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15 Years ago Rookie


B 1 hour ago Details I heard the screech just in time to see the crunch of a jeep colliding with another car. I saw the bodies fly out of the jeep, no seatbelts. I start running towards the twisted metal and draining fluids. Calling on the radio for an ambulance as the bodies hit the pavement with an awful thud like watermelons thrown against

Gimme watcha got!


It's two thirty in the morning...there are three marked cars around the trailer, four patrolmen and a patrol Sergeant. My unmarked is in the driveway of the trailer, sitting in the passenger seat is a fifteen year old black kid who I believe has just robbed at gunpoint a gas station up the road. Right now I'm just chit chatting with him, trying to get a feel for who he is and how I can angle in

The System


"Fuck that detective, I'll bash his head in!!"...The angry voice travels out of the computer, along the wire and to the headphones spilling the words into my ears with crystal stereo clarity. It's a sentiment I've heard him repeat several times while he's been locked up on the charges I made against him. I've been listening to and recording his calls for a while now.He's looking at ten to

Two Weeks


In the past two weeks...I've assisted in a murder investigation, a bank robbery and the was the primary investigator on a Felony child abuse case. Mom and her boyfriend decided it would be a good idea to drink a case of beer, eat ten xanax each and top it off by smoking some crack. All while they were watching not only her daughter but three other small children. When they got good and high




Just a bird


I'm sitting under a small canopy...on a bench behind my building. I work the second floor, above the comm center and below the court rooms and jail. There's a tall fence a few feet away to keep people from hap-hazardly falling to their doom into the parking lot below. This is our designated smoking area and due to a lack of smokers I usually have this space to myself. This is where I come to

Make her happy


I was attending in-service training...all week last week. I think that only 24 hours of training is whats required by the state to maintain my certification, but we do it up right and that means over 40 hours of training.I like training but my mind kept reverting to "My god, how many cases are piling up on my desk with leads going dry and stolen property getting further out of my reach?" I'm

Random Realizations


1) My son is growing up. I forget how much he has changed over the years until I look at old pictures of him. 2) In life there are some people who won't like you no matter what you do. 3) Sometimes even though you do all you can it still doesn't feel like it's enough. 4) The unit I was stationed with in the Marines is now fully manned with people I don't know. They have had a 100 percent turn

Onward and Upward


The Chief called me into his office about a week ago. What have I done? I thought.Nothing more than I good job I guess. He informed me that out of a pool of candidates I was chosen to go to the criminal investigations division. I am trying to have a positive attitude about it. I always thought I would like to be a detective, although I have never applied for the position before. It comes with,

The company we keep


Have you ever seen that movie?...You know the one. The possession of Emily Rose. That's who's sitting in front of me on the hospital bed. Her dark hair is a snarled tangle of dirty brown. She looks like a skeleton. She looks broken, but her eyes are alive with a wild crack induced fire. She's high and can hardly sit still. Her arms wave in strange contortions as she tells me about the gunshot

Off in the distance


Two A.M. I got off work two hours ago...I sit on the porch, smoking a cigarette and this is one of those rare times I'm drinking a beer.As I smoke my Marlboro and drink my drink I wonder how I have gotten to this particular moment in my life.As I smoke my smoke and drink my drink wondering how I've gotten to this point in my life, somewhere off in the distance, a lonely dog barks a deep lonely

Twenty random facts


Twenty random facts about me...1) My biggest regret in life is having been a boy scout for years and never applying myself to earn the rank of eagle scout.2) I deathly detest maggots. They make me gag nearly every time I see them.3) I am an insomniac. I often live on only three hours of sleep a night.4) I want to ride my bicycle a hundred miles in a day without stopping.5) I like to sit on my

Summer 1995


It was a humid Saturday night...and we had the keg set up in Joe's front yard. It must have rained the night before because I can remember there being a large mud puddle in his driveway.I was two years into my contract serving with the Marine Corps. Joe had just gotten orders to be sent to Japan and we were celebrating his impending departure. The local P.D. had already responded to Joe's house

I'll sue you


A while back I arrested this guy.I don't remember his name or even what I arrested him for. All I remember is what a belligerent jack-ass he was. Cursing and yelling. He was compliant enough to not get himself into any more trouble than he was already in, but he would not stop running his mouth.I'm not an emotional person but he was really irritating me and other than getting his biographical

Summer 2001


I wiggle my legs to make sure they're still attached.My car has finally stopped and landed, upside down. I realize I'm hung in a tree. My car teeters forward then back. I'm hanging by my seatbelt. I move my arms, wiggle my fingers. I exhale.My airbag has deployed and deflated. A white powder fills the passenger area and collects on the roof below my head. I see the ground six feet beneath me. My

Dead in a ditch


I can smell the putrescent decay from here...I'm at least a hundred and fifty yards away and I can Still smell it. It's hot and humid today. The end of July always is in the south. "I hate the summer here" I think as I stretch the yellow DO NOT CROSS. CRIME SCENE. tape between the weathered fence posts on either side of the road.I see my Sergeant down there. He's motioning for me. I respect my

Four years in a nutshell


August 2002. Thank God for the voice command feature on my cell phone...I think as I speak the name of the person I want to call into the phones speaker. In the last 9 hours I have managed to go completely blind. All I can see is an ugly grey fog. The line begins to ring and I hear a voice say "Hello""I'm blind.""What?""I'm blind lieutenant. I don't know what's wrong but I can't see anything. I

Once upon a time...


According to a tip given to social services, the meth lab was supposed to be in one of the kitchen cabinets...She kept telling me it had been in the bathroom cabinet.She was very skinny and had the appearance of a drug addict. Her speech was slow and her eyelids half closed, but didn't seem to be impaired.Finding nothing more than grocery items in the kitchen cabinets I asked her to show me the

My old car


I saw my old car the other day...I pulled into the driveway to serve a trespass summons and there it was. The old grey mustang. It was battered, badly. I started to get out of my car when this rather large pit bull began barking wildly and running towards me. I could see that it was loosely tied to a tree and I was pretty sure it couldn't reach me. I walked past the slobbering dog to the steps of

Thank you sir...May I have another?


I pulled up just in time to see Tommy go into the trailer...I parked my car along side the road and walked through the yard towards the trailer. There were five guys sitting on the steps and in the yard. They were all bleeding or had swollen eyes, one guy was holding his arm and moaning. "You better get in there and help your partner" one of the guys says. "Jakes in there, been beating his

Domestic violence court


What I saw in domestic violence court this week was both interesting and disturbing.I saw a defense attorney follow the assistant district attorney around staring at her butt and salivating. I saw a 17 year old drug addict mouth the word mother fucker to his father while his father testified against him. The kid was stoned as he stood before the judge, his eyes half closed and bloodshot. He

Crack Addict


It had been a long hot day, But thankfully the sun was going down and the high temperatures were giving way to a more tolerable climate as night was descending. I had jsut cleared a vehicle stop and was headed to the truck stop via dixon school road. As I crossed the overpass spanning I-85 I saw a woman walking in the opposite direction. She was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt. She was

The suicide machine churns on...


As long as there are people on earth, suicide will be a reality...I was on my was to a suicide attempt call. We respond to a lot of these. The call comes in initially for an ambulance, usually from a family member or a friend, but we have to make sure things are safe at the scene before E.M.S can enter. Suicidal people often don't want to go alone. Supposedly this woman had cut herself. I didn't

The Basement


The BasementThe world is like a tall building. One layer atop another. There are no stairs, but there is a single elevator that sits in an empty marble tiled lobby. The majority of people live on the first few floors. They go about their lives oblivious to the basement. They know there are a select few that live in the penthouses above them. They break their backs trying to work their way into

All the murderers I know


All the murderers I knowI was recently reflecting on how many murderers I have known and dealt with before they murdered someone. I can't remember the number I came up with but it was more than I can count on one hand. There are a couple that stand out in my mind though. One was a young man who's family I had dealt with many times. I used to arrest this guys dad all the time. I was always