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Kelli Nicole Photography

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Don't Forget!


I've noticed lots of people have already updated their links and blog feeds, so great job! 

For all the rest...
You don't want to miss all the awesome new posts this week! Check it out!

I Like New Things


Two new things today!

First, I have a new logo!  Once upon a time I discovered an amazing graphic artist, but was a poor college student and couldn't afford much more than Ramen.  Fortunately, a few things have changed and I was recently able to use Angie Panian to redesign my logo.  Exciting!  Check out her site, she does great work!


Second, the thing I'm MOST excited about, is my new blog (!  Click HERE to see it.  Or here.  Please update your bookmarks, favorites, google reader or whatever other technology you might use.  Check back often for updates to information about my photography (and my life).

It's still a bit of a work in progress, but I'm excited have you try it out!  My new site/blog will serve to address (hopefully) all your questions.  Don't Panic - all my information will be on there, such as pricing and product photos, and lots of new fun stuff like faq's and the ability to subscribe to comments on a certain post.  If you notice anything weird or out of place let me know and I'll work to get it fixed.  In addition, I hope to add more features and content to my new blog. I hope you love it like I do!

Again, remember, update your blog feeds and bookmarks to and let me know what you think!  Enjoy!

PS: There's a new post with some awesome pictures of a stunning couple in LA!  Don't miss it :) 

PPS: All the new awesomeness will work best if your browser is updated.  So in firefox go to help -- check for updates (if I knew how to do it in anything else I'd help you out too).

Happy Black Friday!


Instead of spending Black Friday heading to the stores and acting like animals, it seemed like a better idea to head to the Houston Zoo to actually see animals.  My boyfriend thought it would be a good idea (it was free) ;)He thought I should have more photos of myself on my blog so I let him practice.  This was his first time shooting with manual controls!  He did an amazing job and enjoyed the opportunity of making me feel awkward by posing me in busy walkways :). My bf kept asking for directions to the evil petting zoo.  He really wanted to see a goat eat a can. I just wanted some hand sanitizer.This duck had a lot of attitude. The bf really thought this bird should get some gold chains and a posse.I taught him all about finding good light (even in a bat cave).One of those busy walkways where he made me stand for 5 minutes (he tricked me into looking happy). ;)He really wanted one of us to get a picture petting the large cats, but I didn't think it was such a good idea.Oh my...All pictures shot by him, edited by me.[...]

Another Card Style


Some cute Christmas cards I designed this weekend~


Holiday Cards 2009


It's almost December! If you want any cards for the upcoming holiday season let me know and I can put something together for you. They're all customizable by color, phrase, etc. See all the options here. Merry Christmas!


Downtown SLC family!


Had such fun with this family going downtown in SLC! I absolutely loved their sense of style and the colors they put together!The next two are two of my favorites!![...]

Laura and her kiddos


A few of my favorite pictures from one of my amazing repeat families! I so much love to watch the kids grow up :). I couldn't believe how long and blonde little Kate's hair had gotten. So amazing that they all have different hair color too!




Okay, I know, I'm finally getting around to doing this! The more questions I get, the more often I'll try to do things like this :). Let me know what you think! Oh, there IS one thing, I want to make sure it's okay for me to use your first name if you asked a question, so this time I'll keep it anonymous. Let me know in the future!First up, what type of camera do you use? I have two camera bodies that I take shooting, one as a main body and one as a back-up. I've been to two weddings where one of my cameras failed for no apparent reason (one right in the middle of the cake-cutting) so it is so absolutely necessary to bring back-up gear with you to important events! My main body is the Canon 5D Mark II and my back-up is my "old" Canon 40D. If you have specific questions about what camera YOU should get, email me. While I've always been a Canon shooter I have no qualms recommending a Nikon or Canon camera, both are great options and have different strengths and weaknesses. Do you save the RAW file and the final version? And how are you organizing your backup? When I upload pictures from a shoot they immediately go into a program called Adobe Lightroom. All my files start out as RAW images and are .CR2's instead of .JPEG's (ie image_0001.CR2). When I upload to Lightroom they all get converted to .DNG files. DNG's are like a universal lossless compact RAW file. In 10 years Photoshop and other programs probably won't carry support for the type of file that my current camera shoots, but it will always support a DNG file. I always delete the CR2 files and save the DNG's. I don't save JPEG's as I can easily export them later, but I do save any JPEG's that I've edited and retouched. I organize all my pictures by year and month and I'm lucky enough to have my own built-in IT guy who made me a server for back-up. I didn't even ask. In my actual desktop I have two 1-TB drives (one that backs-up automatically) and then I transfer to the server in a separate location for additional back-up. Before this system I owned about 13 external hard drives (I still have most of those actually...) and I just made sure I had at least two copies of everything.I have my Mom's nice there a setting that's best for doing indoor shots? Either I don't use the flash and my pictures are blurry, or I end up using it, and then they look, well, like I've flashed a bright light at my kids right before taking the picture (not good). ...what would be your advice for getting good shots indoors? For instance, my two boys were snuggling with each other in bed tonight, and I wanted to get a cute picture of them, but there's not much lighting in that room, what would you have done? It sounds like you have a dSLR? This is a bit of a tricky question, as every indoor setting will be different and there are several things that could be done, based on the equipment you own. The first thing, however, is to take it off of auto so you can be in control. In a dark situation without flash you'll first need to raise the ISO. Check your manual (you should be able to find them online) if you don't know where these buttons are! The higher the ISO the more "noisy" or "grainy" the picture will look, but it's better than blurry. There should be a few different semi-manual settings, two of which are called AV and TV (on Canon, A or S on Nikon I believe). AV lets you choose the aperture and the camera chooses the shutter speed, while TV (or S) lets you choose the shutter speed and the camera chooses the aperture. In this situation you would want to choose the shutter speed. The rule of thumb for choosing a shutter speed that results in a sharp picture is to take the length of the lens and stick it in the denominator of a 1/X fraction. SO, if you have a lens that is 100mm you would try to keep the shutter speed at 1/100th second or faster. You can ex[...]

The Day Before


Some of my out of state weddings choose to do an engagement-type session the day before their wedding so they can get some cute pictures together without being dressed up and I always love it! Angelin and Ryan got married in Florida (well, in a boat off the coast of Florida) and the evening before we went out to the pier in Cocoa Beach and did some shooting!Angelin and Ryan have been together since high school! They were obviously so comfortable and in-love and fun around each other. It's always so fun to see how two people in-love interact and be able to capture that :).This first shot is one of my favs!Another favorite!I often have people tell me they love how a lot of my portraits seem more candid and photo-journalistic. I think this is a good post to point out that, while most of these pictures seem pretty non-invasive, I actually posed them (told them where to put their hands, to look at each other, to look at me, how to sit/stand, nuzzle each other, etc) in most of the shots and then let them do their thing so it looks natural and unforced. I think they did a pretty good job with all my orders :). upI'll probably be blogging less in the next month or so I can get all my client's proofing galleries, but I'll try to sneak in a picture or two every few days![...]

Whitney & Nick!


Whitney and Nick had a small intimate wedding in the summer, but after I photographed her sister's bridals and wedding I was able to go back and photograph the newlyweds! Whitney is so gorgeous and I didn't even touch her eyes to make them lighter or bluer than they already are![...]

New Proofing Site!


I've been working on my new proofing site for a while now and, though it's not 100% I'd like to share it with all of you! You can see it here. You'll have to create a login when you get there so you can use the features such as marking favorites and so you can see pricing. The old one is still up, but I will slowly be trying to move all of my shoots from that site to this one. Let me know what you do and don't like about it and I'll see what I can do. Thanks!

Happy Halloween from Claire!


I know these pictures have nothing to do with Halloween, but they were too cute to not share. This first one totally cracks me up. Can't believe she's already four months old!


Megan and Cliff's Wedding!


On the morning of Megan and Cliff's wedding it poured. There were a lot of worried people, but as soon as the lovely couple stepped through the front doors of the Provo, UT Temple the skies parted and out came the sun! Besides a little wind at the reception later, it was a beautiful day!The reception was at Megan's parents' home, which is where we did their bridals here, and everything looked amazing! All the little details came together so perfectly.Megan gave Cliff a thumbs up (for not smashing the cake in her face, I assume).Their favorite little nephew :).First dance! If I remember correctly, they danced to Elvis!Congratulations! [...]

Spam Fail


So I happened to check my spam the other day and found 17 messages that weren't supposed to be there, including messages from clients and potential clients (and many that I usually receive regularly). I don't know how long this has been going on as I'm not usually incredibly diligent at checking my spam, so if you've sent me an email in the recent past and I didn't respond, please send it again! My email address is kelli @ kelli nicole Thanks!

Malinda and Bill's engagements!


Malinda was almost my roommate...until she met Bill :). Their wedding will be my first Houston(ish) wedding next month and I can't wait! [...]

What I've been up to!


I need to apologize for neglecting my blog so much lately! I've been traveling like crazy the last few months and have been working on TONS of shoots! Washington, San Francisco (twice), LA, Minnesota, Salt Lake City, St. George, not to mention my home in Houston, and this weekend I'm headed to Virginia! Next week is Utah :). Here's a taste of what I've been doing![...]

Dustin and Crystal


This was my first real shoot in Houston and this gorgeous couple is now getting married this week! I was already booked up for their wedding date, but I'm soooo glad I got to do their engagements. We found so many awesome locations, some really close to where I live. Aren't they stunning?? I get the best clients. My boyfriend came along to shoot with me and he did such an amazing job!! Especially since I didn't really do a good job of instructing him beforehand (oops). He took the shot below and I'm so proud of him! My favorite part is the bottom right corner ;). Thanks so much Dustin and Crystal! I can't wait to hang out after you're an old married couple :). [...]

Craig and Jackie engaged!


Craig has been one of my favorite people and best friends since we both moved to California when he was 14 and I was 17. He followed me to BYU and we always had such a blast when we hung out! He recently returned home from a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Orlando, Florida where he spoke Haitian Kreyol (I believe he also learned Portuguese, polished off his Spanish, lost some of his Japanese, and probably invented a new language while he was there). During that time I collected letters, lots and lots of letters, and he did the same. It was so much fun to photograph his engagements at one of the raddest places in Utah. Thanks so much to his little sister Miranda for coming out and helping SO much! There were several shots we wouldn't have been able to get if she hadn't been there. Their wedding is already coming up in the next few weeks, and I'm so excited to see everyone so soon!And this is the sunset we got to enjoy!Jackie, welcome to one of my favorite families ever![...]

Ty, Tessa, and Max


I found these images on my computer today of my adorable nieces and nephews that I had totally forgotten about! I couldn't help but share them.

This first one is SO them.
(image) The baby brother, now 5 1/2 months old!

Play Time!


I got to photograph my cousin's play group at the park and this first handsome little man is my cousin's boy!

(image) I love his face. The other kids were darling too!

San Francisco Trip


Hey all you friends from the state I love so much! I haven't been able to schedule as many shoots as I would have liked for my upcoming trip to the bay area so I'm going to be shortening my trip. If there is anyone out there who'd like to schedule something let me know soon so I don't accidentally cut off the days you might be available :). Thanks!

Scott, Liz, and Will


I knew Liz when we were in high school in the bay area (she was a year ahead of me and at my rival school). I was super delighted to hear last year that she was expecting a baby and it was so great to finally meet her family! Their little boy is SO darling I could barely stand it. Despite the unexpected chilly/misty/windy weather that we often find in San Francisco in the summer he was perfect the whole time. Aren't they the cutest family?!? Liz and Scott's first date was a double with his parents, lol. A quick stop at Kara's Cupcakes to warm up also proved to be a great place for pictures!What do dads do best?? Play! We almost always gets some real fun smiles when dad goofs off.[...]

Where did the time go??


Wow, I had no idea I'd neglected my blog for so long! I have a TON of work I'm trying to catch up on and get things out to clients and I'm sorry I've been absent for the month of September.

Anyway, I'm so happy there's so much interest in the tutorials and question/answer segments! If I get enough questions together by next week I'll do my first one. I already have a few sitting in my inbox, so thanks to those who sent them! Once again, anyone who has a question leave a comment here or send an email to kelli @ with a subject that says something to do with tutorials or blog questions. Thanks!

Monthly Tutorials?


Hi to all of my friends, family, and nameless blog stalkers (no hating, I am a total self-proclaimed blog stalker). For the last several months I've been considering doing a bimonthly or monthly post with tutorials and/or a question/answer section. I get lots of emails and phone calls from old friends and strangers (or new friends :)) asking questions and I would love to start getting those answers out to more people and let people know they don't need to be afraid to ask questions!

Most of what I know I learned from asking questions and looking to other photographers and I really think that I'd be selfish to not help out other people as I've been helped. I know a lot of photographers like to keep their "secrets" as far as locations and work flow etc, but that's their way of doing things. I truly think networking and sharing are the best ways for building businesses and friendships and there's no need to be cut-throat or believe "every man for himself" in this business.

Believe me, I know I'm not an expert in the industry, but they DID force us to learn a few things during those 4 pesky years at college as well as these years with personal experience and I would especially love questions about how to do certain things that I'm already doing (this probably means I'm lazy). Topics can range from basic camera use (exposure, aperture, white balance) to business questions or what kind of gear I buy/software I use as well as photoshop...stuff. If I don't know an answer I'll do my best to figure it out!

I have no idea if I'm being self-delusional or not, so answer my poll and let me know if you think this is a good idea and will participate or if it's really just a waste of time :).

If you have specific questions you'd like to be answered in a post or a tutorial you'd like to see me do feel free to leave a comment at any time and I'll save them up or email me at kelli (at) with the subject line "blog post tutorial (or blog post question)." Thanks everyone!

Allison and Dallin engaged!


I've probably known Dallin since he was like...6. I used to visit California every summer when I was a kid and play with him and his 8 siblings! So fun. I also photographed Allison's senior pics a few years ago, her sister's senior pics, Dallin's sister's senior pics, and Dallin's sister's wedding! I LOVE my repeat clients and friends :). These two have to wait until Dallin graduates from West Point to get married, so come next summer they'll be newlyweds.Isn't she beautiful?! They were so much fun to photograph.Around now it started raining...but that didn't stop us!It was also REALLY foggy. And SUPER windy!! This one cracks me up. One funny thing about their relationship is that their dads work together and actually set them up! So at least we know they both approved of the relationship :). So fun to see you both again![...]