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Progress, Procrastination, and Paperwork at the Dartmouth College Student Assembly

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Student Assembly Mentions


It is only because I care about SA that I wrote this in The D today:

The Demise of a True Believer
By Nathan Bruschi '10
I was one of those “true believer” freshmen: excited, idealistic and eager as ever to do whatever work was thrown at me. I didn’t just drink the Kool-Aid, I guzzled it. I got involved through the “freshmen cohort” during the Andreadis impeachment affair and in its aftermath wound up the Assembly’s secretary. It was an exciting, if time-consuming, job: lots of gossip and exclusive meetings. It was like Gawker for Dartmouth administrative politics. At my term’s end, I thought I’d give it another go-round and was elected treasurer, the Assembly CFO and second in line to the presidency. This past spring I was reelected, but quietly resigned instead. Let me explain why. Keep Reading

Course Guide Mentions:

College responds to rankings

Forbes ranks Dartmouth 127th
While no Dartmouth organization tracks usage of, interviews with several students suggest that undergraduates at the College do not frequently visit the site. “I’ve never even heard of it,” Bari Wien ‘10 said. Students said they believed the Student Assembly Course Guide is a more accurate representation of the quality of Dartmouth professors.

Regarding Finances:
The Undergraduate Finance Committee gave Dartmouth’s Student Assembly $85,000 on Tuesday for its budget for the upcoming year, which is $10,000 more than the committee allocated to the Assembly last year. Former Student Body President Travis Green ‘08, who chaired the committee this term, attributed the budget increase to the detailed budget proposal submitted by current Student Body President Molly Bode ‘09. The Assembly, in its last meeting of the term Tuesday night, voted to allocate $5,000 of the UFC-provided budget for the Summer Assembly’s use. Keep Reading

Bode Assumes Presidency Early


From The Dartmouth
Green ‘08 passes presidency to Bode ‘09

Outgoing Student Body President Travis Green ‘08 and Vice President Ian Tapu ‘08 resigned their positions Tuesday so that newly elected President Molly Bode ‘09 and Vice President Nafeesa Remtilla ‘09 could take office over a month earlier than in previous years.

Tapu resigned first, which allowed the Assembly to elect Bode as the new vice president, which they did unanimously. Green then resigned, which caused Bode to become president, vacating the position of vice president. Remtilla was subsequently voted in, again unanimously, as vice president. Keep Reading

Travis's decision to resign early was unprecedented, but allowed Molly to to more smoothly transition her leadership, a problem that has plagued assemblies in the past. Let the record show that was I the one who nominated Molly. As the organizer of the event, I'd like to thank everyone who came.

In case you missed election news coverage, here's another article from The Dartmouth
Bode ‘09 triumphs in SA election

Molly Bode ‘09 and Nafeesa Remtilla ‘09 were elected president and vice president, respectively, of Student Assembly in landslide victories, the Elections Planning and Advisory Committee reported Wednesday evening. Keep Reading

Additional Thanksgiving Buses


over blitz:
Hey Everyone,

Due to the popularity of the NYC Bus Program there will be two additional buses traveling. One of the buses will leave from Hanover at 11:00 am and arrive in NYC at 4:00 pm. The second additional bus will leave NYC at 2:00 pm and return to Hanover at 7:00 pm. Tickets for these additional buses will be sold at Collis Common Ground from 12pm – 2pm on a first come first serve basis tomorrow (Friday, November 9 2007). Once again only cash, checks, and DA$H will be accepted. Come early because the tickets will sell out fast! If you can't make when sales start and need a ticket, it is strongly recommended that you find someone to wait in line for you. See previous blitzes for any additional details and questions.

-Student Assembly

The Dartmouth Moose Helps at Blood Drive


Helping outside the Hop

The Moose helping the poor, fallen blood drop.

"Moose ears" at Lou's

From The Dartmouth:


Campus blood drive aims for 300 pints

'Blackboard' has secretive tracking system


We've been working on this issue for a while or so.

From The Dartmouth:
Students who have learned about the tracking features, however, are calling for more public and more widespread notification. David Nachman ‘09, vice president of the [Academic] Affairs Committee, said that he discovered the existence of the tracking features by reading about student controversy over the issue in the Brown Daily Herald. He was concerned that many students did not know that they were being tracked and also that such actions could violate Dartmouth’s computing privacy policy.

“I feel that students should at least be warned,” Nachman said. “I don’t know if this literally violates the policy, but I do think that it violates the spirit of the policy.” keep reading

Assembly takes on Novack redesign


From The Dartmouth:

Potential renovations of Novack Cafe were among the topics discussed during Tuesday’s Student Assembly meeting. Meisha Smith ‘09, a student coordinator of the effort, explained that a meeting is planned between Student Assembly representatives, Facilities Operations and Management and librarians in charge of the Novack space.

The effort, a potential fulfillment of one of Student Body President Travis Green ‘08’s campaign promises, would seek to make the area more student-friendly and aesthetically pleasing by replacing worn out furnishings. This might translate to reupholstering couches and benches, replacing tables, providing decorations and investing in a new paint job, according to Smith.

She also said that they were considering a “Starbucks-style” theme, but added that she would be happy to receive suggestions from the student body. keep reading

GA Minutes 6 Nov 07


A presentation on Class Divide was made by Margaret Lawrence and Daniella Sloane. The General Assembly then discussed plans to renovate Novack Cafe in Berry. The point was made that there is a lack of dissention in GA and a forum was held to discuss assembly procedure and brainstorm ways to allow GA to have a greater role in shaping legislation and leading executive projects.

GA Minutes 30 Oct 07


Proposal to Fund the Student/Faculty Lone Pine Tavern Event
Proposed by Corey Chu ’08, David Nachman ’09, and the Academic Affairs Committee

WHEREAS improving interaction between students and professors is a central goal of the Academic Affairs Committee;

WHEREAS focusing on student/faculty relations was a goal of the Undergraduate Teaching Initiative, which was started by the Assembly in Fall 2001, and which continues to serve as a framework for Student Assembly’s academic efforts;

WHEREAS the Academic Affairs Committee believes that holding an event where students and professors can meet each other in a casual environment would be an effective way of improving student/faculty interaction;

WHEREAS the Academic Affairs Committee has been working with the Collis Governing Board to develop a student/faculty event to be held in Lone Pine Tavern, whose programming is overseen by the Collis Governing Board, which will be held in mid-November;

WHEREAS the Academic Affairs Committee and the Collis Governing Board have agreed to split the cost of the event evenly, should it be approved by the General Assembly;

WHEREAS the current plan for the event has an estimated cost of up to $600;

WHEREAS the Collis Governing Board has agreed to fund the event up to $300;

LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Academic Affairs Committee work with the Collis Governing Board to hold a student/faculty interaction event in Lone Pine Tavern;

LET IT BE FINALLY RESOLVED that the Student Assembly allocate up to $300 to fund the event.

GA Minutes 23 Oct 07


GA discussed Course Guide maintenance and incentive programs to boost responce rates. The SA website will soon be redone and updated and people interested in helping were encouraged to contact the Academic Affairs Committee. The Student Life committee will be organizing a mock COS trial to display how the process works.

No legislation was presented.

GA Minutes 16 Oct 07


Resolution to Fund and Support the Thanksgiving and Winter Break New York City Bus Service Sponsored By: Uthman Olagoke’11, Sam Epstein’11, and the Student Services CommitteeWHEREAS hundreds of Dartmouth Students travel to New York City each interim via public transportation; WHEREAS the current fastest public transportation to New York City takes approximately 10 hours, costs above $75 each way, and involves multiple layovers and transfers; WHEREAS last year Student Assembly organized a private bus service for Dartmouth Students going to New York City; WHEREAS the service sold out 5 buses (275 seats) during the first two hours of sale, and eventually all seats last fall; WHEREAS Student Assembly has received an overwhelmingly positive response about this service from many members of the Dartmouth Community; WHEREAS there have been numerous inquiries to the Student Assembly Blitz Account regarding the continuation of this program this term; WHEREAS the ticket prices of $40 each ticket each way will cover all charter cost of the buses; LET IT BE RESOLVED that Student Assembly charter eight 55-passenger buses from Premier Coach Co.; LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that the Student Services Committee undertakes the responsibility of managing and organizing the program; LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that Student Assembly subsidize the chartering of the buses until the money can be returned to the account; LET IT BE FINALLY RESOLVED that Student Assembly support and publicize the New York City Bus Service in its current iteration.Passed by call for acclimation without dissent.Proposal to Fund and Support the Laptop Voucher Program Sponsored By: Zach Mason ’10, Neil Kandler ’09, and the Student Services CommitteeWHEREAS Computer Sales and Service’s laptop loaning program was created to provide student with rental laptops when their own computer is in need of warranty repair; WHEREAS the loaning program has been both beneficial to and well-received by Dartmouth undergraduates; WHEREAS Computer Sales and Service has historically charged $15 for the first day of rentals and $10 each day after; WHEREAS this cost of renting a computer can prove burdensome if a student must use the program for a prolonged period of time; WHEREAS many students have approached Student Assembly about the high cost of the loaning program; WHEREAS Computer Sales and Services has agreed to lower the price to $10 for each voucher instead of charging $15; WHEREAS the program was extremely successful the past two terms; LET IT BE RESOLVED that Student Assembly continues to support the Laptop Voucher Program to address the demonstrated needs of students; LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that Computer Sales and Services keeps the vouchers and gives them to Dartmouth Undergraduates who have checked in their computer for repair and would like to rent a replacement; LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that each voucher is good for one day of rental and each student can request a maximum of three vouchers per term for his/her own use; LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that each student can only be entitled to a voucher when his/her computer is being repaired by Computing Sales and Services and he/she needs to loan a laptop; LET IT BE FURTHER RESOVLED that after the 3-day voucher limit, students would have to pay $10 for each day of additional rental; LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that Student Assembly advertise this program; LET IT BE FINALLY RESOLVED that Student Assembly allocates up to $2500 for the Laptop Voucher Program, for the rest of the Fall 2007, Winter 2008, and Spring 2008. Passed by call for acclimation without dissentProposal to Fund the Pangea ProgramSponsored by the Diversity and Community Affairs CommitteeWHEREAS one of the Diversity and Community Affairs Committee’s goals is to promote unity on the Dartmouth campus;WHEREAS th[...]

Superbad's "McLovin" to join the Dartmouth Class of 2011


If you haven't already done so, I would highly suggest that you go see Superbad, the laugh-a-minute comedy movie of the moment. With as many enduring and fashionably quotable lines as Anchorman, Superbad features three friends -- soon to be high school graduates -- on a quest to lose their virginity before college, a distinction that has thus far evaded them for readily apparent reasons. Two of the characters are Dartmouth-bound, while the other didn't get in and will instead be attending a state university, thus breaking up their life-long trifecta for the foreseeable future.

A partly autobiographical cinematic masterpiece written by Seth Rogan (of The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up fame), who himself stars as a comically inept police officer (ala Super Troopers), Superbad focuses on Seth (Jonah Hill), Evan D'11 (Michael Cera, of Arrested Development fame), Fogell D'11 (Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who is rumored to be rooming with Evan somewhere in East Wheelock) and their quest to buy alcohol for the only party they have ever been invited to, using Fogell's newly acquired fake ID, bearing only the singular name "McLovin"(which is also the name the character and actor will be exclusively referred to by all people, everywhere, from this moment forward).
Outside of the fact that everyone in the fall will be talking about it and that every line and scene has instantly become a part of American pop-culture, the movie is well worth the price of admission for its sheer entertainment and laugh value and its portrayal of Dartmouth in a well-deserved positive light (which is increasingly hard to come by nowadays).

Thomas Crady named dean of the College


From The Dartmouth:
Thomas M. Crady, vice president of student services at Grinnell College in Iowa, will take over as Dartmouth’s dean of the College starting in January, College President James Wright announced Thursday. Crady will replace Acting Dean Dan Nelson, who assumed the duties of the post after Dean Jim Larimore left for Swarthmore College in August 2006... keep reading

Dartmouth College Office of Public Affairs • Press Release
Dartmouth President James Wright announced today that he has appointed Thomas M. Crady, the vice president for student services at Iowa's Grinnell College, as Dean of the College at Dartmouth, effective January 2008... keep reading

Congratulations to the New Executive Board


Summer- Nafeesa Remtilla, Allen Buansi
Fall- Anne Kasitaza, Allen Buansi
Winter- Anne Kasitaza, Nafeesa Remtilla
Spring- Anne Kasitaza, Allen Buansi

Student Life
Summer- Molly Bode, Leah Adkins
Fall- Francis Vernon, Leah Adkins
Winter- Molly Bode, Kaya Suarez
Spring- Francis Vernon, Leah Adkins

Academic Affairs
Summer- David Nachman
Fall- David Nachman, Corey Chu
Winter- David Nachman, Alison Peterson
Spring- David Nachman, Corey Chu

Student Services
Summer- Neil Kandler, Harshil Shah
Fall- Harshil Shah, Adam Halpern-Leistner
Winter- Neil Kandler, Adam Halpern-Leistner
Spring- Neil Kandler, Harshil Shah

Farwell 2007 Executive Board


Forever and ever, endeavor. Tim Andreadis '07, PresidentJacqueline Loeb '08, Vice PresidentRuslan Tovbulatov '09, TreasurerNathan Bruschi '10, Secretary (07W, 07S)David Nachman '09, Secretary (06F)Corey Chu '08, VP Academic Affairs (07W, 07S)Adam Shpeen '07, VP Academic Affairs (06F)Molly Bode '09, VP Alumni AffairsKapil Kale '07, VP CommunicationsJames Guba '09, VP Community Service (07S)Leah Adkins '09, VP Community Service (06F, 07W)Lena Martinez-Watts '08, VP Diversity (07S) Yuki Kondo-Shah '07, VP Diversity (06F, 07W) Joe DeBonis III '10, VP Ivy Council (07S)Katy Whisenhunt '09, VP Ivy Council (06F, 07W)Kenny Brown Klinger '07, VP Student LifeNeil Kandler '09, VP Student Organizations (07S), VP Student Services (07W)Josh Jacobson '09, VP Student Organizations (06F, 07W)Harshil Shah '09, VP Student Services (06F, 07S)Shaun Stewart '10, Parliamentarian (07S)Jaromy Siporen '07, Parliamentarian (06F, 07W)Raymond Rodriguez '09, Assistant to the PresidentJob well done.[...]

Facebook: The Movie


(click to watch)

I would see this movie.

End of Year Awards


Members of the Year: Neil Kandler '09, Yuki Kondo-Shah '07

Outstanding Service Award
: Corey Chu '08

New Member of the Year: Nathan Bruschi '10

Committee Members of the Year:
Academic Affairs: Adam Halpern-Leistner '10

Alumni Affairs: Peter Matthews '10

Communications: Ashley Cartagena '10, Lawton Leung '10

Community Service: Sarah Peterson '10

Diversity and Community: Ali Necamp '09, Ray Rodriguez '09

Ivy Council: Victoria Boggiano '10

Membership and Internal Affairs: Tabetha Xavier '10

Student Life: Margaret Chen '10

Student Organizations: Michael Coburn '10

Student Services: Cory Cunningham '10

GA Minutes 29 May 07


Statement of Support for Current Initiatives by the Inter-Fraternity Council and Mentors Against Violence
Sponsored by Lena Martinez-Watts ’08 and the Diversity and Community Committee

WHEREAS sexual assault is an equally shared concern of the Inter-fraternity Council, Student Assembly, the Mentors Against Violence program and the student body at large,

WHEREAS similar initiatives were independently conceptualized by both the inter-fraternity council and the student assembly leadership regarding effective means of addressing issues of sexual assault,

WHEREAS an educational program has been designed that seeks to utilize a peer-to-peer system of education regarding effective methods of sexual assault prevention,

WHEREAS the program has been designed jointly by members of the inter-fraternity council and mentors against violence with student assembly acting as a facilitator for the two organizations,

WHEREAS the inter-fraternity council has unanimously voted in support of the program,

WHEREAS the inter-fraternity council has unanimously voted in favor of implementing the forementioned programming into the pledge process of all incoming pledges,

LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Student Assembly supports and acknowledges the proactive steps that the inter-fraternity council and Mentors Against Violence are taking in order to improve and ensure a healthy campus climate.

James Wright: ABC's "Person of the Week"


Dartmouth College Office of Public Affairs • Press Release

(image) On Friday night, May 25, "ABC World News with Charles Gibson" featured Dartmouth President James Wright as its "Person of the Week" (click to watch) recognizing his leadership role in creating an educational counseling program for wounded U.S. veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan that is now being offered through the American Council on Education.

The New York Times carried a feature on the same subject earlier this week (Wednesday, May 23), headlined, "The Few, The Proud, the Dartmouth-Bound."(click to read)

Well done, President Wright. You've all made us proud to call ourselves sons and daughters of Dartmouth.

Treasurer and Secretary Elected


Nathan L. Bruschi '10, Treasurer

Jen Argote '10, Secretary

SA Banquet Postponed


The SA end-of-year banquet (originally scheduled for tomorrow) has been postponed until next week on Wednesday or Thursday. We'll keep you updated.

GA Minutes 22 May 07


Resolution to Fund and Support the Expansion of Da$h to further Vending MachinesSponsored by: Neil Kandler ’09, Mike Coburn ’10 and the Student Organizations CommitteeWHEREAS the expansion of Da$h to additional vending machines has consistently been one of Student Assembly’s goals for the past few years;WHEREAS many dorms and building without Da$h have already been wired correctly;WHEREAS the expansion of Da$h has been in high demand with students;WHEREAS Student Assembly has been in contact with the procurement office about expanding the Da$h program to further vending machines;LET IT BE RESOLVED that Student Assembly allocate a minimum of $5000 and any additional funds remaining at the end of the year for the expansion of Da$h to additional vending machines;LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED that Student Assembly work with the procurement office and other interested parties to implement the expansion of Da$h in the most efficient and cost effective means possible;LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that Student Assembly seek additional sources of funding for the project;LET IT BE FINALLY RESOLVED that Student Assembly seek to complete the project over the summer term.Proposal to Renew Funding for the Course Guide Incentive ProgramSponsored by Corey Chu ’08 and the Academic Affairs CommitteeWHEREAS the Academic Affairs Committee oversees the SA Professor/Course Guide in conjunction with the SA Web Team;WHEREAS the Course Guide helps students choose courses by providing them with feedback and ratings from previous students;WHEREAS the efficacy of the Course Guide is contingent on having a large number of reviews, which are submitted by students upon the completion of the term;WHEREAS in the Fall 2007 term, the number of reviews submitted had recently declined;WHEREAS the Course Guide contributions rely on students providing input for courses they’ll never take again while also competing with a faculty-administered course evaluation whose results are inaccessible to students;WHEREAS in the first week of January 2007, over 2,000 students viewed the Course Guide, with an average of 40 courses viewed per user;WHEREAS last term, the Academic Affairs Committee instituted an incentive program to raffle off a large quantity of small prizes to boost participation rates;WHEREAS to obtain these incentives, the Academic Affairs Committee has arranged a deal with Everything But Anchovies to purchase 150 $15 gift certificates at a 50% discount;WHEREAS course evaluation incentives raffled based on the number of reviews submitted would encourage students to fill out evaluations not only from this term, but for previous terms as well, thus improving the Course Guide’s reviews on a whole;WHEREAS a fifth of the reviews submitted to the Guide were for courses from previous terms;WHEREAS since the Fall 2001 term, the Course Guide would receive on average roughly half the number of reviews every Winter term as compared to the Fall term preceding it;WHEREAS the Course Guide incentive program has stopped the recent decline in participation rates, receiving more reviews for Winter 2007 courses than courses for any previous term since Fall 2005;WHEREAS with the current incentive program in place, those who would choose to contribute to the Guide contributed an average of 15% more reviews;WHEREAS a quarter of the users who contributed to the Guide last term (a tenth of the reviews) received a gift certificate;WHEREAS the Academic Affairs Committee can utilize the incentives themselves, as[...]

Loyal Opposition in Student Assembly


Travis and I were talking the other day, and we started to explore this idea. He had me type up some notes and I came up with this.A Brief on Legislative Opposition in Student AssemblyFor Travis Green, PresidentBy Nathan L. BruschiCurrent State: In the current legislative process, a standing committee passes a bill before it is placed on the docket by the executive committee and presented to the General Assembly. At GA, the bill is shown on the main screen, read aloud by one of its sponsor, and further crystallized before opened to questions. Once all questions are answered, the bill passes into debate, starting with amendment or opposition. Oftentimes, members are intimidated to speak against a particular measure on ideological grounds – the proper role of SA, oftentimes – for fear of chastisement from their friends. This is particularly true regarding bills that address the sensitive issues of race, gender, sexual assault, non-binding statements of support, and large allocations of money. The result is a system where nearly every bill presented before the General Assembly is passed regardless of merit. The funding bills for co-sponsorship or SA events, that are presented to and passed by GA, tax the treasury and may prevent SA from taking on major student service and student life initiatives. Because committees are liberal in their endorsement of bills and because a failed bill can be presented again to a different committee, the committee approval process presently provides an insufficient filter. The U.S. congress lacks this problem because the legislation approval process consists of many steps which each have the power to shoot down the bill. The two party system, and the parliamentary system in Great Britain, ensures that there will be at least some organized opposition to any bill and that all legislation with be scrutinized by a critical eye.First proposed solution: The creation of a ‘”loyal opposition,” “devil’s advocate,” or “skeptical respondent” would help fix this problem. In the proposed system, the committee would first present its legislation to GA and explain why they believe it should be passed. The opposition would then make a presentation on areas of rational concern within the bill: the amount or breakdown of funding within the bill, the way the bill plays into the desired role of SA, the details of the event or function, etc. The opposition does not need to explain why the bill should not be passed, but just explain the weaknesses of the bill and present a skeptical viewpoint for GA to consider. This would be followed by a factual questions period and finally debate. The opposition could consist of one of three things. First, it could be another committee and its Vice President presenting on flaws within the bill. GA is more scrutinizing of bills when executives make critical statements, and the position of the VP on the executive committee would enable him or her to have a fuller perspective to draw upon. Second, an appointed or elected “skeptic” would have the job of finding flaws with all bills presented before GA. Members of the parliamentary debate society are expected to mount entire cases against imaginary propositions without any prior knowledge of the issue or the argument at hand. This solution is problematic just because the person who fills the position would likely garner the wrath of his or her colleagues and may not be able to effectively present ag[...]



From Blitz:

When: Sunday, 11 AM - 2 PM

Where: 1st Floor Rocky · Silsby Front Lawn

Why: A perfect opportunity to unwind after Green Key Weekend and interact with professors in an informal setting.

FREE CATERED BRUNCH will be provided!

Sponsored by the Dean of Faculty's Office and Student Assembly


Stephen F. Smith '88 Elected Trustee


"The Dartmouth College Board of Trustees has elected Stephen F. Smith as a trustee following a nomination vote by Dartmouth's alumni from a slate of four candidates.

Smith, a 1988 graduate of Dartmouth, will join the board on June 10, following commencement ceremonies in Hanover. He succeeds Nancy Kepes Jeton '76, who will step down in June after ten years of service on the board."

continue reading the press release.