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Preview: Edinburgh Flashmob - 26th May 2007

Edinburgh Flashmob - 26th May 2007

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Well.. On the one hand there weren't many people there and, yes, we did screw up on the old 1 O'Clock gun (but, in our defence, nobody told us).

However, it was a bit of an experiment to see if anybody would turn up and some did, which we are very grateful for. I think that everyone who did participate had a bit of a laugh and I know it's not everybody's idea of fun but it's more exciting that staying in bed.

Anyway, for those who were there and enjoyed it (and those who are sad they missed it), we are going to do it bigger and better. Watch this space.

You can also watch this space for the final video of the Saturday's flashmob, which should help to explain our reasons for doing it, our interest and other nonsense.


Documentary Info


Ok, so this is just a quick message to let you know that the flashmob will be recorded as part of an independant documentary that is being made at the moment.

The flashmob phenomenen will be discussed and the connection with internet forums and txt culture will be shown..

So let's, make it fun and hopefully we'll all have a laugh and then you can go shopping or expereince any of the museums of other attractions that Edinburgh is famous for!

It's an excuse to get out the house and it's a phenomen that is happening all over the world now.

Thanks to everyone supporting the flashmob so far, we'll see you there!

NOTE: This website should remain up after the day and will be a source to view information about the upcoming documentary as well as show clips and photos (if you take any photos or footage please contact us through comments!)


GUIDE! (sticky)


WHAT: If you don't know what a flashmob is, click here and find out! it's basically a group of people that appear out of nowehere and all do the same thing for a very short time then disappear! It's just for fun and when you see one in effect it looks amazing!

WHEN: Saturday 26th May 2007 - That's this Saturday preceisely on the 1 O' Clock gun!

WHERE: Basically on Princes Street, beside the National Gallery! You know, where the bottom of the Mound steps are, there's a big bit of paving beside the gallery - there's a 3D map of the area just there too. Have a look on a map!

WHAT TO DO: OK - so show up 5 or 10 minutes before 1pm and when you hear the gun go off a man in a HOODY and a RED HAT will head to the middle of the paving and pretend to tie his shoelace but come back up....with his fingers arranged like a gun!

The man he points his fingers at will then pull a fingers pistol on him so they are against each other. THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN! You and everyone else in the flashmob will appear to come from nowhere to point their fingers like a gun at everyone else around you in the flashmob!

HOLD FOR A FEW SECONDS! As soon as the first 'shooter' yells "BANG!" you should also shout BANG! and everyone falls down!

Then just get up and get on with your normal lives!

CONFUSED?: This has been done before but we are looking to see if Edinburgh can pull it off like it has been in other countries! Have a look here for the XBOX commercial that inspired the trend. Here is a similar flashmob taking place in a college in America. Here's another one that happened in Europe! One of the inspirations is the finger-gun fights in Spaced!