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Preview: John & Belle Have A Blog

John & Belle Have A Blog

Published: 2016-04-04T23:18:19+08:00


John and Belle Have A Book - Reason and Persuasion, 4th edition


Quiet around here! Must be the five years without posts that does it. So anyway. I've been doing a bit of housecleaning elsewhere. No, I don't suppose we'll be starting up this dear old thing again. But I thought someone...

'Tis the season!


For updating the blog! Surely it should be an annual affair, at the least. In this case, the occasion is remaking last year's Christmas book. The layout wasn't right before. Now I have made it perfect! That is to say,...

Mama In Her Kerchief and I in My Madness - a Visitation of Sog-Nug-Hotep: A Truly Awful Christmas Volume


Hey, I made another book [with Blurb]! You can read the whole thing online at Issuu. (Yeah, I should probably update the blog more often ... true, true.) Nah, all that information is out of date. But you can buy...



This is funny because it's true. I love kheer (rice pudding) and generally have a high tolerance for Indian desserts, but there's some large swathes of candy-like stuff I just don't get. Little orange piles of noodley things? Squares of...



I know Singapore is a small town. But for real, this is crazy. My business partner Cheu doesn't want me telling people this for some reason but this crowd...or...small group of people or whatever doesn't overlap with the people whom...



The costume we ordered to make Violet a "candy-corn witch" won't get here quite in time for her to wear it to school Friday, so now we have paid for it and I have to sew one anyway. This seems...

Walkin' After Midnight


Is everyone who talks about "fiat money" crazy, tout court? Or is there some sensible person out there who talks about it? Not that the concept is incomprehensible, but do non-crazy people call it something else? Additionally, I can't decide...

That's Going to Leave a Mark


A Singaporean has recently lost 100 million (SGD) at the new casinos. A Singaporean businessman has set the gaming world abuzz with news that he recently lost a staggering S$100 million at the two casinos Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and...

Too Much Time?


You know what's weird? There's this one dude who makes it in early to every comment thread on the entire NYT site to post a topical limerick. I mean...what? Now of course searching around I don't see one immediately. OK,...

I Knew This Day Would Come


Last night at the fine Italian restaurant La Nonna (warning, flash page wth stupid camera-shutter noise) two humorous things ocurred. One, Zoe can actually read now and said "Oh my God restaurants are so expensive!!!" with genuine horror. Which, yeah,...



Sometimes I feel like spam is starting to demonstrate the possibilities of Brion Gysin's cut-up method, championed and practiced by William S. Burroughs: it?, and Dead it was? Beauty filled with Spice Christ. It is in the familiar with steel...



This is a funny story of blogger hubris run wild: A young food blogger who demanded that he and his three companions be given free meals at an upscale restaurant in the Joo Chiat area has sparked a huge furore...

Looking Bad


This post from Lawyers, Guns and Money reminds me of something Zoe said the other day (and btw, Scott, would you please stop posting Mad Men spoilers on the front page? I'm only on season one.) The girls and I...



When my little sister wished me good night as a child, she would say cheerfully: "don't dream!" This is because both she and I had horrible vivid nightmares all the time. (I'm quite certain I've written about this before, but...

All Alone


John and the girls set off for Oregon today (via Narita, LAX, and SFO.) It seems...super-quiet around here. It has been endlessly raining in Singapore lately, even triggering some serious floods. One in particular flooded a lot of low-level stores...