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I done made my move


Hello my friends. Please start visiting this site right now. I'm going to shut this down soon.

The Few, The Proud, The Sweepers


(image) This guy on the end should be getting some demerits---out of uniform; and look at the lax way he's holding that broom. I think he needs to march some 'tours.'

I went to the Air Force Academy right out of high school. Although I transferred to Gustavus 2nd semester in my sophmore year, I still have some great memories of that experience.

On the first night of being in the dorms, after basic training, I was put into a three man room. The next morning there would be an inspection, so we were busting our butts trying to get the room in order, including the floor, which we had to get spotless. Well, about midnight they come in and told me two seniors had each been given their own room, and that they were moving them in together; thus, I would get that room with another guy who was also in a three man room.

I had just spent hours cleaning that room, and the room they dumped me into had nothing done to it. My new roomie and I spent the next few hours with toothbrushes trying to get the floors clean. The powers that be in our squadron assured us that we would not get in trouble because of what happened.

Well, the next day, we're standing at attention waiting for the inspection, when we see an officer standing outside looking at our room, in particular the floor. Next thing we know, we're getting demerits, and had to march 6 tours. That's 6 one-hour blocks marching in a square on a Saturday morning, with rifles at shoulder arms.

I hate to imagine what we would have gotten had they not taken care of us so well. (lousy upperclassmen)

The other white meat


Top Lakeland restaurant serves up Peking duck-style squirrel pancakes
A top restaurant is serving up free grey squirrel pancakes to hungry diners.
Peking duck-style squirrel wraps are being offered to diners at The Famous Wild Boar Hotel.

The partnership has killed 4,521 greys since January, and Lord Redesdale said: "The problem is that when we catch and dispatch greys, there is nothing we can do with them.

So heck, why not slice 'em up and make them into pancakes. I like their thinking.

"We would like to be a supplier of grey squirrels. With an estimated five million greys in the country, there are enough of them to go round."

Sounds like full-time work available to me. I wonder if they're taking applications.

Forget the fancy-smancy atmosphere; lets start a fast-food chain and market it to the masses; no more IHOP, we're talking IHOS--International House of Squirrel

Is that Shadrac, Meshac, or Abednego? No wait, it's JP


(image) Is this Pope John Paul II waving from beyond the grave? Vatican TV director says yes
The image, said by believers to show the Holy Father with his right hand raised in blessing, was spotted during a ceremony in Poland to mark the second anniversary of his death.

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into... the Twilight Zone.

I think it looks a little more like Lawrence Welk--a one anda two anda....

Danger kingdavid, Danger


Forecast: Sex and Marriage With Robots by 2050
Humans could marry robots within the century. And consummate those vows.

"My forecast is that around 2050, the state of Massachusetts will be the first jurisdiction to legalize marriages with robots," artificial intelligence researcher David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands told LiveScience.

My forecast, in 2051 the GLBT will be suing to allow marriage between same sex androids.

At first, sex with robots might be considered geeky, "but once you have a story like 'I had sex with a robot, and it was great!' appear someplace like Cosmo magazine, I'd expect many people to jump on the bandwagon," Levy said

I can think of a lot of other terms I'd consider, not just geeky. I didn't realize Cosmo held such influence; I wonder what Psychology Today will say about it.

I remember when I was a kid, I had a big crush on Annette Funicello; but, I also liked this character---maybe I was just ahead of my time.

Quite the turn on heh? The only thing: reprogram the voice to Annette's; and put on some Mickey Mouse ears.

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world (reason # 3,448) (this is becoming a regular feature)


Miley mania makes moms hoppin' mad
Sky-high concert ticket prices for tween queen Miley Cyrus are being investigated.

If you haven't seen this story yet, take any food or foreign objects out of your mouth before reading this next bit.

It could be worse. On ticket broker the average resale price for the Minnesota show is $161, compared with $239 for all stops on Cyrus' tour, said Jessica Erskine, a spokesperson for the broker.

(image) If you have a daughter, anywhere from pre-k to high school, and have Disney Channel, I'm sure you've seen the show. What a tough call for parents---feed your family for a month or two, or take your kids to go see a concert that you can get on video, or buy a $15 CD.

I wouldn't pay this much to take Hannah to go see Barney. Heck, I wouldn't pay this much to go see the Beatles Reunion Tour, even if John and George came back from the grave.

The insanity isn't so much that they're charging these kind of prices; the insanity is that parents are bending over backwards and paying those prices. I just bought Hannah a poster from High School Musical 2; $4.25, I hope she appreciates it, because that's about my limit for this type of entertainment.

Weeeeeee are the champions, my friend



I can't believe I didn't take in to account years of experience. Seven minutes left in the game, the Queens are up by 14, and I got cocky. I was just sending off an e-mail to Nightwriter and Uncle Ben, and at the end I said: "7 minutes to 'Start razzing Gino' season."

I'm old enough, and have watched the Vikings long enough that I should know better. Except for maybe the years of the Purple People Eaters, they've always been a team that if they have the opposing team at 3rd down and 38, they'll give up a 39 yard play. They always seem to find a way to make the most inexperienced and/or mediocre quarterbacks look like the second coming of Joe Montana.

Doggone it, I was looking forward to giving Gino a hard time. Yeah, the Queens won; but now it's like kissing your sister. It's a kiss, but there's just no pleasure in it.

Oh man, I had the funniest dream.


You won't believe this. I dreamt that I was going out to check my e-mails and saw a story that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. Imagine that. There couldn't be a panel anywhere that has that many stupid people on it. (not counting the O.J. jury)

There are always 2 types of people:


Those who view this as an ahhhhhhhh moment

(image) And those who view this as a 1 shot, take em both down moment.

Those who would fall for this:

(image) And those who wouldn't and throw him in the doghouse

Those who would hold it until they made it, however long that might take

(image) And those who would find a convenient spot and go over the wall

Those who would pop in Lynard Skynard

(image) And those who would pop in Barry Manilow

I'm sure every MOB member must be aquiver with anticipation over this.


Not since this:

will the arrival of a musical sensation cause such a stir in a major U.S. city. Yes, we're talking about the announced concert date of:


Yes, Barry The MANilow is coming:
Tickets go on sale Monday at 10 a.m. through Ticketmaster.

I wonder what Minneapolis/St. Paul "community" comprise his biggest fan base? I imagine the Lolas and Ricos will be crawling out of the woodwork for this concert.

I think I'll pass. I just think it might be a letdown after seeing Lynard Skynard; unless, maybe Barry's added Freebird to his repertoire.

A 'Ban the Fighting Sioux' story is in the headlines, must be October.


U of M won't reconsider sports ban over 'Fighting Sioux' nicknameGRAND FORKS, N.D. — A University of Minnesota policy discouraging the school's athletic teams from competing against the University of North Dakota in any sport except hockey will stand. The school's Advisory Committee on Athletics said in February that it would reconsider the policy, which was prompted by UND's Fighting Sioux nickname. Committee chairman Douglas Hartmann now says that won't happen. The decision could hurt UND during the five-year transition to NCAA Division I athletics in all sports that it embarked on last year. UND already plays hockey in Division I, and has a long-standing rivalry with Minnesota in that sport. UND associate athletic director Betty Ralston says the Minnesota committee'! s decision is unfortunate but not surprising.Like a cancer that continually comes out of remission, we have yet another 'Fighting Sioux' story. I've already posted on this topic 4 times in the last year. HERE, HERE, HERE, HEREWhat it boils down to is a group of liberals at the U of M are trying to impose their own values on another university; punishing student athletes from another school because they have a mascot that doesn't sit well with their own guilt-ridden anxieties about being white; and it's about trying to win some tiny little skirmish for an ethnic group, when that group's real problems and battles are far, far greater than whether or not a university has an Indian for a mascot.The head bozo of this latest idiocy out of Looney World is Doug Hartmann, a sociologist from the UofM. Mr Hartmann of course has to label this a racist issue because, quite frankly, he'd be out of a job, and wouldn't get on the radio and TV, and wouldn't get his books published if he couldn't find racism in every nook and cranny of culture. Here's one of his quoteable quotes:“Whites have invented subtle ways to convince themselves that race isn’t a problem in America.”-“The Meaning of White,” Time Magazine, September 11, 2006And you know what Mr. Hartmann, liberal whites have invented 'in your face' ways to try and convince themselves, and everyone else, that racism is only caused by whites, and go out of their way to find race issues in every single event or circumstance they can find. The simple facts of this mascot issue are: no university or it's teams are going to choose a mascot for the purpose of denigrating an ethnic group; rather, they're chosen because they want to identify with the characteristics that the symbol represents, or proud of what it means to their area. What's the difference between the Fighting Irish and the Fighting Sioux? The logo itself was created by an Indian. From what I've read, the majority of the Sioux people themselves approve of the logo. (as is the case with the Seminoles in Florida, who gave the right to Florida State to use their name, and are proud of it)I think they should just have the Sioux tribe in ND take a vote. If the majority are OK with the logo, then all the liberal white bozos in MN should just back off and mind their own bees wax. If they vote goes against, then ND should go ahead and change their name; if they want to denigrate a group, they could choose the Fighting Liberal Loons.[...]

Check out JR's first car (when he turns 16)


What happens when you cross a meth addict and an auto engineer. This eyesore.

(image) Nissan Unveils Futuristic Electric Car
TOKYO — For all those drivers that hate parallel parking and anything else that requires the reverse gear, Nissan (NSANY) could one day have the car for you.

The leading Japanese carmaker recently unveiled the Pivo 2, a battery-powered concept car with a fully rotating cabin that makes going backwards obsolete, since the driver can turn to face the direction they need to go.

I hope it has room for Astro. (if you're under the age of 40 you probably don't get this)

I'm sure JR would much prefer one of these Fisher Price cars over this.


I know what to get MM for Christmas


Rare blue diamond smashes auction record
HONG KONG (AFP) - A rare, flawless blue diamond has been snapped up at a Sotheby's sale here for 7.98 million US dollars, making it the most expensive gemstone in the world per carat ever bought at auction.

(image) I'll make them an offer they can't refuse. Then, I'll spend hundreds of thousands of dollars insuring it, I'll lock it away somewhere where thieves can't get to it, I'll spend thousands of dollars on security to protect the place I locked it up at, I'll let my wife wear it once or twice a year, just so we won't tempt anyone to kill us for it; and I'll do it all so I can say I own the world's most expensive polished rock.

Either that; or, I'll take the money and feed Ecuador for a year.

Blue Moon,


you saw me standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own,
Blue moon, you knew just what I was there for,
You heard me saying a prayer for,
Someone I could care for,

(image) If you're into pyramids, check it out:
Trivia: who sang the song in 1961 (no googling)

CRIKEY, somebody buy this roo a lottery ticket


(object) (embed)

We are looking for a starter guitar for Hannah; I was thinking more along the lines of an M16 model though


Sorry, Guitars are not allowed on these premises.

When pets go bad


Georgia Man Gored to Death by Deer
BALL GROUND, Ga. — A man has been found dead at his home in Ball Ground after apparently being attacked by a deer.
The body of 66-year-old John Henry Frix was found around 8 p.m. yesterday inside the deer's pen on his property. Cherokee County Sheriff's Sergeant Jay Baker says he had been gored several times in the upper body by a deer's antlers.

The deer was one of several Frix kept on his property. His relatives told sheriff's deputies the deer had recently been acting very aggressive, probably due to rut -- the period when deer mate.

I don't blame the deer. I'm sure most of us guys have gone through the same feelings.

I also know the dangers that are inherent in pet ownership. I myself have been subject to some near fatal attacks. One time, one of our guinea pigs nibbled away on my finger, which could have led to bleeding and possible death; or, it could have just as easily gone after my throat. It's also a danger when, at night, an obese cat will come walking across my face as I sleep.

We have the Roadhouse Blues no longer


One of the guys we sat with at the YWAM banquet last Friday was from Texas. We were talking about our interest in Texas, because of relatives and all the vacations we've taken down there, and the topic of our favorite restaurant naturally came up---Texas Roadhouse. We told him how disappointing it was that there were none in MN. He said he thought he had seen one recently in Coon Rapids---oh be still our beating hearts. We had forgotten to check on it when we got home; but, when we saw him today at a church function he confirmed it. There was one built, probably 30 miles from our house, and we didn't know about it until now. They have a cow with our name on it, and we're going to get out there as soon as we can.

And the polar bear shall lie with the sled dog. Is that in Isaiah?


Got these in an e-mail. They are from a professional photographer: Norbert Rosing


Minnesota, October 6, 90 degrees; maybe Al Gore's right, (nah, that must be the sloppy joes talking)


What a great fall day. This is a kick-off weekend for our church. Last week we had our annual meeting. This weekend we're starting some new Sunday morning ministries, we have a concert of prayer tomorrow night; and today, we started it off with a fun-filled afternoon at the home of a church family. It's the same place we went to pick apples a few weeks ago. The day started with some shopping, and then making 15 pounds of sloppy joes for the gathering.

(image) Not sure I'm ready for a 110 pound lapdog. He wanted to come up, but thankfully held off.

(image) As much as she'd want one, I don't think we're going to be adding one of these to our menagerie; however, we are going to add one of these:

(image) Yep, this little guy will be coming home with us in a few more weeks. As I write, MM is putting together a list of possible names. Suggestions will be welcome. I'm not thrilled with her choices so far.

Last night MM and I had the great pleasure of being invited to the annual banquet for YWAM, Youth With a Mission. A couple from our church sponsored a table and invited us to join them for the evening. YWAM has a training center just on the outskirts of Rockford; on the property of some rich guy who had an estate/hobby farm in the past. They train and support kids and adults to go on mission trips all around the world. A couple from our marriage group had one of their daughters go through the program and she spent 18 months in Argentina. I actually wore a tie---MM had to get a picture of that---which is an extremely rare occurrence in my life. (I hope the person who invented that tourniquet of torture paid dearly for it)

What can we deduce from this set of pictures?





(image) How about this---pug owners really need to get a life! We had a pug, AKA name---The Pug of Monte Christo, or just Monte. I don't recall we ever subjected him to dressing up in silly costumes. I guess we just weren't good pug owners.
I received an e-mail with pictures of dogs dressed up for halloween, and half of them were pugs. It just seemed kind of weird to me.

Could be a good thing---Could be a bad thing


It's becoming a tradition. We go to the homecoming week bonfire, see friends, get some snacks, sit and watch the fire department try and start a fire for about half an hour. A fire department that can't actually get a fire going is a good thing isn't it? Well, as always, they eventually did get the thing going.

(image) You can kinda-sorta see it going here. They went back to the drawing board only about 4 times.

That's what we're talking about.

(image) She's got spirit, how about you.

Isn't this why we have kids


Jonathan, I'm ready for my jello.

Robots may aid aging Japanese population
TOKYO - If you grow old in Japan, expect to be served food by a robot, ride a voice-recognition wheelchair or even possibly hire a nurse in a robotic suit — all examples of cutting-edge technology to care for the country's rapidly graying population.

Operating a joystick with his chin, developer Shigehisa Kobayashi maneuvered the arm toward a block of silken tofu, deftly getting the fork to break off a bite-sized piece. The arm then returned to a preprogrammed position in front of the mouth, allowing Kobayashi to bite and swallow.

I wouldn't use my own arms to try and eat a piece of silken tofu. What I want to know is can the thing cut through a slab of New York strip and dip it some steak sauce? I know the big question on Gino's mind: can it twirl up some spaghetti and get it into your mouth without spilling sauce all over your shirt?

I don't know about this, it would seem like a lot of work. How about just putting the plate in front of me, then putting my face right on the plate, and I could just gobble up as much as I wanted. (in between breaths)

Although my beard is turning white, (not my hair, yet, thank you) I'm still a ways away from getting to the age where these type of considerations will have to be made. I think as equally important a consideration would be what do you do with the food once it reaches the end of the whole digestive process. Hmm, that Depends.

Call me the Commish


Calling all virtual golfers. Check out this site.

The World Golf Tour Charity Challenge

If you get yourself registered, let me know. We can start our own league. It will be for fun; but, we could also each throw a $million into a pot and have payouts, just like the pros. (I did mention it would be a virtual $million didn't I)