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This Was Me

Will never ask for new or bigger diamonds. But won't turn them down either.

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I am leaving!


If you want to come read my blather. click on this link my new blog

popcorn for dinner


Oh hi, yeah its me. I have been leaving early. Snow does that to me. Makes me want to just get right out there and drive. I'm a maniac that way.
Then today we were especially lucky. Fog. Such conditions! We couldn't have asked for better. Lots of work for the scratch and dent people. Yes indeedy!
We had our monthly meeting today. We are going to go through some restructuring. Our teams are going to be made into smaller teams. This means more leaders. With more supervisors. I can hardly wait. Then sometime this summer we will be moved back to Boise but further east. Evidently driving will be my next best hobby. But at least I will be able to get back into a commuter van. Hopefully it won't be with the same crew. Was not impressed with the van driver forgetting where he was going. Yeah he did that a lot.
I went and had a DEXA today. I am one inch shorter. Suffering from osteopenia. Just this side of osteoarthritis or so the tech tells me. No doubt I will have to take calcium and Vitamin D. We will see. I think that was the last doctors appointment for the year. Which is a good thing because we don't have many days left.
Do have a nice night and yes do help yourself to some popcorn.

It was delicious


Yesterday was quite fun. Everyone enjoyed their christmas stockings. Probably as much fun as I had putting them together.
Dinner turned out great. The ham bone went home with mom as she had a hankering for ham and beans. Leftovers for everyone.
And? It even snowed. Yes indeed even if it was 12 hours late we had a white christmas.
The dogs for the most part behaved themselves but then I had people over who tolerates dogs.
Frank went home with his mama. Took his squeaky toy and plush girl dog. He was so happy when Jen showed up.
Just stepped out to take out the trash. It is still snowing. It should be a fun drive as I don't hear the county road crews firing up their equipment.
Have a nice day after and do stay out of the weather.

Christmas Morning


huge! 3 feet by 3 feet!

Good morning sleepy heads. I know I never sleep in. I have the potato casserole out on the counter. I am afraid I let the potatoes boil too long, so it will be mashed potato casserole. mmmmm. I have the cans of green beans ready to open. The ingredients to the pineapple salad sitting on the counter. And I have the ham sitting in the roasting pan. Ready or not!
The counters are cleaned off of all non essential stuffs. I remember those counters, hello!
The dogs will be shut out to the garage. No barking!
I finished my shopping with money and moments to spare. Sadly enough I waited too long on Jen's gift. But hey? She wasn't expecting it and I am pretty sure she will love what I got her. But seriously, who doesn't open their store on Christmas Eve? Really? You think you can afford not to be open in Emmett? Wow, what confidence.
I got to Nampa early to do a run thru in Walmart. Me and about 10 people were scrambling to get the last of  our gifts. I stopped in at work to pick up my Avon, nope did not come in. Ok ok ok!!! Drove down Franklin towards Meridian, at the intersection of 10 mile and Franklin I hit an icy patch and went for a small spin. Yes I was driving slow and no they hadn't de-iced yet. Yikes!
I was heading for the new Freddy's on Linder and Chinden. I had a gift card from work. I am going to buy myself a present which is what the theme of this holiday is. I picked up some whey protein, yogurt, and soy milk. mmmmm. Then I wondered around looking for the last stocking stuffers, hooray they have them. Check that off my list.
Then I saw it. I noticed it last time I was in. But 89 dollars? What is it? A canvas of a row of beach cruisers. I am quite in love with the idea of bicycles this season. The little notice said if was 50% off. I also have a $20 gift card. The young lady helping me told me that at the check out was an additional 10% off. Yep, I got it. It is so cool and huge and I had to haul it in the back of the truck. Thanks for not raining on my parade. It is now hanging in my hallway. I have moved my quilt to my room where it looks dashing on a very pink wall.
So everyone, if I haven't spoke to you in a while, have a happy holiday. And maybe just maybe we will catch up with each other next year.

Still My favorite Christmas Song



Born in a Barn


So this is the new hair do. I think I look like Ellen, that is if she had blond freshly cut hair. See how slender my face has gotten? I have been lathering lotion on my neck by the gallons in hopes that turkey neck stays basted. We will see.
Yesterday was kind of trippy. The boy had been needing a straightened out wire hanger to finish hanging a fan in the ceiling. Seemed that the old plastic holder was not holding. So while washing all the glasses in my china cabinet I found a wire. I don't know why it was on top of the damn thing but hey? there it was. I continue to clean and mop and make things less doggy smelling while he slept.
Around 9ish boy woke up. Up from the wrong side of the bed I might add.. I was watching television when he walked into the room. I told him of my find which he immediately jumped at to start working on. I asked if he didn't want to wait until he woke up. NO! He had been wanting to finish the project for last 2 god damned days!!grrrrrr bark bark bark. So thru much cursing and thumping and scattering of insulation he installed a brace to attache the fan to but? FUCK he roared....the little hole in the ceiling was too small for the new wire holder thingamajig. Stupid fucking house..kill the jerk that built the sonofabitch!!! I QUIT!!!!!!
So I went outside to split wood, I was not going to get worked up over something that could be fixed in a jif with a handy dandy wall board saw. Got one in manworld, yep.
Soon after the young master sped off to parts unknown leaving me to the peace and quiet of watching whatever the hell I wanted on the big screen tv. so there.
Long about 2:30 I hear the garage door go up and the dogs are yelled at to shut the hell up. Hmm sounds like the boy is home. Well he brought his dad over as well, who wandered up and down the hallway while the boy cut a hole in the ceiling to hang all the crap that holds the fan. And was he quiet while doing all this? Oh hell know. Gosh, I can't help but think this could have  been done earlier and quieter, but? I don't have a penis which puts me in the suspect arena of not knowing anything.
But the less I know the less I have to do, my new motto.
This is what I do know. Justin is sadly exactly like his father when it comes to working on projects. How do I know this? From being married to the man for 17 years. Who I witnessed screaming and carrying on when all that energy could have been directed at that miscreant screw or whatever mechanical thing not behaving itself.
A tempest in a teapot afternoon.
Today I will spend away from the home front in hopes of finishing my shopping and getting a little peace and quiet amongst the christmas eve shopping crowd.

a friend and I


This is an old picture. old! And of course has nothing to do with my lesson for the day. At no time will the illustration match the speech.
I got my hair trimmed and went even blonder. Lowering expectations across the nation.
I made an appointment  to have my eyebrows done next month. So exciting!
Then I jumped on the freeway to BoDo. I was mistakenly hoping downtown would be dead in anticipation of the MAACO bowl. Nope, several thousand had the same idea.
I went into the Bronco store, picked out my purchase and promptly saw that my wallet was gone. Yikes! What a heart stopping moment. Poor guy at the store thought I was going to pass out. I thought so too.
Think think think. No one was close enough to pick my pocket (purse). I had paid for my hair....looking through a phone book for the salon's number...I remember something! At the stop light I had time to write down my eyebrow appointment on a card that was in my wallet. I frantically ran back to the parking garage to find that my wallet was sitting patiently on my front seat. Wooo thank you christmas thieves for not being able to see thru my tinted windows. Went back to the store and bought the boy's present.
Stopped at the dollar store for stocking stuffers. Drove to the Hallmark store for the hallmark chocolate moose ornament. They were out. dammit. But I found a ornament of a beer stein so I got that. Then? I was off to be tortured at the Eagle Winco. It just isn't christmas if you don't rub elbows with the rich and infamous of Eagle Idaho.
With the exception of a few things I am finished.
The dogs have been given baths. I hope to mop the floor today. And possibly do something about the bathroom. Gosh it would be nice if that was plural. Sorry this is my bathroom please use the one down the hall.
I am hoping to make some spaghetti or something. I don't know maybe I can talk the kid into watching a movie.
Oh! Royce I don't have that plate you were describing. I remember the picture but it is not part of my series. I think it would have fit right in. The one I had to replace was 'the kiss'.

The Plates


Do you still have your plates? Do you have them on display? It has been a long time since these have seen the light of day, I usually kept these in the boxes. I had them out once years and years ago. Hung them for a little while then I bumped one and it broke. Which made me cry unfortunately Virginia was standing right there and called me a 'great big cow' for crying. I hunted around the valley until I found an establishment that could get me a copy of the one I broke, so I could have a complete set.
Then? I put them away in the top of the closet. I had wanted Rocky to make me a plate rail but I couldn't quite explain what it was that I wanted. And usually we never had the money to do this with or when we had the money we didn't have the time. So plates were forgotten in the top of the closet. Every once in awhile to be moved to the next room's closet until I bought a tote. A tote of their own that eventually ended up out in the top of the shed where they sat for years. That is until earlier this month.
Because I was out in the shed scrounging for Christmas stuff and storing some of the boy's stuff. I came across the tote,  dragged it into the house.
Then I went online to hunt for display shelves. I counted the boxes. I had nine. So I ordered 3 racks that would display 9 plates.
Mom came over and I was opening the boxes to show her my plates when I discovered that I had kept the empty box of the broken plate. Doh! I went online to cancel the order which was no biggie as it was on back order.
Ta freaking Da! The plates!
The series is called; "A Mind Of Her Own."  It might have been the only time that Virginia got me. Sad but it is as it was.
I love my plates. I love that I finally have them on display for how long I don't know. But they fit my Boudoir's decor.
It is all pink and gold and girly. Rocky would retch in disgust. 
tell me about your plates

Making a List


I have a hair appointment today so it is off to Boise I go. Since I haven't done any Christmas shopping I think I better get that done. I have decided on consumables. yep, nothing to give away or store because it wasn't quite the ticket. Lots of goodies for the stockings and things to wear.
Yesterday we had the white elephant gift party. So much fun. A frog hat was stolen a couple of times. A chili gift pack found itself with several owners until settling down one last time. I stole a pair of nice slippers only to have my manager swipe them from me. So I then picked the biggest package. It was full of bubble wrap and down at the bottom of the box was 3 black box shelves, a bingo marker, and men's gel wash. I was pleased, I think it was supposed to be a whammo gift. I didn't see it that way. The boy snapped up the little shelves and the other stuff got tossed in as stocking stuffers. Thanks Santa!!! As for the gift I brought, well it was met with unenthused ooohs and aaaahs. Next year? I think I will bring something totally inappropriate.
I have the next couple of days off. The weekend of course but I have the 24th off to go along with Christmas. I haven't taken time off in quite some time. My little vaca. I have nothing planned except to enjoy who ever I might see. Clean clean the house and shop.
Do have a lovely day and perhaps we will chat later.

Frank n Lasagna


Evidently I am harboring an escape artist. Frank went missing all day. I got a call about 10:30 this morning from the boy asking me where Frank was. I did not know. I told them all to be good as I shut the front door. I got a frantic phone call from girl child who I told not to worry. Frank will be fine.
Well it is cold and the wind is blowing from Siberia. Poor Frank without a sweater. I know he has one he just wasn't wearing it.
Yesterday at work we were offered a lasagna dinner for 4, all we had to do was call and reserve. And? Go pick it up. A nice assistant living facility was doing this for Christmas. So I headed for Nampa, going back and forth on the Blvd until I found the street I was to find the facility on. Got my dinner and headed home.
I called mom to tell her we had a lost dog and free dinner. I predicted that Frank would be waiting on the front door step as I drove up. He was. Poor little fart had pushed himself up into the corner by the wall trying to stay  warm.
Well he is fine and tired. I wish I had a camera on his collar. The lasagna? Stouffers, but hey it was free.
good night.

holiday activity


Actually I could probably be doing more. But? I don't want to. I have a potluck tomorrow for work. We will pile into a couple of cars and drive to the Boise office. There is always too much food but this time we all bring a white elephant each. I bought mine at the youth ranch. A small knick knack of a hobo. About 9 inches tall. Someone will like it. I hope they fight over it. Supposedly the next person can take it or a new gift. Last year one girl got a box full of doll stands. Well played.
I am slowly starting to gather christmas gifts for my posse. Everyone? Here is your can of popcorn and a package of floss. Hey, not a bad idea really.
Well I must finish up here and head to work.
Have a cheerful day.

2 more pounds!


You should be happy to take note that I did not spend my money foolishly. I have lost 2 more pounds. I continue to eat healthy and stay active. You don't care? I don't care that you don't care.
I had an HSA when I worked with uncle Al's. I had them take $750 for deductibles. Then I left early in that year. I had used it when I had their insurance but was unaware of a balance. I was aware of them needing 2 receipts that added up to about 130 dollars. So I assumed they would take their cut and leave me alone. NOOOOOOO. They told me that would be inappropriate use of funds. really? I have an unused balance of 230 dollars that they want me to send my EOBs to, so they can deplete the amount. Then in turn I send them a check. bureaucratics you gotta love it
So I sent them 2 totaling over 500 dollars, maybe they will send me that amount. Hell I don't know, crazy.
Got to go make money and stay active. You? Do what you do best.



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We seem to be having a storm. I know this because rain is hitting my window and making my wind chimes play stormy weather. Both the boy and I are up. shhhhhh storm you are noisy.
Here is my take on the tragedy of the month. If the media wasn't so in our faces all day long every day about the perpetrators of these hideous attacks, I think maybe this wouldn't happen so often. It seems like the shooters are doing this partly to make a name for themselves. Perhaps the media should just tell us about the victims and downplay the sick bastard that broke so many hearts.
Address mental illness. Treat it instead of punish it. Have a freaking telethon. Do something. Oh we could take a huge step backwards and put the ill all in buildings with padded rooms and lots of pharmaceuticals. Be proactive. Help is a good thing. A safe thing. Not necessarily a religious thing. We have become a rather self centered nation. I know I have become more aware of my surroundings and even suspicious of the young white males in my area. You don't know. You don't.
thank you, We have now returned you to our regularly scheduled program.
I am researching a new blog site, one I can come and go as I wish without paying tribute to the troll under the bridge. The last week was uncomfortable, I did not want to give up writing. When I do move the blog, I suspect I will leave bread crumbs to the new site or directions. Yeah directions are good.

no agenda


Carol and I headed over the hill to the big city. No real destination in mind. We stopped at the collister shopping center where the holistic faire was signs. Evidently we had to be psychic to find it. So? We headed to Whole Foods, which just opened last month. We walked up and down the aisles looking at things like we were in the Metropolitan Museum. We would stop and look and judge. We were offered samples. Nice and pricey. Lovely salad bar, very colorful.
Then? We drove to Eagle Road. We were headed to Rosaures. Another grocery store we hadn't been to. We were offered a sample of Sushi as soon as we walked in the door. It wasn't crowded and very clean. Prices were better than Albertson's and Fred Meyers. I will still shop at Winco and Walmart. But it is nice to have a choice. Did we buy anything? Nope.
Then? We went to the shoe carnival store. I have a shoe problem. I would like to buy lots and lots of shoes. the problem is I don't have the money or the space. So I did not buy any. While we were there, the manager was having a contest and I won a clip for a bag of chips. Trivia? Yep the girl in Rumpelstiltskin spun straw into gold. Now all I need is a bag of chips. Carol bought a nice pair of deck shoes for work.
We had lunch at Chile's, salad of course.
Carol told me that Rocky and Cheryl (the bbq people) had a house right off of Linder. So we stopped there. My goodness, they possibly hit the lottery on their situation. 18 months ago they lost their house due the downturn of the economy, lost their bbq business too. Got into business with this new recycling business and their boss bought a luxurious house for them with the condition that he had a bedroom whenever he came into town. He lives in 'Vegas and was flying into town then staying in motels. So? To save money, bought a house. I would like to know how to find a benefactor. Do I put out flyers like I lost a dog? Maybe drop bits of  bread crumbs leading to my house? How does this happen?
So today? A lazy day. I have groomed Frank's face, he now looks like a schnauzer again. I have put the battery on the charger and hopefully I can put the shutters back where they fucking belong...asshats! grrrrr.
I am heating up some spaghetti sauce and boiling up some whole wheat noodles for lunch. The boy is keeping the house warm by way of the fireplace.
We have no agenda.



So I am going to answer my own question. NO  I AM NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! Ok I have a tree up but gifts? nope.
I am derelict in my holiday activities. All the folderol of window installation and carpet buying pretty much put the kibosh on spending any more $$. So Christmas? Is all about me this year. yikes.
Work is good. Love working with my crew. I laughed so hard yesterday I hurt. I wish I could remember what we were going on about. But for a split moment I felt that I could not stop laughing. It has been ages since I laughed like that. Plus? We get our work done. weeeee oooooo!
I am rather unhappy with the outcome of the looks of the windows on the outside. I was told they would be picture framed and I was shown mitered corners. Nope not what I have. Nope not happy at all. Then? They did not put my shutters back up. oh? what are you going to do about the shutters? I am going to put them back up. oh? Do you want us to do that? NO, I will do it myself. sweet jesus get off my property. Not a finish carpenter in the frigging bunch. Oh how I miss Rocky, he was the best carpenter. Hopefully this spring the painting that I need to do on the touch up will make it look loads better. I do not however recommend them for windows, not if you don't mind how the finished product looks, idiots.
I guess we will be sitting Frank for the next couple days. Evidently he needs a vaca from the stress of room mates. So poor little fart will be inundated with attention from Cola.
I am off to shower then go play with Carol. We are going to get our palms read, look at crystals and maybe have a psychic reading. Its all the rage at Christmas time.

How did I get here?


I gave up hope. I did. I fussed and fumed. Tried so many times to fix it. Then after hitting a wall several times. I threw my hands to the air and decided; that was that. I would go on to something else.
I was given a different laptop. The boy had dropped his and went to the local pawn shop where he purchased another.
He took the one I was using and his 'new' one to his friends house to do an upgrade. The one I was using was faster and he asked if we could trade. Sure.
I thought I had saved all my stuff. I down loaded all my files or so I thought. ummm no. I was locked out of blogger. Google's recover team could not help my info was so old. I couldn't remember my first phone number or Rocky's email account. I was deemed unworthy.
This morning I decided to log on to youtube. That too is an old account but for some reason I could get in through google chrome. Which brought me full circle to my blog.
When I am finished here, I am gong to go update my info. So if you have an old account you visit on a daily basis? Check to make sure you have current info. It couldn't hurt.

are you ready for christmas?


Snow. When I left for work yesterday morning, it was cold and damp. I drove thru Star - same. Got this side of the cheese factory and there was snow. What the?
Ruby truck does quite well in the snow. Actually she is really good on gas mileage. Only has a few scratches. The interior must have been kept clean by elves and fingers crossed no broken or chipped windows. I like my little red truck. Snow? Bring it on. If it is too bad, hell I am staying home. ha!
I worked for 7 hours yesterday. Lots of work for me to catch up on and that was only the stuff I could do on the computer. I have a small stack of 'have to call ons'. I will probably be busy on the phone Monday. One of the things we do 3x a week is run the threshold limit. What is that? Well in order for the limits to be tracked we have a program that tells us the time limit or visit limit for our patients. I have 8 clinics I take care of for verifying insurance and getting authorizations for visits. Most everyone else has 3 or 4, but I have the small clinics and the work load adds up to the same, sometimes. Sometimes the patient's policy lets me know  there is no limits of any kind. I personally like these.
Thresholds, I watch the expiration date of the auth or the date limit. When it looks like it is close, I send a letter to the clinic. They will let me know if I need to request more or if the patient is discharged. One of the only nice things with the program is I don't see all my auths until a month out to expire or 4 to 5 dates left in the auth. If I had to go thru all my auths I would probably need a stiff drink.
So yesterday was alot of going to a website, abstracting the information and then typing it into the system. Ta freaking da. It ain't rocket science but it pays a bill.



The 'building' that is brown with black windows was where we stayed. Very clean and I understand unNew York like. Don't know never been.
I am going in to work today. I need the rest. Oh I have plenty yet to do here. But I am sure the past couple days have been piling up on my desk and in my mail box. Besides someone has to babysit the phone in case of an inpatient admit. it could happen.
I need to repaint or touch up the window sills, we are kind of hard on them. Hang the curtain rods and curtains in the dining room. Touch up the trim for the guys on Monday. They said they would finish up then. My collector plate hangers came in the same UPS truck as my curtain rods. convenient! I cleared off a spot on my bedroom wall and hung the plate racks. Then I left the room which automatically wipes my memory. I go into the dining room where I notice the curtain rods. I begin to open boxes and assemble the rods. I hang the rod holders, using a measuring device (this makes things more uniform and even)I started putting up the curtains. Pretty! I hear the boy rummaging around in the back of the house. I move furniture back, nice. I go to the next window. MOM! jeez that kid can scare the crap out of me. Yes? COME HERE. Ok. I walk to  where he is standing in the hall. ??? He points to my room. He says, I put up the plates. Oh and they are lovely. Good job young man!
So he can either follow me around and get me pointed back in the direction I was going in the first place. Or? Just finish up whatever I was doing.
I was still in the living room and we pretty much decided on the layout of furniture. So I brought in the totes full of ornaments. I decorated for over an hour. Put 2 or 3 ornaments on each branch and I still left a lot off still in the totes. They are so old and fragile. I am lucky that I only broke one. We are ready for Christmas and that room is done.
So I am off to the wilds of Nampa where I will stop in at Walmart for a salad for lunch, a desk lamp, and a magnifying glass. That is another blog entry.

work work work dammit!


Well it is looking good, they are on the 2nd to last window. Noisy but way worth it. I don't know if they will get to the trim today. I don't care, that is all outside work.
I have ordered nice curtain rods for the living room and dining room. So with ironed no wrinkled drapes, I will be styling it. Eventually get the new blinds bought and installed as well. In due time.
And at some point, I am putting up the new little white christmas tree. It is up it is just not dressed yet.
Carol just left. She came in as I was fixing a sandwich. So I offered her half. Its how I roll. We then wandered to the bedroom where we went thru the closet 'Carla style'. She gratefully left with 3 bags of nice blouses. We were both very glad. She was kind of concerned that I was giving so much away. I pointed out all the dressers and said that they were packed and not worry.
Cola and Butters have been banned to the garage. Way too much barking. shhhhhh. Too much stimulants for the doggies.
I am pooped and looking forward to a day at work tomorrow.
so that is my friday - how is yours?

slow start


Granted not everyone lives on my time line. But when a business tells me some one is on their way. I would expect them in a short time especially if the shop is around the corner from me. No apology just an hour and half later than told. I was handed the bill which I thought was 'kind'. But I have 2 windows up. They had an appointment at 12:30, I wasn't too worried. They left all their equipment laying around the house.
So I kept busy. I painted all the trim that I set up on saw horses in the garage. I then ironed all the curtains that I threw in the wash. What? Iron them? Yeah, wrinkles are so yesterday. Then they popped back in around 3 to work till 5. I was asked what time I would like for them to show up tomorrow. I looked to see if there was in smart assery hanging about the remark. I detected none. They said they would be by 8. I said I would have coffee on. We will see.
So I am sitting by one of the windows, I am giddy. Justin not so much. He disappeared yesterday and was gone all day. This was good as I would not have been in the mood for added comments.
I think I will bake peanut butter cookies today. No I don't plan on eating them. Probably end up taking them to work.
So while painting trim and I think they got enough to trim 5 more windows. I pretty much painted the front of my shirt. But at one point I set the paint tray down promptly stepping into it. Yeah there is brownish red foot prints on the concrete. Yikes, I am  a jackass movie waiting to happen. Of course I had an audience. brilliant!
This summer I am going to test my carpentry ability and make a new gate. Really how difficult can it be. The boards are pre-cut. All I will need is to set out fencing and attach 2 by 4 in the shape of a Z. I have a screw gun and  tools that cut. I even have a couple of measuring thingies to measure twice and cut once. But? Don't try to cut with them, won't work. So that is the plan.
I still haven't quite figured out the air compressor issue. Oh it needs new hosing and attachments. Old hoses with holes. I am pretty sure Rocky ransacked Roscoe's shop for this stuff. Now the hoses are rotted in places, places where the air leaks out. So I unplugged the compressor until it is repaired. Where do I need to go to get this stuff? Do I need to take samples to show what I need? Maybe Grover's they are used to total dumbasses walking in with all kinds of parts and pieces. I was asked what I needed a compressor for. Well, I don't. But if it is setting in my garage, I would kind of like to use it. To fill up tires, use the pneumatic tools that I have, and generally blow out the crap that accumulates in there. That is why I need a compressor.
I hear the washer ended, time to dry.

So excited


I stopped by the window store on my way home last night. My windows were stacked ready for the truck. Installation is today. hooray.
I am poor now. I didn't get to spend it on everything I wanted. But I did spend it on more than I expected. So it is back to carefully pinching pennies and weighing each purchase against the pocketbook. I am satisfied.
I decided to change my principal care provider. Yes another strategic insurance coverage move. But who was I going to pick? I decided on female, not necessarily a MD. Had to be in my Pacific Source/Brightpath accepting network. I looked at the hundreds of providers on my insurance website. hmmm, I decided on? To wait.
I have been chatting back and forth with my old riding buddy Lori. She quit Knibbe's office to move to a St Luke's general practice office. She is Molly Lynn's nurse. Molly who also worked in the same office as me and Lori, went back to school to be a Nurse Practioner. Set up shop with a bunch of other medical providers.
So? I looked Molly up on my website. She accepts my insurance. She is in the right geographic area. So I made an appointment. I knew I would get great care.
I got a call from Lori. She said that Molly did not see friends but they both thought I would be a great fit with  Dr Morgan in the same office. I hadn't thought about Molly being uncomfortable seeing me as a patient. I didn't even consider that she thought of me as a friend. I felt honored and rejected at the same time. So I made an appointment with Dr. Morgan. I just want to be able to go in to see a provider if I have a head cold or I have a suspicious looking wart with out paying an arm/leg . I don't particularly want to be seen naked on a regular basis anymore than I have too. In fact I will see a specialist for that thank you very much. Which unfortunately is next Monday morning, Dr Butterfield. With a name like that, I hope she has a sense of humor.
The good thing is all things considered, I should be good for a year when it comes to setting appointments for this that or the other thing. Get it all done in one month. There I am good to go. Had my tires rotated and my oil changed.
Starting a doctor/patient relationship is never easy.

Eye see you


I have been 'seeing' Tom Woodward since....oh since I was in my teens. He had an office on main. Then moved his office to main. Yeah.  I am pretty sure we have have had an ongoing doctor/patient relationship for 30 possibly 40 years. He took care of my peepers.
But I had to change eye doctors. Not because of the lack of or poor care. Tom is a stellar optometrist. No it seems that medical insurance now dictates where I get my medical care. Seems arbitrary but if a medical provider does not contract with my insurance, it is expensive. My policy states that if doctor is out of network, I pay 90% of the medical cost. I don't want to pay 90% of the cost. It is bad enough that I have an 800 dollar deductible, which means 100% cost until paid. But to continue that insanity? No no no.
I picked a very nice doctor in Boise to take a gander at my now green eyes. They are fine. No issues. Use eye drops to prevent dry eye. Still have the duct plugs. Do not need glasses. Come back in 1 year. No we don't need to dilate. Back to the office in under an hour.
My criteria for a suitable medical provider is that they are in network and at the Eagle and freeway location. I am moving all my medical activity there. Next week I see my new gynecologist, my rhuematologist has an office there, mammogram scheduled there next year. And in January? I set up a well woman exam with my new primary care provider. All in network all the time. It is all about convenience. I would like to not to have to see these people. I would like to be able to pop my fish oil pill and go on with my life. But? I can't change what disease I harbor. I have to take medical preventative measures. I wish I could take this money I spend and save for a vacation or just put it away for a rainy day. But my days are drizzly now. So? I do what I have to do before it gets worse and can't do anything at all.
Today? I am getting my teeth cleaned and that my peeps is here in little Emmett. My dental insurance is accepted just about everywhere but limited to a certain amount of money each benefit year. Next year? Take care of a cavity and clean again. I have a system.
And as for the green eye. My eyes have changed from brown to green. Interesting.

Done? Check!


So much accomplished this weekend. 2 smelly dogs are currently less smelly while sporting darling little kerchiefs. Carpet ordered. Box o'kitchen stuff clean and ready to go to kitchen at work. Totes for holiday activity hauled in and awaiting dismantling. Stove pipe? drum roll up and sending smoke/soot upward on out into the atmosphere. Thank the boy, he tackled it after many hours of sports viewing. My holiday project: dried sage brush in a pot decorated with LED lights, done. Where is the picture? In my phone.
Food shopped for and processed for consumption for the upcoming week.(for for for)(this blog brought to you by the word 'for')
 Dryer? Is currently drying the holy hell out of garments and various fabric items. I could have spun and wove an entire outfit out of the lint from the bottom and back of the dryer. Thanking my guardian angel for keeping me safe from all things hot and burning. yikes!
Do make a list next time and we will compare our weekends over a nice cup of tea.

how bazaar how bazaar


After stopping at the bank for some mad money, we headed east to the grade school bazaar. Oh what cheer. We went with the idea of getting some fresh baked cinnamon rolls. Yep, they had a crew of moms in the cafeteria kitchen baking. But first? We had to traverse a sea of tables with festive arrangements of goods. So I shopped. I bought a bag of caramel corn. A red pen light to drive the dogs crazy and some kind of necklace. It was pretty. I bought a new Hospital cookbook, to replace the 20 something year old one I had. I stopped at the 4H table and bought dog cookies and dog scarves. Mom stopped at Myrna's table to try out her home made salsa. mmmmm. So I bought some salsa to split with mom. I didn't quite stop mom in time to NOT TASTE THE HOT ONE. Burned her lip. But she said through the tears that it had a better flavor. I then wandered over to one table that had ceramic drink  'mats' 2 dollars for four. I bought 2. A bargain. Later I will come back and put the correct word in. I seem to have developed a touch of Alzheimer.  COASTERS, see I told you I would remember. I bought some vanilla scensty wax for my burner. Chatted with everyone that I had bumped into. So much fun. It was just the right size and not too many people were pushing strollers.  Lots of little kids because they were serenading us with holiday music. Dinner and a show!
We then left to drop off our goodies at home to go out for more shopping/bonding. We stopped at the new craft store. Which was also a 2nd hand store of knick knacks. I did not find a treasure but I was allowed to use the restroom.
We then headed up to main where we hit the new clothing store. Totally geared toward the younger crowd. But that is okay, I found some things that I can get the kids for Christmas. Then up the street to the 2 antique stores and wander through and just looking. Done? yeah lets go the youth ranch, where I bought 4 no make that 5 stuffed animals for the boys. One for mom to take home for her crew.
Once we were done on main, we headed to the dollar store on the highway. We both grabbed a cart. I bought 5 stockings to hang at work, one for each of us in my dept. Cleaning supplies and some kitchen odds and ends that I had used up and hadn't gotten around to replacing. I spent something like 25 dollars.
DONE! Mom had a concert to attend and I had 2 dogs who needed groomed and bathed. By 7pm my back was hollering and I was exhausted. BUT? I had loads of fun. loads.