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Welcome to the Farragut Church message board. Here, you can find out all of the happenings at Farragut.

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(written Wednesday night) Well, second day of clinic. My face is still swelling(allergic reaction to sheets), so the day has started out like I thought it would. Yesterday, we ran out of batteries for our glaucoma pressure tester. When we tried to change the battery, we had ordered the wrong battery. So, for the next three days, we have no glaucoma testing. Dentistry is doing good. They saw 15

Wednesday Night


James, Wed Evening, 11PM, Village of Hope It's getting quite after day two of the clinic. The team was meet this morning with about 300 people waiting and registering to seeing the doctors. While they were waiting, Lawrence spoke to the crowd from the porch of the clinic, with translation by the local preacher, Isaac. The team of Americans and Ghanaians is working together quiet well. Experienced



Noon Monday, from James at VOH I have spent the last few weeks organizing Farragut's Medical Clinic at the Village of Hope, Fetteh, Ghana. Doing my best to get talented people, their equipment and their supplies, in a place to help those in need. Today is the first day of the clinic and I am privileged to witness its happenings. Start up is always a bit anxious as we assemble the equipment,



Hello Farragut Church Ghana Mission Blog Readers, We just got back from our leave of absence to the Rainforest and the El Nina Slave Castle/El Nina City Tour. Quite an experience. It was awesome!!! I myself went on the city tour, which was fantastic. We had a great tour guide. And, most importantly, we didn't have to leave the bus the whole time!!! Oh, it was a relief when the guide said we

Ghana 2011


The Ghana Travel Team arrived safely at the Village of Hope. Our flights were shorter than in the past as we flew direct from the USA to Ghana (instead of having to go through Europe as we have done in the past). However, the road construction through Accra removed some of the time savings, as we lumbered through the middle of the rebuilding of a road. All bags and trunks arrived with us. We hit

The Mission Continues


This morning is a another scorcher.  We are all packed and awaiting our departure toward home.  We have to stop for lunch and by the market and Lord willing we will make the airport by 10 o'clock tonight ;)---looks like we will spend a good part of the day and night in the airports.  So is the life of the airports.  The kids are all trying to say their goodbyes and collect our address etc.  They



I must brag on my daughter Kaleigh. She is a leader for the other kids on the trip. She worked hard, had much fun and was a pleasure to be around.She did this thrrough long hot sweaty days, a swollen red rash on her face the past few days and a stomach ache.  I also found the Gentry clan added much to the trip. Each and every one of them is a pleasure .Shawn and Sheena, Kerry(age 11) and Will(9),

What a Way to Finish a Week


April 2, 2010 Eric and I just got in a little while ago.  Our group returned safely from El Mena and the Rain Forest.  Again it was a great day with a lot of walking.  I really love the fast walks up to Fetteh and all the little kids hollering at me(like I don't know that I'm a whiteman) and waving.  Lunch with the Gentry's, Brian and Isaac, one of the Village of Hope kids, was a nice way to



Good morning, Let's try this again.  My blog attempt last night failed.  Yesterday ended another great mission at the Village of Hope.  Our last two days have been blessed with record numbers at the clinic.  God has been faithful in our safety and health and has once again proved himself to the Village of Hope as we were able to see so many and provide them with the ample medicines.  Yesterday

Thursday word from VOH


From Jon, Alex, and Cameron... Lightening, trips to the future Senya House of Love property, and Singing with and hearing the VOH Children's Chorus...What a day...Oh,  yea, we saw patients today---a few hundred in the eye and medical clinic, the main reason we came. How was your day?  A little harried, hurried or was it horendous?  We all had a great day here with Alex in the eye clinic,

From Jean and Dorian


March 31 Today was filled with lots of emotions. Laurie and I wore dresses that a teacher brought us as gifts. She was very pleased to see us in them. My missing CDs I have been needing so I could teach some new songs to the preschoolers showed up today. I went to the clinic to go through the trunks again. Julie assured me they couldn’t be in the trunks. Someone asked what I was looking for and

From Eric


Hey Beautiful Wife & The Munchkins: It is Wednesday morning here at 10:15 and I don't know when you will get this, but I wanted to communicate a couple of things to you. First of all, it will be much more convenient for me to call you tomorrow instead of today. So Thursday (tomorrow) sometime around the time I called you yesterday. Then I will call you from Philadelphia when we land there

From Jean


March 30 7:30pm Today has been a day that was different from any other. Laurie and I spent the day at the preschool. doing all we could and encouraging the teachers as best we could. We also let them decorate canvas bags we took for them. We had some iron on letters and hearts and butterflies and they seemed to really enjoy adding their name and extras. Of course they love getting candy (toffee

From Paul


Wednesday, March 31, 2010; 5:30am The house is quiet, the birds and the children's singing are competing to wake up the sun. James and I are sitting out on the porch trying to take it in. One house was just singing "revive us again"and it sounded so robust and grand with many strong voices chiming in. You can also see the fires under the kettles as each house is cooking their morning rice or

From Eric


Paige & The Rugrats: Sorry for that incomplete entry from yesterday. I was just blogging along when the Senya preacher came calling at the front door to talk about the work there. We ate lunch here at base camp and had a great conversation. Anyway, by the time I tried to get back to finish my entry, there was other work to be done. And so, to reiterate, this place is everything I

From Jon


Hey everyone, Second year for Alex, Cameron and I to be here and we are still impacted with a variety of feelings, starting with the hot humid air that blasts your face as you walk of the plane in Accra, Ghana. Whether you almost step on a chicken as it races across the road or you see a beaming bright smile from a 4 year old, sitting in abject poverty (don’t tell her, she does not know), there

From Jean


Monday March 29 6:00pm I love this place. The people are so precious. It was so good to see all the teachers again! The These teachers, house parents, and all those that minister to this village have such a demanding job. They all work so hard and show us how to put your faith in God. Today, I struggled as to what to do and where to be. Sunday afternoon, Laurie and I sat and listened to the

From Eric


Paige, Reilly & Reagan (and Kaeli, of course) Where to begin??? Just as inspiring here in Ghana as I remembered from two years ago. The one big advantage of it being my second trip here is the opportunity to rekindle some friendships that were first formed in March, 2008. The love and warmth of the Christians I discovered and that so inspired me my first time here remains. I have a found a

Good Morning, Ghana!


So glad to hear that you have arrived safely with all luggage and in good health and spirits. I am working on the "comments" settings so that your families can leave comments for you to read. We are all well here and exciting about your work at the Village of Hope this week. Our prayers are with you this week. God Bless! Anna

from Paul and Dorian


Monday 29, 2010Good morning, seems like I just went to bed and now--Doloris and I have already made a long and hot walk out past the wells—saw a nice rather large dead scorpion(10X the size of the one we had in our sinks at the men’s gathering in the mountains). The kids were singing in one of the homes really early—before the birds even woke up. It goes without saying it is great to be back at

Sunday night post


Sunday NightWe had a great day today. The singing at the Fetteh Church of Christ this morning was awesome. The last song of the morning, the leader came back and taught some of us a part and words. The song had several parts, Afterward he pointed back to me and said, That momma was singing! Then he came back and told me I needed to come stay at Fetteh and he would teach me how to sing! So, maybe

Second Post


Making progress on connecting to the internet with repeatability.Here's Jeans post from last night.VOH 100327Saturday 3/27/10Greetings from Ghana!! Dr. Mike, thank you for sending us off with prayer and thank you for asking for specifics! We arrived with all trunks and all luggage! Yea! And, yes, while we were waiting for the bus there was a wonderful gentle breeze. We thanked God and

VOH 2010


As the first post of this trip, we wish to let you know that we have arrived safety. We are learning the new way to access the internet, and it has a promise of being easier to use.James



========================================================================================Saturday 1:30 a.m.Just a quick note as we wrap up the week here at the VOH. It has been one long and hard day.We did finally get the last patients through the medical clinic this afternoon with the help of everyone doing their part and a little organization. It goes without saying that everyone did their part,



Friday, March 20, 200912:52 PMDear Kym,Ryan,and Kaleigh,I miss you and am looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. I am doing well the clinics are going well too. We saw about one hundred fifty people in the eye clinic yesterday. It has taken three people to replace Ryan, Alex, Austin, and Pepsi. Many people have asked about Ryan.See you on Sunday,Love,Dorian======================================