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Published: 2007-03-10T10:33:49-08:00


Que the Hallelujah Chorus


Yesterday in a 2 to 1 decision the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia struck down the Washington D.C. handgun ban as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Court strikes down D.C. handgun law For the first time in 30 years...

Sheer Genius


As I continue in my "Bloviator" phase... Thanks to the folks at Go Comics: Non Sequiter from March 5th

Smart Email


The software running my email is soooo smart. Its not just software, its smartware. I'm part of an online discussion group that inevitably contains at least one Bloviator. Recently, said Bloviator had not been part of the discussions. I wondered...

Hah! Take that Ninme!!!


That's two posts in two days!!! Three if you count this one... Take that you doubter... Well, okay I guess maybe my pathetic posting record over the last year deserves a little skepticism.. But still, Hah!

Run Ins With Bloviators


Recently I have had the great misfortune to attempt civilized debate with Bloviators. I found, unsurprisingly, that it is quite impossible. These Bloviators are generally decent, law abiding people. They are well educated and economically at least "comfortable". I've also...

Where does the time go?!?!?


I decided to swing by the ole blog and see how long it had been since I posted...UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! It has really been more than a year... Life's funny that way. You get busy and you lose track of some things....

Are We So Different?


We only saw/heard bits and pieces of the State Of The Union (SOTU) speech tonight. Here's the text for those of you, who like us, were otherwise occupied. What, you may ask, kept us so busy that we couldn't sit...

Swanny Scares the Pennsylvania Republicans


Lynn Swann is scaring the crap out of some weak Republican Congressman in Pennsylvania and they want him to go away... The logic had to come straight out of the beltway, it is so twisted it could only have come...

An Article You Won't See in The Times


Here's one you won't see in The Times. Which Times you may ask? Any of them. Not the Seattle, LA, New York or any other... The 2003 Tax Cut on Capital Gains Entirely Paid for Itself from Donald Luskin at...

The Joel Stein Article...


Being a military guy, I 've been trying to wrap my brain around Joel Stein's "column" and his attitude concerning supporting the troops. I am finding it very difficult to express my feelings on this without using language that would...