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I love commerce. Commerce and technology define the "modern world." Both thrive on meritocracy, diversity and openness.

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An explanation of blockchain


I’ve been frustrated finding an adequate description of blockchain to go along with a blog posted a few days ago. Nothing I've seen seems to help me conceptualize it. The reason is that a blockchain is based on two completely new technologies that few people are aware we have lived with. And I hadn’t paid attention to these either. One...

The Seven Laws of Money Radio Interview


While doing the previous blog I ran across an interview I did on radio in 1985 on The Seven Laws of Money. The interview is listed on a Youtube under the name Douglas Jamieson and the name of the interviewer is Charlie Serafin. The producer is listed as Joan Margolith. I don’t remember anything about this. It is a good...

I bought bitcoin


I have been saying that bitcoin is not ‘money’ for nearly a decade. Have I changed my mind? No. Bitcoin is not money. Money is a social construct that has many qualities including its function in pricing and carrying on transactions. See here. Bitcoin may have a few of these qualities, only a few. In the pre-Civil War era individual...

Trump at the end of the first year


I first became a Trump supporter when I learned from Mark Steyn that Trump had filled a large auditorium in New Hampshire in January 2016. I had run political campaigns for a decade in the ‘60s and ‘70s I I never saw that kind of enthusiasm. By March I told all my friends in Tokyo to expect a Trump victory....

What worries me and why start-ups won’t in Paris.


The real problem in the world is that modernity was an accident. We don’t appreciate that. So comments like ‘the arc of justice bends towards…’ reflects all the forces of government, tribalism, hereditary status and status quo that kept the modern world from happening for the past 2,000 years. Tribalism and hereditary elites have been and still are the powerful...

Understanding hysteria


I have lived through many hysterias. Four come to mind. The first was the view that children were being kidnapped at dangerously high rates. Nearly all Americans believed that 100,000 children were being abducted every year. The most important consequence was that parents wouldn’t let children walk to school alone or play outside by themselves. This had a vast impact...

Now that my book is finished


It is time for me to think seriously about the conditions that could stop the modern world. Only the United States and Israel have broadly meritocratic societies. Japan is the only close second. So the modern world can't arise from anywhere else. One thing is obvious to me: pharmaceutical and medical appliance businesses are the source of all important medical...



All my adult life, and for the decades when I was deeply involved in politics, I knew one simple thing about government and business. At last, and for the first time, I heard it from a president of the United States. A truth that only Donald Trump can say publicly and clearly. He said this in Poland on July 6th,...

A Trump for mayor, senator and governor


I’m waiting to see Trump-like candidates appear all over the U.S. at the state and local level. What is ‘Trump-like’? * A Trump candidate is honest. He or she can use hyperbole, intelligent people can recognize hyperbole while the Left and the media go berserk hearing it. * Honest and simple statements. Select common language thoughts and structures. This never...

The old religions and the new ones


Observation leads to the following: all the gods and god-like views of traditional religions found around the world are unrelated to anything uniform or universal. Yaweh, Jesus, Allah, Confucius and Bodhisattva are radically different in general and in their particulars. Individuals have different views of god and within religious groups individuals only have clusters of ideas they agree upon. Traditional...