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Published: 2005-09-24T18:05:57-06:00

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Upgrading the blog


I am changing my blogging tool - but the changes will remain opaque to the reader (other than a couple...

Understanding the genetic predisposition to myocardial infarctions


Gene is linked to heart attacks They found that a particular mutation of the gene occurs more frequently in people...

But our generics are cheaper!


Fascinating article in today's Wall Street Journal (A2 column). Thanks to a very nice reader who called my attention to...

Do statins decrease post-surgical mortality


Surgery carries many risks. One is the risk of inducing a cardiac event (probable stimulated by stress). We know that...

Nail and hammer


I always wondered where this quote originated. "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see...

On resistance training


Seniors need strength training, too Many people think that beyond a certain age, you become too weak to strength train...

Rethinking cardiac risk factors


Many patients who develop coronary artery disease have well known major risk factors. These include smoking, family history, high LDL...

Creatine - apparently safe


With all the furor over anabolic steroids and ephedrine, creatine remains the leading supplement for weight training. I hesitate to...

Viewing fat through historical and cultural eys


Demonizing Fat in the War on Weight But a growing group of historians and cultural critics who study fat say...

Malpractice may retard patient safety


Health Care Blog comments favorably on a critique of the malpractice system - QUALITY/MALPRACTICE: Change malpractice system to patient safety...

On vaccination


Recently, a reader wrote to ask if I allowed "guest rants". The reader wanted to rant against vaccinations. I do...

Controversy over the Medicare drug discount card


Cheaper drugs or siren songs? Next week, the Department of Health and Human Services's Medicare drug card discount Web site...

An important surgical study


Too often, new surgical techniques do not receive a careful analysis. The VA came through to answer an important question...

And we all know these patients?


Answer, but No Cure, for a Social Disorder That Isolates Many...

General internal medicine - the domain


Task Force Redefines the Domain of General Internal Medicine The Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) asked a task force...