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Princess ToadMonkey

a place for cartoons, drawings, and musings

Updated: 2016-04-26T11:51:52.891-07:00


illustration friday: poof! and girl poses... continued


For illustration friday this week the word is Poof! I thought of a poofy dress, poofy hair, and poofy clouds all in a magical setting. Some fun with watercolors produced this:


And some fun girl poses... I'm experimenting with a style for a new project.


more girl heads



I'm going to do a bunch of these, as they are fun for me and I'd like to continue to develop this style.

if I could design a coach bag...


Maybe it would look a little like this...


I took an old drawing that's been gaining some new popularity on a fun fashion site, and played around with it. Very tempted to make another one (but if I do I'll do it with some recent art). Why? Cause a fancy bag shopping spree is on the line! I will draw for bags!

Design a Coach Tote

Sponsored by Coach
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illustration friday: multiple



I thought of a multiplication table.

Well, actually, I thought of multiple personality disorder but I thought I'd do a friendlier drawing. :)

another doodle at work



Doodles in meetings and watercolor inspired by three year olds.

angry people are fun to draw


Here's just a doodle or two... merged together.

Illustration Friday: Snap



On some days, don't you feel like you're going to snap?

Traditionally drawn, with gouache and prismacolor.

Illustration Friday: I Spy...



I did this watercolor awhile ago. My reference was a screen capture of a home video of my brother and I playing in our front yard. My dad was taping us. Obviously, spying on us!

Here are more from that video:


Illustration Friday: Total



I totally thought of a totaled car. Too much LA influence.

new cartoon portrait



Sometimes art is messy.



Traditional and then digital... Not exactly satisfied with it. But I'm not going to rework it anymore, it's time to move on. Sometimes you just gotta live with the end result, as sticky and messy as it may be!

I've been a busy bee!



Yes, I'm a horrible blogger, I know!!! I've been busy... working on a couple of freelancing jobs, starting a business, and *ACK* buying a house. Do you all forgive me????

There are some fun things I want to post soon. So keep checking!

In the meantime, keep dancing!


april fools day!


I was a bridesmaid for the very first time on April 1st. Seriously!!!

This is us playing a trick on the bride. Heehee.


cake inspiration


My brother blogged in his blog today about a cake competion he had stumbled upon. Nothing inspires me more than fancy cakes! Here are some of my favorites:


Yes, that last one is an iBook. How fabulous is that???

Check out more at his flickr acct here:
  • La Jolla Cake Competion

  • fun character designs


    I've recently done some funny character sketches of what my little dog and cat would appear like if they were my human daughters. Yes, maybe I'm weird. :) It's a fun excercise though.

    Here's an old sketch of my animals as animals:

    and now as people (they've switched places, my dog is now the little annoying sister)

    This was a really quick idea, but I like Natasha's beat-up doll as a prop, and Snooper's icecream cone. (She's a little chunky.)

    My in-laws have three dogs and two cats, and my parents have two cats... this was really fun so I think I'll try it with them too.

    Illustration Friday: Insect



    This wasn't my original illustration, but I was playing around in photoshop, and did this butterfly piece, and realized it fit the theme. :) So here it is!


    Another fun picture.

    I was mostly experimenting with creating different textures using the different brushes. In other words, I'm totally procrastinating on "real" work. :P




    Just a fun little drawing I did. I wasn't going to post this, but, eh--why not? :)

    sleepy dreams



    Every night this is how I sleep. Curled up on 1/4th of the bed, and being squashed by furry animals.

    cafe sketches



    Some in pencil, and some in crayola. :P

    Meet Molly.



    To help me learn painter and illustrator, I'm giving myself some exercises. So, meet Molly. Molly is a cute little girl who shall be painted in several different art styles, all digital. The first painting is here:


    Photoshop this time, sponge painting technique.

    Illustration Friday: Song



    Another done by hand: prismacolor pencils. I thought of the first songs I ever learned how to play back in beginning band. None of us were very good then. :p

    new banner



    new portrait for me...



    I did this in photoshop. I wanted to get a graphic, cut out look... I'm still struggling in Illustrator, anyone with pointers feel free to comment. :)

    A piece of art? Sure, a piece of cake.


    In the last few weeks, I've been super busy swamped with some consulting work, and I didn't draw a bit. Unless you count the doodles of people getting killed with a sledgehammer.

    Oh wait, maybe that was in my head.

    So, in a desparate need to feel creative again, I made a teddy bear:


    A teddy bear cake, that is!

    So here it is, my grand artwork for the holiday. It was yummy!

    happy things in the mail


    When I moved back to Los Angeles a couple of months ago, I left behind my job as an art teacher. I really loved it, and I feel like the little kids I taught actually taught me so much about art. I mainly taught ages 3-6. So it was part teaching art, and part surrogate mommy. :)

    Anyway, I got the most wonderful thing in the mail. My supervisor sent me a bunch of pictures on a CD from the summer art camp I taught. All of my students were about 6. I'm not going to post any faces, but I want to share the art.

    We hung up all their art on the wall as they finished:

    This is a painting a student of mine did using Google map satellite pictures:

    I loved how this turned out. The kids created life-size stuffed toys. They all turned out kinda creepy. Tim Burton would be proud. :)

    We actually used the stuffed toys in a mini-film that we created that week, titled "Attack of the Stuffed Toys!" They wrote and designed the film. Remember, they're six. ;)