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Comments on: About Sister Toldjah

Just a blogger. Since 2003.

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By: radar

Sun, 19 Feb 2006 02:23:01 +0000

I must now put your blog on my blogroll! Beauty and brains seems to be a popular movement among conservative bloggers, with Pamela of AtlasShrugs and Michelle Malkin and you! I'm 53 so my story goes way back. I read Ayn Rand as a young boy and worked for Barry Goldwater's campaign by handing out flyers door to door. But liberal propaganda did it's work on my brain over time so that by 1968 I worked for Bobby Kennedy and even as recently as 1976 voted for Jimmy Carter (!) I think the fact that it was Nixon who pushed through the law that caused me to be drafted out of college on the last day of finals in my freshman year caused me to resent Republicans for a few more years as I grew older. Becoming a Christian in 1978 was a major influence on my politics, not just my personal life. Seeing things from the perspective of Christianity brought me into agreement with most of the stated beliefs of conservatives. Oddly, I came full circle to the Republican side again! But the conservative viewpoint is more logical and ultimately far kinder to people. In my opinion, of course!

By: Charles Siler

Thu, 02 Feb 2006 16:15:21 +0000

I too am a North Carolinian and I know because of my World Travels that there is no place on earth greater than the Tarheel State. North Carolina is a place where heaven and earth meet like no other. Anyone who has never been, should go. Anyone who has been, should move there. There is just something special about our great state. Everytime I return, I notice as I cross the border that the air is cleaner, the sky becomes bluer, the people are friendlier, the tea and the life is sweeter, the pace is more relaxing and the raods are pristine and flowing (except on 85 through Durham). NORTH CAROLINA RULES! (especially Lenoir)

By: Sister Toldjah

Tue, 24 Jan 2006 05:17:50 +0000

Thanks, US Vet, and welcome aboard! :d

By: US Vet

Mon, 23 Jan 2006 20:11:51 +0000

ST, Hi neighbor (I live in South Carolina). This is my first visit and I am going to bookmark. I am a conservative and recently retired member of the Air Force and if that is your picture; just more proof, conservative women are gorgeous!!! You are a BABE!!! I am very happy you made the switch. Keep up the great work you are doing here!!

By: Mad Mike

Wed, 11 Jan 2006 23:04:54 +0000

I'm enjoying the blog - congrats on being linked to Neal Boortz's site. I guess you could call my philosophy Christian Libertarian - not that I'm wild-eyed liberal on social matters, but just because, IMHO, government causes a bigger mess when it intervenes in them. I'd like to tell you that you're very attractive, and in my case age-appropriate, but you probably get hit-on all the time. So if I'm hitting on you, please don't hold it against me. Again, congratulations, both on your remarkable prescience and on the growth of your blog. - MM

By: Neal B

Wed, 11 Jan 2006 21:49:59 +0000

YIKES! Just linked to you from Boortz! Your site has been officially bookmarked. Best of luck in your endevour! OH ... beauty and brains, as posted earlier, .. sexy ... verrry sexy! :d

By: Mike Smith

Tue, 03 Jan 2006 23:28:23 +0000

Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. The wish I had for the new year is to make it better then the last one. I want to say that's what I like about a new year. Make it better then the last one. At lease make the attempt. <:-p That's all that counts.

By: MeasuredSpace

Tue, 03 Jan 2006 22:49:39 +0000

Oh yeah.. this is an about page... nice blog... did I mention you were hot!

By: MeasuredSpace

Tue, 03 Jan 2006 22:03:37 +0000

Let's see... your conservative, intelligent, level-headed and good looking :) Where you been all my life! To liberal converts to conservatism... Here's something interesting: I too am a conservative convert (particularly with respect to fiscal and personal responsiblity matters)... Yet I still test out at the site above as a centrist liberal... hmmm...!? I justify this outcome as: the context of our political lives has become so polarized and popularized (e.g. John Stewart, NPR, PBS, FOX) that my newfound personal identification with several conservative mores combined with disdain for the reprehensible, mock-contrarian left-congressional egos (Pelosi, Reid, Schummer, Byrd, Boxer...etc) has produced what feels like conservatisim...? I mean I no idiot... when I wake up morning after morning to NPR's subtly editorialized (through choice of stories, language, stacking of experts)... I just get angry and feel robbed by self-ritcheous, public-sector employees currently running things. (And I would imagine largley Gen X'ers; a.k.a my peers) The bottom line for me is (as citizens of this country) we are all complicit members of a market economy and the vitality of said economy has become more-and-more a function consumerism.. Moreover, all economic development of the 20th and 21st century is underpinned by an energy infrastruce easiliy characterized as the "petroleum economy". So the (formerly anti-establishment punk rockers) reborn activist contrarians (some with nice professional public sector jobs) can point all the fingers they want with their 20/20 hindsight. But - until all the aformentioned congressional members, public broadcasting employees, left media personnel and vehement lefeties own up to fact that they are members of the US economy and indeed enjoy the trappings of US world dominance and western industrial expansion.. then their arguments just seem like destructive whinning and unwarranted idealism. With the vitriole Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schummer, Henry Reid and Nancy Pelosi spit out... I would expect them to be honest-to-goodness paupers.. living in cardboard boxes and rejecting all modern convenineces on the grounds that: "they are products and evidence of the destructive power of gloabalism and industrial exploitation which contributes to our growing dependence on inequitable foreign trade envrionments and a reliance on war-prone foreign policy". I don't know, everytime I see Nancy Pelosi on CSPAN she is always beautifully manicured with nice set of pearls - I wonder if they are Akoya. I mean isn't it easy to see the irony in the communication medium utilized by or the a/v equipment used by NOW-with Bill Moyers or Frontline on PBS: all products of applied quantum mechanics, industrial development, war, gloablism, and product commercialization. I don't profess that everything is just dandy here...we have challenges that require sober, thoughtful and reasoned solutions. But I loathe the faux-liberal mindset that spews (anti, finger pointing) rhetoric as if he/she is in a moral/poitical/consumer vaccum which can accept no responsibiliy for the current state of affairs or the quality of life which prevails as a result. Talk about taking things for granted...! ... Brad

By: Sister Toldjah

Mon, 19 Dec 2005 20:16:06 +0000

Hey Lefty and JA ... good to see ya'll here :) I doubt Biggie and his partner in crime would ever darken the door here at the ST blog. Even if they did, I have a low tolerance for anti-Semitism as well as rampant cursing on the blog so they wouldn't last long at that.