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I love commerce. Commerce and technology define the "modern world." Both thrive on meritocracy, diversity and openness.

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The late Dr. Hawking


I have no way of knowing whether Dr. Hawking’s contributions to cosmology and astronomy were as important as he is given credit for. I only want to comment on three elements of the late scholar-celebrity’s life. First, I suspect that a great deal of his notoriety was due to his ALS. There is something about a disabled man with a...

The real history of modern cuisine


I happened to be in all the right places in the development of the modern food palate. I knew nearly all the people involved. It bothers me to see the history of modern cuisine written, incorrectly. Hippies started the revolution that led to modern cuisine. They started it with the communes they were living in that needed to be supplied...

Translations on the phone


Occasionally I remember some contribution I made to society, a long time ago. I write about it on this blog, which I assume will someday be the reference source for my biographers. (I’m too old to be humble any more.) A friend recently described a deposition of some women I knew to speak only Spanish. I asked how they were...

We need vigilantes


My regular readers know that I have a generally rosy view of life especially since Trump arrived to save the world of modern commerce. However since my beat is commerce I need a pragmatic view of the world to understand commerce. That pragmatic view also shaped my experiences in politics. The question arises: how was rampant violence in America kept...

Miscellaneous blogs


Four blogs I didn't get around to writing: *Cultural appropriation is not possible The whole idea is absurd and comes from a failure to understand 'culture'. A culture is cohesive. It includes family structure, language, hierarchy, judicial systems, expressions, emotional ties, daily behavior. Cohesive and deeply integrated from millennia of evolution. You can copy any part of another culture and...

Projecting Trump’s first year for the coming two generations?


When I look at Trump’s first year of campaign promises and accomplishments I come to an outrageous conclusion: The Democrat Party will not be significant for a sixty year period. The conclusion is not so outrageous on the face of it. The Democrat Party was out of power for sixty years from its defeat in the Civil War until the...

The name Elon is now powerful


What do you call a visionary who makes his visions hyper real?

Minerva Schools


Several decades ago I advanced an idea for a college based upon a small student body with small discussion classes and instruction by occasional remote faculty. Including many international faculty. This was before the Internet and the necessary technology. My vision was the byproduct of my own experience at the University of Chicago at the tail end of the ‘Hutchins...

Trump's interesting contributions


Looking at President Trump’s first year in office, I notice a few things that will have large impacts on the world and on history. He is the first man to call out the role of bureaucracy in stifling modern commerce. He did this in a major address in Warsaw in July 2017. He has shown, on a large data scale,...

An explanation of blockchain


I’ve been frustrated finding an adequate description of blockchain to go along with a blog posted a few days ago. Nothing I've seen seems to help me conceptualize it. The reason is that a blockchain is based on two completely new technologies that few people are aware we have lived with. And I hadn’t paid attention to these either. One...