gathered around me. Friends, family, all there for me. For some weird reason to celebrate me. They came in costume, they hung out, they donated to causes that are important to me. They (hopefully) had a good time.

40 To 40 Day 33: On Charitable Celebrations


Pat's Run was another great morning. Unfortunately Sam hurt her knee at school Friday, so while running today it really started bothering her. We walked after 2 miles, then for the last mile we ran. So we've been icing a swollen knee all afternoon. It was still a good day, and I'm so proud of her for finishing, although I'm feeling a little mama guilt at letting her finish by running. I hope

40 To 40 Day 32: On Pat Tillman and Motivation


It's that time of year once again, the 8th annual Pat's Run is bright and early tomorrow morning. This was my very first race, and my third time running it now. I wrote this little post right before the first race. It all definitely still applies. The race now fills to capacity- this year they actually sold out! Just amazing, but it's a true testament to Tillman and also the work that The

40 To 40 Day 31: On Boredom and Airports


Picking up my foster mom and sister tonight from the airport prompted this post. Life is difficult when you're 18-20 years old. You're an adult, but you are still under legal drinking age, so it's not like you can go clubbing unless you are at some all ages show. You're also pretty broke too. You could go to the mall, but that closes way before a teen is done hanging out with friends and

40 To 40 Day 30: On Being Confident


I have to say, I love this photo.I look happy, and perhaps even confident. I sometimes feel like a fraud. Not a fraud in the sense that I am not sincere or truthful. More about my confidence level. I'm really a big chicken, and I struggle with it all the time. If you've been following along the past 30 days, you know the connection. I certainly don't use what happened to me as a child as an