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Another old movie: The Pleasure Seekers


The Pleasure Seekers(Movie Clip) The Ones That Fly Evidently they like Vegas stylings at this Madrid nightspot, Ann-Margret (as American "Fran") in hot pink with the title tune by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen, in Jean Negulesco's The Pleasure Seekers, 1964. below Pleasure Seekers, The -- (Movie Clip) Las Meninas Newly arrived American Susie (Pamela Tiffin) in Madrid at The Prado, with Las

1974 Super Beetle: Car & Track


original url:

Lady, singing: 14 November 2011


I wish I knew who this lady is, or what the words are. I used to know some Arabic, but this is difficult for me to interpret. [link]update: Her name is Amal Maher, and she was born in 1985. Evidently she is a pretty big deal currently in Egyptian music.

Orson Welles on Cavett, etc


Above:"Orson shmoozes about Winston Churchill." Below, this is via a story from Slate discussing this radio interview clip, from 1940, when Welles was on KSAT radio in San Antonio, talking with H.G. Wells.

Natalie Wood tv commercial c. 1981


The Night The Roof Fell In


The Dick Van Dyke Show: "The Night The Roof Fell In" (aka Rashomon Lite)[via Slate.]

"Let Your Learning Be Your Eyes" Les McCann


song: "Let Your Learning Be Your Eyes" by Les McCann, from 1975

Whale in field, via Yahoo


Daffy the commando, etc


Original link is here, from close-captioned cartoons.

Sharing the Secret Sharer


Apparently somebody decided to narrate Conrad's novella on Youtube, in a William Shatnery sort of way. You can read along while listening, if you've got an hour and 42 minutes. But don't do it at work! They'll catch you, and punish you, by making you read it out of a book. To your co-workers. Whether they want to hear it or not. While they're doing your work. Conrad comes to your cubicle? Not

more from sxephil


"GINGERS SCIENTIFICALLY NOT LOVED except for Christina Hendricks"As always with videos from Phillip DeFranco aka "sxephil", the NS4W caveat applies due to occasional cursing and cheesecake imagery. I appreciate DeFranco keeping up with pop culture goings on so I don't have to. Also, he's a lot more entertaining than shows like Extra! or Entertainment Tonight, and his videos take much less

14 September 2011: Agnes Moorehead and Tim Holt


via Elbert Ventura's article at Slate.

Michael S. Hart 1947-2011


from Yahoo News:Michael S. Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg and a pioneer in formatting print material for online use, passed away Tuesday at his home in Urbana, Illinois. A self-described "unreasonable" thinker, according to his obituary at Project Gutenberg, Hart invented the ebook in 1971.I've had a post sitting in the drafts folder for some time, tentatively titled "Lit Blogging", which

Gore Vidal n' Norman Mailer on Cavett


The original link is here.

the ides of August


"I can't work like this, cut off from the scientific community. You stay here and guard my sandwich."

CNN re Wolves


CNN link is here. Feral?

Happy August 1st day


original link: hate to admit I find this guy amusing.(he curses a bit, so arguably this is NS4W.)

Ice cream is national Yahoo! month, on July


And now it's Friday


But it's been a week, so it's next Friday.Here's an interview with Aldous Huxley from 1958.

It's Thursday


You object, perhaps understandably, that Valley of the Dolls was not literature, apart from in the statutory sense. I haven't read it, so I don't know.Slate's 7 July photo gallery of arty broads[link].

Are you a bright man?


via "Breaking copy: a better blog about copywriting"Apparently some people still visit here sometimes. As you may have noticed, I rarely post here nowadays. Generally if I have anything to post I do that at Dead Horse.

The Golden age of ballooning


Because "when you're king of France you have better things to do than go around remembering your bloody number."



АМЕНЦИЯ ("AMENTIA" ) Sergei Ainutdinov 1990 [link]

We come from Kalto Province


In Calto province the Parmesano Calto is highly regarded. In Kalto province they don't have Parmesano, but they have sentient cottage cheese that will eat you if you don't eat it first, after stunning it with phonic particles, which are only effective for about 2-3 minutes. Lunches tend to be very rushed affairs in Kalto province."Star Trek: Voyager" Time and Again (1995) - Memorable

2 Time videos 1dec10


The Right's Weird Campaign to End Elections for Senatorsby Adam Cohen Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010:Why Ending Elections for Senators Is a Bad Tea Party Idea - TIMEPrison closing, Lyon Mountain, NYa network of local economies